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Publication numberCN1502169 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 01820275
PCT numberPCT/US2001/032219
Publication date2 Jun 2004
Filing date16 Oct 2001
Priority date16 Oct 2000
Also published asCN1309176C, EP1327363A2, US6889055, WO2002033989A2, WO2002033989A3
Publication number01820275.6, CN 01820275, CN 1502169 A, CN 1502169A, CN-A-1502169, CN01820275, CN01820275.6, CN1502169 A, CN1502169A, PCT/2001/32219, PCT/US/1/032219, PCT/US/1/32219, PCT/US/2001/032219, PCT/US/2001/32219, PCT/US1/032219, PCT/US1/32219, PCT/US1032219, PCT/US132219, PCT/US2001/032219, PCT/US2001/32219, PCT/US2001032219, PCT/US200132219
InventorsA・J・诺伊菲尔德, AJ诺伊菲尔德
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Technique for reducing average power consumption in a wireless communications device
CN 1502169 A
Abstract  translated from Chinese
一种降低在监控分时隙的寻呼信道期间工作在睡眠和唤醒模式中的无线通信设备(WCD)的平均功耗的方法和系统,包括下列步骤:提供多个计数器;在相对于另一计数器预定的偏移量处为每个计数器建立翻转点;为至少一个翻转点识别一个时序点;以及在出现经识别的时序点时在睡眠和唤醒模式之间转变。 A method of reducing the work of the monitoring during the slotted paging channel in the sleep and wake mode wireless communication device (WCD) of the average power consumption of the method and system, comprising the steps of: providing a plurality of counters; in relation to the other counter at a predetermined offset amount established for each counter rollover point; the point is to identify at least one flip of a timing point; and in the event of a timing point identified between sleep and wake patterns shift.
Claims(22)  translated from Chinese
1.无线通信设备(WCD)中一种降低平均功耗的方法,WCD在监控分时隙的寻呼信道期间工作在睡眠和唤醒模式中,该方法的特征在于包括:提供多个计数器;在相对于另一计数器预定的偏移量处为每个计数器建立翻转点;为至少一个翻转点识别一个时序点;在出现经识别的时序点时在睡眠和唤醒模式之间转变。 1. The wireless communication device (WCD) in a lower average power consumption of the method, WCD operating in the monitor during the slotted paging channel in the sleep and wake-up mode, the method comprising: providing a plurality of counters; in relative to another counter at a predetermined offset established for each counter rollover point; the point is to identify at least one flip of a timing point; in the event of a timing point identified between sleep and wake patterns shift.
2.如权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,所述建立翻转点包括以PN序列周期附近大致相等的时间增量隔开多个计数器的每一个。 2. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that the rollover point comprises establishing nearby PN sequence period substantially equal time increments spaced plurality of counters each.
3.如权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,所述建立翻转点包括将多个计数器的每一个同步到相应的伪随机噪声码(PN)序列发生器。 3. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that the rollover point comprises establishing a plurality of counters corresponding to each sync pseudorandom noise code (PN) sequence generator.
4.如权利要求3所述的方法,其特征在于,所述将多个计数器的每一个同步到相应的伪随机噪声序列发生器包括:按一定偏移量移位每个相应的PN序列发生器,从而允许对相应的多径传输分量进行解调。 4. The method according to claim 3, characterized in that each one of said plurality of counters corresponding to the synchronized pseudo-random noise sequence generator comprising: a shift by a certain offset each respective PN sequence generator device, thereby allowing the corresponding multipath components for demodulation.
5.如权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,所述睡眠和唤醒模式之间的转换包括:在分配给WCD的寻呼信道时隙开始之前的预定数量的时序点处开始唤醒模式工作。 5. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that the conversion between the sleep and awake mode comprises: WCD's assigned to a predetermined number of paging channel slot timing point at the beginning of the awake mode before starting work .
6.如权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,所述睡眠和唤醒模式之间的转换包括:在分配给WCD的寻呼信道时隙开始之后的预定数量的时序点处开始睡眠模式工作。 6. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that the conversion between the sleep and awake mode comprises: a sleep mode at the start timing point of a predetermined number assigned to the paging channel slot WCD after the start of .
7.如权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,所述睡眠和唤醒模式之间的转换包括:在分配给WCD的寻呼信道时隙开始之前的两个时序点处开始唤醒模式工作。 7. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that the conversion between the sleep and awake mode includes: two timing points assigned to WCD before the start of the paging channel slot start wakeup mode.
8.如权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,所述睡眠和唤醒模式之间的转换包括:在WCD确定分配给WCD的寻呼信道时隙期间没有待解码的寻呼话务后第一次出现的时序点处开始睡眠模式工作。 8. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that the conversion between the sleep and awake mode comprises: determining the period after not be decoded paging channel slot assigned to the first WCD paging traffic in WCD Timing begins at the point of time in sleep mode.
9.如权利要求1所述的方法,其特征在于,所述分时隙的寻呼信道携带码分多址(CDMA)信号。 9. The method according to claim 1, characterized in that said slotted paging channel carrying the code division multiple access (CDMA) signal.
10.如权利要求9所述的方法,其特征在于,所述分时隙的寻呼信道按照IS-95标准而工作。 10. The method according to claim 9, characterized in that said slotted paging channel in accordance with IS-95 standard and work.
11.一种功耗降低的无线通信设备(WCD),该WCD在监控分时隙的寻呼信道期间工作在睡眠和唤醒模式,该设备的特征在于包括:多个计数器,每个计数器在相对于另一计数器的预定偏移量处有一个翻转点;出现在多个计数器的翻转点处的多个时序点;控制器,在多个时序点之一出现时使WCD在睡眠和唤醒模式之间转换。 A power reduction of a wireless communication device (WCD), the WCD operating in the monitor during the slotted paging channel in the sleep and wake mode, characterized by the apparatus comprising: a plurality of counters, each counter in the opposite There is a flip point to another predetermined offset at the counter; flip appear in multiple timing points at the point of multiple counters; a controller in one of a plurality of timing point occurs when making WCD in sleep and wake patterns of between conversion.
12.如权利要求11所述的设备,其特征在于,所述每个计数器都分布在PN序列周期周围大致相等的时间增量处。 12. The apparatus of claim 11, wherein each of said counters are distributed around the PN code period at a substantially equal time increments.
13.如权利要求11所述的设备,其特征在于,所述每个计数器都被同步到相应的伪随机噪声(PN)序列发生器。 13. The apparatus of claim 11, wherein said each of the counters are synchronized to the corresponding pseudo-random noise (PN) sequence generator.
14.如权利要求13所述的设备,其特征在于,所述每个相应的PN序列被移位一个偏移量,从而允许对相应的多径传输分量进行解调。 14. The apparatus of claim 13, wherein said each respective PN sequence is shifted by an offset, thereby allowing the corresponding multipath components for demodulation.
15.如权利要求11所述的设备,其特征在于,所述控制器在分配给WCD的寻呼信道时隙开始之前的预定数量的时序点处开始唤醒模式工作。 15. The apparatus according to claim 11, characterized in that, prior to the controller assigned to the WCD paging channel slot start timing of a predetermined number of awake mode at the point of beginning work.
16.如权利要求11所述的设备,其特征在于,所述控制器在分配给WCD的寻呼信道时隙开始之后的预定数量的时序点处开始睡眠模式工作。 16. The apparatus according to claim 11, characterized in that the controller assigned to the WCD after paging channel slot start timing of a predetermined number of the start point of the sleep mode.
17.如权利要求11所述的设备,其特征在于,所述控制器在分配给WCD的寻呼信道时隙开始之前的两个时序点处开始唤醒模式工作。 17. The apparatus of claim 11, wherein said timing controller at the two points prior to the WCD's assigned Paging Channel slot start start wakeup mode.
18.如权利要求11所述的设备,其特征在于,所述控制器在WCD确定分配给WCD的寻呼信道时隙期间没有待解码的寻呼话务后第一次出现的时序点处开始睡眠模式工作。 18. The apparatus of claim 11, wherein the controller determines after the wait period is no paging channel slot assigned to WCD decoded paging traffic of the first occurrence of the start timing point in WCD Sleep mode.
19.如权利要求11所述的设备,其特征在于,所述分时隙的寻呼信道携带码分多址(CDMA)信号。 19. The apparatus of claim 11, wherein said slotted paging channel carrying the code division multiple access (CDMA) signal.
20.如权利要求19所述的设备,其特征在于,所述分时隙的寻呼信道按照IS-95标准而工作。 19 20. The apparatus according to claim, characterized in that said slotted paging channel in accordance with IS-95 standard and work.
21.一种功耗降低的无线通信设备(WCD),该WCD在监控分时隙的寻呼信道期间工作在睡眠和唤醒模式,该设备的特征在于包括:用于提供多个计数器的装置;用于以相对于另一计数器预定的偏移量为每个计数器建立一个翻转点的装置;用于为至少一个翻转点识别时序点的装置;以及用于在出现经识别的时序点时在睡眠和唤醒模式间转换的装置。 21. A method of reducing power consumption of a wireless communication device (WCD), the WCD during a slotted paging channel monitor work sleep and wake mode, characterized by the apparatus comprising: means for providing a plurality of counters; is used with respect to the other counter means for establishing a predetermined offset of a rollover point for each counter; means for inverting at least one point recognition timing points; and means for timing in the event of the identified point in the sleep and inter-mode switching device to wake up.
22.一种包括计算机程序逻辑来使计算机系统内的处理器降低无线通信设备(WCD)内的平均功耗的计算机程序产品,WCD在监控分时隙的寻呼信道期间工作在睡眠和唤醒模式中,该计算机程序产品的特征在于包括:使处理器能提供多个计数器的装置;使处理器以相对于另一计数器预定的偏移量为每个计数器建立一个翻转点的装置;使处理器为至少一个翻转点识别时序点的装置;以及使处理器在出现经识别的时序点时在睡眠和唤醒模式间转换的装置。 22. A computer program comprising logic to cause a processor in a computer system to reduce the average power consumption of the wireless communication device (WCD) within the computer program product, WCD operating in the monitor during the slotted paging channel in the sleep and wake mode , the computer program product comprising: causing the processor to provide a plurality of counter means; causing the processor with respect to another predetermined offset counter means for establishing a rollover point for each counter; cause the processor to at least one point for identifying timing device dot inversion; and identified so that the processor in the event timing point between sleep and wake mode conversion device.
Description  translated from Chinese
无线通信设备中的降低平均功耗的技术 Wireless communication device to reduce average power consumption technology

参照相关申请本发明涉及下面共同受让人的申请:Technique for Reduction of Awake Timein a Wireless Communications Device Utilizing Slotted Paging(申请序列号09/118750,1998年7月17日公开)。 REFERENCE TO RELATED APPLICATIONS The present invention relates to the common assignee of the following apply: Technique for Reduction of Awake Timein a Wireless Communications Device Utilizing Slotted Paging (Application Serial No. 09 / 118750,1998 on July 17 open). '750申请通过引用被完全结合于此。 '750 application is fully incorporated herein by reference.

发明背景I.发明领域本发明通常涉及无线通信系统。 BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION I. Field of the Invention The present invention relates generally to wireless communication systems. 更确切地说,本发明涉及一种用于降低无线通信设备内的平均功耗的方法和系统。 More particularly, the present invention relates to a method and system for reducing the average power consumption of the wireless communication device.

II.相关技术描述无线通信设备(WCD)通常工作在活动状态或待机状态。 II. Description of Related Art wireless communication device (WCD) usually operate in active or standby. 在活动状态(有时就是呼叫状态),WCD在诸如用于话音和/或数据呼叫的射频信道(RF)这样的负荷话务信道上交换用户信息。 In the active state (sometimes the call state), WCD RF channel (RF) such as for voice and / or data calls so that a load exchanging user traffic channel information. 然而,当用户信息没有交换时,WCD工作在待机状态。 However, when the user information is not exchanged, WCD work in a standby state. 在待机状态,WCD为由无线通信系统(WCS)内的其它节点发送的信息而监控寻呼信道,这些系统包括基站,卫星,以及其它WCD。 In the standby mode, WCD information by other nodes in a wireless communication system (WCS) within the transmitted paging channel and monitoring, these systems comprise a base station, satellite, and other WCD. 寻呼信道消息的例子包括表征呼叫初始化的振铃信息(比如活动状态操作),以及更新WCD操作参数的信息。 Examples of the paging channel message including characterizing ringing call initialization information (such active operation), and update information WCD operating parameters.

分时隙的寻呼信道是寻呼信道的一种。 Slotted paging channel is a paging channel. 分时隙的寻呼信道包括周期时隙,其中WCS中的每个WCD分配到这些事件间隙中的一个。 Slotted paging channel slot includes a period in which the WCS each WCD is assigned to these events in a gap. WCD在它被分配到的时隙内监控寻呼信道传输。 WCD monitors the paging channel transmitted during a time slot it is assigned to. 而且,传给某个WCD的信息仅在该WCD分配到时隙时传送。 Moreover, the information passed to a WCD transmit only when the WCD is assigned to the time slot. 既然WCD能在它占有的时隙内收到寻呼信道消息,那么在这个时隙内它处于“唤醒”模式。 Since the WCD can receive the paging channel message in the time slot it occupies, then in this slot it is in "wake up" mode. 当WCD工作在唤醒模式时,WCD内的元件设置为准备接收寻呼信道消息。 When the WCD is operating in the awake mode, element disposed within the WCD is ready to receive the paging channel message. 通常WCD在它被分配到实践间隙的开始就工作在唤醒模式下。 WCD typically is assigned to it at the beginning of the practice of the gap on the work in the awake mode. 而且,如果接受到的寻呼信道消息要求WCD完成附加功能,例如接受额外的传输信息,WCD可以在时隙后继续工作在唤醒模式。 Moreover, if the paging channel message received request WCD complete additional features, such as receiving additional information transmission, WCD can continue to work in the wake mode after a time slot.

一旦没有其它的活动模式的工作要做,WCD就在连续时隙的间隔中工作在“睡眠”模式。 Once there is no other activity patterns of work to do, WCD will operate in "sleep" mode in consecutive slots interval. 当WCD工作在睡眠模式时,WCD通过关闭一些元件的电源来节约能量。 When WCD operating in the sleep mode, WCD by closing some of the elements of power to conserve energy. 例如,WCD可以在没有指向自己的信息的时间间隔内暂停一些用于接收和处理的元件。 For example, WCD may suspend some of the elements for receiving and processing within their own information does not point to a time interval. 这种暂停通常“冻结”内部过程,比如计数器和序列发生器。 This pause is usually "frozen" internal processes, such as counters and sequencers. 另外,这种暂停也可能关闭其它元件。 In addition, this pause may close other elements.

在按照诸如IS-95A和IS-95B等CDMA标准工作的WCS内(这里称为IS-95系统),诸如寻呼信道话务的信息将以码元序列的形式在发送节点和接收节点之间被发送。 In accordance with the WCS CDMA standards such as IS-95A and IS-95B and other work (referred to herein as IS-95 system), the sending and receiving nodes between the form of the information symbol sequence will be such as the traffic of paging channels is transmitted. 该信息根据伪随机噪声(PN)序列被交织、编码、扩展,并被调制为被发送的射频(RF)信号,用于诸如移动电话等WCD的接收。 This information is based on the pseudo-random noise (PN) sequence is interleaved, encoded, expansion, and modulated into a radio frequency to be transmitted (RF) signal, such as a mobile telephone for receiving WCD. 在接收之后,这些信号被转换为基带信号,被去扩展、去交织并被解码为原始发送的信息码元序列。 After the reception, the signal is converted into a baseband signal, is despread, deinterleaved and decoded into the original information symbol sequence transmitted.

CDMA系统中发射机和接收机之间的传输由发射机内的PN序列扩展,并由接收机内相同的PN序列去扩展。 CDMA transmission system between a transmitter and a receiver from a transmitter within the PN sequence spread by the same PN sequence despreading the receiver. 在IS-95系统内,这些PN序列的长度为215个码元(“码片”),码片速率为1.228MHz。 In the IS-95 system, the length of the PN sequence of 215 symbols ("chips"), chip rate 1.228MHz. 因此,PN序列的周期为26.667毫秒。 Therefore, the period of the PN sequence is 26.667 ms. 对于信息的适当接收,发射机内的PN序列生成过程应与接收WCD内的PN序列生成过程对齐。 For properly received information, PN sequence generator inside the transmitter should process the reception WCD aligned PN sequence generation process.

在这类系统中,交织是建立在一个交织的时间帧上的,比如IS-95系统内是20毫秒。 In such systems, interleaving is based on a time-frame interleaving, such as the IS-95 system is 20 msec. 对于WCD内信息的的适当接收,发射机处的交织过程和接收机处的去交织过程都是彼此同步的。 For properly received within WCD information, the interleaving process and the deinterleaving process at the receiver at the transmitter are synchronized with each other.

除此之外,WCD需要保持其PN序列去扩展过程及其去交织过程之间的内同步。 In addition, WCD needs to maintain its PN sequence to extend the process of de-interleaving and synchronization between processes within. 也就是说,当WCD从睡眠模式转换到唤醒模式时,它的PN序列去扩展过程和去交织过程必须再次启动操作,就像WCD在插入的睡眠模式间隔期间被唤醒。 That is, when the WCD transitions from the sleep mode to the awake mode, its PN sequence despreading process and the deinterleaving process must start the operation again, as during the insertion of the WCD sleep mode wake-up interval. 从本质上来看,WCD必须被唤醒并继续工作,就像从未错过一次。 From the nature point of view, WCD must wake up and continue working like never missed once.

一种确保这种出现内同步的技术包括使用时间上等于交织时间帧和PN序列周期这两者的整数倍的睡眠模式间隔。 A synchronization to ensure that this occurs within the time frame interleaving techniques include equal PN sequence period and the time of both an integral multiple of the interval of the sleep mode. 根据这种方法,当WCD从睡眠模式转换到唤醒模式时,其过程从PN序列和交织帧中与其前一次转为睡眠模式时正在工作的点相同的点处继续恢复工作。 The same point when the point According to this method, when the WCD transitions from the sleep mode to the awake mode, the process from the PN sequence and the interleaved frame into a sleep mode with its previous working to continue recovery. 此外,由于这种转换发生在交织时间帧和PN序列周期两者的整数倍处,因此这些过程是内同步的。 Further, since this conversion occurs in a time frame both interleaving and PN sequence period integer multiples, so these processes are within the synchronization.

交织时间帧和PN序列周期两者的最小整数倍是它们的最小公倍数。 Two interwoven time frames and an integer multiple of the minimum period of the PN sequence is their least common multiple. 对于IS-95系统,最小公倍数的值为80毫秒(即,是26.667毫秒PN序列周期的三倍,是20毫秒交织时间帧的四倍)。 For IS-95 systems, the least common multiple of the value of 80 milliseconds (i.e., three times the PN sequence period of 26.667 ms, the time frame is 20 msec interleaving four times). 睡眠和唤醒模式时序的常规方法使用这个最小公倍数方法。 Conventional methods of sleep and wake patterns using the least common multiple of the timing methods. 因此,在IS-95系统中,按照这种方法得到的睡眠模式间隔被限制在近似为80毫秒的间隔尺寸。 Thus, in the IS-95 systems, obtained according to this method is limited to the sleep mode interval of approximately 80 msec granularity.

