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Publication numberDE2744768 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19772744768
Publication date19 Apr 1979
Filing date5 Oct 1977
Priority date5 Oct 1977
Also published asEP0001416A1, EP0001416B1, US4228519
Publication number19772744768, 772744768, DE 2744768 A1, DE 2744768A1, DE-A1-2744768, DE19772744768, DE2744768 A1, DE2744768A1, DE772744768
InventorsHeinrich Dipl Ing Pfeifer
ApplicantKienzle Apparate Gmbh
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Elektronisches parkhausueberwachungssystem Electronic parkhausueberwachungssystem translated from German
DE 2744768 A1
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Patent Citations
Cited PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
DE2606856A1 *20 Feb 197625 Aug 1977Vdo SchindlingVariable tariff parking meters - allow different day and night tariffs using central control with time selected output clock frequency
DE2608844A1 *4 Mar 19768 Sep 1977Vdo SchindlingZeitkontrollsystem
US4031991 *29 Dec 197528 Jun 1977Qonaar CorporationCoin operated electronic parking meter
Non-Patent Citations
1 *Elektronik, 1974, H.10, S.379-382
International ClassificationG07B15/02, G07F17/24, G07C9/00, G06Q50/00, G08G1/14
Cooperative ClassificationG07B15/02, G07F17/24
European ClassificationG07F17/24, G07B15/02
Legal Events
19 Apr 1979OAPRequest for examination filed
23 May 1979ODRequest for examination
9 May 19858136Disposal/non-payment of the fee for publication/grant