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Publication numberDE3403604 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19843403604
Publication date8 Aug 1985
Filing date2 Feb 1984
Priority date2 Feb 1984
Publication number19843403604, 843403604, DE 3403604 A1, DE 3403604A1, DE-A1-3403604, DE19843403604, DE3403604 A1, DE3403604A1, DE843403604
InventorsHelmut Jung
ApplicantHelmut Jung
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DE 3403604 A1
The candle stub (2) of a candle, consisting of wax, stearin or the like, is accommodated in a cup (3). A metal pipe (4) connected to the bottom of the cup (3) has a longitudinal slit (6). Arranged in the interior space (7) of the pipe is an absorbent body (8) which holds the wick (1) which projects outwards at the top. The candle flame burns uniformly at the upper end of the pipe (4) throughout the burning life of the candle. The heat generated by the candle flame is conducted downwards via the metal pipe (4) and liquifies the material of the candle stub, so that it can be sucked upwards to the wick (1) by the absorbent body (8). <IMAGE>
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International ClassificationC11C5/00
Cooperative ClassificationC11C5/008
European ClassificationC11C5/00F
Legal Events
21 Feb 19918110Request for examination paragraph 44
13 Feb 19928139Disposal/non-payment of the annual fee