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Publication numberDE3131649 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19813131649
Publication date27 May 1982
Filing date11 Aug 1981
Priority date21 Aug 1980
Also published asCA1155627A, CA1155627A1, US4394338
Publication number19813131649, 813131649, DE 3131649 A1, DE 3131649A1, DE-A1-3131649, DE19813131649, DE3131649 A1, DE3131649A1, DE813131649
InventorsMasaru Fuwa
ApplicantMitsubishi Petrochemical Co
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Verfahren zur herstellung langgestreckter, faserverstaerkter verbundkoerper und vorrichtung zur durchfuehrung des verfahrens Process for the production of elongated faserverstaerkter verbundkoerper and apparatus for performing the method translated from German
DE 3131649 A1
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Patent Citations
Cited PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
DE2540822A1 *11 Sep 197531 Mar 1977Kiss Consulting EngExtruding sections with an outer covering - by consolidating inside covering shell and extruding as one mass
DE2604661A1 *5 Feb 197611 Aug 1977Kiss Consulting EngApplying coating to extrusion in one operation - by pressure feeding along heated tool fed from inclined extruder
DE2827851A1 *24 Jun 197827 Mar 1980Schock & Co GmbhBauprofilleiste, insbesondere profilleiste fuer die herstellung von fensterrahmen
International ClassificationB29C47/06, B29C47/94, B32B17/06, B29C70/52, B29C47/02
Cooperative ClassificationB29C47/0052, B29K2101/10, B29C47/065, B29C2037/92, B29C47/023, B29K2101/12, B29C70/523, B29C47/02, B29C70/521, B29C47/0023, B29C47/94
European ClassificationB29C47/00J6, B29C47/06P, B29C47/00L6B2, B29C47/02B4, B29C47/02, B29C47/94, B29C70/52B, B29C70/52A
Legal Events
23 Jun 19888110Request for examination paragraph 44
19 Oct 19898131Rejection