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Publication numberDE3434093 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19843434093
Publication date27 Mar 1986
Filing date17 Sep 1984
Priority date17 Sep 1984
Publication number19843434093, 843434093, DE 3434093 A1, DE 3434093A1, DE-A1-3434093, DE19843434093, DE3434093 A1, DE3434093A1, DE843434093
InventorsWolfram Dipl Ing Knappe
ApplicantSiemens Ag
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Gearing arrangement, in particular worm gearing arrangement
DE 3434093 A1
The intention is to provide from a small number of individual components a gearing arrangement of low overall height for motor-vehicle auxiliary drives with a motor, which gearing arrangement is to be simple to manufacture and assemble and reliable in operation even under high thermal loads. In the gearing arrangement, an output shaft (5) supported in a gear case (2) is connected with an elastic rotary take-along connection to a worm input shaft (7) projecting into the gear case (2); according to the invention, only a single one-piece plastic gearwheel (3) with spokes (34 to 37) arranged between a radially outer gearwheel rim (31) and a radially inner gearwheel hub (32) is provided for this purpose between the input shaft (7) and the output shaft (5), the said spokes having a stiffness in the axial direction which produces a dimensionally stable rotary drive and a stiffness in the tangential direction which produces elastic flexibility in the rotary drive in the event of an abrupt start. The output shaft (5) is moulded directly to the gearwheel hub (33) or into a gearwheel bearing sleeve (32) arranged concentrically and at a radial distance from the latter. One application, in particular, for which the invention is suitable is that of motor-vehicle window lifter drives with a motor. <IMAGE>
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International ClassificationB60S1/16, F16H55/14, F16H1/16, F16H55/17, E05F15/16, F16H55/22
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Legal Events
29 Aug 19918130Withdrawal