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Publication numberDE2324865 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19732324865
Publication date21 Nov 1974
Filing date17 May 1973
Priority date17 May 1973
Also published asDE2324865B2
Publication number19732324865, 732324865, DE 2324865 A1, DE 2324865A1, DE-A1-2324865, DE19732324865, DE2324865 A1, DE2324865A1, DE732324865
InventorsFuenther Dr Rer Nat Heimke, Peter Dr Med Griss, Hanns Andrian-Werburg
ApplicantFriedrichsfeld Gmbh
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Oberschenkelendoprothese fuer hueftgelenkersatz Oberschenkelendoprothese for hueftgelenkersatz translated from German
DE 2324865 A1
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Referenced by
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Legal Events
8 Jun 1977C3Grant after two publication steps (3rd publication)
31 Dec 1977E77Valid patent as to the heymanns-index 1977
12 Jun 19868339Ceased/non-payment of the annual fee