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Publication numberCN1130006 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 94193231
PCT numberPCT/US1994/009247
Publication date28 Aug 1996
Filing date16 Aug 1994
Priority date30 Aug 1993
Also published asCA2168788A1, EP0726005A1, EP0726005A4, US5377258, US5596994, US5722418, WO1995006993A1
Publication number94193231.1, CN 1130006 A, CN 1130006A, CN 94193231, CN-A-1130006, CN1130006 A, CN1130006A, CN94193231, CN94193231.1, PCT/1994/9247, PCT/US/1994/009247, PCT/US/1994/09247, PCT/US/94/009247, PCT/US/94/09247, PCT/US1994/009247, PCT/US1994/09247, PCT/US1994009247, PCT/US199409247, PCT/US94/009247, PCT/US94/09247, PCT/US94009247, PCT/US9409247
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Method and apparatus for an automated and interactive behavioral guidance system
CN 1130006 A
Abstract  translated from Chinese
系统(10)允许使用者发送一连串促动通话,和/或提问问题给客户(50),来促动特定的行为问题。 System (10) allows the user to send a series of actuation calls, and / or ask questions to the customer (50) to actuate specific behavior problems. 系统(2)由客户数据库(12)(其包括每个客户的姓名,呼叫时间表和个人识别号码)和客户程序(14)(其包括对每个客户独特的促动通话和/或要求客户应答的问题,这可单独使用或与诸如电子体重秤(38),嗅觉装置(40),和语音重音分析器(42)这样的装置一起使用)组成。 System (2) by the customer database (12) (which includes the name of each customer, call schedules and personal identification number) and the client (14) (which includes for each customer's unique actuation call and / or customer requirements question responses, which may be used alone or in combination with, such as electronic scales (38), olfactory means (40), and voice stress analyzer (42) for use with such a device) components. 这数据库和程序由计算机(16)运行,其在预定的时间间隔下,经转换器(18)和网络(24)给客户的电话机(26)发送通话和/或问题。 This database and the program by the computer (16) runs, which at predetermined time intervals, via the converter (18) and the network (24) to the customer's telephone (26) transmits a communication and / or problems.
Claims(39)  translated from Chinese
1.自动交互式积极促动装置,包括:(a)记录和访问客户数据库的装置,其包括与每个客户结合的客户程序,呼叫时间表和个人识别号码,(b)增强预定的客户行为的装置,其基于所述对记录和访问上述客户数据库的装置,包括对每个客户特定的促动通话,激励或要由客户应答的问题,(c)具有访问所述客户数据库和上述客户程序装置的计算机,该计算机顺序产生相应于客户的电话号码的数字电话信号,数字化的客户确认请求信号和所述促动通话内容之一,用来增强客户的预定行为的所述装置的激励或提问,它们仅在上述客户确认请求信号被客户以有效的个人确认号码应答时被发送,(d)把由所述计算机产生的数字信号转换成电话音频信号的装置,该信号经电话网络发送到客户的双音多频电话机,所述电话机排队应答客户确认请求,听取所述促动通话和应答所述提问,(e)在所述客户电话机上产生的电话音调信号转换成数字信号的装置,以适于上述计算机应用和被其处理,(f)用以持久地记录所有进出的客户通讯的装置。 1. Automatic interactive actively actuating device, comprising: (a) record and means for accessing the customer database, which includes a combination of client and each client, call schedules and personal identification number, (b) to enhance customer behavior intended means, having access to the client database and the client based on the recording and said means for accessing said customer database, including the specific actuation calls for each customer, the problem to be excited or answered by the customer, (c) computer device, the computer generates the sequence corresponding to the customer's phone number, the phone signal, digitizes the signal and the customer to confirm the contents of one of the actuating call requests or questions to encourage customers to enhance the predetermined behavior of the device , they are only in said client request signal is confirmed to the client when the number of effective individual acknowledgment response is transmitted, (d) converting the digital signal generated by said computer means into a telephone audio signal, the signal is sent to the client via the telephone network The dual-tone multi-frequency telephone, answering the telephone line customer confirmation request to listen to the call and response of the actuating questions device (e) on the client phone calls generated tone signal is converted into a digital signal to computer applications and is suitable for the above-described processing thereof, (f) for permanently recording all incoming and outgoing customer communication means.
2.按照权利要求1所述的装置,其中记录和访问客户数据库的所述装置包含有CD盘和与所述计算机相连的CD盘播放机。 2. The apparatus according to claim 1 or claim 2, wherein said recording means and access the customer database contains a CD and a CD player connected to the computer.
3.按照权利要求1所述的装置,其中记录和访问客户程序的所述装置包含有CD盘和与所述计算机相连的CD盘播放机。 3. The apparatus according to claim 1 or claim 2, wherein said recording means and access client program includes a CD and a CD player connected to the computer.
4.按照权利要求1所述的装置,其中所述计算机包含有IBM-AT兼容计算机,所述计算机具有80386处理器,包括对话D41四线语言卡或等价物。 4. The apparatus according to claim 1 or claim 2, wherein said computer includes a IBM-AT compatible computer, the computer having a 80386 processor, comprising four lines D41 dialogue language card or equivalent.
5.按照权利要求1所述的装置,其中用于转换从所述计算机数字信号到电话音频信号的所述装置包含有由数字/电话音频信号转换器,其具有在任一方向完成该转换的电路装置。 5. The apparatus according to claim 1 or claim 2, wherein the means for converting the digital signal from the computer to the telephone audio signal means comprises a digital / telephone audio signal converter, having completed the conversion in either direction of the circuit devices.
6.按照权利要求1所述的装置,其中为增强客户程序的所述装置包含有不让客户看到其体重的电子体重秤。 6. The apparatus according to claim 1, wherein, wherein said means for enhancing client program includes electronic weighing scales let customers see their body weight.
7.按照权利要求1所述的装置,其中为增强客户程序的所述装置包含有嗅觉装置,来提供与所述客户数据库相联系的气味。 7. The apparatus according to claim 1 or claim 2, wherein said means for enhancing the sense of smell client program comprises means for providing the customer database with odor linked.
8.按照权利要求1所述的装置,其中为增强客户程序的所述装置包含有语音重音分析器。 8. The apparatus according to claim 1 or claim 2, wherein said means for enhancing client comprises a voice stress analyzer.
9.按照权利要求1所述的装置,其中为增强客户程序的所述装置包含使用交互式电视系统。 9. The apparatus according to claim 1 or claim 2, wherein said means for enhancing comprises a client program using an interactive television system.
10.按照权利要求1所述的装置,其中为增强客户程序的所述装置包含有脑电图(EEG)测量和记录设备。 10. The apparatus according to claim 1 or claim 2, wherein said means for enhancing comprises a client program electroencephalogram (EEG) measurement and recording apparatus.
11.按照权利要求1所述的装置,其中为增强客户程序的所述装置包含有交互式视频系统。 11. The apparatus according to claim 1 or claim 2, wherein said means for enhancing client program includes an interactive video system.
12.按照权利要求1所述的装置,其中为增强客户程序的所述装置对光盘所存储的信息编址。 12. The apparatus according to claim 1 or claim 2, wherein said means for enhancing client program information stored on the optical disc addressing.
13.积极的增强和反馈装置,包括:(a)客户数据库,其包括对每个客户的姓名,寻呼时间表,和个人识别号码,(b)增强客户行为的增强装置,其通过从所述客户数据库选择信息,包括客户程序,其对每个客户有特定的促动通话,激励或要由客户应答的一些问题,(c)数字/电话音频信号转换器,其具有从所述装置把数字信号转换成相应的电话音频信号,和把电话音频信号转换成相应的数字信号的电路装置。 13. The positive enhancement and feedback device comprising: (a) the customer database, which includes the name of each customer, paging timetable, and a personal identification number, (b) enhancement device enhances customer behavior, which through from the said customer database selection information, including the client program, which has for each customer-specific actuation call, or to answer a number of excitation by the customer problems, (c) digital / telephone audio signal converter, which has the means from the the digital signal is converted to the corresponding telephone audio signal, and converts the telephone audio signal into a corresponding digital signals in the circuit means. (d)电话网络,其具有从所述转换器接收所述电话音频信号和发送所述音频信号到客户双音多频电话机的电路装置,从电话机上客户可接收和应答上述特定促动通话,激励或上述增强装置的回答。 (D) telephone network, the telephone having a receive audio signal and transmitting the audio signal from the converter to the customer's dual tone multi-frequency telephone circuit means, and the customer can receive the response from the telephone call said specific actuator incentive or the reinforcing means to answer. (e)计算机,其包含软件程序,实时时钟和逻辑网络,并集成所述增强装置和所述数字/电话音调信号转换器,其中在预选的日期和时间,该计算机程序结合所述逻辑网络访问所述客户数据库和所述客户程序,如果在该客户数据库结合所述数字/电话音调信号转换器和程序发现是匹配的,所述计算机顺序产生相应于客户电话号码的数字电话信号和数字客户确认请求数字电话信号和所述数字客户确认信号被加到所述转换器,在那里所述数字电话信号和所述数字客户确认信号,相应于客户的电话号码和个人识别号码被转换成电话音频信号,该信号随后经所述电话网络被送到所述客户的电话机上,那里客户可应答个人识别请求,于是如果客户通过在上述双音多频电话机的键盘上按下特殊的键,以有效的个人识别号码,经上述电话网络和上述转换器应答回到所述计算机,所述计算机结合所述软件程序和所述逻辑网络使所述客户程序发出所述通话,激励和问题或要发送的所述增强装置经上述电话网络到该客户的电话机,在那里客户可接收上述通话,激励或问题,并且对所述增强装置的通话,激励或问题作出反应。 (E) a computer, comprising a software program, real time clock and logic network, and said reinforcing means and said integrated digital / telephone tone signal converter, wherein the pre-selected date and time, the computer program in combination with the logic network access The customer database and the client, if the combination of the numbers in the customer database / telephone tone signal converter and processes a match is found, the computer sequentially generating customer telephone number corresponding to a digital telephone signal and the digital customer to confirm requests the digital telephone signal and the digital signal is supplied to the customer to confirm the converter, where the digital signal and the digital telephone customer confirmation signal, corresponding to the customer's phone number and a personal identification number is converted into a telephone audio signal The signal is then sent via the telephone network is the client of the telephone, where the customer can answer the personal identification request, so if customers on the DTMF telephone keypad by pressing a special key, to effectively personal identification number, via the telephone network and the transducer response back to the computer, the computer in combination with the software program and the logical network causes the client to issue a call, incentives and problems or want to send The enhancement device via the telephone network to the customer's phone, where customers can receive these calls, motivation or problems, and to respond to the call of the enhanced device, incentive or problems.
14.按照权利要求13所述的装置,其中所述计算机包含有IBM-AT兼容计算机,含有80386处理器,包括对话D41四线语言卡或等价物。 14. A device according to claim according to claim 13, wherein said computer includes a IBM-AT compatible computer, containing a 80386 processor, comprising four lines D41 dialogue language card or equivalent.
15.按照权利要求13所述的装置,其中所述客户的数据库被记录在CD盘上,由CD播放机播放到所述计算机。 15. A device according to claim according to claim 13, wherein the customer database is recorded on the CD, the CD player to play the computer.
16.按照权利要求13所述的装置,其中所述客户的数据库被记录在卡式带上,由卡式带播放机播放到所述计算机。 16. A device according to claim according to claim 13, wherein the customer database is recorded in the cassette tape, the cassette tape player to play the computer.
17.按照权利要求13所述的装置,其中所述客户的程序被记录在CD盘上,由CD播放机播放到所述计算机。 17. A device according to claim according to claim 13, wherein said client program is recorded on a CD disc, the CD player to play the computer.
18.按照权利要求13所述的装置,其中所述客户的程序被记录在卡式带上,由卡式带播放机播放到上述计算机。 18. A device according to claim according to claim 13, wherein said client program is recorded on cassette tape, the cassette tape player played to said computer.
19.按照权利要求13所述的装置,其中所述电话网络由私人电话网络组成,其运行在闭合区域内。 19. A device according to claim according to claim 13, wherein said telephone network by a private telephone network of which run in a closed area.
20.按照权利要求13所述的装置,其中所述客户双音多频电话机为一标准电话机且硬线接到所述电话网络。 20. A device according to claim according to claim 13, wherein said customer DTMF telephone for a standard telephone set and hard wires to the telephone network.
21.按照权利要求13所述的装置,其中所述客户的双音多频电话机包含有移动式/蜂窝电话。 21. A device according to claim according to claim 13, wherein the customer's dual tone multi-frequency telephone set comprises a mobile / cellular phone.
22.按照权利要求13所述的装置,其中所述对增强客户程序的装置包含有脑电图(EEG)测量和记录设备。 22. A device according to claim according to claim 13, wherein said means for enhancing the client program comprises electroencephalogram (EEG) measurement and recording apparatus.
23.按照权利要求13所述的装置,其中所述对增强客户程序的装置包含有交互式视频系统。 23. A device according to claim according to claim 13, wherein said means for enhancing the client program includes an interactive video system.
24.按照权利要求13所述的装置,其中所述对增强客户程序的装置包含有对光盘所存储信息编址。 24. A device according to claim according to claim 13, wherein said means for enhancing client includes addressing information stored on the disc.
25.按照权利要求13所述的装置,其中所述对增强客户程序的装置包含有电子体重秤,其有外壳以使客户看不到其体重。 25. A device according to claim according to claim 13, wherein said means for enhancing the client program comprises an electronic scales, which has a housing to allow the client do not see its weight.
26.按照权利要求13所述的装置,其中所述对增强客户程序的装置包含有嗅觉装置,以提供标号的气味到上述客户数据库。 26. A device according to claim according to claim 13, wherein said means for enhancing comprises a client program olfactory means, to provide reference numeral odor to said customer database.
27.按照权利要求13所述的装置,其中所述对增强客户程序的装置包含有语音重音分析器。 27. A device according to claim according to claim 13, wherein said means for enhancing the client program comprises a voice stress analyzer.
28.按照权利要求13所述的装置,其中所述对增强客户程序的装置包含有交互式电视系统。 28. A device according to claim according to claim 13, wherein said means for enhancing the client program comprises interactive television system.
29.按照权利要求13所述的装置,还包括:(a)调制解调器,其由所述数字/电话音调转换器经所述电话网络产生的电话信号所驱动,(b)接收和记录所述调制解调器输出的装置,其中所接收的数据接着被客户接收,借助于上述客户的双音多频电话机,以进行他或她的查看或应答。 29. A device according to claim 13, wherein, further comprising: (a) a modem, telephone signals from which the digital / converter via the telephone tone generated by the telephone network drive, (b) receive and record the modem output means, wherein the received data is then the receiving client, said client by means of dual tone multi-frequency telephone set, for viewing or his or her response.
30.按照权利要求29所述的装置,其中所述调制解调器接收和记录装置包括个人计算机。 30. The apparatus according to claim according to claim 29, wherein said modem receiving and recording apparatus includes a personal computer.
31.按照权利要求29所述的装置,其中所述调制解调器接收和记录装置包括打印机。 31. The apparatus according to claim according to claim 29, wherein said modem receiving and recording apparatus includes a printer.
32.按照权利要求29所述的装置,其中所述调制解调器接收和记录装置包括传真机。 32. The apparatus according to claim according to claim 29, wherein said apparatus comprises a modem for receiving and recording facsimile.
33.按照权利要求29所述的装置,还包括由所述电话网络产生的电话信号所驱动的客户设定的字母数字传呼机,其中所收到的通话包括要求经客户双音多频电话机应答的通话。 33. The apparatus according to claim 29, further comprising telephone signals generated by the telephone network driven set by the customer alphanumeric pager, wherein the call request received by the customer including dual tone multi-frequency telephone set answering calls.
34.按照权利要求13所述的装置,还包括双向交互式计算机驱动的通话显示单元,它经所述电话网络和所述数字/电话音频信号转换器直接连到所述计算机。 34. The device according to claim 13, wherein, further comprising computer-driven two-way interactive call display unit, which via the telephone network and the digital / audio signal converter telephone directly connected to the computer.
35.按照权利要求13所述的装置,还包括电子秤,其有测量顾客的体重和经上述电话网络和经上述数字/电话音频信号转换器报告这体重给上述计算机的装置。 35. The device according to claim 13 or claim, further comprising electronic scales, which measure the customer has weight and said telephone network and via the digital / audio signal converter telephone report this weight to said apparatus via a computer.
36.按照权利要求13所述的装置,其中所述客户数据库和客户程序被储存在所述计算机里的硬盘中。 36. The device according to claim according to claim 13, wherein the customer database and the client program is stored in the hard disk in the computer.
37.按照权利要求13所述的装置,其中所述增强装置还包括:(a)电话号码重拨电路,其使客户的繁忙电话号码可经选定的时间间隔自动地重拨。 37. The device according to claim according to claim 13, wherein said enhancing means further comprises: (a) the telephone number redial circuit, which causes the customer's telephone number may be busy selected intervals automatically redial. (b)随机电话号码拨号器电路,其使储存在所述客户数据库中的客户电话号码能被随机地选择和呼叫。 (B) a random phone number dialer circuit, which enables customers to phone numbers stored in the client database can be randomly selected and calls.
38.按照权利要求13所述的装置,还包括接到所述计算机的打印机,该打印机记录所有进出的客户通讯。 38. The device according to claim 13 or claim, further comprising a computer connected to the printer, the printer is a record of all incoming and outgoing communications client.
39.自动交互式积极促动的方法,由下列步骤组成:(a)记录客户呼叫日程表和客户个人识别号码;(b)储存所述客户呼叫日程表和个人识别号码在客户数据库中;(c)通过从上述客户数据库选择信息来增强客户行为,包括客户程序,其对每个客户有特定的促动通话,激励或要由客户应答的提问;(d)按照在所述客户数据库中所述客户呼叫日程表,与所述记录和储存的所述个人识别号码相对应产生数字电话信号;(e)按照在该客户数据库中客户呼叫日程表,相应于记录和储存的个人识别号码,把所述产生的数字电话信号转换成电话音频信号;(f)按照该客户数据库中记录和储存的所述客户呼叫日程表将由所述数字信号转换来的所述电话音调信号发送到客户的双音多频电话机;(g)比较在客户数据库中所述按个人识别号码由所述数字电话信号转换成的电话音频信号与客户的电话音频信号输入,如果发现是匹配的,程序装置发出促动通话,激励或问题这三种方式中一个给该客户;(h)处理所述客户通过所述程序装置对所述促动通话,激励或问题的回应,并持久地记录该客户的反应在该客户数据库中,由此在该客户数据库中其呼叫日程表被上述程序装置所更新,按照该客户呼叫日程表产生和转换上述数字电话信号,发出另一组上述促动通话,激励或问题给该客户。 39. Automatic Interactive positive actuation method comprising the steps of: (a) record customer calls and schedule your personal identification number; (b) storing the customer call schedules and personal identification number in the customer database; ( c) by selecting the information from the customer database to enhance customer behavior, including the client, which has a specific actuator for each customer call, excited or have a question answered by the client; (d) said customer database in accordance with the said customer call schedule, with the recording and storage of the personal identification number corresponding to the generated digital telephone signal; (e) in accordance with the customer in the customer database call schedule corresponding to the recording and storage of the personal identification number, the digital telephone signal generated by converting the telephone audio signal; (f) according to the client of the client database and stored in the recording schedule a call by converting the digital signal to the telephone tone signal is sent to the customer's dual tone multi-frequency telephone set; (g) Comparison in the customer database according to the personal identification number from the telephone signal into a digital audio signal of the telephone with the customer's telephone audio signal input, if a match is found, the program issuing the actuating means call, incentive or three ways in which a problem to the customer; reaction (h) through the program processing the client device in response to the actuator call, incentive or problem and lasting record of the client in the customer database, which it calls the above schedule is updated program means the customer database, call schedule generation and converting said digital telephone signal, issued a call to another group, these actuators, incentive or issues in accordance with the client to the customers.
Description  translated from Chinese
自动交互式行为引导系统的方法和装置 Method and apparatus for automatic guidance system for interactive behavior

本发明属于信息交换服务,教育和个人健康护理的一般领域,尤其有关于计算机化电话系统,其传递健康意识通话和保持对客尸监视,通过周期性地发送行为促动增强通话和/或要求客户回应的一些问题。 The present invention pertains to information exchange services, general education and personal health care, particularly with regard to computerized telephone system, which passed the health conscious customer calls and keep the corpse monitored by periodically sending behavior actuated enhanced call and / or request Some issues that customers respond.

现代社会的主要进展之一是在计算机化电信领域内。 One of the main developments in modern society is a computerized telecommunications. 今天,在不断发展的行为医学领域内,正式的口头交换对于提供行为改进和增强是必需的。 Today, in the field of behavioral medicine evolving formal oral exchange for providing behavioral improvements and enhancements are required. 由利用计算机化电信与语音识别技术相结合,客尸的行为在行为出现的场所及客户所在之处可予以改进和增强。 Combining the use of computerized telecommunications and voice recognition technology, the behavior of the passenger dead in behavior and appearance of the place where the customer can be improved and strengthened. 曾发现随着增强的反馈频率增加,客户对一特定目标显示出了更快的进展。 With the feedback has been found to enhance the frequency increases, a specific target customer showed faster progress. 由利用连续计算机化增强系统,相比于通过人来处理,可向客户提供治疗接触或反馈的机会更多,频率更高。 Enhanced by the use of continuous computerized system, compared to be handled by people, providing opportunities for the treatment of contact or feedback of more and higher frequencies to customers. 此外,利用交互式系统大大地提高这行为改进和增强方法的治疗效果。 In addition, the use of interactive systems greatly enhance this behavior and improved method for enhancing the therapeutic effect.

学习通过交互反馈来增长,且反馈以某种形式加强学习经验。 Learning through interactive feedback to growth, and feedback to enhance learning experiences in some form. 在学校里,老师要求任一孩子回答的次数是相当有限的。 At school, the teacher asked the children to answer any number of times is quite limited. 大多数情况下,孩子们举手回答,得到“对”或“错”的答复。 In most cases, the children raised their hands to answer, get the "right" or "wrong" answer. 如果他们是错的,就失去了他们的机会,其它某个孩子被要求回答。 If they are wrong, they lose their chance, some other children were asked to answer. 在传统的成人教育和行为改进中,连续反馈量只限于实际上与顾问或在讨论会中花费的时间。 In the tradition of adult education and behavior modification, continuous feedback is virtually confined consultant time spent in discussion or. 这里反馈也受限于顾问或教员与任一客户交互对话所花费的实际时间。 Feedback is also limited here or faculty adviser and the actual time any one customer interaction takes dialogue. 相反,附加计算机和电信或广播发射允许“窄播”(narrowcast)交互对话和反馈,在连续24小时内不管客户在什么地方,使对话的频率大得多。 Instead, additional computers and telecommunications or broadcasting transmitters allow "narrowcasting" (narrowcast) interactive dialogue and feedback within 24 hours regardless of where the customer, the frequency is much greater dialogue. 最重要的,在成人行为改进的情况下,在该行为出现的场所,这个反馈首次变为可行的。 The most important improvement in the case of adult behavior, the behavior appears in place, for the first time this feedback becomes feasible.

对于所有哺乳动物,通过游玩和做事的学习是基本的。 For all mammals, learning through play and work is essential. 音频广播或电信是基于听觉的媒介,视频广播是基于视觉的媒介,利用这些体系结构的交互反馈是基于做事或对反馈刺激反应的媒介。 Audio broadcasting or telecommunication is based on auditory media, video broadcasting is vision-based media, the use of these interactive feedback architecture is based on the media work or feedback stimulus-response. 最近研究揭示,增加哺乳动物智力的唯一最佳途径是通过交互刺激。 Recent studies have revealed the single best way to increase the intelligence of mammals through interactive stimulation. 我们接受的反馈频率一般是影响学习和改进行为的唯一最重要因素。 We accept the feedback frequency is usually the single most important factor in improving the behavior of learning and. 此外,由接受即刻反馈的学习优于接受延迟的反应。 Moreover, by accepting the immediate feedback of learning than to accept delayed reaction. 相比于仅看电视节目,孩子们更喜欢交互式电视游戏。 Compared to watch TV programs only, kids prefer interactive television games. 他们对长串剧目变得不耐烦,他们注意的焦点被提供快速反馈的器件所转移。 They become impatient long string repertoire, they focus attention is to provide rapid feedback devices transferred. 成人们在其一生中显示了相同的行为。 As people show the same behavior in their lifetime. 例如,当购买一器具时,在试用它之前,他们很少阅读其说明书。 For example, when purchasing an appliance, the trial before it, they rarely read their manuals. 在生命的所有阶段,需要接受连续反馈是一个人类特性,从而提供基本生存机理,它促进学习和不断成长。 In all stages of life, need to accept is a human characteristic continuous feedback, thereby providing basic survival mechanism that promotes learning and growing.

研究表明,学习被交互式反馈增强。 Research shows that learning is enhanced interactive feedback. 那里交互式反馈数量增加,焦点就被持续或增强,从而刺激强烈的反应性,与玩电视游戏的情况一样。 Where interactive feedback quantity increases, the focus is continuously or enhanced, thereby stimulating a strong reactivity with the case of playing video games. 由回答刺激性问题所要求的积极介入,刺激自觉认知并集中在现有的问题上。 Actively involved by answering questions irritating required to stimulate conscious awareness and focus on the existing problems. 学习和行为改进系统结合快速反馈促进解决问题的能力,模式识别,资源的管理和布置,逻辑思维样式,记忆,快速思考,和合理判断。 Learning and behavior improved system combines rapid feedback to promote problem-solving skills, pattern recognition, resource management and layout, logical thinking style, memory, quick thinking, and sound judgment. 最重要地,当这些技能被实践在所希望的行为要出现的场所时,学习是更生动的和很快被结合到实际生活中。 Most importantly, when these skills are practiced at the desired place to appear behavior, learning is more vivid and was soon incorporated into real life.

在反馈条件下才觉察控制的意义。 In the feedback control condition was aware of the significance. 由吸引客户至他的注意力焦点和提出刺激性的问题,就增加了其介入且导致刺激。 By attracting customers to focus his attention and raised irritating problem, it increased its involvement and cause irritation. 当个别的学习者获得成功和立即收到正反馈时,自尊心被迅速建立。 When the individual learner success and received positive feedback immediately, self-esteem was quickly established. 当获得成功时,信心和韧性被增强且形成知识。 When successful, confidence and toughness is enhanced, and the formation of knowledge.

在历史上,一些个人曾试图通过自学书藉,研究讨论班和不定期或短期计划来自我提高。 Historically, some individuals have tried through self-study books, research seminars and occasional or short-term plans to improve from me. 在最诚心的情况下,故态复萌通常出现在读一本书或参加一个讨论会之后的几天内,或行为改进计划结束之后的几个月内。 In the case of the most sincere, relapse usually occurs within a few days to read a book or attend a seminar later within, or acts to improve within a few months after the end of the program.

相反地,利用计算机的自我调节促动,其交互式地对客户定时询问和对他的动作提出意见,这在当他整年忙于日常生活时会有更持续的效果。 Conversely, the use of computer self-regulating actuator, which interactively timing of customer inquiries and comments on his actions, which throughout the year when he was busy everyday life will be more sustained effect. 它很不同于讨论会和拜访顾问之处,在于它修改行为在该行为出现的场所,在个人的或定制的干预情况下。 It is very different from the seminars and visiting consultant at in that it places the behavior modification in the behavior occurs, in individual cases or custom intervention. 在顾问控制的计算机与客户之间,更经常的相互对话,以大致相同的方式,如在其它交互式通讯结构中所曾经历的,诸如教育和娱乐,增强了反馈和治疗模拟。 Between the computer and the client advisor controlled more often talk to each other, in much the same way as in any other interactive communication structure as has been experienced, such as education and entertainment, enhanced feedback and treatment simulation. 例如,消费者对于交互式娱乐软件比被动软件给以较高价值,是由于其提供更大的刺激。 For example, for interactive entertainment software consumer software give higher values than passive, because of its greater stimulation. 在娱乐软件中,一个例子会是某些新的视频游戏,在人们决定对答之前,其运行象一动画片。 In entertainment software, an example would be some of the new video game, before it was decided to verbal exchanges, it runs like a cartoon. 作为动画片,在几分钟内图象通常就会令人厌烦。 As a cartoon, usually within a few minutes the image will be boring. 但作为交互式视频游戏,该软件激励用户进行数小时娱乐。 But as interactive video games, which encourage users to hours of entertainment software.

总之,计算机化交互式系统增强客户在行为出现的场所解决问题的能力,和在预置目标范围内进行调整。 In short, computerized interactive systems in place to enhance the ability of customers to solve behavior problems arise, and to make adjustments within a preset target range. 在个人通话的内容中,通过挑战性地加入问题形式,可附加娱乐和刺激过程,这是由于反馈的增加或新电信技术的交互特性。 In the individual call content, by addition of challenging issues in the form, can be added during stimulation and entertainment, which is due to the interactive nature of feedback is increased or new telecommunications technology.

在先有技术中,曾用很多种系统,试图利用通讯线路提供一有效手段来监视需行为改进的客户。 In the prior art, has used a variety of systems, trying to take advantage of the communication lines to provide an effective means to monitor the need to improve the behavior of customers. 然而,这些早先技术系统没有揭示一合理费用和合适的通讯网络,其采用计算机与电话相结合来提供积极的促动通话和/或由客户用双音多频电话机来回答的问题。 However, these systems do not reveal a previous technical reasonable cost and appropriate communication network to provide positive actuation talk and / or by the customer with a DTMF telephone to answer questions which uses a combination of computer and telephone.

此外,先有技术系统没有揭示利用一些硬件,诸如语音重音分析器,嗅觉装置,CD-ROM平台,与无线通讯相结合的交互式电视,作为客户采用的进一步行为改进手段。 In addition, the prior art systems do not disclose the use of some hardware, such as a voice stress analyzer, olfactory apparatus, CD-ROM platform, and a combination of wireless communication interactive television, as a further means to improve the behavior of the customer used.

对先有技术的检索揭示了下列显示各种不同反馈机理的专利:专利号 发明者 发布日期3,742,938 TJStern 1973.7.33,808,694 WYHutchinson等 1974.5.74,112,425 GJZobrist等 1978.9.54,237,344 Moore 1980.12.24,328,494 R.Goodall 1982.5.44,377,214 GGHansen等 1983.3.224,396,976 GPHyatt 1983.8.24,602,127 JFNeely等 1986.7.224,773,492 E.Ruzumna 1988.9.274,831,242 WHEnglehardt等 1989.5.164,835,372 Gombrich等 1989.5.304,916,435 Fuller 1990.4.104,922,514 Bergeron等 1990.5.14,912,552 Allison III等 1990.3.274,933,873 Kaufman等 1990.6.124,952,928 GTCarroll等 1990.8.285,008,835 Jackmann等 1991.4.165,014,298 Katz 1991.5.75,018,736 Person等 1991.5.285,023,901 Sloan等 1991.6.115,036,462 Kaufman等 1991.7.305,068,080 Impink Jr.等 1991.11.265,085,527 PAGilbert 1992.2.4Sloan等人的专利揭示一监视系统,其结合语音识别和无源监视机理。 For prior art search reveals the following display various feedback mechanisms Patents: Patent No. inventor Date 3,742,938 TJStern 1973.7.33,808,694 WYHutchinson etc. etc. 1974.5.74,112,425 GJZobrist 1978.9.54,237,344 Moore 1980.12.24,328,494 R.Goodall 1982.5.44,377,214 GGHansen 1983.3.224,396,976 GPHyatt 1983.8.24,602,127 JFNeely etc. etc. etc. 1986.7.224,773,492 E.Ruzumna 1988.9.274,831,242 WHEnglehardt 1989.5.164,835,372 Gombrich, etc. 1989.5.304,916,435 Fuller 1990.4.104,922,514 Bergeron 1990.5.14,912,552 Allison III, etc., etc., etc. 1990.6.124,952,928 GTCarroll 1990.3.274,933,873 Kaufman etc. 1990.8.285,008,835 Jackmann like 1991.4.165,014,298 Katz 1991.5.75,018,736 Person like 1991.5.285,023,901 Sloan like 1991.6.115,036,462 Kaufman like 1991.7.305,068,080 Impink Jr. etc. 1991.11.265,085,527 PAGilbert 1992.2.4Sloan et al patent discloses a monitoring system, which is incorporated voice recognition and passive surveillance mechanism. 该系统包括一个位于监视管理局的中心站和大量远程语音检验装置。 The system includes a central monitoring station and a large number of remote voice Authority inspection device is located. 每个装置位于指定的地方,对一个体进行监视,并通过电话线与中心站相连。 Each unit is located in designated areas, for a body to monitor and connected by telephone lines with the central station. 中心站由控制计算机系统和扰乱计算机系统(violation computer system)组成。 Central station by the control computer systems and disrupt the computer system (violation computer system) components. 中心站保留和分析每一个体的所有相关的数据,并对来自每个语音检验装置的信息进行预置和检索。 Central station retain and analyze all relevant data for each individual, and the speech information from each of the test apparatus presetting and retrieval. 按照中心站定出的测试程序,每个语音检验装置进行相应个体的语音检验。 In accordance with the test procedures set central station, each voice verification device corresponding individual voice test. 在一定监视周期内获得的试验和监视结果,按定期或紧急情况,被送到中央站。 Test and monitor the results obtained in a certain monitoring period, according to a regular or emergency situations, was sent to the central station. 每个远程站有调制解调器输入,接到话筒的测试装置输入,和接收无源监视信号的第三个输入。 Each remote station modem input, microphone input to the test device, and receive passive monitoring of the third input signal. 按照算法和从中央站收到的命令信号,分析有源和无源信号。 In accordance with the algorithm and the command signals received from the central station, analysis of active and passive signal. 该测试装置也有一输出,促使个体讲一些预选的词。 The test device also has an output, prompting a number of pre-selected individuals speak a word. 在每个远程点中的测试进程,针对每个周期和个体被随机建立。 In the testing process in each remote point, is established for each cycle and the random individual.

Fuller专利揭示了一远程限制(confinement)监控站和系统,其具有提供自动选定限制手段的中央站。 Fuller patent discloses a remote limit (confinement) and a monitoring station system, having limiting means providing automatically selected central station. 中央站选择定时或半随机监视呼唤,以避免限制有高的可预知性,自动拨号装置用以传输预先录下或合成的音频指令通话到该限制,和记录根据所选限制行为收到的信息,该限制根据该传递的通话而构成。 Central station select timing or semi-random call monitoring, in order to avoid restrictions have high predictability, automatic dialing device prerecorded or synthesized audio instructions to transfer the call to the limit information, and records received in accordance with the selected limit behavior , based on the transfer of the call restriction constituted. 中心站有带电话线调制解调器,语音合成器和其它辅助显示设备的计算机,来自动记录所接受的数据,包括光学照相机图象和气息分析器结果,和可包括自动图象比较和扰乱信号报警。 Central station with a telephone line modem, voice synthesizers and other auxiliary display computer equipment to automatically record the data received, including the optical camera images and breath analyzer results, and may include automatic image comparison and disrupt the signal alarm.

Moore专利揭示了一快速反应医院健康护理通讯系统。 Moore patent discloses a rapid response hospital health care communications systems. 该系统有自动拨号器电话系统,允许病人在医院外面由通讯接受建议和健康护理,如病人医疗分布图所示。 The system has an automatic phone dialer system that allows the patient out of the hospital to accept the proposal by the communications and health care, such as patient medical profile figure. 通讯系统包括健康护理控制台,其有信息储存计算机,通过各种通信途径接到医院内病人,和由电话接到医院外病人的地方。 Communications systems, including health care console, which has information stored computer receives in hospital patients through a variety of communication channels, and received by telephone outside the hospital where the patient. 每个医院外的位置包括与电话联系的通讯接口,控制台,和由很多传感器,指示器和零件组成的手动遥控器。 Outside the hospital, including the location of each contact with the telephone communication interface, console, and by a number of sensors, indicators, and component parts of the manual remote control. 接口装置包括自动拨号器和自动识别器,其拨健康护理控制台的电话和由计算机可识别的电码来确认病人。 Interface means including automatic dialing and automatic recognizer dial telephone and health care console recognizable by the computer code to confirm that the patient.

Kaufman等人的专利揭示了一交互式病人援助装置,其兼有药物预定剂量和体格测试装置,可用电话系统与远距离医疗中心联系。 Kaufman et al patent discloses an interactive patient assistance device, which combines a predetermined dose of drug and medical test devices, the telephone system can be used with remote medical center. 该系统包括对许多活动编排程序的时钟/日历单元,药品计量器,语音合成器和识别器,计算机,显示器,和血压、氧气和体温的监视器。 The system includes many activities scheduling program clock / calendar unit, pharmaceuticals meter, speech synthesis and recognition, computers, monitors, and blood pressure, oxygen and temperature monitor. 为与远处联络,装有自动电话拨号器,调制解调器和电话。 For contact with distant, equipped with automatic phone dialer, modem and telephone.

Bergeron等人的专利揭示根据报警信号发送资源到远处的方法和系统。 Bergeron et al patent discloses an alarm signal transmission resources according to a method and system far. 例如,信息处理机访问现场服务工程师的数据库,这工程师被安排对由特定远处的警报信号来提供服务。 For example, the information processor to access the database field service engineers, this engineer is scheduled to be provided by a specific distance alarm signal service. 然后该处理机设法与现场服务工程师进行电话联系,和用合成的语音通话向该工程师提供信息。 The processor then try and make telephone contact with field service engineers, and engineers to provide information with a synthetic voice. 该系统可执行远距离诊断程序和确定结果,和与已选定的资源相联系。 The system performs remote diagnostics, and to determine the outcome, and the associated resources have been selected. 该系统有带数据库的常规处理机,语音合成器,语音系统和自动拨号器。 The system has a conventional processor with databases, speech synthesis, voice systems and automatic dialer. 当该系统拨号和电话应答时,其要求在通讯之前由触音(touchtone)按钮得到的识别码。 When the system is dialing and answering, which requires prior communication by touch tone (touchtone) button to get the ID.

Hutchinson专利揭示了一称重和高度测量装置。 Hutchinson patent discloses a weighing and height measuring device. 它特别适合于远距离数字读出系统的使用。 It is particularly suitable to use the system to read digital remote. 该装置包括用电缆与远距离数字读出装置相连的重量敏感活动平台。 The apparatus includes a reading device connected to the weight-sensitive activities and long-distance digital cable platform. 该发明的目标之一是提供适合结合远距离读出和/或计算机输入装置运用的重量测量装置。 One of the goals of the invention is to provide a suitable combination of remote reading and / or weight measurement device using a computer input device.

Stern专利揭示了远距离诊断用的心脏调搏器和心跳监视器,那里来自一对传感器的信息,由电话手机和发射器在商用电话系统上送到远处接收器。 Stern patent discloses a remote diagnostic cardiac pacing and a heartbeat monitor, where the information from a pair of sensors, the telephone handset and a transmitter to the remote receiver on the commercial telephone system. 然后在该接收器上收到的信息可用合适的计算机和程序系统予以处理。 Then the information received on the receiver using a suitable computer systems and procedures to be addressed.

Carroll专利揭示了一通用电子监视系统。 Carroll patent discloses a universal electronic monitoring system. 该系统通过选择合适的组件设计为适合特定监视或识别应用的需要。 The system by selecting the appropriate components are designed to fit the needs of specific monitoring or recognition applications. 它提供在中央位置上进行监视,和由普通电话通讯系统在发送信息的位置与处理位置之间进行联络。 It provides for monitoring in a central position, and by ordinary telephone communication system to send information to liaise between the position of the handle position.

其它所列的一些专利是为了给出背景并指示了本发明相关的技术。 Other patents listed in the background and in order to give the present invention indicates the relevant art.

应该指出,上述机理和系统不能允许利用各种熟知的方法用于具有客户数据库和对特定人预定通话和/或的问题的客户程序的独特随机呼叫方式。 Should be noted that the above mechanism and the system does not allow the use of a variety of well-known method for the unique way of random calls and scheduled calls with a customer database and / or the issue of a specific person's client programs. 具体地,本发明设备和方法提供独特增强途径,使其可使用预定的通话和/或确定客户的问题。 In particular, the apparatus and method of the present invention provides a unique approach enhanced so that it can use the pre-call and / or to determine the customer's problem. 可能在的地方中随机地方使用随机呼叫。 Where possible in random places with random calls. 更具体地,本发明设备和方法提供独特的增强途径以可使用在一用户可能在的地方的表单中的随机位置处的随机呼叫。 More specifically, the apparatus and method of the present invention provides a unique way to enhance to be used in the form of a user may place a random call random location. 此外,不象在上述一些参考专利中所述的很多装置,本系统利用现有的电话技术。 In addition, unlike many devices described in the above referenced patents some, this system utilizes the existing telephone technology.

本自动交互式积极促动系统是设计供医生,心理学家,顾问或其它一些教员使用,对具有行为、体重、意志或促动问题的客户,提供促动通话和/或提问。 The automated interactive system is designed to actively actuated for doctors, psychologists, consultants, or some other faculty use, with a behavior, customer weight, or actuation problem will provide actuation calls and / or questions. 其基本组成为:(a)记录和选取客户数据库的装置,包括有每个客户的姓名,在每个24小时期间客户可能到的地方的电话号码表,个人识别号码,和以前通话记录和客户的应答;(b)用于测量和记录客户体重的装置,而无需对客户透露其体重,并用电话传送上述体重信息,以用于体重减轻程序中;(c)记录和访问客户程序表的第一装置,包括对每个客户特定的促动通话,个人和独特隐喻标记,和/或要客户通过电话号遥控器,个人通讯器,或交互式电视应答的一些问题;(d)有访问客户数据库和所述客户程序装置的计算机。 Consisting essentially of: (a) the recording device and select the customer database, including each customer's name, phone number list in each customer during the 24 hours may be to the place, and a personal identification number, and the previous call records and customer response; (b) Measure and record the weight of the device for the client, without requiring the customer to disclose their weight, and transmits the weight information by phone, in order for the weight loss program; (c), to access client records and tables a means, including the specific actuating each customer call, individual and unique marker metaphor, and / or telephone number to the customer through the remote controller, a personal communicator, or some of the problems of an interactive television response; (d) have access to customer computer database and the client device. 如果在客户数据库与客户程序之间发现相匹配,计算机会产生一个序列数字电话信号和相应于客户的电话号码或遥控器或个人通话装置号码的信息,数字化客户确认有效请求信号和数字化促动通话和/或所提问题。 If between the customer database and the client match is found, the computer will generate a sequence of digital telephone signal and corresponding to the customer's phone number or a remote control or a personal call device number information, digital customer to confirm a valid request signal and digital actuation call and / or question. 只有当客户确认请求信号被客户在电话中以有效的个人识别号码(PIN),或者不用PIN,由遥控器或个人通话装置的广播发射方式来应答时,通话和/或问题才被发送;(e)把由计算机产生的数字信号转换成电话音频信号的装置。 Only when the customer to confirm the request signal by customers on the phone with a valid personal identification number (PIN), or no PIN, when the broadcast transmitter remote control or a personal way the device to answer calls, call and / or the problem was sent; ( e) converting the digital signal generated by the computer into a telephone audio signal means. 这些信号经电话网络送到客户的双音多频电话机。 These signals are sent to customers via the telephone network DTMF telephone. 该电话机被用于回答客户确认请求,听取促动通话和/或回答问题;(f)把客户电话机发出的电话音频信号转换成数字信号的装置,为用于计算机且被其处理;(g)持久地记录所有进出的客户通讯的第二装置。 The telephone is used to answer customer confirmation request to listen to the actuating call and / or answer questions; device telephone audio signal into a digital signal (f) of the customer telephones issued for use in the computer and is its treatment; ( g) second means lasting record of all incoming and outgoing customer communication.

本发明的一个重要目的是该系统处理所储存的讲话信息,不是以普通音带储存系统的模拟形式,而是以储存在只读CD,计算机硬盘驱动器或类似设备中的数字形式。 An important object of the present invention is the speech information stored in the processing system, not in the form of an ordinary analog soundtrack storage system, but to store in digital form in a read-only CD, computer hard drive or similar device. CD盘的利用可使系统迅速和准确地访问文件。 System using the CD disc can quickly and accurately access the file. 所以,计算机同时访问一个以上讲话文件是可能的。 Therefore, more than one computer simultaneously accessing the speech file is possible. 系统正在运行的每个电话线实际上是计算机时间的一小“片”,在这段时间,讲话文件正在播放或记录。 Each phone line system is actually running a small "slice" of computer time, during this time, the speech file is being played or recorded. 在运行的电话线越多,必须予以处理的时间片就越多。 The more telephone lines in operation, the more time slices must be addressed. 该系统提供同时与一个以上电话线一起运行的功能,所以允许一个顾问,在24小时内所有时间下,可较其它方法处理和督导更多客户。 The system provides simultaneously with more than one telephone line running along function, so allowing a consultant, within 24 hours all the time, compared with other methods can handle and steer more customers. 此外,该系统允许客户在任何时间间隔,较任何其它方法接收更多干预信息量。 In addition, the system allows the customer at any time interval, more than any other method of receiving interference information.

本发明的另一目的是基于自呼叫者双音多频电话的键盘输入,进行接收,识别和作出判断,来完成话音应答运行方面大多数任务。 Another object of the present invention is based on self-caller DTMF telephone keypad input, receiving, identification and judgment, to complete a voice reply operation aspects most tasks. 键盘一般发送双音多频(DTMF)音频信号,但有时某些电话交换装置采用多频(MF)音。 Keyboard generally send dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) audio signal, but sometimes some of the telephone switching system using multi-frequency (MF) tones. 虽然这二种发信号方法不是兼容的,该系统可同样良好地运行在任一种方法。 Although these two methods are not compatible signal, the system can run equally well in either method.

本发明还有另一个目标为采用数字化语音信号传输通话到客户。 Yet another object of the present invention is the use of digital voice signal transmitted to the customer calls. 数字化语音信号一般由对语音波每秒采样6000到8000次来形成,为准确地再现良好讲话质量。 Digitized voice signal is usually sampled by voice wave 6000-8000 times per second to form, to accurately reproduce the good speech quality. 每个采样取8到12个二进制位,这导致每秒必须储存48000到96000个二进制位信息。 Each sample taken from 8 to 12 bits, which results in per second must be stored from 48,000 to 96,000 bits of information. 在电话应用中一般对压缩的数字化语音仅储存采样之间的差值。 In the phone application generally compressed digitized voice only difference between samples stored. 所以,本系统所支持的语音卡采用称为自适应差分式脉冲编码调制(ADPCM)的压缩技术,其能识别在语言采样之间仅有的小差别,和储存语言采样之间差值的对数函数。 Therefore, this system supports voice card using compression technology called adaptive differential pulse code modulation (ADPCM), which can identify between language sampling only a small difference, the difference between the language and the storage of samples logarithmic function. 结果是在每秒仅3000字节的通量下,有良好的语言质量。 The result is only 3000 bytes per second throughput, good speech quality.

还有,本发明的另一目的为客户程序可指向任一主题,诸如促动训练,教学,心理行为改善,宗教培训,灌输和增强,这些由销售经理、心理学家、牧师、顾问执行,无论在那里促动被每天或定期的干预所促进。 Also, another object of the present invention is a client program can point to any of these topics, such as actuation improve training, education, psychological behavior, religious training, indoctrination and enhance these performed by sales managers, psychologists, pastors, counselors, No matter where the actuator is a daily or periodic interventions to promote. 下列是客户程序表可指向的某些组成领域的部分清单:1、营养学2、创造力3、锻炼4、减肥(饮食/体重管理)5、乐观(和期望)6、终生学习7、时间管理8、压力处理9、快乐(和意图)10、最佳健康11、相互关系12、节俭/财务灵活性(降低费用)13、冒险/勇气14、新的,平衡的形象,增强的自我尊重(美观)15、免疫系统增强16、中年变化/意外事故17、男女老化和更年(心脏病、绝经等)18、控制或自我约束19、直觉知识提高20、高活力21、精神上的洞察力。 The following is a partial list of clients consisting table can point to certain areas: 1. Nutrition 2. creativity 3, 4 exercise, weight loss (diet / weight management) 5. optimistic (and expectations) 6, 7 lifelong learning, time Management 8, 9 pressure treatment, happy (and intent) 10, 11 optimal health, relationships 12, thrift / financial flexibility (to reduce costs) 13, Adventure / Courage 14, a new, balanced image, enhanced self-esteem (beautiful) 15, 16 to enhance the immune system, changes in middle-aged / 17 accidents, aging and menopause women (heart disease, menopause, etc.) 18, 19 control or self-discipline, intuitive knowledge increased by 20, 21 high vitality, mental insight.

因此,本发明的一个目的是记录每个客户的日常活动表,使能按计划或随机地与客户接触,通过使用电话或其它装置,诸如字母数字寻呼机或调制解调器,日夜与客户接触,无论他在什么地方。 Accordingly, an object of the present invention is to record the daily activities of each customer table, to enable scheduled or random contact with customers, by using the telephone or other device, such as a modem, an alphanumeric pager, or day and night contact with customers, regardless of his somewhere. 如果客户漏掉一次呼叫,他们可调用计算机和由一特定口令来得到其信息。 If a customer missed a call, they can call from a particular computer and a password to get their information.

本系统的基本原理是人们处于不断成长和发展状态。 The basic principle of the system is that it is constantly growing and developing states. 系统通过对每个客户的连续日常监督,在他向着最佳健康,个人成功,长寿和快乐的基本目标工作时来提供促动。 System through the continuous daily monitoring of each customer in his toward optimal health, personal success, the basic goal of longevity and happiness at work to provide actuation. 由此利用激励反馈的日常增强和引导,该系统能在客户与其目标之间保持组织和干预。 Thus the use of incentives and guidance to enhance the daily feedback, the system can be maintained between the client organization and intervention and its objectives.

这些和其它目标以及本发明的一些优点从后面优选实施例的详细描述和附加的申请专利范围以及附图将会更明了。 Detailed description and the appended patent scope of these and other objects and advantages of the present invention, some of the preferred embodiments and the accompanying drawings from behind will be more apparent.

图1是表明在系统与客户之间交互式活动的方框图;图2A是计算机软件程序的应用流程图;图2B是图2A应用流程图的继续;图3是在图1和2中描述的本发明的说明。 Figure 1 is a block diagram showing an interactive between the system and the customer's activities; FIG. 2A is a flowchart of a computer software program application; FIG. 2B is a continuation of the flowchart in Figure 2A application; Figure 3 is depicted in Figure 1 and 2 invention.

依据优选实施例来介绍实现本发明的最佳方式,这些实施例设计得使医生、心理学家、顾问和其它培训者由利用通讯线来进行自动信息交换。 According to a preferred embodiment, the best way to introduce the implementation of the present invention, these examples are designed so that doctors, psychologists, consultants and trainers from the use of other communication lines for automatic information exchange. 对于他们的客户保持监视,自动交互式积极促动系统10的优选实施例如图1所示,包括记录和访问客户数据库12和客户程序14的装置,通过使用计算机16,具有数字信号/电话音频转换器18和打印机22,在那里访问装置包括电话网络24和客户双音多频电话机26。 For their customers to maintain surveillance, automated interactive actively promote the actuation system 10 of the preferred embodiment as shown, the apparatus comprises a recording and accessing the customer database 12 and client 14 in Fig. 1, by using a computer 16, a digital signal / telephone audio converter 18 and the printer 22, where the access device comprises a telephone network 24 and customer DTMF telephone 26. 客户50利用系统10,这系统也可结合由电话网络26运行的下列部件来加强:运行传真机32的计算机打印机的调制解调器30,字母数字寻呼机34,双向交互式通话显示36,电子秤38,嗅觉装置40,语音重音分析器42,交互式电视系统44,EEG图测量和记录仪46,个人专论,III级交互式图象,光盘,即CD-ROM,和蜂窝电话。 Client 50 using the system 10, following which the system can also be combined operation member 26 by the telephone network to strengthen: facsimile modem 30 running computer printer 32, 34 alphanumeric pagers, two-way interactive call display 36, an electronic scales 38, olfactory means 40, a voice stress analyzer 42, the interactive television system 44, EEG measuring and recording instrument 46 in FIG individual monograph, grade III interactive video, CD-ROM, i.e., CD-ROM, and a cellular phone.

在优选实施例中客户数据库12包括在CD播放机上播放的CD盘,其与计算机16的接口如图1所示。 In the preferred embodiment the customer database 12 includes played on a CD player, a CD, with the computer interface shown in Fig. 16. 然而,其它数据库记录和播放装置也可利用。 However, other databases recording and playback apparatus may also be utilized. 这些装置包括(但不限于)卡式带,其由卡式带播放机或光盘和光盘播放装置播放到计算机。 These devices include (but are not limited to) a cassette, which play the cassette tape player or a disc and an optical disc playback apparatus to the computer. 客户数据库包括对每个客户50,客户的姓名,他们的周、天和小时的呼叫表,每个客户的个人识别码(PIN),和以前通话记录。 Customer databases, including 50, the customer's name for each client, their week, day-hour call table, each customer's personal identification number (PIN), and previous call history.

在优选的实施例中客户程序表也由CD播放机或其它记录和播放装置来记录和播放,如上面对客户数据库12的描述,且被连接到计算机和电话网络24,如图1所示。 Client table is also recorded in the preferred embodiment by a CD player or other recording and playback apparatus and playback, as described above for the customer database 12, and is connected to the computer and the telephone network 24, shown in Figure 1. 客户程序表14被特别设计服务于许多特定客户,程序14可包括许多对帮助特定行为问题必需的促动和增强通话。 Client Table 14 is specifically designed to serve many of the specific customer, program 14 may include a number of specific behavioral problems essential to helping actuation and enhanced call. 促动和增强通话被设计于以特定或随机次数提供治疗干预,特别是在要修正的行为出现的地方提供治疗干预。 Actuated and are designed to enhance the call to a specific or random number to provide therapeutic intervention, in particular to provide therapeutic intervention in local behavior appears to be corrected. 在行为增强的领域中曾发现即使在最佳意图下,通常在读一本书或参加一讨论会后几个月内,或在行为改进程序结束之后几个月内,会故态复萌。 Enhanced field behavior has found that even under the best intentions, usually reading a book or attend a seminar after a few months, or acts to improve the program after the end of a few months, will relapse. 因此,由定期或随机地传送行为促动和增强通话,行为改进程序可继续引向可医治的结果。 Therefore, by periodically or randomly actuate the transmission behavior and enhanced call, behavior improvement program can continue to lead curable results.

除了通话之外或结合通话,系统10也设计于可发送客户行为改进提问。 In addition to the call or a combination of call, the system 10 is also designed to improve customer behavior can send questions. 这些问题由客户,在双音多频电话机26键盘上按下特定键回答。 These problems by the customer, in the dual tone multi-frequency telephone answered by pressing a particular key on the keyboard 26. 这对问题的回答由客户的医生或培训者来分析,找出本质问题和确定下一串通话和/或提问,它们在下一个发送周期要被送到客户50。 This is the answer to the question by the client's doctor or trainer to analyze, identify the nature of the problem and determine the next bunch of calls and / or ask questions, send them in the next cycle should be sent to the client 50. 所有通话,提问和客户对问题的回答以及时间,日期,每次通话用时和客户50记入的特征音调,被保留在永久的值班记录或由打印机22记录,这打印机直接与计算机16相连,如图1所示。 All calls, questions and answer customer questions and the time, date, time and talk with customers every 50 credited feature pitch, was retained in the permanent records of duty or by the printer 22 records, this printer is directly connected to the computer 16, such as Figure 1.

电话本来就是双向对话的,且因为其广泛应用,它几乎被所有客户放在舒适区域。 Has always been a two-way telephone conversation, and because of its wide use, it was almost all customers in the comfort zone. 电话也是费用合理、对客户和呼叫者均为方便的。 Telephone is a reasonable fee, the customer and the caller are convenient. 此外,社会学习理论认为教育实行在行为发生的环境中将有最大效果。 In addition, the implementation of social learning theory that education will take place in the environmental behavior have maximum effect. 因此,在家里或在工作地点以电话商讨,相比于直接门诊有更大的行为效果。 Therefore, in the home or in the workplace by phone to discuss, compared to direct greater outpatient behavioral effects. 对因为他们的身体状态,距离或有精神异常,使得不允许面对面接触,而不能去诊所的客户,电话就是商讨的唯一装置。 Because of their physical condition, mental abnormality or distance, making face to face contact is not allowed, but can not go to the clinic's clients, telephone is the only means to discuss. 由在客户的移动或蜂窝电话58上与其通话,对忙碌的客户也能提供行为增强,和增加在行为出现的地方促动可予提供的场合。 By the customer's mobile or cellular phone 58 with calls for busy customers can also provide enhanced behavior, and increase local actors appearing actuation can be provided by the occasion.

客户数据库12和客户程序14与计算机16相接,在优选的实施例中由IBM-AT兼容计算机16组成,它至少有80386处理器。 Customer database 12 and the client 14 connecting with the computer 16, in the preferred embodiment by the IBM-AT compatible computer 16 composition, it has at least 80386 processor. 客户数据库12和客户程序14如上所述,被储存在外部,如图1所示。 Customer database 12 and the client 14 as described above, is stored in the external, as shown in FIG. 然而,这些单元也可储存在计算机16内的硬盘中或其它大容量介质储存器件中,诸如CD-ROM或可更换存储器件。 However, these units may also be stored in the computer's hard disk 16 or other mass media storage device, such as a CD-ROM or a replaceable memory device. 计算机16包括对话D414线语言卡16A,具有实时时钟16B和逻辑网络16C,由系统软件16D操作运行。 Computer 16 includes language dialogue D414 line card 16A, 16B has a real-time clock and logical network 16C, 16D, run by the system software.

对话卡16A允许采用语言压缩技术,它抽取语言采样之间的小差值和储存语言采样之间差值的对数函数。 16A allows the use of language dialogue cards compression technology, which extracts a small difference between the sampling and storage Language sampling difference between logarithmic function. 该技术在每秒仅3000字节下,导致良好语言质量。 The technology is only 3000 bytes per second, resulting in good quality language. 实时时钟16B对要从客户数据库12和客户程序14访问的特定客户,设置和选择合适的时间。 16B for real-time clock from the customer database 12 and 14 client access to specific customers, settings, and select the appropriate time. 逻辑网络16C提供确定在数据库12中储存的客户与在客户程序14中的是否匹配所必需的逻辑。 16C provides logical network determination logic stored in the client database 12 matches with the client program 14 in necessary. 系统软件16D提供使系统10与逻辑网络16C结合的算法。 16D provides system software allows the network system 10 and the logical combination of 16C algorithm. 软件2的运行步骤和源码格式列在美国申请No.08/112,955的附录1中,其提交在1993年8月30日,标题为一种自动交互式行为指导系统的方法及其装置(Method and Apparatus for an Automated andInteractive Behavioral Guidance System),现已被批准。 Software running steps and column 2 of the application source code format in Appendix 1 No.08 / 112,955 in the United States, submitted in August 30, 1993, heading for an automated interactive behavior guidance system method and apparatus (Method and Apparatus for an Automated andInteractive Behavioral Guidance System), has now been approved.

如图2所示,计算机程序设置客户数据库和将其定到计算机时钟时间。 As shown in Figure 2, the computer program set up customer database and to set the computer clock time. 在一典型运行序列中,计算机16在预定的周和时间下,选取客户数据库12和客户程序14。 In a typical operation sequence, the computer 16 in the week and the time scheduled, select the customer database 12 and 14 clients. 如在客户数据库12和程序14之间发现是匹配的,那么计算机16经逻辑网络16C,顺序产生数字电话号码和数字客户确认请求信号。 As between the customer database 12 and program 14 a match is found, then the computer 16 via logical network 16C, sequentially generating digital telephone numbers and digital client confirmation request signal.

这二个信号均被加到数字信号/电话音频信号转换器18。 These two signals are applied to the digital signal / telephone audio signal converter 18. 它包括接收和把计算机16来的数字信号转换成电话音频信号的电路装置,该信号相应于客户的电话号码和个人确认号码,转换器18也可设计为包括电话号码重拨电路和随机电话号码拨号器电路。 It includes receiving and converting the computer 16 to the digital signal into an audio signal of the telephone circuit means, the signal corresponding to the customer's phone number and a personal confirmation number, converter 18 may also be designed to include a telephone circuit and a random number redial phone numbers dialer circuit. 重拨电路使客户的繁忙电话号码可以可选择的时间间隔自动地重拨。 Redial a busy circuit so that customers can choose the phone number automatically redial interval. 随机号码拨号器能使客户数据库12中所存的客户电话号码随机地选出和呼叫。 Random Number Dialer enables customer database customer telephone numbers stored in 12 randomly chosen and calls.

从数字信号/电话音频信号转换器18,电话音频信号被加到电话网络24,如图1所示。 From the digital signal / telephone audio signal converter 18, an audio signal is supplied to telephone the telephone network 24, shown in Figure 1. 网络24转发该音频信号到客户的双音多频电话机26,从那里客户50可应答电话26,并对上述请求作出响应,提供个人识别号码。 Network 24 forwards the audio signal to the customer's dual-tone multi-frequency telephone 26, from where the customer can answer the phone 50 26, and respond to the above request, provide a personal identification number. 客户50,通过在电话机26的键盘上按下特殊的键应答。 50 customers, the response by pressing a special button on the keyboard of the telephone 26. 如果客户50以有效的号码应答,它经电话网络24,通过转换器18送到计算机16中的逻辑网络16C。 If the client response 50 to a valid number, which via the telephone network 24, through the converter 18 to the computer 16 in the logical network 16C. 在收到该有效号码之后,逻辑网络16C能使客户程序14把要发送的通话和/或提问的音频信号经电话网络24送到客户的电话26,在那里客户50可接到通话和回答问题。 After receiving the valid number, logical network that enables customers to program 14 16C should call and / or ask questions via the telephone network audio signal 24 is sent to the customer's telephone 26, where customers can receive calls and answer 50 questions .

用在优选实施例中的电话网络24由当地电话公司运行。 Used in the preferred embodiment of the telephone network 24 operated by the local telephone company. 然而,如果希望闭路运行,诸如在一封闭区域或建筑物的范围内,可使用私人电话网络。 However, if you want to run closed, such as within the scope of an enclosed area or building, you can use a private telephone network. 在上述任一情况下,客户双音多频电话机26可硬件连接到电话网络24,或可用射频或卫星通信线路上的移动式蜂窝电话58。 In either case, the customer DTMF telephone hardware 26 may be connected to the telephone network 24, or may be a mobile cellular telephone or radio frequency satellite communication line 58. 通过在客户的移动电话58上与客户50通话,在很多情况下,促动通话可送到该行为正在发生的地方,那时该通话得到最大效果。 By the customer's mobile phone customers 58 50 calls, in many cases, the call can be actuated to place the act is taking place, when the call to get the maximum effect. 也如图1中点线所示,代替用电话机26与初始客户接触,可用调制解调器30,字母数字传呼机34,双向交互式计算机触发的通话显示36或其它类似设备。 Also shown in dotted lines in Figure 1, instead of using the initial telephone contact with the customers 26, available modems 30, 34 alphanumeric pagers, two-way interactive computer display call trigger 36 or other similar devices. 如果利用调制解调器30,它可直接连到计算机打印机或传真机(FAX)32。 If you use a modem 30, which can be connected directly to a computer printer or fax (FAX) 32. 在该客户报警介质中,在客户50接收促动通话或提问之后,他可在双音多频电话26上用特定的计算机访问电话号码呼叫计算机16。 In this medium, the client alarm, after the client 50 receives a call or actuation question, he may in the dual-tone multi-frequency telephone 26 with a specific computer on the telephone number to call to access the computer 16. 同样,如果利用字母数字传呼机34,客户可如上述进行反应。 Similarly, if the use of alphanumeric pager 34, the customer can carry out the reaction as described above. 利用双向对话通话显示36更可以包括图形的通话和提问提供增强的客户联系。 The use of two-way dialogue talk show 36 more can provide enhanced customer contact, including graphics calls and questions. 经电话网络24和数码/电话音频信号转换器18,显示器36直接与计算机16相连。 Via the telephone network 24 and digital / telephone audio signal converter 18, the display 36 is directly connected to the computer 16. 同样,可利用交互式电视系统44,在那里定制的广播可由单个的客户或整体用户所应答,提供对单个的定制指令的低花费的替代装置。 Similarly, the interactive television system 44 can be used, where the customized broadcast by a single client or user of the overall response, provide alternative means of a single low-cost of the custom instruction. 除了或代替交互式电视44之外,可使用包含视盘播放机和与微机相连的监视器的交互式视盘系统54。 In addition to or in place of the interactive television 44, the system may be used with interactive video disk and video disk player, and a monitor connected to the microcomputer 54.

利用光盘或CD-ROM56时,设想一种基于计算机的信息记录系统,其中客户50通过利用加密码记录设备仅对客户50希望接受的治疗量予以填报记录。 When the use of CD-ROM or CD-ROM56, imagine a computer-based information recording system, in which the client 50 through the use of encrypted recording equipment only 50 customers want to be accepted by completing the treatment volume record.

促动行为通话和对客户提问也可结合辅助设备来应用,以增强对客户的通话和提问。 Actuation behavior of customer calls and questions can also be combined with auxiliary equipment to applications to enhance the customer calls and questions. 例如,在减轻体重的领域中,电子秤38可用来及时提供客户的重量,以确定在报告周期内体重是否已减轻或增加。 For example, in the field of weight loss, electronic scales 38 may be used to provide timely customer's weight, during the reporting period to determine whether to reduce or increase the weight. 如图1所示,电子秤被接到普通电话线,结合运行系统自动拨电话号码和发送数字化的站在秤38上客户50的体重到客户程序14和数据库12,以后按照体重减轻程序进行分析。 1, the electronic scale is connected to an ordinary telephone line, combined with the runtime automatically dial a telephone number and transmitting digitized standing weight scale 38 on the client 50 to the client 14 and database 12, after the weight loss analysis procedures in accordance .

秤38防止客户50发觉他们的每天体重起伏。 38 50 scales to prevent customers find that their body weight daily ups and downs. 这符合于人类促动行为理论新观点,该理论允许观察者或指导者通过放在远程的计算机16周期性地观察客户的体重,并能根据他们的体重趋势或平均值,和其它设备诸如葡萄糖监视,血压,心率和胆固醇监视经常地引导客户50。 This is consistent with human behavior theory actuation new ideas, the theory allows the viewer or instructor on a remote computer 16 by periodically observe customer's weight, and according to their weight or average trends, and other devices such as glucose monitors, blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol monitored regularly to guide customers to 50.

Mori和Morey在1991年发表的研究表明,抑郁或自尊心较差的个体更可能有脆弱的或消极的误解的体形(The vulnerable bodyimage of females with feelings of depression,Journal ofResearch in Personality,vol.25,343-354)。 Mori and Morey study published in 1991 showed that depression or poor self-esteem are more likely to have weak or negative misunderstood figure (The vulnerable bodyimage of females with feelings of depression, Journal ofResearch in Personality, vol.25,343 -354). 此外,Nelson和Craighead的1977年研究(Selective recall of positive andnegative feedback,self-control behaviors,and depressionJournal of Abnormal Psychology,vol.86,379-388),认为抑郁误解环境以这样的方式输入,即他们一贯地得出否定的结论,因为抑郁的人“滤掉”一定量积极反馈和特别敏感于消极反馈,所以控制或限制消极反馈(即重量读数)的频率是重要的。 In addition, Nelson and Craighead's 1977 study (Selective recall of positive andnegative feedback, self-control behaviors, and depressionJournal of Abnormal Psychology, vol.86,379-388), think depression misunderstanding enter the environment in such a way that they always to draw negative conclusion, because depressed people "filtered" and a certain amount of positive feedback particularly sensitive to negative feedback, so that the control or limit the negative feedback (i.e., the weight reading) frequency is important.

