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Publication numberDE3202193 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19823202193
Publication date4 Aug 1983
Filing date25 Jan 1982
Priority date25 Jan 1982
Also published asEP0099371A1, EP0099371B1, US4895146, WO1983002553A1
Publication number19823202193, 823202193, DE 3202193 A1, DE 3202193A1, DE-A1-3202193, DE19823202193, DE3202193 A1, DE3202193A1, DE823202193
InventorsKlaus Dr Med Draenert
ApplicantMerck Patent Gmbh
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Chirurgisches knochenschleifinstrument A surgical bone grinding instrument translated from German
DE 3202193 A1
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
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International ClassificationA61B10/00, A61B10/02, B23Q17/24, A61B17/56, B28D1/04, A61B17/16, A61F2/46
Cooperative ClassificationA61B10/02, A61F2/4644, B23Q17/2404, B28D1/041, A61B17/1637
European ClassificationA61F2/46G, B23Q17/24B, A61B10/02, B28D1/04A
Legal Events
2 Aug 19848127New person/name/address of the applicant
12 Sep 19858127New person/name/address of the applicant
20 Apr 19898141Disposal/no request for examination