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Publication numberDE29808950 U1
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE1998208950
Publication date26 Jul 2001
Filing date21 May 1998
Priority date21 May 1998
Publication number1998208950, 98208950, DE 29808950 U1, DE 29808950U1, DE-U1-29808950, DE1998208950, DE29808950 U1, DE29808950U1, DE98208950
ApplicantSidler Gmbh & Co
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Befestigungsvorrichtung am Dachhimmel von Fahrzeugen
DE 29808950 U1
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Description  available in German
Claims(11)  available in German
Referenced by
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International ClassificationB60R7/04, B60R11/00, B60R11/02, B60Q3/02
Cooperative ClassificationB60R7/04, B60R2011/0028, B60R2011/0084, B60R11/0229, B60R2011/0071, B60R11/02, B60R11/00, B60Q3/53
European ClassificationB60R11/02, B60R11/00, B60Q3/02A1, B60R7/04, B60R11/02E
Legal Events
30 Aug 2001R207Utility model specification
Effective date: 20010830
4 Oct 2001R150Term of protection extended to 6 years
Effective date: 20010726
7 Oct 2004R151Term of protection extended to 8 years
Effective date: 20040803
24 Aug 2006R152Term of protection extended to 10 years
Effective date: 20060621
2 Jun 2008R071Expiry of right