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Publication numberDE2918423 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19792918423
Publication date15 Nov 1979
Filing date8 May 1979
Priority date12 May 1978
Also published asUS4251846
Publication number19792918423, 792918423, DE 2918423 A1, DE 2918423A1, DE-A1-2918423, DE19792918423, DE2918423 A1, DE2918423A1, DE792918423
InventorsFrank Keith Pearson, Harold Lord
ApplicantNat Res Dev
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Geraet zum abtasten von kurzschlussfehlern in wechselstrom-versorgungsleitungen Geraet to scan from short-circuit faults in AC-supply lines translated from German
DE 2918423 A1
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
DE3216864A1 *5 May 198216 Dec 1982Pavlodarsk Ind IMethod for short-circuit protection of an electrical three-phase machine and a device for implementing the same
DE102007006564A1 *9 Feb 200714 Aug 2008Siemens AgLine safety switch or circuit-breaker comprise input terminal and output terminal, which are connected by current path, where device measures phase of alternating current
International ClassificationH02H3/38, G01R29/18, G01R31/02
Cooperative ClassificationG01R29/18, G01R31/025, H02H3/382
European ClassificationH02H3/38B, G01R29/18, G01R31/02C2
Legal Events
7 Aug 19868141Disposal/no request for examination