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Publication numberDE3406259 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19843406259
Publication date29 Aug 1985
Filing date21 Feb 1984
Priority date21 Feb 1984
Also published asDE3406259C2
Publication number19843406259, 843406259, DE 3406259 A1, DE 3406259A1, DE-A1-3406259, DE19843406259, DE3406259 A1, DE3406259A1, DE843406259
InventorsArthur Georg Dipl Ing Pauli
ApplicantSiemens Ag
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Package which is suitable for automatic and manual loading and unloading of strip packagings
DE 3406259 A1
A package which is suitable for use in automatic assembly devices and automatic loading devices for printed electric circuits and for manual loading and unloading of strip packagings, in particular box package having film strips (3) arranged in stacks in the box (6) with thermoformed dishes (14) for receiving the components or construction elements, the film strips (3) and the box dimensions being selected such that the film strips (3) are stacked in the box (6) with slight clearance, and the box (6) is constructed in one of its box corners adjacent to the lowest film strip (3) as a tear-off corner (8) which, in the torn-open or torn-off state, exposes only the end side (13) of the lowest film strip. <IMAGE>
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International ClassificationB65D73/02, B65D5/72
Cooperative ClassificationB65D73/02, B65D5/725
European ClassificationB65D73/02, B65D5/72D
Legal Events
10 May 19908110Request for examination paragraph 44
10 Aug 1995D2Grant after examination
15 Feb 19968364No opposition during term of opposition
11 Mar 19998339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee