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Publication numberCN1886161 B
Publication typeGrant
Application numberCN 200480034041
PCT numberPCT/US2004/029842
Publication date26 May 2010
Filing date14 Sep 2004
Priority date18 Sep 2003
Also published asCA2579637A1, CA2579637C, CN1886161A, CN101927038A, CN101927038B, EP1677856A1, EP1677856A4, US7416525, US7431688, US7682301, US7753645, US7802966, US8118724, US8579607, US8684902, US8807968, US8834342, US9533083, US9545467, US20050084398, US20050084399, US20050095151, US20080080983, US20080085184, US20080089779, US20080089797, US20080095648, US20080310963, US20100135832, US20140037477, US20140322011, US20140322020, US20170082114, US20170100528, WO2005028000A1, WO2005028872A2, WO2005028872A3
Publication number200480034041.7, CN 1886161 B, CN 1886161B, CN 200480034041, CN-B-1886161, CN1886161 B, CN1886161B, CN200480034041, CN200480034041.7, PCT/2004/29842, PCT/US/2004/029842, PCT/US/2004/29842, PCT/US/4/029842, PCT/US/4/29842, PCT/US2004/029842, PCT/US2004/29842, PCT/US2004029842, PCT/US200429842, PCT/US4/029842, PCT/US4/29842, PCT/US4029842, PCT/US429842
InventorsD兰西斯, R万普勒
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Rotary blood pump
CN 1886161 B
Various 'contactless' bearing mechanisms including hydrodynamic and magnetic bearings are provided for a rotary pump as alternatives to mechanical contact bearings. In one embodiment, a pump apparatusincludes a pump housing (110) defining a pumping chamber (112). The housing has a spindle extending into the pumping chamber. A spindle magnet assembly (160) includes first and second magnets (262,264) disposed within the spindle. The first and second magnets are arranged proximate each other with their respective magnetic vectors opposing each other. The lack of mechanical contact bearings enables longer life pump operation and less damage to working fluids such as blood.
Claims(15)  translated from Chinese
  1. 一种泵装置,包括:界定泵室的泵壳体,该泵壳体有伸入该泵室中的心轴;能够围绕该心轴转动的转子,该转子包括有至少一个叶片的叶轮;磁轴承,所述磁轴承在该转子的非叶片部内设置的转子部;以及该磁轴承在该心轴内设置的心轴部;其中,该磁轴承的心轴部和转子部互相吸引;该磁轴承的转子部和心轴部中的至少一个包括第一和第二磁铁,第一和第二磁铁的位置互相紧临,其磁向量互相相反。 A pump apparatus, comprising: a pump housing defining a pump chamber, the pump housing having a pump chamber extending into the mandrel; the mandrel can be rotated about a rotor comprising an impeller having at least one blade; magneto bearing, said magnetic bearing rotor portion in the non-blade portion of the rotor is provided; and a mandrel portion of the magnetic bearing disposed within the mandrel; and wherein the mandrel portion and the rotor portion of the magnetic bearing to attract each other; the magnetic rotor and bearing mandrel portion includes at least a first and a second magnet, the position of the first and second magnets close to each other, the magnetic vector opposite to each other.
  2. 2. 按权利要求1所述的泵装置,其特征在于,该磁轴承的心轴部包括位置互相紧临,其磁向量互相相反的所述第一和第二磁铁。 2. Pump apparatus as claimed in claim 1, characterized in that the mandrel comprises a portion of the magnetic bearing position close to each other, the magnetic vector of the mutually opposite first and second magnets.
  3. 3. 按权利要求1所述的泵装置,其特征在于,该磁轴承的转子部包括位置互相紧临,其磁向量互相相反的所述第一和第二磁铁。 3. The pump apparatus as claimed in claim 1, characterized in that the rotor comprises a portion of the magnetic bearing position close to each other, the magnetic vector of the mutually opposite first and second magnets.
  4. 4. 按权利要求1所述的泵装置,其特征在于,泵壳体、心轴和转子中的至少一个有用来支撑至少一个液力轴承的表面几何形状。 The pump apparatus as claimed in claim 1, characterized in that the pump casing, at least a hydrodynamic bearing for supporting at least one of the surface geometry of the mandrel and the rotor.
  5. 5. 按权利要求4所述的泵装置,其特征在于,所述泵壳体设置有构作成转动时至少局部支撑转子的液力轴承的表面几何形状。 5. The pump device as claimed in claim 4, characterized in that said pump rotor is at least partially supported hydrodynamic bearing surface geometry of the housing is provided with a rotation mechanism made.
  6. 6. 按权利要求3所述的泵装置,其特征在于,该磁轴承的所述心轴部包括所述第一和第二磁铁,所述心轴部的纵向轴线与该心轴的纵向轴线偏离。 6. The apparatus according to claim 3, wherein the pump, characterized in that said mandrel comprises a portion of the magnetic bearing of the first and second magnets, the longitudinal axis of the longitudinal axis of the mandrel portion of the mandrel deviation.
  7. 7. 按权利要求1所述的泵装置,其特征在于,所述转子有一个开槽孔。 7. A pump apparatus as claimed in claim 1, characterized in that said rotor has an open slot.
  8. 8. 按权利要求1所述的泵装置,其特征在于,转子的非叶片部承载多个驱动磁铁,泵壳体承载驱动绕组;驱动磁铁与驱动绕组配合而转动转子。 8. The pump device as claimed in claim 1, characterized in that the non-blade portion of the rotor carrying a plurality of drive magnets, the pump housing carrying the driving winding; driven to rotate with the rotor magnet and the driving coil.
  9. 9. 按权利要求1所述的泵装置,其特征在于,第一和第二磁铁具有环形的形状系数。 9. A pump apparatus as claimed in claim 1, characterized in that the first and second annular magnets having a shape factor.
  10. 10. 按权利要求3所述的泵装置,其特征在于,第一和第二磁铁与所述转子同轴。 10. A pump apparatus as claimed in claim 3, characterized in that the first and second magnet coaxially with the rotor.
  11. 11. 按权利要求4所述的泵装置,其特征在于,所述至少一个液力轴承包括所述心轴与所述转子的一孔之间的径向液力轴承。 11. A pump device as claimed in claim 4, characterized in that said at least one bearing comprises a radial hydrodynamic torque of the rotor of the spindle with a bore between the bearings.
  12. 12. 按权利要求4所述的泵装置,其特征在于,所述至少一个液力轴承包括所述转子与所述泵壳体之间的轴向液力轴承。 12. A pump apparatus as claimed in claim 4, characterized in that said at least one axial hydrodynamic bearing hydrodynamic bearing comprising the rotor and the pump housing.
  13. 13. 按权利要求12所述的泵装置,其特征在于,所述轴向液力轴承的所述表面几何形状由逐渐变细的表面形成。 13. A pump apparatus as claimed in claim 12, characterized in that the hydrodynamic axial bearing is formed by the surface geometry of the tapered surface.
  14. 14. 按权利要求1所述的泵装置,其特征在于,所述转子具有在所述转子的一孔中设置的多个螺旋形槽。 14. A pump apparatus as claimed in claim 1, characterized in that said rotor having a plurality of helical grooves disposed in a bore of the rotor.
  15. 15. 按权利要求1所述的泵装置,其特征在于,该磁轴承的心轴部包括具有圆柱形的形状系数的所述第一和第二磁铁。 15. A pump apparatus as claimed in claim 1, characterized in that the mandrel comprises a portion of the magnetic bearing has a cylindrical shape factor of the first and second magnets.
Description  translated from Chinese

旋转式血泵 Rotary blood pump

发明领域 Field of the Invention

[0001] 本发明涉及旋转式泵。 [0001] The present invention relates to a rotary pump. 特别涉及用于各种转子和叶轮结构的轴承。 Particularly it relates to a variety of rotor and impeller bearing structure. [0002] 发明背景 [0002] Background of the Invention

[0003] —般旋转式泵使用一叶轮,其中,该叶轮的运动用机械接触轴承在5个自由度(两个角自由度,三个平动自由度)上受到限制。 [0003] - like the use of a rotary pump impeller, wherein the impeller motion by mechanical contact bearings in five degrees of freedom (DOF two corners, three translational degrees of freedom) is restricted on. 某些工作流体会受到机械接触轴承的破坏。 Some fluid will damage the mechanical contact bearings. 用具有接触轴承的泵抽运的血会发生血细胞溶解,即破坏血细胞。 Having contact bearings, pump blood pumping blood cell lysis occurs, which destroy blood cells. 一般来说,某些场合需要使用能抽运需要小心处理的工作流体如血的高效液压且高功率的泵。 In general, some applications require the use of the working fluid can be pumped require careful handling such as high blood and high power hydraulic pump.

[0004] Wampler等人的美国专利No. 6, 234, 772B1 ( "Wampler")说明了一种有径向磁斥力轴承和轴向流体动力轴承的离心血泵。 [0004] Wampler et al., US Patent No. 6, 234, 772B1 ("Wampler") describes a magnetic repulsion bearing radial and axial hydrodynamic bearing effort from the pump. Woodard等人的美国专利No. 6, 250, 880B1 ( "Woodard")说明了一种其叶轮只受液体动力支撑的离心血泵。 Woodard et al., U.S. Patent No. 6, 250, 880B1 ("Woodard") describes an impeller which is supported only by the fluid power pumps from the effort. [0005] 两血泵都是基于轴向磁通间隙电动机的设计。 [0005] The blood pump is based on two axial flux gap motor design. 叶轮中携带电动机的驱动磁铁,从而用作电动机转子。 Carried in a motor-driven impeller magnet, thus as a motor rotor. 在此两种情况中,驱动磁铁都位于叶轮的叶片中。 In both cases, the drive magnets are located in the blades of the impeller. 驱动绕组的位置在泵室外但在用作电动机定子的泵壳体内。 Position of the drive winding but used outside the pump motor stator within the pump housing. 由于电动机与泵一体化,因此省略了驱动轴和泵的密封。 Due to the integration of the motor and the pump, and the pump drive shaft are omitted seal. 该泵/电动机包括增强用于驱动叶轮的磁通的背铁。 The pump / motor including enhanced back iron flux for driving the impeller.

[0006] 两血泵的问题都是液力不足,其至少一部分的原因是将磁铁设置在叶轮叶片中要求大且非常规的叶片几何形状。 [0006] Two problems are insufficient blood hydraulic pump, at least part of the reason is that the magnet disposed in the impeller blades requires large and unconventional blade geometry.

[0007] 该泵要有效工作必须克服叶片携带的磁铁与背铁之间很大的自然轴向吸力。 [0007] The pump has to overcome a lot of work to be effective natural axial attraction between the magnet and back iron blade carrying. 尽管叶片与泵壳体之间不发生接触,但液力轴承会由于与液力轴承承载的负载有关的剪切力造成血细胞的破坏。 Although no contact between the blades and the pump housing, but the hydrodynamic bearings and hydraulic bearing load due to load-related shear damage blood cells. 因此只使用液力轴承可能对血有害。 Therefore, only use hydraulic bearing may be harmful blood. [0008] 本发明概述 [0008] Summary of the Invention

[0009] 鉴于公知血泵和方法的不足,旋转式泵用各种"非接触"轴承机构取代机械接触轴 [0009] In view of the lack of well-known method of the blood pump and rotary pump to replace the mechanical contact with the shaft with a variety of "non-contact" bearing bodies

承。 Cheng. 用各种转子和壳体设计特征实现磁轴承和液力轴承。 Rotor and housing is designed with a variety of features to achieve magnetic bearings and hydraulic bearings. 这些设计特征可组合在一起。 These design features can be combined together. By the

于不使用机械接触轴承,因此泵的使用寿命延长,对工作流体如血的破坏减小。 Do not use a mechanical contact bearings extend pump life and therefore, the destruction of the working fluid, such as blood decreases.

[0010] 在一实施例中,该泵包括一磁推力轴承。 [0010] In one embodiment, the pump comprising a magnetic thrust bearing. 该泵包括界定泵室的泵壳体。 The pump includes a pump housing defining a pump chamber. 该泵壳体 The pump housing

有伸入该泵室中的心轴。 There extending into the pump chamber mandrel. 该心轴设有包括第一和第二磁铁的心轴磁铁组件。 The spindle has a spindle magnet assembly includes first and second magnets. 该心轴磁铁组 The spindle magnets

件的第一和第二磁铁的位置互相紧临,其磁向量相反。 The first and second magnet positions close to each other member, opposite the magnetic vector. 该泵包括有可围绕该心轴转动的叶 The pump comprises a rotatable about the rotation of the spindle leaves

轮的转子。 A rotor wheel. 该转子的非叶片部中设有包括第一和第二磁铁的转子磁铁组件。 It is provided comprising a first and a second non-magnet rotor magnet assembly portion of the rotor blade. 该转子磁铁组 The rotor magnet group

件的第一和第二磁铁的位置互相紧临,其磁向量相反。 The first and second magnet positions close to each other member, opposite the magnetic vector. 心轴和转子磁铁组件的相对方向选 Relative to the direction of the spindle and the rotor magnet assembly election

择成使得心轴和转子磁铁组件互相吸引。 Optional spindle so attracted to each other and the rotor magnet assembly. 该转子可包括开槽孔。 The rotor may include open slots. 在各实施例中,含有的液 In various embodiments, the liquid containing the

力轴承用于径向支撑或轴向支撑或径向和轴向支撑。 Bearing for radial or axial support or support radial and axial support.

[0011] 附图简要说明 [0011] BRIEF DESCRIPTION

[0012] 下面结合例示性附图举例说明本发明,在各附图中相同部件用同一标号表示,附图中: [0012] below with reference to the accompanying drawings illustrating exemplary of the present invention, in the drawings in which like parts are designated by the same reference numerals in the drawings:

[0013] 图1为一有一被动轴向磁轴承的泵的剖面图; [0013] FIG. 1 is a cross-sectional view has a passive axial magnetic bearing of the pump;

[0014] 图2示出该被动轴向磁轴承一实施例; [0014] FIG. 2 shows the passive axial magnetic bearing an embodiment;

[0015] 图3示出该被动轴向磁轴承的中央和偏心设置; [0015] Figure 3 shows the passive axial magnetic bearing of central and eccentric settings;

3[0016] 图4示出一叶轮实施例;以及 3 [0016] Figure 4 illustrates an embodiment of an impeller; and

[0017] 图5示出该泵的一实施例用于医学中。 Embodiment [0017] FIG. 5 shows the pump is used in medicine.

