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Publication numberDE3853215 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE19883853215
Publication date6 Apr 1995
Filing date20 Oct 1988
Priority date21 Jan 1983
Also published asCA1328905C, EP0382787A1, EP0382787A4, EP0382787B1, US4961422, US5197466, WO1989003665A1
Publication number19883853215, 883853215, DE 3853215 D1, DE 3853215D1, DE-D1-3853215, DE19883853215, DE3853215 D1, DE3853215D1, DE883853215
InventorsAlexander J Marchosky, Christopher J Moran, Neal E Fearnot
ApplicantMed Inst Inc
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Vorrichtung für volumetrische interstitielle konduktive hyperthermie. Apparatus for volumetric interstitial hyperthermia conductive. translated from German
DE 3853215 D1
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International ClassificationA61N5/10, A61F7/12, A61F7/08, A61N1/08, A61F7/00, A61B17/00, H02J5/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61N1/08, H02J5/005, A61N5/1027, A61N2005/1011, A61B2017/00022, A61F7/12, A61B2017/00084, A61N2005/1012, A61N5/1007, A61F7/00, H02J7/025, A61F2007/126, H02J50/10, A61F2007/0093
European ClassificationH02J5/00T, A61N5/10B2, A61N1/08, A61F7/00, A61F7/12
Legal Events
24 Aug 19958332No legal effect for de