对于由电池或固定电源供电的WCD,可以通过降低设备的平均电流消耗来增加待机状态的时间。 For fixed by battery or mains powered WCD, by reducing the average current consumption devices to increase standby time. 一种实现这种降低的方法是增加睡眠模式的持续时间而减少唤醒模式间隔的持续时间。 A method to achieve this reduction is to increase the duration of the sleep mode and the awake mode to reduce the duration of the interval. 一般而言,唤醒模式花的时间要远小于睡眠模式所花的时间。 In general, the time spent awake mode is far less than the time spent in sleep mode. 然而,由于唤醒模式中消耗的电流一般是睡眠模式中消耗的电流的好几倍,因此任何减少唤醒模式所花时间的方法都能大幅改进电流消耗和待机时间。 However, since the current consumption of the wake-up mode is usually consumed in the sleep mode several times current, so any reduction in the time spent awake mode method can significantly improve current consumption and standby time.

因此,需要一种技术来降低WCD花在唤醒模式上的时间,从而提高设备的工作时间。 Therefore, a need for a technique to reduce the wake-up time mode WCD spent on, thereby improving the working time of the device.

发明摘要本发明针对一种用于延时WCD的工作时间的系统和方法,其中WCD能在监控分时隙的寻呼信道时工作在睡眠和唤醒模式。 Summary of the invention present invention is directed to systems and methods for delay WCD working hours which can WCD slotted paging channel monitoring in sleep and wake patterns. 本发明的方法包括下列步骤:分配多个计数器以便每个计数器在相对于另一计数器的预定偏移量处翻转;为多个计数器提供发生在翻转时刻的多个时序点;以及当多个时序点之一出现时在睡眠和唤醒模式之间转换。 The method of the present invention comprises the steps of: allocating a plurality of counters for each counter rollover counter in relation to the other at a predetermined offset; providing a plurality of timing point occurs at inversion timing of a plurality of counters; and when a plurality of timing between sleep and wake mode conversion occurs when one point.

分配步骤可以包括以PN序列周期周围大致相等的时间增量隔开多个计数器的每一个。 Allocating step may comprise around PN sequence period substantially equal increments of time spaced plurality of counters each. 这个步骤也包括将多个计数器的每一个同步到相应的伪随机噪声(PN)序列发生器。 This step also includes a plurality of counters corresponding to each of a synchronous pseudo-random noise (PN) sequence generator. 这种同步包括使每个相应的PN序列发生器移位一个偏移量,从而使多径传输分量能够进行解调。 This synchronization includes a PN sequence generator for each respective shift an offset, so that the multipath components can be demodulated.

转换步骤可以包括在寻呼信道时隙被分配给WCD之前的预定数量的时序点处开始唤醒模式。 Conversion step may include the paging channel slot is allocated to a predetermined number of timing before the start point of the WCD awake mode. 例如,该步骤可以包括在这种寻呼信道时隙开始之前的两个时序点处开始唤醒模式。 For example, this step may include two timing points before the beginning of this paging channel slot start awake mode.

此外,转换步骤可以包括在寻呼信道时隙被分配给WCD之后的预定数量的时序点处开始睡眠模式。 In addition, the conversion step may include a predetermined number of timing starting at the point in the sleep mode paging channel slot is allocated to the subsequent WCD. 另外,该步骤可以包括当WCD确定在这种寻呼信道时隙期间不存在寻呼话务后的第一个时序点处开始睡眠模式。 Further, this step may include a timing point when the first WCD is determined during this paging channel slot does not exist after the start of the paging traffic sleep mode.

本发明方便地实现了更优化的睡眠模式间隔持续时间,从而延长了睡眠模式间隔的长度并且增加了WCD的工作时间。 The present invention is conveniently achieved more optimal sleep mode interval duration, thus extending the length of the interval and the sleep mode WCD increases the working time.

本发明也很好地保持了接收信号的质量。 The present invention is also well maintained the quality of the received signal. 一些方法通过从WCD解调过程中移去解调指来使睡眠模式间隔延长一定程度。 Some methods by removing from the WCD demodulation process demodulating fingers to make the sleep mode interval extension to a certain extent. 这种移去解调指可能会降低接收信号质量。 This removed the demodulating fingers may reduce the received signal quality. 相反,本发明通过在解调过程中保留所有解调指而保持了信号质量。 On the contrary, the present invention is retained in the demodulation process by the demodulation means and holding all the signal quality.

附图的简要描述通过下面提出的结合附图的详细描述,本发明的特征、性质和优点将变得更加明显,附图中相同的元件具有相同的标识,其中:图1是示例性无线通信系统(WCS)的说明;图2是示例性寻呼信道帧的说明;图3A是WCD的示例性分时隙的寻呼信道接收部分的功能性框图;图3B是解调模块的说明;图4A和4B是说明按照两种不同的指时序方案的时序关系的相位图;图5是说明WCD的待机状态操作流程图;图6是说明进入睡眠模式的操作流程图;图7是说明转换到唤醒模式工作的操作流程图;图8是说明延长WCD的工作时间的方法的流程图;以及图9是示例性计算机系统的框图。 Brief Description of the Drawings in conjunction with the detailed description set forth below, the present invention features, properties and advantages will become more apparent from the drawings the same elements have the same identity, in which: Figure 1 is an exemplary wireless communication System (WCS) is described; Fig. 2 is an exemplary paging channel frame; FIG. 3A is an exemplary WCD slotted paging channel receiving functional block diagram portion; FIG. 3B is a diagram illustrating a demodulation module; FIG. 4A and 4B illustrates a timing diagram in accordance with the phase relationship between two different finger timing scheme; Figure 5 is a flowchart of the operation WCD standby state; Fig. 6 is a flow chart illustrating operations for entering sleep mode; Fig. 7 is converted to wake-up mode of operation flowchart; Figure 8 is a flowchart illustrating a WCD operating time extended method; and FIG. 9 is a block diagram of an exemplary computer system.

优选实施例的详细描述I.介绍本发明针对一种用于实现比常规技术较优粒度的睡眠模式间隔持续时间的技术。 Detailed description of the preferred embodiments I. Introduction The present invention is directed to an apparatus for implementing optimum particle size than conventional techniques sleep mode interval duration technology. 该较优的粒度通过使用时序点而实现,这些时序点使WCD更频繁地在睡眠和唤醒模式之间切换。 The optimum particle size is achieved by using a timing point, these timing points to WCD more frequently between sleep and wake modes. 作为这种较优粒度的结果,WCD可以延长睡眠模式间隔的长度,从而增加它的工作时间。 As a result of this optimum particle size, WCD can extend the length of the interval of the sleep mode, thereby increasing its operating time. 这些时序点是基于计数器的,比如解调指计数器和组合计数器,这里将参考示例性WCD进行描述。 These timing point is a counter-based, such as a combination of demodulating fingers counter and the counter, there will be described with reference to an exemplary WCD.

II.无线通信系统图1是示例性无线通信系统(WCS)100的说明。 II. The wireless communication system of Figure 1 is an exemplary wireless communications system (WCS) 100. Fig. 示例性WCS 100包括第一和第二基站102a和102b、无线通信设备(WCD)106以及系统控制器108。 Exemplary WCS 100 includes first and second base stations 102a and 102b, the wireless communication device (WCD) 106 and a system controller 108.

在很多WCS中会发生多径传输。 WCS will occur in many multipath transmission. 多径传输是独立的RF波阵面,在这里也称为多径分量,由一个单独的RF发射器发送。 Multi-path transmission is independent RF wavefront, also referred to herein multipath components transmitted by a separate RF transmitter. 多径传输可能由波阵面反射或是其它物理现象所引起。 Multipath transmission may be caused by the reflected wavefront or other physical phenomena. 对于诸如WCD 106这样的接收设备,每个多径分量显示为相同,除了时间偏移不同,并且信号强度通常不同。 For WCD 106 such as a receiving device, each multipath component is shown as the same, in addition to different time offset, and the signal strength is typically different. 在CDMA系统中,如果这些多径分量时间偏移大于一个PN码片的持续时间,那么各个多径分量可以被独立地辨认并组合为单个信息流。 In a CDMA system, if the multipath component is greater than a time offset of the PN chip duration, then each multipath component can be independently identified and combined into a single stream. 这种组合技术可以增加总信噪比,从而降低了误码的可能性。 This combination of techniques can increase the overall signal to noise ratio, thereby reducing the possibility of errors.

在IS-95系统中,寻呼信道携带那些由经编码、交织、扩展和调制的、并由基站102发送到WCD 106的信号。 In IS-95 systems, a paging channel carrying those by a coding, interleaving, spreading and modulation, and transmitted by the base station 102 to the WCD 106 signal.

寻呼信道包括被分成固定持续时间的多个时隙的重复帧。 Paging channel comprising a plurality of time slots is divided into a fixed duration of the repeated frames. 图2是示例性寻呼信道帧200的说明。 Figure 2 is an exemplary paging channel frame 200 is described. 寻呼信道帧200包括多个寻呼信道时隙202。 Paging Channel frame 200 includes a plurality of paging channel slot 202. 每个寻呼信道时隙202都具有寻呼信道持续时间206。 Each paging channel slot 202 has a duration of the paging channel 206. 在IS-95系统中,寻呼信道持续时间206是80毫秒。 In IS-95 systems, the paging channel time duration 206 is 80 milliseconds. 寻呼信道帧200具有寻呼信道帧持续时间204。 Paging Channel frame 200 has a frame duration of the paging channel 204. 如图2所述,多个WCD 106各被分配到特定的寻呼信道时隙202。 FIG 2, each of the plurality of WCD 106 is assigned to a particular paging channel slot 202. 比如,WCD 106a、106b和106e被分配到寻呼信道时隙202a;WCD 106e被分配到寻呼信道时隙202b;WCD 106d和106g被分配到寻呼信道时隙202c,等等。 For example, WCD 106a, 106b and 106e are assigned to the paging channel slot 202a; WCD 106e is allocated to the paging channel slot 202b; WCD 106d and 106g are assigned to the paging channel slot 202c, and the like.

III.无线通信设备图3A是WCD 106接收机的实例性分时隙的寻呼信道接收部分的功能性框图。 III. The wireless communication device of Figure 3A is an exemplary slotted WCD 106 receives a paging channel receiver functional block diagram of portions. 如图3A所述,WCD 106包括天线段302、模拟接收机模块304、解调模块306、去交织器模块308、解码器模块310和控制器312。 FIG. 3A, WCD 106 includes an antenna segment 302, analog receiver module 304, a demodulation module 306, a deinterleaver module 308, a decoder module 310 and controller 312.

天线段302接收来自基站102a和/或102b的射频(RF)传输。 Antenna segment 302 receives from the base station 102a and / or 102b of the radio frequency (RF) transmission. 天线段302把这些传输作为电信号传给模拟接收机模块304。 Section 302 of these transmission antennas as electrical signals to the analog receiver module 304. 此外天线段302可以从WCD 106内的发送功率放大器接收用于无线传输的电信号。 Moreover antenna segment 302 may receive electrical signals for wireless transmission from the transmission power amplifier WCD 106 within. 相应的,为了使天线段302内的单根天线能同时接收和发送RF信号,天线段302可以包括天线共用器,这对相关领域内的技术人员来说是很显然的。 Accordingly, in order to make a single antenna within antenna segment 302 can simultaneously receive and transmit RF signal, antenna segment 302 may include a duplexer, which is within the skill in the related art is readily apparent.

模拟接收机模块304在RF频带内接收来自天线段302的电信号。 Analog receiver module 304 receives the electrical signals from antenna segment 302 within the RF band. 此外,模拟接收机模块304将这些RF信号下变频至中频(IF)带。 Furthermore, the analog receiver module 304 converts the RF signal to these intermediate frequency (IF) band. 对于本领域的技术人员来说,这种下变频技术是很显然的。 For skilled workers, this down-conversion technology is very obvious. 在一个实施例中,模拟接收机模块304也可以按照特定的带宽对这些IF信号进行滤波。 In one embodiment, the analog receiver module 304 may be in accordance with these specific bandwidth of the IF signal is filtered.

而且,模拟接收机模块304利用模数转换(A/D)技术把IF信号转换为相应的数字信号,这点本领域的技术人员很清楚。 Furthermore, analog receiver module 304 by an analog to digital converter (A / D) technology to the IF signal into a corresponding digital signal, this point those skilled in the art is clear. 执行该A/D转换所用的采样率是WCS100内所用的伪随机噪声(PN)序列码片速率的整数倍。 Execute the A / D converter sampling rate is used within WCS100 used pseudo-random noise (PN) sequence of an integer multiple of the chip rate. 然而,也可以采用其它的采样率。 However, it can also use other sampling rates. A/D转换后,产生的经数字化的IF信号被传到解调模块306。 After A / D conversion, the digitized IF signal is passed to demodulation module 306.

解调模块306从模拟接收机模块304接收到经数字化的IF信号并把它们转换为一个或多个基带信息码元序列。 Demodulation module 306 receives from the analog receiver module 304 to the digitized IF signals and converts them into one or more baseband information symbol sequences. 解调模块306产生多个基带信息码元序列,其中每个信息码元序列都对应于特定的多径传输分量。 Demodulation module 306 generates information symbol sequence a plurality of baseband, wherein each information symbol sequences correspond to a particular multipath component. 解调模块306把这多个序列组合为单个信息序列以减少误码的可能性。 Demodulation module 306 a plurality of these sequences into a single sequence of information to reduce the likelihood of errors. 这些序列可以用本领域技术人员已知的信号组合技术来组合。 These sequences may be known to those skilled in the art to combine the signal combination. 一些关于解调模块306的性能和功能的深入的细节在图3B中有详细介绍。 Some in-depth details about the demodulation module 306 performance and functionality are detailed in Figure 3B. 这些序列一旦组合起来,解调模块306就把一个单路的信息码元序列传给去交织器模块308。 Once these sequences are combined information symbol sequences demodulation module 306 to put a single passed to deinterleaver module 308.

去交织器模块308从解调模块306收到基带信息码元序列并把这个码元序列分为多个称为去交织器帧的部分,其中每个去交织器帧都有预定的持续时间。 Deinterleaver module 308 receives control frames have a predetermined duration baseband information symbol sequence and this sequence is divided into a plurality of symbol deinterleaver section is called a frame, wherein each of the deinterleaver 306 from the demodulation module. IS-95系统使用的持续时间为20毫秒的去交织器帧。 The duration of the IS-95 system uses 20 millisecond frames deinterleaver. 去交织器模块308按照WCS 100所用的交织/去交织方案来排列这些帧,从而产生经去交织的信息码元序列。 Deinterleaver module 308 according to the used WCS 100 interleaving / deinterleaving scheme to arrange the frames, thereby generating information symbol sequences by the de-interleaving. 特别地,去交织器模块308执行与WCS 100内的一个或多个发射机执行的交织功能相反的功能。 In particular, a deinterleaving module 100 within WCS 308 performs a plurality of transmitters or interleaving function performed by the inverse function. 关于交织和去交织的细节包括在IS-95A和IS-95B内。 Details on interleaving and deinterleaving is included in the IS-95A and IS-95B. 去交织器模块308将该经去交织的码元序列传给解码器模块310。 The deinterleaver module 308 via the deinterleaving sequence of symbols to the decoder module 310.

解码器模块310从去交织器模块308接收去交织码元序列并对它解码。 The decoder module 310 from the de-interleaver module 308 receives deinterleaved symbol sequence and decodes it. 解码器模块310根据WCS 100使用的前向纠错编码(FEC)方案进行解码。 The decoder module 310 decodes according to WCS 100 forward error correction coding (FEC) scheme used. 解码器模块310可以包括维特比(Viterbi)解码器。 The decoder module 310 may comprise a Viterbi (Viterbi) decoder. 关于维特比编码和解码的深入细节包含在IS-95A和IS-95B内。 Further details on the coding and Viterbi decoding is included in the IS-95A and IS-95B. 然而,解码器模块310也可以按照本领域技术人员已知的其它编码方案进行解码(比如,循环和/或块纠错编码方案)。 However, the decoder module 310 can also be decoded (for example, cyclic and / or a block error correction coding scheme) according to the present skill in the art of other encoding schemes.

解码器模块310将经解码的码元序列传给控制器312。 The decoder module 310 to the controller via the sequence of symbols decoded 312. 然而,解码器模块310也可以替代地或附加地将经解码的序列传送到WCD 106内的其它元件(未示出)。 However, the decoder module 310 may alternatively or additionally be transmitted to the WCD other elements (not shown) 106 is decoded sequence.

控制器312操作上地耦合到模拟接收机模块304、解调模块306、去交织器模块308和解码器模块310。 Coupled to the controller 312 to operate the analog receiver module 304, a demodulation module 306, the deinterleaver module 308 and the decoder module 310. 控制器312从解码器模块310接收经解码的信息码元序列。 Controller 312 from the decoder module 310 receives the decoded information symbol sequences. 这些经解码的信息码元序列由一个或多个从WCS 100接收到的寻呼信息组成。 These information symbol sequences by decoding received from WCS 100 by one or more paging information components. 控制器312产生对这些寻呼信息的响应并把它们发送到WCD 106的传输段(未示出),从而通过天线段302把这些响应发送到WCS 100。 The controller 312 responds to these paging information and sends them to the WCD transmission section (not shown) 106, 302 which thus sends a response to WCS 100 through the antenna section.

控制器312包括处理器、存储器、振荡器、时钟和/或计数器(未示出)来驱动WCD 106内各种元件的操作。 The controller 312 includes a processor, a memory, oscillator, clock and / or counter (not shown) to drive the operation of the various elements 106 WCD. 例如,控制器312包含调节模拟接收机模块304内的下变频功能的振荡器,以及当WCD 106工作在待机状态时控制睡眠和唤醒模式间隔的时序和持续时间的计数器。 For example, the controller 312 adjust the down-conversion function comprising analog receiver module 304 within the oscillator, and when WCD 106 operates in the standby mode control sleep and wake pattern interval of the timing and duration of the counter. 此外,控制器312可以包括计数器来同步由解调模块306、去交织器模块308和解码器模块310执行的去交织、组合和解码功能。 Further, the controller 312 may comprise a counter for synchronizing the demodulation module 306, de-interleaver module 308 and the decoder module 310 performs deinterleaving, and decoding the combination.

图3B更详细地说明了解调模块306。 Figure 3B illustrates in greater detail the demodulation module 306. 解调模块306包括搜索器330、多个解调指332、多个相应的缓冲器334、组合器336以及组合计数器338。 Demodulation module 306 includes a searcher 330, a plurality of demodulating fingers 332, the plurality of respective buffers 334, combiner 336 and counter 338 combination. 这里,解调模块306从模拟接收机模块304接收信号320。 Here, demodulation module 306 receives the analog signal from the receiver module 304 320. 信号320是经数字化的IF信号,由多个多径分量组成。 Signal 320 is digitized IF signal, composed of a plurality of multipath components. 解调模块306提取一个或多个这些多径分量,然后用PN序列对它们去扩展以产生相应的码元序列。 Demodulation module 306 extracts one or more of these multipath components, and then use them despreading PN sequence to generate a corresponding sequence of symbols. 此外,解调模块306使用缓冲器334为组合器336处的组合而使这些序列时间对齐。 In addition, the demodulation module 306 is a combination of the use of the buffer 334 is 336 times of leaving these sequences aligned. 组合器336产生被发送到去交织器模块308的组合码元序列。 Combiner 336 generates is transmitted to the combination of the symbol deinterleaver sequence module 308.

搜索器330使多个PN序列偏移量处的信号320的采用相关,来获得用于一个或多个这些多径分量的时序基准。 Searcher 330 so that a plurality of PN sequence offset, using correlation signal 320, to obtain for one or more of these multi-path components of the timing basis. 在获得这些时序基准后,一个或多个多径分量的每一个都被分配到相应的解调指332。 After obtaining these timing basis, one or more of each multi-path component is assigned to the corresponding demodulation means 332. 图3B给出了四个解调指332a到332d。 Figure 3B shows the four demodulation means 332a to 332d. 然而,本领域的技术人员很清楚,可以使用任何数量的解调指332。 However, those skilled in the art it is clear that you can use any number of demodulating fingers 332.

每个解调指332包括数字接收元件340、指计数器342、PN序列发生器344和乘法器346。 Each demodulation means 332 includes a digital receiving element 340, the counter means 342, PN sequence generator 344 and a multiplier 346. 数字接收元件340把信号320转换为基带码元序列。 Digital receiving element 340 is converted to a baseband signal 320 symbol sequence. PN序列发生器344产生一个与相应的多径分量的PN码同步的PN序列。 PN sequence generator 344 generates a corresponding multipath components of the PN code PN synchronization sequence. 在乘法器346中,这个经同步的PN序列与由数字接收元件340输出的基带码元序列相乘、或相关以产生经去扩展的码元序列。 In the multiplier 346, the PN sequence synchronized by the baseband received symbol sequence output element 340 multiplied by the numbers, or to produce a despread associated symbol sequence.

在每个特定解调指332中,指计数器342每当由PN序列发生器344产生一个PN码片时加一。 In each particular demodulation finger 332, the counter 342 whenever the means by PN sequence generator 344 generates a PN code of films plus one. 指计数器342是一个循环计数器,长度为PN序列发生器344所用的PN序列的长度。 Refers to a loop counter 342 is a counter, a length of the length of the PN sequence generator 344 by the PN sequence. 这样,指计数器每当相应的PN序列发生器344完成一个PN周期时“翻转”一次。 Thus, the counter means whenever the corresponding PN sequence generator 344 to complete a cycle PN "flip" once. 如图3B所述,指计数器342和PN序列发生器344接收来自搜索器330的同步指令或信号。 FIG. 3B, refers to the counter 342 and the PN sequence generator 344 receives the synchronization instruction or signal 330 from the searcher. 在进一步的实施例中,这些指令和/或信号也可能从控制器312处接收到,正如图3A所示。 In a further embodiment, the instructions and / or signals may also be received from the controller 312 to, as shown in Figure 3A.

对于每个解调指332,有一个相应的缓冲器334。 For each demodulation finger 332, there is a corresponding buffer 334. 每个缓冲器334从其相应的解调指332处接收经去扩展的码元序列360。 Each buffer 334 from the corresponding demodulation means 332 receives the despread symbol sequence 360. 指计数器342的输出被用作相应缓冲器334的写标志。 Refers to the output of the counter 342 is used as the buffer 334 of the corresponding write flag. 每个缓冲器334接收对应于不同多径分量的经去扩展的码元序列。 Each buffer 334 receives the despread symbol sequence corresponding to a different multipath components. 由于每个多径分量有不同的传播延时,因此来自每个解调指332的相同标志的码元在不同时间被写入相应的缓冲器。 Since each multipath component have different propagation delay, and therefore the same from each of the demodulating fingers 332 of the flag symbols are written to the corresponding buffer at different times.

每个缓冲器334以时间对齐的方式输出相同标号的码元。 Each buffer 334 in a time aligned manner identical reference numerals output symbols. 为了实现该时间对齐,每个缓冲器334都有一个缓冲器厚度。 In order to achieve the time alignment, each buffer 334 has a buffer thickness. 该缓冲器厚度能够采集码元而引起时间对齐所需的延时。 The thickness of the buffer can collect symbols caused the delay time alignment required. 该缓冲器厚度是8个码元。 This buffer thickness is 8 yards yuan. 本领域的技术人员都知道,可以使用任何码元数量的缓冲器厚度。 Those skilled in the art are aware, you can use any number of symbols buffer thickness.

来自缓冲器334的码元受到组合计数器338的控制,组合计数器338作为每个缓冲器334的读标志。 Symbols from the buffer 334 is controlled by a combination of the counter 338, the counter 338 as a combination of each buffer 334 read flag. 组合计数器338,像每个指计数器342一样,是一个循环计数器,它的长度是由每个PN序列发生器344所用的PN序列的长度。 Combination of counter 338, counter 342 as each finger, is a cyclic counter, its length is the length of PN sequence by each PN sequence generator 344 is used. 组合计数器338从特定的指计数器342之间被延时一定数量的码片(尽管该数量趋于固定的常数值,然而该数量不是常数。在稳定状态下,该数量是常数)。 A combination between a specific counter 338 from the counter means 342 is delayed a certain number of chips (although this number tends to a fixed constant value, but the amount is not constant. At steady state, the quantity is constant). 这个特定的指计数器342对应于跟踪具有最小传播延时的多径分量(即,最早到达的多径)的解调指332。 This particular counter 342 corresponds to the tracking means having a minimum propagation delay of the multipath components (i.e., the earliest arriving multipath) demodulation means 332.

从每个缓冲器334被输出之后,这些时间对齐的码元序列由组合器336相加,从而产生单个码元序列364。 , Time alignment of these symbol sequences by adding the combiner 336 from the buffer 334 is output after each, resulting in a single symbol sequence 364. 在组合器336相加之前,每个单独的时间对齐的序列会以优化组合码元序列质量的方式被加权或是处理,这对本领域的技术人员是显而易见的。 Before adding the combiner 336, each individual time sequence will be aligned to optimize the quality of the combination of the symbol sequence are weighted manner or processed, which those skilled in the art is apparent.

IV.指时序方案前面谈到,由PN序列发生器344产生的序列是周期的、重复序列。 IV. Refers to the timing of the program talked about earlier, the sequence generated by the PN sequence generator 344 is the cycle repeats. 这样,可以用相位图来描述这些序列之间的时序关系。 In this way, a phase map can be used to describe the timing relationship between these sequences. 这里,图4A和图4B是两张相位图,它们使用顺时针转动惯例来说明由PN序列发生器344a-d按照两个不同的指时序方案而产生的序列之间的时序关系。 Here, Figures 4A and 4B are two phase diagram, which is rotated clockwise convention used to illustrate the timing relationship between the sequence from a PN sequence generator 344a-d according to the two different timing scheme refers generated between. 这里,每个PN序列发生器344与由WCD 106通过天线段302接收到的特定的多径分量同步。 Here, each of the PN sequence generator 344 and the WCD 106 302 received by antenna segment specific multipath components synchronized. 相位图4A和4B用于跟踪同一多径分量的两种不同方法。 4A and 4B phase tracking the same multipath component for the two different methods. 图4A所述的方法涉及相位接近的PN序列。 The method described in Figure 4A PN sequence phase involves close. 相反,图4B所述的方法涉及具有较大相位分布的PN序列。 In contrast, the method of Figure 4B relates to the PN sequence having a larger phase distribution.

图4A是第一相位图400,它说明了按照第一种方法的PN序列时序关系。 4A is the first phase diagram 400, which illustrates the method according to the first PN sequence timing relationships. 相位图400包括PN圆周和多个PN序列相量404a-d。 Phase map 400 includes a plurality of PN sequences PN circumferential and phasor 404a-d. PN圆周402表示连续的PN序列循环。 402 represents a continuous circumferential PN PN sequence cycle. 每个相量404a-d表示由相应的PN序列发生器344产生的PN序列。 Each phasor 404a-d represented by a corresponding PN sequence generator 344 generates the PN sequence. PN序列周期时间窗内相量404a-d间的时序关系是按照一定的顺序。 PN sequence within the cycle time window relative to the amount of timing relationships between 404a-d is in a certain order. 特别地,相量404a超前于相量404b。 In particular, the amount of phase lead in phasor 404a 404b. 依次,相量404b超前于相量404c,相量404c超前于相量404d。 In turn, the amount of phase lead in phasor 404b 404c, 404c ahead of the phasor phasor 404d. 相应的,由相量404a标识的PN序列在这里被称为最先的PN序列。 Accordingly, by phasor identified PN sequence 404a is referred to herein first PN sequence. 由于每个PN序列都与特定的多径分量同步,因此最先的PN序列与传播延时最小的多径分量(即,最早到达的多径)同步。 Since each PN sequence are synchronized with the particular multipath component, and therefore the first PN sequence with the minimum propagation delay multipath components (i.e., the earliest arriving multipath) synchronization.

图4B是第二相位图450,它说明了按照第二种方法的PN序列的时序关系。 4B is a second phase diagram 450, which illustrates a second method according to the PN sequence timing relationship. 相位图450包括PN圆周452和多个PN序列相量454a-d。 Phase map 450 includes a plurality of PN 452 and PN sequences circumferential phasor 454a-d. PN圆周452表示了PN序列的连续循环。 PN 452 represents a continuous circumferential loop PN sequence. 每个相量454a-d表示了由相应的PN序列发生器344产生的PN序列。 Each phasor 454a-d shows a PN sequence by the corresponding PN sequence generator 344 generated.

与聚在一起的相量404不同,每个相量454都被隔开大致90度(即,四分之一个PN序列周期)。 Together with the amount of 404 different phases, each phasor 454 are separated by approximately 90 degrees (ie, a quarter of a PN sequence cycles). 除了这个较大的相位分离之外,由相量454a-d表示的PN序列也能追踪以上面参考图4A描述的方法跟踪到的多径分量相同的多径分量。 In addition to this large phase separation, PN sequences 454a-d by the phasor can be represented by tracking the manner described above with reference to FIG. 4A to track the same multipath component multipath components. 这种忽略90度相差对多径分量的跟踪是用PN序列移位技术来实现的。 This ignores the difference of 90 degrees on the multipath component tracking PN sequence with shifting technology to achieve.

PN序列移位技术使PN序列能被移位一个期望的码片数。 PN sequence-shift technology allows PN sequence can be shifted to a desired number of chips. PN序列发生器344可以瞬时地在输入移位掩码之和产生移位。 PN sequence generator 344 can instantaneously shift mask of the input and produce a shift. 更多关于PN序列移位技术和移位掩码的介绍可参见美国专利第5228054号、题为“Power-of-Two Length Pseudo-NoiseSequence Generator with Fast Offset Adjusment”、1993年7月13日公开的专利,该专利被转让给本发明的受让人(并且完全通过引用被结合于此)。 More on PN sequence shift and shift mask technology introduction can be found in US Patent No. 5,228,054, entitled "Power-of-Two Length Pseudo-NoiseSequence Generator with Fast Offset Adjusment", 1993 年 7 月 13, discloses the patent, the patent is assigned to the assignee of the present invention (and fully incorporated herein by reference). 对于特定的PN序列发生器,移位相应的PN序列在相应的指计数器342翻转时不起作用。 For a specific PN sequence generator, the shift does not work in the corresponding PN sequence corresponding finger when the counter 342 rollover. 因此,尽管PN序列移位,相量454仍保持它们相位分离。 Thus, although the PN sequence shifted phasor 454 retain their phase separation.

组合计数器338与指计数器342同步。 Refers to a combination of counter 338 is synchronized with the counter 342. 例如,如这里参考图4A和4B所述,组合计数器338可以被延时预定的PN码片数,该PN码片来自对应于超前PN序列的指计数器343。 For example, as described herein with reference to Figures 4A and 4B, a combination of the counter 338 may be delayed for a predetermined number of pieces of the PN code, the PN chip from PN sequence corresponding to the lead counter means 343. 组合计数器338在每个PN序列周期翻转一次(比如,Is-95系统中每26.667毫秒翻转一次)。 Flip a combination of counter 338 (eg, Is-95 system, flipping once every 26.667 milliseconds) in each PN sequence cycle.

在某确定时刻,组合计数器338可以再次与另一个指计数器342同步。 In a determined time, the combination of the counter 338 may refer to the counter again with another 342 in sync. 尽管经再同步的组合计数器338仍然每个PN序列周期翻转一次,然而它将在时间上被移位一定量时翻转。 Flip Although the combined counter 338 remains resynchronization flip once per PN sequence period, but it will be displaced a certain amount of time.

相应地,当WCD 106按照参考图4A所述的指时序方案工作时,组合计数器338的再同步在其翻转时刻会产生移位。 Accordingly, when the WCD 106 refers to the timing scheme of work in accordance with reference to Figure 4A, a combination of the counter 338 is synchronized and then turn it over time will produce displacement. 这个移位的大小相当于多径分量延时。 This shift in the size of a delay multipath components. 这些大小从聚集在PN圆周402上的指计数器产生。 The size of these aggregates in the PN generated from the circumference of the finger 402 counter.

相反,当WCD 106按照参考图4B所述的指时序方案工作时,组合计数器338的再同步会在其翻转时刻产生较大的移位。 On the contrary, when the WCD 106 refers to the timing scheme of work in accordance with reference to FIG. 4B, a combination of the counter 338 and then the synchronization will have a greater shift in their flip time. 由于指计数器342分布在PN圆周452上的相位处,因此会产生这种大量移位。 Since the counter 342 refers to the distribution of the PN phase at 452 on the circumference, it will produce a large number of such shifts. 比如,在图4B中,其中相量454代表以大致相等的增量分布在PN圆周452上的四个不同的指计数器342,指计数器342在每四分之一个PN序列周期“翻转”大致一次(例如,IS-95系统中每6.667毫秒翻转一次)。 For example, in Figure 4B, wherein the phasor 454 representative of substantially equal increments PN circumferentially distributed on four different finger 452 counter 342, the counter means 342 in each quarter of a PN sequence period "flip" substantially time (e.g., IS-95 system once every 6.667 ms flip).

V.睡眠和唤醒模式转换WCD 106使用这里参考图4B所述的指时序方案。 V. sleep and wake mode conversion WCD 106 refers to the use of this reference to FIG. 4B timing scheme described. 相应地,多个相量以大致等距的方式分布在PN圆周452上。 Accordingly, a plurality of phasor substantially equidistant circumferentially distributed manner on the PN 452. 每个相量代表由相应的指计数器342产生的PN序列。 Each PN sequence phasor representative of the counter 342 by the corresponding finger generated. 在这个时序方案的特定实现中,四个指计数器342的相位以大致等距的方式分布在PN圆周452中。 In this particular implementation of the timing scheme, the counter 342 refers to the phase of the four substantially equidistant circumferentially distributed manner in the PN 452. 这样,根据这种实现方案,指计数器342在每四分之一个PN序列周期翻转大约一次(例如,IS-95系统中每6.667毫秒翻转一次)。 Thus, according to this implementation, the counter means 342 in each quarter of a PN sequence period flipped about once (e.g., IS-95 systems flipped once every 6.667 ms).

组合计数器338与相应的指计数器342同步。 Combination counter 338 synchronized with corresponding finger counter 342. 组合计数器338从特定的指计数器342起延时一定的PN码片数。 Some combination of delay counter 338 PN chips from a particular number of finger 342 from the counter. 这个特定的指计数器342可以对应于产生超前PN序列的PN序列发生器。 This particular counter means 342 may correspond to a PN sequence generated ahead of PN sequence generator.

图5是说明WCD 106在待机状态期间操作的流程图。 FIG 5 is a flowchart illustrating WCD 106 during a standby status of the operation. 该操作从步骤502开始。 From step 502 the operation begins. 在这个步骤里,WCD 106被通电。 In this step inside, WCD 106 is energized. WCD 106可由一个有限的电源供电,比如电池。 WCD 106 may be a limited power supply, such as batteries.

然后,在步骤504,模拟接收机模块304被初始化。 Then, at step 504, analog receiver module 304 is initialized. 这个步骤包括锁住用于下变频的频率合成器、锁住增益缩放环路、以及锁住DC偏置环路。 This step includes a frequency synthesizer for locking down conversion, gain scaling locked loop, and the DC bias locked loop. 这些步骤使模拟接收机模块304能从通过天线段302接收的RF信号产生有效的基带信号。 These steps from the analog receiver module 304 through the antenna section 302 receives the RF signal generating effective baseband signal. 步骤504的性能需要初始化时间。 Performance needs to step 504 initialization time.

步骤506紧接着步骤504。 Step 506 follows step 504. 在步骤506中,搜索器330搜索PN偏移量来寻找多径传输分量。 In step 506, searcher 330 searches for PN offsets to search for multipath components. 步骤506包括在每个PN序列偏移量处确定是否存在多径分量。 Step 506 includes determining whether a multipath component in each PN sequence offsets. 该步骤可以用本领域技术人员所清楚的信号处理技术来实现。 This step may be clear to a person skilled in the art of signal processing techniques.

在步骤508中,WCD 106将步骤506中识别的每一个最强多径分量分配到相应的解调模块332。 In step 508, WCD 106 will step the strongest multipath component of each identified 506 assigned to the corresponding demodulation module 332. 在一个实施例中,步骤508包括为每个解调指332同步PN序列发生器344和指计数器342来去扩展被分配的多径分量。 In one embodiment, step 508 includes synchronizing means 332 refers to the PN sequence generator 344 and extension counter 342 come multipath component is assigned for each demodulator.

基站102发送使WCD 106实现系统同步的同步信道。 The base station 102 transmits system enables WCD 106 to achieve synchronization of the synchronization channel. 这样,在步骤510中,WCD 106获得并解码同步信道,从而实现与WCS 100的同步。 Thus, in step 510, WCD 106 to acquire and decode the synchronization channel, in order to achieve synchronization with the WCS 100.

在步骤512中,WCD 106初始化组合计数器338。 In step 512, WCD 106 initializes the counter 338 combination. 步骤512包括设置组合计数器338以便同步跟踪处在等于PN序列码片数的预定延时处的指计数器342。 Step 512 includes a combination of settings to synchronize tracking counter 338 is equal to the PN sequence in a predetermined number of chips at a mean delay counter 342. 这个预定的延时可被设置为等于缓冲器334的厚度。 The predetermined delay may be set to a thickness equal to the buffer 334.

步骤512之后是步骤514。 After the step 512 is followed by step 514. 在步骤514中,WCD 106对PN序列发生器344产生的序列移位。 In step 514, WCD 106 sequence PN sequence generator 344 generates the shift. 这种移位按照参考图4B所述的时序方案被执行。 This shift is executed in accordance with the timing scheme with reference to FIG. 4B above. 步骤514由解调模块306结合控制器312来执行。 Step 514 from the demodulation module 306 in combination controller 312 to execute.

然后,在步骤516中,WCD 106对寻呼信道解码。 Then, in step 516, WCD 106 to the paging channel decoding. 这个步骤包括接收包括多个码元的基站原始消息。 This step includes receiving a plurality of symbols of a base station of the original message. 这些消息的接收包括通过天线段302获得信号、并通过模拟接收机模块304、解调模块306、去交织器模块308和解码器模块310的操作将这些信号转换为码元流。 These messages include receiving a signal obtained through the antenna section 302, and analog receiver module 304, a demodulation module 306, de-interleaver module 308 and operation of the decoder module 310 converts these signals to the symbol stream. 步骤516还包括控制器312接收这个码元流并且识别任何分量寻呼信道消息。 Step 516 also includes a controller 312 receives the symbol stream and identify any component of the paging channel message.

步骤516后,WCD 106继续处理任何接收到的寻呼信道消息。 After step 516, WCD 106 continues to process any received paging channel message. 在步骤518中,WCD 106确定接收到的寻呼消息是否需要转到活动状态。 In step 518, WCD 106 determines whether the received paging message needs to go active. 如果是,则进入步骤540来进行活动状态处理。 If so, the process proceeds to step 540 to carry out active treatment. 否则,就进入步骤520来进行进一步的待机状态处理。 Otherwise, it proceeds to step 520 to standby for further processing. 通知WCD 106有呼入的振铃消息是寻呼信道消息的一个例子,它需要转入活动状态。 WCD 106 has a ring notification message is an example of an incoming paging channel message, it requires becomes active. 步骤518由控制器312执行。 Step 518 executed by the controller 312.

步骤518之后是步骤520。 After the step 518 is followed by step 520. 在步骤520中,WCD 106决定是否存在待解码的附加寻呼话务。 In step 520, WCD 106 determines whether there is to be decoded additional paging traffic. 这样,步骤520可以包括确定接收到的寻呼信道消息是否指示将要接收新消息。 Thus, step 520 may include determining whether the received message indicates the paging channel to receive a new message. 如果存在待接收的附加寻呼消息,则再次执行步骤516到步骤520。 If the additional presence of a paging message to be received, proceed to step 516 to step 520 again. 否则,进入步骤522。 Otherwise, proceeds to step 522.

在步骤522中,WCD 106在特定的时间间隔内进入睡眠模式。 In step 522, WCD 106 enters the sleep mode within a specified time interval. 该特定的时间间隔大于常规WCD所用的睡眠间隔。 The specific time interval is greater than a conventional WCD sleep interval used. 这就降低了电池消耗并且增加了WCD 106的工作时间。 This reduces battery consumption and increase the WCD 106 working hours. 这里参考图6详细地描述了步骤522的实现。 Herein described in detail with reference to FIG implement step 522 of 6.

步骤522之后是步骤524。 After the step 522 is followed by step 524. 在步骤524中,WCD 106转为唤醒模式操作。 In step 524, WCD 106 into the awake mode operation. 这里参考图7详细描述了步骤524。 Described in detail herein with reference to step 524 in Figure 7. 一旦完成到唤醒模式的转换,则重复步骤516到步骤524。 Once you have completed the conversion wake mode, repeat step 516 to step 524. 这种循环或到WCD 106转为活动状态或在断电时才会停止。 This cycle or to WCD 106 becomes active or when power will stop.

VI.睡眠模式间隔时序组合计数器338可以将指计数器342改变为与其同步的指计数器。 VI. Sleep Mode interval timing will refer to a combination of the counter 338 may be changed to synchronize counter 342 refers to the counter. 通过使用这种带有这里参考图4B所述的指时序方案的再同步特性,WCD 106睡眠模式间隔的持续时间可以比用常规方法更精确地得到控制。 By using such a re-synchronization characteristic herein with reference to Figure 4B finger timing scheme, the duration of the sleep mode interval WCD 106 can be controlled more accurately than by conventional methods. 这种更大的准确性使WCD 106的睡眠模式间隔,从而延长了它的工作时间。 This greater accuracy so WCD 106 sleep mode interval, thus extending its operating time.

当WCD 106睡眠间隔不是PN序列周期的整数倍时,每个相量454实际上在睡眠间隔的持续时间内被“冻结”。 When an integral multiple of WCD 106 PN sequence period is not a sleep interval, each phasor 454 is actually the duration of the sleep interval is "frozen." 在随后重新进入唤醒模式操作后,每个相量454实际上围绕PN圆周452被“旋转”。 In the subsequent re-enter the wake-up mode after the operation, the amount of each phase PN 454 around the circumference of 452 was in fact "spin." 比如,在解调模块306使用四个解调指的实施例中,其中每个解调指分布在四分之一的PN序列周期处,如果WCD 106在四分之一的PN序列周期进入睡眠模式操作,则PN序列发生器344和指计数器342将在四分之一个PN序列周期被冻结。 For example, in the demodulation module 306 uses four demodulating fingers embodiment, wherein each of the demodulating fingers distributed in a quarter cycle of the PN sequence, if the WCD 106 in the fourth period of the PN sequence into sleep mode operation, the PN sequence generator 344 and 342 refer to the counter to be frozen at a quarter of a PN sequence cycles. 在WCD 106重新进入唤醒模式操作后,PN序列发生器344和指计数器342会在四分之一个PN序列周期被“向后旋转”。 In the wake mode WCD 106 to re-enter after the operation, PN sequence generator 344 and 342 refer to the counter would be "backward rotation" in a quarter of a PN sequence cycles.

根据一种方法,对应于前一次唤醒模式的组合计数器338与指计数器342同步的后续操作将要求指计数器342和相应的PN序列发生器344超前四分之一个PN周期。 According to one method, a combination of the counter corresponding to the previous awake mode 338 refers to the counter 342 to synchronize with the subsequent operations the counter 342 will require means and corresponding PN sequence generator 344 ahead of a quarter of a PN cycles. 然而,由于组合计数器338会改变指计数器342来维持同步,本发明不允许PN序列发生器344和指计数器344在转换到活动状态时超前。 However, due to the combination of the counter 338 changes the counter means 342 to maintain synchronization, the present invention does not allow PN sequence generator 344 and counter means 344 advance when switching to the active state.

图6是详细说明步骤522的操作的流程图。 6 is a flowchart of the operation of step 522 described in detail. 参考图5,在步骤522中,WCD 106在特定的时间间隔进入睡眠模式。 Referring to Figure 5, in step 522, WCD 106 at a specific time interval to enter sleep mode.

在步骤602中,WCD 106暂停PN序列发生器344、指计数器342和组合计数器338的操作。 In step 602, WCD 106 pause PN sequence generator 344, refers to the combination of the counter 342 and 338 of the counter operation. 一旦被暂停,这些元件的状态被冻结,直到随后转换为唤醒模式为止。 Once suspended, the state of these elements is frozen until then converted to a wake-up mode is set. 该步骤由控制器312执行。 The steps executed by the controller 312. 这种暂停在下一出现指计数器342翻转时发生。 This pause occurs when the finger flip counter 342 in the next appears. 具体根据图4B的描述的时序方案来看,这个暂停步骤将持续四分之一个PN序列周期,在接收到几个去交织帧后。 As per the timing scheme of FIG. 4B described point of view, this pause will last quarter step PN sequence period, after receiving a number of de-interleaving frames. 在IS-95系统里,一个去交织帧是20毫秒,而四分之一个PN序列周期是6.667毫秒。 In IS-95 systems, a deinterleaving frame is 20 milliseconds, and a quarter of a PN sequence period is 6.667 ms.

然后,在步骤604中,WCD 106在睡眠时间间隔内关闭一些电子元件,睡眠时间间隔持续到下一个分配给WCD 106的寻呼信道时隙202开始前的预定时间为止。 Then, in step 604, WCD 106 to close some of the electronic components within the sleep interval, the sleep interval until a predetermined time before the next assigned paging channel slot 106 WCD 202 started up. 这个预定时间通过向诸如解码器模块310这样的元件提供信息码元来将其初始化为适当的工作状态。 The predetermined time by providing such an element such as a decoder module 310 provides information symbols to be initialized to the appropriate operating state. 这个预定时间发生在指计数器342翻转时。 The predetermined time refers to the counter 342 occurs when the rollover. 在使用这里参考图4B所述的时序方案的实施例中,该翻转发生在下一个分配给WCD 106的寻呼信道时隙202开始前的二分之一个PN序列周期(在IS-95系统里是13.11毫秒)处。 In embodiments using herein described with reference to FIG. 4B timing scheme, the inversion occurs next assigned paging channel slot to the WCD 106 202 a-half cycle before the start of the PN sequence (the IS-95 system is 13.11 msec) at.

图7是详细描述步骤524的操作的流程图。 7 is a flowchart of the operation of step 524 described in detail. 参考图5,在步骤524中,WCD 106转换到唤醒模式。 Referring to Figure 5, in step 524, WCD 106 to convert to the awake mode.

步骤524从步骤702开始。 Starting from step 702 to step 524. 在步骤702中,WCD 106开启模拟接收机模块304。 In step 702, WCD 106 to open the analog receiver module 304. 这个步骤包括锁住用于下变频的频率合成器、锁住增益缩放回路、以及锁住DC偏置回路。 This step includes a frequency synthesizer for locking down conversion, gain scaling locked loop, and the DC bias locked loop. 这些步骤使模拟接收机模块304能从通过天线段302接收到的RF信号中产生有效的基带信号。 These steps enable analog receiver module 304 through the antenna section 302 from the received RF signal in an effective baseband signal.

然后,在步骤704中,WCD 106搜索由模拟接收机模块304提供的信号流来识别多径分量。 Then, in step 704, WCD 106 search signal stream provided by the analog receiver module 304 to identify multipath components. 步骤704由解调模块306的搜索器330执行。 704 330 306 performed by demodulation module finder. 由于多径传输延时一般不会快速变化,因此步骤704的实现并不需要搜索每个PN偏移量。 Due to multipath propagation delay is generally not quickly change, so step 704 implementation does not need to search each PN offset. 相反,步骤704可以包括搜索来自前面使用的PN偏移量的预定范围内的多个PN偏移量。 A plurality of PN offsets within a predetermined range of contrast, step 704 may include a search PN offsets from the previous use of the.

在步骤706中,WCD 106将步骤704中识别的多径分量分配给解调指332。 In step 706, WCD 106 to step 704 to identify multipath component assigned to demodulating fingers 332.

当完成步骤706后,WCD 106进入唤醒模式操作,如步骤708所述。 Upon completion of step 706 after, WCD 106 into the wake mode, as described in step 708. 唤醒模式操作708包括步骤710,它将组合计数器338再同步到另一个解调指的指计数器342。 Wake-up mode 708 includes step 710, a combination of the counter 338 will re-synchronization to the other demodulation means 342 refers to the counter.

参考图6,唤醒模式操作708可以在分配给WCD 106的寻呼信道时隙202开始前的二分之一个PN序列周期处开始。 Referring to Figure 6, a wake up mode operation 708 may begin a-half cycle of the PN sequence before the start of the assigned paging channel slot 106 WCD 202. 为了用图4B所述的时序方案实现这一点,步骤710包括将组合计数器再同步到相位差为二分之一个PN序列周期(如,IS-95系统中的13.333毫秒)的指计数器342。 To achieve this, in step with the timing scheme in Figure 4B, wherein the composition comprises a counter 710 to the phase difference for a resynchronization-half PN sequence period (e.g., IS-95 system 13.333 ms) refers to the counter 342.

VII.延长工作时间的方法如这里所述,本发明可以使睡眠模式间隔以较好的粒度被控制。 VII. The method to extend the working time as described herein, the present invention allows the sleep mode interval preferred size is controlled. 作为这种较好粒度的结果,这些持续时间可被增加,从而延长WCD的工作时间。 As a result of this preferred particle size, the duration may be increased, thus extending the operating time WCD.

图8是说明延长诸如WCD 106等WCD的工作时间的方法的流程图。 Figure 8 is a flow chart such as WCD 106 to extend the working time of the WCD like methods. 这种方法从步骤802开始。 This method starts from the step 802. 在步骤802中,诸如指计数器342这样的多个计数器分布成使每个计数器相对于另一个计数器都有预定的偏移量。 In step 802, the counter means 342 such as a plurality of counters such that the distribution of each of the counters relative to the other of the counter has a predetermined offset. 步骤802包括以PN序列周期周围大致相等的时间增量隔开多个计数器的每一个。 Step 802 includes surrounding PN sequence period substantially equal increments of time spaced plurality of counters each. 例如,如图4B所示,可以以四分之一PN序列周期增量隔开四个计数器。 For example, as shown in Figure 4B, a quarter of the PN sequence can be separated by four cycles increment the counter.

步骤802包括将多个计数器的每一个与相应的序列发生器同步,比如图3B所述的PN序列发生器344。 Each step 802 comprises a sequence generator synchronized with the corresponding plurality of counters, for example, FIG. 3B wherein the PN sequence generator 344. 这个同步步骤可以包括把每个相应的序列发生器移位一定的偏移量。 This synchronization may comprise the step of each respective shift sequencer certain offset. 如图4B所示,这个移位步骤使序列发生器能解调相应的多径传输分量。 4B, the displacement step so that the sequencer can be demodulated corresponding multipath component.

在步骤804中,提供了多个时序点,它们出现在步骤802中分布的多个计数器的翻转点上。 In step 804, a plurality of timing points, they appear on the plurality of counters in step 802 an inversion point distribution.

在步骤806中,WCD 106在出现步骤804中提供的多个时序点之一时在睡眠和唤醒模式之间转换。 In step 806, WCD 106 when one of a plurality of timing points occurs at step 804 provided between sleep and wake modes.

步骤806包括在分配给WCD 106的寻呼信道时隙开始前的预定时序点处开始唤醒模式操作。 Step 806 is included in the assigned paging channel slot WCD predetermined timing point before the start of the awake mode 106 starts operation.

在还有一个实施例中,步骤806可以包括在分配给WCD 106的寻呼信道时隙开始后的预定时序点处开始睡眠模式操作。 In yet another embodiment, step 806 may comprise a sleep mode at the start WCD assigned paging channel slot 106 at a predetermined timing after the start of the operation point. 这个时序点可以是WCD 106确定在分配给它的寻呼信道时隙内不存在待解码的寻呼话务后第一个出现的时序点。 This timing point may be the first WCD 106 determines that there appears to be decoded within its assigned paging channel slot paging traffic after timing point.

VIII.实现这里描述的功能可以用硬件、软件及其组合来实现,并且可以在计算机系统或其它处理系统中实现。 VIII. To achieve the functionality described herein may be implemented in hardware, software, and combinations thereof, and may be implemented in a computer system or other processing system. 事实上,在一个实施例中,本发明针对能够实现这里描述的功能的计算机系统。 In fact, in one embodiment, the present invention can be realized for the functions described herein a computer system. 图9示出示例性计算机系统901。 9 illustrates an exemplary computer system 901. 计算机系统901包括一个或多个处理器,比如处理器904。 The computer system 901 includes one or more processors, such as processor 904. 处理器904连接到通信总线902上。 Processor 904 is connected to the communication bus 902. 各种软件实施例按照该示例性计算机系统被描述。 Various software embodiments are described in terms of this exemplary computer system. 在看完这篇说明书后,本领域的技术人员会很清楚如何用其它计算机系统和/或计算机结构来实现本发明。 After reading this specification, those skilled in the art will be clear how to implement the invention using other computer systems and / or computer architectures.

计算机系统902也包括一个主存储器906,最好是存储存储器(RAM),并且也可以包括次存储器908。 Computer system 902 also includes a main memory 906, preferably stored in the memory (RAM), and may also include a secondary memory 908. 次存储器908可以包括,例如,硬盘驱动器910和/或可移动存储驱动器912,表示软盘驱动器;磁带驱动器;光盘驱动器等等。 Secondary memory 908 may include, for example, a hard disk drive 910 and / or a removable storage drive 912, represents a floppy disk drive; CD-ROM drive or the like; tape drive. 可移动存储驱动器912以众所周知的方式从可移动存储单元914读出数据或向其写入数据。 Removable storage drive 912 well-known manner from the removable storage unit 914 reads data or data write to. 可移动存储单元914,代表了软盘、磁带、光盘等等,它们可以被可移动存储驱动器912读写。 Removable storage unit 914, represents a floppy disk, magnetic tape, optical disk, etc., which may be a removable storage drive 912 to read and write. 能够理解的是,可移动存储单元914包括其中存储计算机软件和/或数据的计算机可用的存储媒体。 As can be appreciated, removable storage unit 914 includes a computer in which the computer storage software and / or data storage media is available.

在另一种实施例中,次存储器908可以包括其它类似装置,用于运行计算机程序或其它指令被装载到计算机系统901中。 In another embodiment, secondary memory 908 may include other similar means for running computer programs or other instructions to be loaded into computer system 901. 这些装置可以包括,例如,可移动存储单元922和接口920。 These means may include, for example, a removable storage unit 922 and interface 920. 这些实例可以包括程序盒带和盒带接口(就象视频游戏设备中的那样)、可移动存储器芯片(比如EPROM或PROM)及相关的插口、以及允许软件和数据从可移动存储单元922被传送到计算机系统901的其它可移动存储单元922和接口920。 These examples may include a program cartridge and cartridge interface (like a video game apparatus as), a removable memory chip (such as EPROM or PROM) and associated socket, and to allow software and data from the removable storage unit 922 is transmitted to the computer System 901 other removable storage units 922 and interfaces 920.

计算机系统901也可以包括通信接口924。 The computer system 901 may also include a communications interface 924. 通信接口924允许软件和数据在计算机系统901和外部设备之间传输。 The communication interface 924 allows software and data between computer systems and peripherals 901 transmission. 通信接口924的例子可以包括调制解调器、网络接口(比如以太网卡)、通信端口、PCMCIA插槽和插卡,等等。 Examples of communications interface 924 can include a modem, a network interface (such as an Ethernet card), a communications port, PCMCIA slot and card, and so on. 通过通信接口924被传送的软件和数据的信号形式可以是电信号、电磁信号、光信号或其它能被通信接口924接收的信号。 924 through the communication signal is transmitted in the form of software and data interface may be electrical, electromagnetic signals, optical signals, or other communications interface 924 can receive the signal. 这些信号926通过信道928被提供给通信接口。 These signals are provided to communications interface 926 via a channel 928. 该信道928携带信号926并且可以用电线或电缆、光纤、电话线、蜂窝电话链路、RF链路和其它通信信道来实现。 This channel 928 carries signals 926 and may be wire or cable, fiber optics, phone line, cellular phone link, RF link and other communications channels to achieve.

在本文件中,使用术语“计算机程序媒体”和“计算机可用媒体”一般来指示诸如可移动存储设备912、安装在硬盘驱动器910内的硬盘和信号926这样的媒体。 In this document, the terms "computer program medium" and "computer usable medium" are generally used to indicate a removable storage device 912, such as, a hard disk installed in hard disk drive 910 and signal 926 within such media. 这些计算机程序产品是用来将软件提供给计算机系统901的装置。 These computer program products are means for providing software to the computer system 901 of apparatus.

计算机程序(也称为计算机控制逻辑)被存储在主存储器和/或次存储器908中。 Computer programs (also called computer control logic) are stored in main memory and / or secondary memory 908. 计算机程序也可以通过通信接口924被接收。 The computer program may also be received via communications interface 924. 这样的计算机程序在被执行时使计算机系统901能执行这里讨论的本发明的特征。 Such a computer program causing a computer system when executed 901 can perform feature of the present invention discussed herein. 特别地,计算机程序在被执行时能使处理器904执行本发明的特征。 In particular, the computer program 904 enables the implementation of this invention is characterized by a processor when executed. 从而,这种计算机程序代表计算机系统901的控制器。 Accordingly, such computer programs represent controllers of the computer system 901.

在本发明用软件来实现的实施例中,软件可以本存储在计算机程序产品中,并且可以被装载到使用可移动存储驱动器912、硬盘驱动器910或通信接口924的计算机系统901中。 In an embodiment of the present invention is implemented in software, the software can be stored in this computer program product, and can be loaded into using removable storage drive 912, hard drive 910 or communications interface computer system 924 of 901. 控制逻辑(软件)在被处理器904执行时使处理器904能执行这里所描述的本发明的功能。 The control logic (software) causing the processor 904 performed when the processor 904 is capable of performing the functions described herein according to the present invention.

在另一个实施例中,本发明主要用使用诸如专用集成电路(ASIC)这样的硬件元件的硬件来实现。 In another embodiment, the present invention is mainly used as hardware using application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) such hardware elements to achieve. 为了执行这里描述的功能而实现的硬件状态机对本领域的技术人员来说是显而易见的。 In order to perform the functions described herein achieved a hardware state machine of the skilled artisan is obvious.

在还有一个实施例中,本发明用硬件和软件的组合来实现。 In a further embodiment, the present invention uses a combination of hardware and software to achieve. 这种组合的例子包括、但不限于微处理器。 Examples of such combinations include, but are not limited to a microprocessor.

IX.结论尽管上面已经描述了本发明的各种实施例,然而可以理解,它们仅仅通过示例的方式被描述,并不局限于此。 IX. CONCLUSION Although the above has been a description of various embodiments of the present invention, it is to be understood that they are merely described by way of example, is not limited thereto. 这样,本发明的宽泛范围不应被任何上述的示例性实施例所限制,而仅仅应该按照所附权利要求及其等价物来定义。 Thus, the broad scope of the present invention should not be any of the above-described exemplary embodiments are limiting, but should be defined only in accordance with the appended claims and their equivalents.

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