[0018] 详细说明 [0018] Detailed Description

[0019] 图1示出一离心血泵的一个实施例。 [0019] FIG. 1 shows a pump from the efforts of an embodiment. 该泵包括界定在进口114和出口116之间的泵室112的壳体110。 The pump includes defined between the inlet 114 and outlet 116 of the pump chamber 112 of the housing 110. 在该泵室中,转子120围绕从该泵壳体底部伸出的心轴130转动。 In the pump chamber, the rotor 120 around mandrel 130 extends from the bottom of the pump casing rotation. 该转子还包括界定提供流体流动面的叶轮的叶片部。 The rotor further comprises providing a fluid flow defining surface portion of the impeller blade. 该叶轮包括一个或多个在叶轮转动时推动流体的叶片121。 The impeller comprises one or more push fluid 121 upon rotation of the impeller blades.

[0020]"转子"和"叶轮"在某些上下文中的意思相同。 [0020] "rotor" and "wheel" the same meaning in some context. 例如,转子转动时,转子的叶片部也转动,因此可以说转子转动,也可说叶轮转动。 For example, when the rotor blades of the rotor is also rotated, it can be said rotor, it can be said impeller to rotate. 但需要时可用"转子的非叶片部"或"叶轮之外的转子"专指转子的在叶片之外的部分。 But it can be "non-blade portion of the rotor" or "rotor impeller outside" refers specifically needed in addition to the blade portion of the rotor. 转子的每一叶片都可称为叶轮,但叶轮一般指一个或多个叶片的集合。 Each of the rotor blades of the impeller can be called, but generally refers to one or more impeller blades collection.

[0021] 该泵建立在活动磁铁轴向磁通间隙电动机结构。 [0021] The pump is set up in the active magnet axial flux gap motor structure. 在一实施例中,该电动机为一无刷DC电动机。 In one embodiment, the motor is a brushless DC motor. 转子中的磁铁122的磁向量与转子转动轴线190平行。 The magnetic vector of the rotor magnet 122 and the rotor 190 parallel to the axis of rotation. 在所示实施例中,驱动磁铁位于转子的非叶片部内。 In the illustrated embodiment, the inner drive of the rotor magnet non-vane department.

[0022] 驱动绕组140位于泵壳体内。 [0022] The drive winding 140 is located inside the pump housing. 电力加到驱动绕组生成与驱动磁铁互相作用的随时间而变的电流,使得叶轮转动。 Electric power applied to the drive coil to generate the drive magnet interacting with time-varying electric current, so that rotation of the impeller. 一背铁150增强电动机转子磁铁产生的磁通。 A back iron 150 enhanced magnetic flux generated by the rotor magnet motor. 在一实施例中,转子底面124或下泵壳体的相对表面118具有这样的表面(如172):在转子与壳体之间间隙小于一预定阈值时能形成液力轴承。 In one embodiment, the opposing surfaces of the rotor 124 or the bottom surface of the pump casing 118 having a surface (e.g. 172): to form a hydrodynamic bearing between the rotor and the housing when the gap is less than a predetermined threshold value. 在一实施例中,该预定阈值为0. 0002-0. 003英寸。 In one embodiment, the predetermined threshold value is 0. 0002-0. 003 inches.

[0023] 背铁150与转子承载的驱动磁铁122之间的自然吸引会在转子上生成很大的轴向载荷。 Naturally attracted a large axial load is generated on the rotor [0023] 150 and the back iron rotor bearing between the drive magnet 122. 该轴向载荷存在于诸如Wampler或Woodard的轴向磁通间隙电动机结构的离心泵中。 The axial load is present in such Wampler centrifugal or axial flux gap motor Woodard structure. Wampler和Woodard都靠液力推力轴承克服该轴向载荷力。 Wampler and Woodard are overcome by the hydrodynamic thrust bearing axial load forces. 尽管叶片与泵壳体之间不发生接触,但液力轴承会由于与该液力轴承承载的负载有关的剪切力造成血细胞的破坏。 Although no contact between the blades and the pump housing, but due to the hydrodynamic bearings hydrodynamic bearing load bearing shear-related damage blood cells. [0024] Wampler的径向斥力磁轴承加重了驱动磁铁与背铁之间磁吸引生成的轴向力。 [0024] Wampler radial magnetic bearing increased repulsion between the driver and the back iron magnet magnetic attraction generated by the axial force. 尽管径向斥力磁轴承生成径向稳定性,但造成很大轴向不稳定性。 Although it generates radial magnetic bearing radial repulsion stability, but caused great axial instability. 该轴向不稳定性可进一步提高轴向载荷。 The axial instability can be further improved axial load. 不管使用什么样的轴向液力轴承,该额外的轴向力造成更大的剪切力,从而造成血细胞溶解。 No matter what kind of hydrodynamic axial bearings, the additional axial force resulting in greater shear forces, resulting in hemolysis. 此外,维持液力轴承所需功率随着该载荷的增加而增加。 In addition, the power required to maintain the hydrodynamic bearing increases the load increases. 因此高负载的液力轴承的功耗大。 Therefore, high load bearing hydraulic power consumption.

[0025] 图1血泵包括用来减小或抵消由驱动磁铁与背铁之间的相互作用作用而施加在转子上的轴向载荷的轴向磁轴承。 [0025] FIG. 1 includes a blood pump to reduce or offset the axial magnetic bearing axially driven by the interaction effect between the magnet and the back iron applied loads on the rotor. 该轴向磁轴承由位于心轴内的心轴磁铁组件160与由转子携带的转子磁铁组件180之间的相互作用形成。 The axial magnetic bearing 180 and the interaction between the rotor magnet carried by the rotor assembly is formed by a spindle magnet assembly is located within the mandrel 160. 在所示实施例中,转子磁铁组件180靠近叶轮,但转子磁铁组件的磁铁不位于叶片中。 In the illustrated embodiment, the rotor magnet assembly 180 close to the impeller, but the magnet rotor magnet assembly is not located in the blade. 调节螺丝134通过在心轴的纵向轴线上移动心轴磁铁组件来纵向调节该轴向磁轴承的轴向位置。 Adjustment screw 134 through the longitudinal axis of the mandrel to move the spindle magnet assembly to the longitudinal adjustment of the axial position of the axial magnetic bearing.

[0026] 图2示出轴向磁轴承实施例。 [0026] FIG. 2 shows an axial magnetic bearing examples. 转子磁铁组件包括互相紧临的第一转子轴承磁铁282和第二转子轴承磁铁284。 Magnet rotor assembly includes a first rotor bearing close to each other magnet rotor bearing 282 and the second magnet 284. 第一和第二转子轴承磁铁为永久磁铁。 The first and second rotor bearing magnets are permanent magnets. 在一实施例中,它们之间有一极片286。 In one embodiment, there is a pole piece 286 therebetween. 极片或磁通集中件用来集中转子轴承磁铁282和284生成的磁通。 Pole piece or flux concentrating member for concentration rotor bearing magnets 282 and 284 generate the magnetic flux. 在另一实施例中,部件286只是帮助第一和第二轴承磁铁282、284定位的间隔件而不用来集中磁通。 In another embodiment, the member 286 just help first and second magnets 282,284 bearing spacers positioned not to concentrate the magnetic flux. 在其他实施例中,部件286省略,因此转子磁铁组件不包括间隔件或极片部件。 In other embodiments, member 286 is omitted, and therefore the rotor magnet assembly does not include a spacer member or the pole piece. [0027] 在一实施例中,部件282和284为单块环形永久磁铁。 [0027] In one embodiment, components 282 and 284 as a single annular permanent magnet blocks. 轴承磁铁也可呈非单块组合物。 Bearing magnet may be in a non-monolithic composition. 例如,轴承磁铁也可呈由多个饼形、弧段形或其它形状的永久磁铁组成的环形永久磁铁结构。 For example, bearing magnet may be ring-shaped permanent magnet structure consisting of a plurality of pie-shaped, arc-shaped permanent magnet or other shapes formed.

[0028] 转子轴向轴承磁铁组件与转子的非叶片221部中的驱动磁铁222不同。 [0028] 221 non-blade rotor magnet assembly and the axial bearing of the rotor magnet 222 different drivers. 在所示实施例中,驱动磁铁位于转子的非叶片部228中。 In the illustrated embodiment, the drive magnet portion of the rotor blade 228 in the non.

[0029] 心轴磁铁组件包括第一心轴轴承磁铁262和第二心轴轴承磁铁264。 [0029] The spindle magnet assembly including a first spindle bearing magnet 262 and second spindle bearing magnet 264. 第一和第二转子轴承磁铁为永久磁铁。 The first and second rotor bearing magnets are permanent magnets. 在一实施例中,它们之间有一极片266。 In one embodiment, there is a pole piece 266 therebetween. 极片266集中心轴轴承磁铁262和264生成的磁通。 266 sets the central pole piece shaft bearings 262 and 264 generated by the magnet flux. 在另一实施例中,部件266只是用作第一和第二心轴轴承磁铁定位的间隔件而不用来集中磁通。 In another embodiment, the member 266 is used as the first and second spindle bearing spacers positioned without the magnet to concentrate the magnetic flux. 在其他实施例中,部件266省略,因此心轴磁铁组件不包括间隔件或极片部件。 In other embodiments, member 266 is omitted, and therefore the spindle magnet assembly does not include a spacer member or the pole piece.

[0030] 在所示实施例中,永久磁铁262和264呈圆柱形。 [0030] In the illustrated embodiment, the permanent magnets 262 and 264 were cylindrical. 在其它实施例中也可使用其它形状。 In other embodiments, other shapes may also be used. 环形转子磁铁与叶轮一起围绕由心轴轴承磁铁组件使用的心轴纵向轴线转动。 Together with the rotor magnet ring around the mandrel wheel spindle bearing by a magnet assembly using a longitudinal axis. [0031] 心轴和转子轴承组件的永久磁铁布置成使得中间极片两边上的磁铁的磁向量互木目木目i^。 [0031] The permanent magnet rotor shaft and bearing assembly is arranged such that the magnetic vector magnet pole pieces on both sides of the intermediate cross head wood wood mesh i ^.

[0032] —给定极片的两边与不同磁铁的相同极邻接。 [0032] - the given pole pieces on both sides with different magnets of the same polarity adjacent.

[0033] 因此,磁铁262和264的磁向量互相相反(例如N对N或S对S)。 [0033] Thus, the magnet magnetic vectors 262 and 264 opposite to each other (for example, N to N or S to S). 同样,磁铁282 Similarly, the magnet 282

和284的磁向量互相相反。 And the magnetic vector 284 opposite to each other.

[0034] 各磁铁的方向选择成每当轴承在轴向上错位时建立轴向吸引。 Select the [0034] direction of each magnet into whenever bearing axial displacement in the axial direction of establishing attract. 注意到,心轴和转子磁铁组件的相对方向选择成使得心轴和转子磁铁组件互相吸引(例如S对N,N对S)。 Chosen so that the spindle and the rotor magnet assembly attracted to each other (for example, S for N, N to S) in opposite directions noted, the mandrel and the rotor magnet assembly. 为一组件的磁铁选定的磁向量方向决定着用于另一组件的磁铁的磁向量方向。 It determines the magnet magnetic vector direction for another component selected for the magnet magnetic vector direction of a component. 表292示出第一和第二转子轴承磁铁(MR1,MR2)和第一和第二心轴轴承磁铁(MS1,MS2)的可接受的磁向量组合。 Table 292 shows the first and second rotor bearing magnets (MR1, MR2) and the first and second spindle bearing magnets (MS1, MS2) acceptable magnetic vector combinations. 使磁轴承组件发生轴向位移的背铁与驱动磁铁之间的磁吸引力至少部分地被轴向轴承之间恢复转子轴向位置的轴向磁吸引力抵消。 The magnetic bearing assembly axially displaced magnetic attraction between the back iron and the drive magnet axially at least partially restored between the bearing axial position of the rotor axial magnetic attraction cancellation.

[0035] 图2还示出在转子的非叶片部的一面(例如见图1底面124)与泵壳体背部之间的间隙小于一预定阈值时形成一液力轴承一部分的楔形面或斜面272。 [0035] Figure 2 also shows the non-side portion of the rotor blade (e.g., bottom surface 124 see FIG. 1) is formed smaller than a predetermined threshold value and the gap between the back of the pump housing of a hydrodynamic bearing or inclined surface portion 272 of the wedge . 在各实施例中,该预定阈值为0.0002-0. 003英寸。 In various embodiments, the predetermined threshold is 0.0002-0. 003 inches. 因此,在一实施例中,该泵包括一轴向液力轴承。 Thus, in one embodiment, the hydraulic pump comprising an axial bearing. 提供该轴向液力轴承的表面几何形状可位于转子或壳体上。 Provide the axial hydrodynamic bearing surface geometry can be located on the rotor or housing.

[0036] 尽管心轴磁铁组件用作轴向磁轴承,但心轴和转子磁铁组件之间的吸引力还有一径向分量。 [0036] Although the magnet assembly is used as the spindle axial magnetic bearing, but the spindle and rotor magnet attraction between components as well as a radial component. 该径向分量可用来抵消由叶轮上的压力梯度对叶轮造成的径向负载。 The radial component can be used to counteract the pressure gradient on the impeller due to the impeller radial loads. 该径向分量还在开始转动时用作预加负载和在正常转动时用作偏置力防止转子围绕心轴偏心转动。 Used as a pre-load and is used at the time of the normal rotation biasing force to prevent the rotor rotates eccentrically around a mandrel the radial component also begins to turn. 偏心转动会造成不利于泵送作用的流体涡流或打旋。 Eccentric rotation will result in fluid pumping action is not conducive to a vortex or swirling. 该偏置径向分量比方说在泵受到由移动或冲击造成的外力时有助于保持或恢复转子的径向位置和抽运作用。 The bias radial component, say the pump by external shocks caused by the movement or that help to maintain or restore the radial position of the rotor and pump operating with. [0037] 在其他实施例中也可不用与转子轴承磁铁组件互相作用的心轴磁铁组件形成该磁轴承而用铁磁材料取代a)心轴磁铁组件或b)转子轴承磁铁组件之一(但不同时取代心轴磁铁组件和转子轴承磁铁组件)。 [0037] may not magnet rotor bearing assembly interacting spindle magnet forming the magnetic bearing assembly in other embodiments, ferromagnetic material which is substituted with a) a spindle magnet assembly or b) one of the rotor bearing a magnet assembly (but not simultaneously replace the spindle magnet assembly and the rotor magnet bearing components).

[0038] 该磁轴承仍由一心轴部和一转子部组成,但心轴部和转子部之一使用铁磁材料, 而另一部分使用永久磁铁。 [0038] The magnetic bearing portion and the shaft still bent portion composed of a rotor, but one of the mandrel portion and the rotor portion using ferromagnetic material, while the other part using a permanent magnet.

[0039] 铁磁材料与磁铁相互作用在转子与心轴之间形成磁吸引。 [0039] ferromagnetic material and magnet interaction between the rotor and the mandrel forming magnetic attraction. 铁磁材料的例子包括铁、镍和钴。 Examples of ferromagnetic materials include iron, nickel and cobalt.

[0040] 在一实施例中,铁磁材料为"软铁"。 [0040] In one embodiment, the ferromagnetic material is "soft iron." 软铁的部分特征为矫顽磁性极低。 Some of the characteristics of soft iron is extremely low coercivity. 因此不管其剩磁如何,软铁在外部磁场如该磁轴承系统的永久磁铁的磁场的作用下容易磁化(或再磁化)。 So regardless of how residual magnetism, soft iron easy magnetization (or re-magnetization) in the external magnetic field such as the role of the permanent magnet magnetic field magnetic bearing system.

[0041] 图3示出该磁轴承心轴部的各种设置位置。 [0041] Figure 3 shows various positions of the magnetic bearing disposed mandrel portion. 在一实施例中,心轴磁铁组件360的轴向与心轴的纵向轴线390重合,因此心轴和心轴磁铁组件的纵向中心轴线相同。 In one embodiment, the magnet assembly 360 of the mandrel axially of the mandrel coincides with the longitudinal axis 390, and therefore the same longitudinal central axis of the spindle and the spindle magnet assembly. 在另一实施例中,心轴磁铁组件在径向上偏移,从而心轴和心轴磁铁组件的中心轴线不同。 In another embodiment, the spindle magnet assembly is radially offset so that the central axis of the spindle and the different spindle magnet assembly. 特别是,心轴磁铁组件360的纵向轴线362与心轴的纵向轴线390偏移。 In particular, the longitudinal axis of the spindle magnet assembly 360 longitudinal axis 362 of the mandrel 390 and the offset. 需要时可用这后一种位置设置来形成某种径向偏置力。 This latter position is set can be used to form some radial biasing force when needed. 叶轮上的压力差会在径向上把叶轮推向泵壳体的一边。 Pressure impeller on the difference in the radial impeller into the side of the pump casing. 这一径向力至少可部分地由偏移该心轴磁铁组件加以抵消。 This radial force at least partially be offset by the offset of the spindle magnet assembly.

[0042] 尽管所示心轴和转子磁铁组件各包括2个磁元件,但磁铁组件也可各包括单块磁铁。 [0042] Although FIG spindle and rotor magnet assembly each comprises two magnetic elements, but the magnet assembly may comprise a single respective magnets. 每组件使用多个磁元件而不使用单块磁铁可提高弹簧比率。 Each component uses a plurality of magnetic elements without using a single piece of magnet can be increased spring rate. 每组件使用两磁元件所生成的轴承比每组件使用单个磁元件可以更大弹簧比率矫正在轴向正反两个方向上离开稳定位置的位移(即稳定点之上和之下的位移)。 Each component uses two magnetic components may be generated by the bearing spring rate more stable position displacement correction left in the axial both directions (i.e. stable point displaced above and below) than each component using a single magnetic element.

[0043] 轴向磁轴承生成的磁力除了轴向分量还有径向分量。 [0043] axial magnetic bearing magnetic force generated in addition to the radial component of the axial component there. 该径向分量会造成叶轮的不稳定。 The radial component causes instability of the impeller. 特别是,该径向分量会造成图1或2磁轴承径向位置不稳定。 In particular, the radial component causes 1 or 2 positions unstable radial magnetic bearing.

[0044] 可使用径向液力轴承克服该径向不稳定。 [0044] can be used to overcome the radial bearings radial hydrodynamic instability. 参见图1,该泵可设计成沿转子的孔在心轴130与转子之间有一径向液力轴承(即液力滑动轴承)。 A radial hydrodynamic bearing (i.e. hydrodynamic sliding bearing) between Referring to Figure 1, the pump can be designed along the mandrel bore 130 of the rotor and the rotor. 图l所示间隙夸大。 Figure l shows the gap exaggerated. 液力滑动轴承需要间隙很小才能工作。 Hydrodynamic plain bearings require little space to work. 在各实施例中,该液力滑动轴承间隙为0. 0005-0. 020英寸。 In various embodiments, the hydrodynamic bearing gap 0. 0005-0. 020 inches. [00化]可用作轴向(推力)或径向(滑动)液力轴承的表面几何形状可位于转子上,也可位于壳体(或心轴)的有关部位上。 [00 of] can be used as an axial (thrust) or radial (slide) hydrodynamic bearing surface geometry can be located on the rotor, can also be located on the relevant parts of the housing (or mandrel) is. 在一实施例中,该表面几何形状包括特征如一个或多个垫(即一生成间隙突变的特征如一高度均匀的台阶)。 In one embodiment, the characteristics, such as surface geometry comprises one or more pads (i.e., a gap is generated mutations in a highly uniform characteristics such as a step). 在另一实施例中,该表面几何形状包括特征如一个或多个斜面。 In another embodiment, the characteristics, such as surface geometry comprises one or more ramps.

[0046] 图4示出包括一叶轮的转子的一实施例。 [0046] Figure 4 illustrates an impeller comprising a rotor embodiment. 该叶轮包括多个用来抽运工作流体如血的叶片420。 The impeller includes a plurality for pumping the working fluid, such as blood leaves 420. 转子包括一孔410。 The rotor comprises a hole 410. 转子孔与泵壳体中的心轴同纵向轴线。 Rotor bore and pump housing with a longitudinal axis of the mandrel. 驱动磁铁(未示出)位于转子的非叶片部430内(即位于转子内但不在转子叶轮部的任何叶片内)。 Drive magnet (not shown) located within the non-blade portion of the rotor 430 (i.e., located within the inner rotor blades but not any rotor wheel section). 因此电动机转子和叶轮一体化,从而无需驱动轴。 Therefore, the integration of the motor rotor and impeller, eliminating the need for a drive shaft. 没有驱动轴就不需要轴密封。 No you do not need the drive shaft shaft seal. [0047] 在一实施例中,转子孔上开槽。 [0047] In one embodiment, the rotor slotted holes. 特别是,该孔有一个或多个螺旋形槽。 In particular, the aperture has one or more spiral grooves. 这些槽的轴向节距不为零。 The axial pitch of the grooves is not zero. 该槽在泵运转时与泵的工作流体连通。 The groove in communication with the pump when the pump is running the working fluid.

[0048] 图5示出泵510运转时把工作流体540从一工作流体源520传送到一工作流体目的地530。 [0048] Figure 5 illustrates the operation of the pump 510 540 the working fluid is transferred from a working fluid source 520 to a destination 530 working fluid. 第一工作流体导管522连接该源与泵进口514。 The first working fluid conduit 522 connected to the source and the pump inlet 514. 第二工作流体导管532连接泵出口516与该目的地。 The second working fluid conduit 532 connects the pump outlet 516 and the destination. 泵把工作流体从该源传送到该目的地。 Pump the working fluid from the source to the destination. 在医疗中,该工作流体例如为血。 In the medical, the working fluid, such as blood. 在一实施例中,该源和该目的地为动脉,因此该泵把血从一动脉传送到另一动脉。 In one embodiment, the source and the destination of the artery, so that pump the blood transmitted from one artery to another artery. [0049] 以上说明了可替代旋转式泵的机械接触轴承的各种"非接触"轴承。 [0049] described above, a variety of "non-contact" bearings can replace a rotary pump mechanical contact bearings. 特别用各种设计的转子、叶轮和壳体实现液力轴承或磁轴承。 Specially designed with a variety of rotor, the impeller and the casing to achieve hydrodynamic bearings or magnetic bearings. 这种种设计需要时可组合使用。 All these can be used in combination when design needs. [0050] 以上结合具体例示性实施例详细说明了本发明。 [0050] with reference to specific exemplary embodiment of the present invention is described in detail. 但可在由权利要求限定的本发明精神和范围内对之作出种种修正和改动。 But it can be defined by the claims within the spirit and scope of the present invention to make various modifications and changes. 因此本说明书和附图应看出是例示性的而非限制性的。 The specification and drawings should be seen as illustrative and not restrictive.

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