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Publication numberDE2948416 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19792948416
Publication date4 Jun 1981
Filing date1 Dec 1979
Priority date1 Dec 1979
Also published asDE2948416C2
Publication number19792948416, 792948416, DE 2948416 A1, DE 2948416A1, DE-A1-2948416, DE19792948416, DE2948416 A1, DE2948416A1, DE792948416
InventorsUwe Dipl Phys Anders, Dipl-Geologe Dr Roehl, Konrad Dipl Phys Dr Ziermann
ApplicantPhoenix Ag
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Hose with embedded wires - mfd. with intermediate heating for improved adhesion
DE 2948416 A1
High-pressure hose consisting of an inner core with a wire reinforcement and an outer sheath is produced by injecting a rubber mix over a plastic mandrel, braiding the core and applying the sheath. Before the last operation, the blank is quickly heated to 200-300 deg.C as measured at the wires, for 15-40 sec and held at a temperature of over 150 deg.C for at least 30 sec. This ensures a secure adhesion between inner core and outer sheath with the inserted wires in an operation which can be integrated in a normal production line.
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International ClassificationB29D23/00
Cooperative ClassificationB29D23/001, B29K2021/00
European ClassificationB29D23/00T
Legal Events
31 Mar 19838110Request for examination paragraph 44
20 Jun 1985D2Grant after examination
19 Dec 19858364No opposition during term of opposition
15 Dec 19888339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee