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Publication numberDE1560228 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE19661560228
Publication date7 Jan 1971
Filing date29 Apr 1966
Priority date2 Jun 1965
Publication number19661560228, 661560228, DE 1560228 A1, DE 1560228A1, DE-A1-1560228, DE1560228 A1, DE1560228A1, DE19661560228, DE661560228
InventorsJasicek Dr Techn Alfons
ApplicantJasicek Dr Techn Alfons
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Verbesserter Cord als Einlage fuer Gegenstaende aus elastischen Stoffen und Verfahren zu seiner Herstellung Improved Cord as an insert for belongings from elastic materials and process for its preparation translated from German
DE 1560228 A1
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Referenced by
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International ClassificationB29D29/00, D02G3/32, D02G3/48, D02G3/22, B29C70/16, D07B1/02, B60C9/00
Cooperative ClassificationD02G3/22, B60C9/0028, B29D29/00, B29C70/16, D02G3/48, B60C9/0042, D02G3/328
European ClassificationD02G3/22, B29C70/16, D02G3/48, B29D29/00, D02G3/32E, B60C9/00D, B60C9/00F