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Publication numberDE59708441 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1997508441
Publication date14 Nov 2002
Filing date8 Apr 1997
Priority date9 Apr 1996
Also published asEP0900087A1, EP0900087B1, US6165711, WO1997037686A1
Publication number1997508441, 97508441, DE 59708441 D1, DE 59708441D1, DE-D1-59708441, DE1997508441, DE59708441 D1, DE59708441D1, DE97508441
InventorsFriedrich Dorner, Noel Barrett, Johann Eibl
ApplicantImmuno Ag Wien
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Verfahren zur desintegration von nucleinsäuren und herstellung von qualitätsgesicherten biologischen produkten A method for disintegration of nucleic acids and production of quality assured biological products translated from German
DE 59708441 D1
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International ClassificationC12N7/04, C12N15/10, A61L2/00, A61K39/12
Cooperative ClassificationA61L2/0011, C12N15/10, C12N7/00, C12N2770/24034, A61K39/12, C12N2770/24061, C12N2770/24134, C12N2740/16034, A61K2039/5252, A61K2039/55505
European ClassificationA61K39/12, C12N15/10, A61L2/00P2, C12N7/00
Legal Events
6 Nov 20038364No opposition during term of opposition
17 Feb 20058339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee