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Publication numberDE3276268 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE19823276268
Publication date11 Jun 1987
Filing date21 Jan 1982
Priority date18 Mar 1981
Also published asEP0060806A1, EP0060806B1, EP0137093A2, EP0137093A3, EP0137093B1, US4446413, US4568867
Publication number19823276268, 823276268, DE 3276268 D1, DE 3276268D1, DE-D1-3276268, DE19823276268, DE3276268 D1, DE3276268D1, DE823276268
InventorsHans-Jurgen Remus, Luciano Marco Antognini
ApplicantAsulab Sa
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Method of reducing the power consumption of a stepping motor, and device for carrying out this method
DE 3276268 D1
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International ClassificationH02P8/12, H02P8/02, G04C3/14, G01R19/155
Cooperative ClassificationG04C3/143
European ClassificationG04C3/14B
Legal Events
28 Apr 19888363Opposition against the patent
21 Sep 19898365Fully valid after opposition proceedings
9 Mar 20008339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee