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Publication numberDE2706103 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19772706103
Publication date17 Aug 1978
Filing date12 Feb 1977
Priority date12 Feb 1977
Publication number19772706103, 772706103, DE 2706103 A1, DE 2706103A1, DE-A1-2706103, DE19772706103, DE2706103 A1, DE2706103A1, DE772706103
InventorsJun Hermann Birmelin
ApplicantJun Hermann Birmelin
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Candle with multi-part body - consists of synthetic material shell elements each with partition including wick holder
DE 2706103 A1
The multi-part cylindrical body with the appearance and behaviour of a candle is made of several identical elements. Each comprises a hollow cylindrical shell (2) of translucent synthetic material resembling wax, with a transverse partition (5) including a holder for the wick (4) of a wax filling (3). The shell height (h1) above the partition equals the max. depth of a burning wax meniscus of that dia., the depth (h2) below being as required to prevent heat emitted by one element affecting that underneath. The shell top and bottom rims are configured to ensure concentricity and hide the join.
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International ClassificationF23D3/16
Cooperative ClassificationF23D3/16
European ClassificationF23D3/16
Legal Events
17 Aug 1978OAPRequest for examination filed
29 Sep 1978ODRequest for examination
7 Jun 1979OHNWithdrawal