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Publication numberDE2825134 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19782825134
Publication date21 Dec 1978
Filing date8 Jun 1978
Priority date10 Jun 1977
Also published asCA1121738A, CA1121738A1
Publication number19782825134, 782825134, DE 2825134 A1, DE 2825134A1, DE-A1-2825134, DE19782825134, DE2825134 A1, DE2825134A1, DE782825134
InventorsJun William P Murphy, Frank A Gotch, Bennie J Lipps
ApplicantCordis Dow Corp
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Dialysis unit for human blood treatment - circuit includes analytical system using computer to check blood parameters and adjust purifier to give optimum performance
DE 2825134 A1
Automatic intermitted blood purificn. process removes inpurities from blood and uses intermittent blood dialysis. The process involves (1) connection of blood to a circulation system outside the body containing an artificial kidney esp.dialyser, with suitable lines; (2) connection of a suitable supply of dialysis soln. esp. water and an outlet for the dialysate containing the impurities from the blood stream, (3) performing the dialysis operation across a suitable membrane. The automation has the following steps (a) analysis of the arterial blood stream to determine the correct rate of water removal and how many impurities are present for removal, components to measure being Na, K, Mg, HCO3-, CH3COO-, the concn. of CO2 and O2, and the general dilution w.r.t. the water content; (b) calculation of the throughput, rate for the blood and dialysate, the operating pressure to determine the required trans membrane pressure. Provides a rapid service to the patient, is easy and economic to operate for hispitals. It performs the operation with a min. of time and help by using a computer or central processor.
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European ClassificationB01D61/22, A61M1/16
Legal Events
5 Sep 19858141Disposal/no request for examination