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Publication numberDE3588093 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE19853588093
Publication date18 Apr 1996
Filing date14 May 1985
Priority date14 May 1984
Also published asCA1251147A, CA1251147A1, DE3582520D1, EP0162650A2, EP0162650A3, EP0162650B1, EP0375671A1, EP0375671B1, US4747962, US4865751
Publication number19853588093, 853588093, DE 3588093 D1, DE 3588093D1, DE-D1-3588093, DE19853588093, DE3588093 D1, DE3588093D1, DE853588093
InventorsBernard Smisson
ApplicantHydro Int Plc
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Abtrennung von Bestandteilen aus einer flüssigen Mischung Separation of components from a liquid mixture translated from German
DE 3588093 D1
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International ClassificationB04C5/04, B04C5/103, B04C5/30, B01D21/24, B04C5/14, B01D21/02, B01D21/26, C02F1/38
Cooperative ClassificationB01D21/10, B01D21/2488, B01D21/2411, B01D21/245
European ClassificationB01D21/10, B01D21/24N, B01D21/24A2, B01D21/24R
Legal Events
5 Sep 19968332No legal effect for de