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Publication numberDE29816884 U1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1998216884
Publication date3 Dec 1998
Filing date21 Sep 1998
Priority date21 Sep 1998
Also published asEP0989655A2, EP0989655A3, US6246191
Publication number1998216884, 98216884, DE 29816884 U1, DE 29816884U1, DE-U1-29816884, DE1998216884, DE29816884 U1, DE29816884U1, DE98216884
ApplicantDewert Antriebs Systemtech
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Elektromotorischer Linearantrieb Electromotive linear drive translated from German
DE 29816884 U1
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International ClassificationF16H25/20, F16H1/16, H02K7/116, H02K7/06, A47C20/04
Cooperative ClassificationH02K7/06, F16H1/225, Y10T74/19363, H02K7/1166, A47C20/041
European ClassificationH02K7/116B1, H02K7/06, F16H1/22B1, A47C20/04A
Legal Events
21 Jan 1999R207Utility model specification
Effective date: 19990121
18 Apr 2002R150Term of protection extended to 6 years
Effective date: 20020214
20 Jan 2005R151Term of protection extended to 8 years
Effective date: 20041117
11 Jan 2007R152Term of protection extended to 10 years
Effective date: 20061102
30 Sep 2008R071Expiry of right