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Publication numberDE1160893 B
Publication typeApplication
Application numberDE1960B0059268
Publication date9 Jan 1964
Filing date8 Sep 1960
Priority date8 Sep 1960
Publication numberDE 1160893 B, DE 1160893B, DE-B-1160893, DE1160893 B, DE1160893B, DE1960B0059268
InventorsDr-Ing Lothar Keibs
ApplicantDeutsche Post Rundfunk
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Kompatibles Verfahren zur wahlweisen monofonen, stereofonen, mono-ambiofonen oder stereo-ambiofonen Aufnahme, UEbertragung und Wiedergabe auf 2 Kanaelen Compatible method for selectively monophonic, stereophonic, mono or stereo ambiofonen ambiofonen recording, transmission or reproduction of 2 canals translated from German
DE 1160893 B
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Referenced by
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DE3332694A1 *10 Sep 198328 Mar 1985Enno Dr Med EissfellerMethod for three-dimensional stereo recording of sound signals and a device to carry out the method
International ClassificationH04S3/00, H04S1/00
Cooperative ClassificationH04S3/00, H04S1/00
European ClassificationH04S1/00, H04S3/00