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Publication numberDE2340123 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19732340123
Publication date20 Feb 1975
Filing date8 Aug 1973
Priority date8 Aug 1973
Also published asUS3886932
Publication number19732340123, 732340123, DE 2340123 A1, DE 2340123A1, DE-A1-2340123, DE19732340123, DE2340123 A1, DE2340123A1, DE732340123
InventorsKlaus Dipl-Ing Suessmilch
ApplicantSchwarzer Gmbh Fritz
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Ueberstrom-schutzschaltung Overcurrent-protection circuit translated from German
DE 2340123 A1
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
DE4033444A1 *20 Oct 199023 Apr 1992Veba Kraftwerke RuhrOvercurrent protection for network fed from emergency supply - has shunt for measuring current through fuse link, and breaks circuit by controlled semiconductor switch operation
International ClassificationA61N1/08, H02H1/00, H02H3/04, H02H3/08, A61B5/0428
Cooperative ClassificationY10S128/908, H02H3/08, H02H3/04, H02H1/0007
European ClassificationH02H1/00C, H02H3/08, H02H3/04
Legal Events
8 May 1980OHJNon-payment of the annual fee