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Publication numberDE2740271 C2
Publication typeGrant
Application numberDE19772740271
Publication date27 May 1982
Filing date7 Sep 1977
Priority date7 Sep 1976
Also published asCA1088092A, CA1088092A1, DE2740271A1, US4199526, US4241202
Publication number19772740271, 772740271, DE 2740271 C2, DE 2740271C2, DE-C2-2740271, DE19772740271, DE2740271 C2, DE2740271C2, DE772740271
InventorsJean-Pierre Georges Melun Fr Senet, Roy Patrice Marie-Joseph Ballancourt-Sur-Essonne Fr Le
ApplicantSociete Nationale Des Poudres Et Explosifs, 75181 Paris, Fr
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DE 2740271 C2
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International ClassificationC07C233/09, C07C239/00, C08F120/40, C08F20/34, C08F20/10, C07C67/00, C07C271/16, C08F20/36, C08F20/00, C08F299/00, C08F290/00
Cooperative ClassificationC08F20/36
European ClassificationC08F20/36
Legal Events
16 Mar 1978OARRequest for search filed
27 Apr 1978OCSearch report available
19 Oct 1978ODRequest for examination
17 Dec 19818125Change of the main classification
27 May 1982D2Grant after examination
7 Sep 19898339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee