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Publication numberDE3100481 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19813100481
Publication date3 Dec 1981
Filing date9 Jan 1981
Priority date16 Jan 1980
Also published asCA1196740A, CA1196740A1, DE3100481C2, US4392130
Publication number19813100481, 813100481, DE 3100481 A1, DE 3100481A1, DE-A1-3100481, DE19813100481, DE3100481 A1, DE3100481A1, DE813100481
InventorsJan Erik Lundstroem, Ingemar Rudgaard
ApplicantAsea Ab
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"verfahren und durchfuehrungsanordnung zum aufbau und zur wiedergabe graphischer informationen in form eines bildes auf einem wiedergabegeraet" "Procedural and durchfuehrungsanordnung for construction and reproduction of graphic information in the form of an image on a wiedergabegeraet" translated from German
DE 3100481 A1
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International ClassificationG06F17/50, G09G3/20, G06F3/153, G09G5/36, G09G3/00, G09G5/20
Cooperative ClassificationG09G5/22
European ClassificationG09G5/22
Legal Events
28 Apr 19838110Request for examination paragraph 44
5 Feb 1987D2Grant after examination
30 Jul 19878364No opposition during term of opposition
18 Jan 19968339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee