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Publication numberDE3070123 D1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE19803070123
Publication date21 Mar 1985
Filing date23 Oct 1980
Priority date25 Oct 1979
Also published asEP0028372A1, EP0028372B1, US4342662
Publication number19803070123, 803070123, DE 3070123 D1, DE 3070123D1, DE-D1-3070123, DE19803070123, DE3070123 D1, DE3070123D1, DE803070123
InventorsSakae Kimura, Masahiro Shimura, Tadatake Okai
ApplicantToshiba Kk
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Getter device
DE 3070123 D1
Abstract  available in
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International ClassificationH01J7/18, H01J29/94
Cooperative ClassificationH01J29/94, H01J7/18
European ClassificationH01J29/94, H01J7/18
Legal Events
10 Dec 19988320Willingness to grant licenses declared (paragraph 23)