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Publication numberDE2202497 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19722202497
Publication date3 Aug 1972
Filing date19 Jan 1972
Priority date19 Jan 1971
Also published asCA964093A, CA964093A1, US3799773
Publication number19722202497, 722202497, DE 2202497 A1, DE 2202497A1, DE-A1-2202497, DE19722202497, DE2202497 A1, DE2202497A1, DE722202497
InventorsSyu Watarai, Hisatake Ono, Chiaki Osada, Satoru Honjo, Yasuo Tamai
ApplicantFuji Photo Film Co Ltd
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Verfahren zur Herstellung von Bildern A process for the production of images translated from German
DE 2202497 A1
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International ClassificationG03C1/685, G03G13/08, G03G5/04, G03G9/097, G03G9/09, G03G9/087
Cooperative ClassificationG03G9/091, G03G9/092, G03G5/04, G03G9/08777, G03G9/0926, G03G13/08, G03G9/0918, G03C1/685, G03G9/08715, G03G9/09775
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Legal Events
3 May 1979OHAExpiration of time for request for examination