秤38在外形上没有任何可见的测量显示,和可制成平的地席形状,由利用应变片技术或类似物放置在客户住房的各个房间内。 38 scales in shape without any visible display of measurement, and can be made into the shape of a flat mat, by the use of strain gauge technology or the like placed in each room housing clients. 虽然在附图中没有显示,可想象秤38放在电冰箱门的前面,在那里客户取食物之前就以一定时间间隔测量客户的体重。 Although not shown in the drawings, the scale 38 can be imagined in front of the refrigerator door, where it will measure a time interval before the client's weight to take food customers.

另一个优选的实施例,如图1所示,是利用嗅觉装置40,其对客户50提供许多不同的气味,以结合每天电话对话用于记忆。 Another preferred embodiment, shown in FIG. 1, is the use of olfactory apparatus 40, which provides a number of different smells to the client 50, to bind for every telephone conversation memory. 研究人员已成功地训练动物认识若干不同气味,且当其闻到时表现出特殊方式,例如当它们舐或嘴嚼来盼望食物或水,如由WJFreeman报导的(The physiology of perception,Scientific American,78-85,February,1991)。 Researchers have successfully trained a number of different animals recognize odors, and showed a special way when it smelled, such as when they are looking forward to lick or chew food or water, as reported by WJFreeman (The physiology of perception, Scientific American, 78-85, February, 1991). A.Cann和DARoss的较新研究(Olfac-tory stimuli as context cues in human memory,AmericanJournal of Psychology,91-102,1989)表明,嗅觉作为事物来龙去脉的提示,当配合学习经验时,以后可用于产生这所学行为的更有效实施。 A.Cann and DARoss newer research (Olfac-tory stimuli as context cues in human memory, AmericanJournal of Psychology, 91-102,1989) showed the ins and outs of the sense of smell as a hint of things, when with the learning experience, can later be used to generate This learned behavior more effectively. 事实上,客户50可携带适当的嗅觉激励源40以在实施结束的关键时刻释放,由此由提供访问提示(这在某种意义上在先有技术中未被教授),来增强促动训练。 In fact, the client 50 can carry a suitable excitation source 40 to the sense of smell at the critical moment of the release of the end of the implementation, thereby providing access from the tips (which in the prior art is not taught in a sense), to enhance the actuating Training .

1990年耶鲁大学Frank R.Schab的研究(“Odors and the re-membrance of things past”发表在Journal of ExperimentalPsychology:Learning,Memory and Cognition,Vol.16,648-655),更证明气味可有效地利用作为记忆恢复提示,来增强学习和实施。 1990 Yale University study of Frank R.Schab ("Odors and the re-membrance of things past" published in the Journal of ExperimentalPsychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, Vol.16,648-655), also proved to be effective in the use of smell As memory recovery tips to enhance learning and implementation. 这是符合Tulving和Thompson的“编码特性假设”(“Encod-ing specifity and retrieval processes in episodic memory”Psychologica Review,Vol.80,352-372,1973),其指出刺激(即嗅觉提示)与学习目标信息一起被编码和作为对目标信息恢复的记忆提示。 This is consistent with Tulving and Thompson's "code feature hypothesis" ("Encod-ing specifity and retrieval processes in episodic memory" Psychologica Review, Vol.80,352-372,1973), which pointed out that stimulus (ie smell prompts) and learning objectives Information is encoded together and as a memory prompt recovery target information.

还有另一个如图1所示的优选具体装置,结合使用语音重音分析器42,其提供讲话者语音重点由平的数字值评价,来监视在行为促动增强提问期间客户的应答。 Yet another particularly preferred apparatus shown in Figure 1, in combination with a voice stress analyzer 42, which provides talker speech focused by evaluating the level of a digital value, to monitor the behavior of the customer during the actuation enhanced response questions. DO′Hair和MJCody的研究“Gender and vocal stress differences during truthful anddeception information sequences,”Human Relations,Vol.40,1-14,(1987)表明,语音重音分析器可客观地和不引人注目地用于检测发音重音的伪装迹象。 DO'Hair and MJCody study "Gender and vocal stress differences during truthful anddeception information sequences," Human Relations, Vol.40,1-14, (1987) showed that voice stress analyzer can be objectively and unobtrusive use sign in camouflage detection accent. 如果客户50知道他的真实性正被检验和他的应答在作去伪分析,他将受到更大的促动来坚持程序14,和因此更迅速地向一特殊目标进展。 50 If the customer knows his authenticity is being tested and for his response to the pseudo-analysis, he will be more motivated by the program to adhere to 14, and therefore more rapid progress toward a particular goal. 此外,利用该方式可减少通常碰到的自我伪装。 In addition, the use of this method can reduce the normally encountered disguise themselves.

另一个优选具体装置结合利EEG测量和记录装置46,其可在客户50的面前,或在某远处,靠利用调制解调器发射表示各种脑波状态的信号,评定催眠灵敏度。 Another preferred binding Lee EEG measuring apparatus and recording apparatus 46, which may be in front of the customer 50, or at a distance, by using a modem transmitter signal indicates various brainwave state, hypnotic sensitivity assessment. 行为研究表明,当容易受到诸如催眠、松弛和沉思的行为干预方法影响时,脑电图中α活性就增加。 Behavioral research shows that when vulnerable, such as hypnosis, relaxation and meditation affect behavioral interventions, EEG activity in α increases. 此外,治疗精神病的药品研究表明,增大的和同步的α活性是所有主要镇静剂的特性。 In addition, studies show that the drug treatment of mental illness, the increased activity and α is a characteristic of all the major synchronization sedatives. 1972年GAUlett,S.Akpinar和TMItil的研究(“Quantative EEG analysis during hypnosis,“Electroencephaloqraphy and Clinical Neurophysiology,Vol.33,361-368)报导在安眠与醒着的状态之间脑电图的明显差别,所有被催眠者在安眠状态下经受增大的α活性。 1972 study GAUlett, S.Akpinar and TMItil's ("Quantative EEG analysis during hypnosis," Electroencephaloqraphy and Clinical Neurophysiology, Vol.33,361-368) reported significant differences between sleep and waking state EEG, All hypnosis is subjected α activity increases in sleep state. 在该模式中,计算机16接收和分析信号,然后能相应于客户50脑波状态来调整干预。 In this mode, the computer 16 receives and analyzes the signal, corresponding to the client 50 can then be adjusted brainwave state intervention.

另一个列在图1中的优选的实施例是促动增强和引导的计算机系统,其可适用于交互式电视44的各种方式。 Another preferred embodiment of the column in FIG. 1 is actuated and the guide enhanced computer system, which is applicable to the interactive television 44 in various ways. 其提供定制指令,学习和促动催促的特点和提示,常常在行为出现的场合,提供定向交互式学习和行为促动的独特途径。 Provides customized instruction, learning and actuation characteristics and urging prompt, often appear in the behavior of the occasion, provide a unique pathway-directed interactive learning and behavioral actuated. 利用交互式电视44,计算机驱动的系统把传统的广播形式转换成定制的“窄播”,那里学习者的班组或个别的用户,按照他们的不用特殊类别的个别号被编址,每个顺序地回答对问题或终端设备定时询问的个别特殊应答,然后其被记录在客户数据库12中。 44 use of interactive television, computer-driven system in the form of the traditional broadcast convert custom "narrowcasting", team or individual user where learners do not have a special category in accordance with their individual number addressing, each order is answer questions or terminal device of the individual special polling response, and then it is recorded in the client database 12. 这应用成为可能,因为用纤维光导电缆有较大数目的通道,便于双向对话。 This application is possible because the fiber optic cable with a larger number of channels, to facilitate the two-way conversation.

预计可利用三种独立的从计算机传输的方式:(1)纤维光导电缆双向通讯-计算机传输可出现在用户的屏幕上且他会通过遥控装置或利用纤维光导电缆用电话依次回答。 Expected to take advantage of three separate from your computer the way: (1) fiber optic cable-way communication - computer transmission can occur on the user's screen and he will use the remote control device or fiber optic cable in order to answer the telephone. 计算机会接收他的返回传输和相应地记录在存储元件中。 The computer receives his return to the transfer and the corresponding record in the storage element. 基于客户在特定时间间隔上的反应,借助于电话可实现周期的和较细调节的跟随增强。 Based on a specific customer response time interval, can be achieved by means of a telephone and finer adjustment period following the enhancement.

(2)同轴电缆-因为现有的同轴电缆系统可传递比普通电话线多几百倍的数据,附属的计算机驱动系统可传递学习,促动和增强在现有的同轴电缆系统上给用户班组和用户可利用包含计算机硬件的摇控装置在电缆上回答。 (2) coaxial cable - as the existing coaxial cable system may transmit hundreds of times more data than the ordinary telephone lines, computer subsidiary drive system may transmit learning, actuation and enhancement over existing coaxial cable systems team to the user and the user can use the remote control device includes a computer hardware answers on the cable. 另一方面,遥控装置可包括调制解调器在电话线上回答。 On the other hand, the remote device may include a modem answers the telephone line.

(3)无线电缆-没有电缆的用户接收信号,在定域发射情况中借助于天线,或在卫星传送情况下借助于抛物面天线。 (3) wireless cable - without cable users receive signals through an antenna in a given domain emission case, or in the case of satellite transmission by means of a parabolic antenna. 该传送可包含计算机驱动的学习,促动和增强。 The transfer may contain computer-driven learning, actuation and enhanced. 用户可由电话回答。 Users can answer the phone.

在每个传送方式中,用户可想起一种借助于电话26或这里所述的无线电遥控装置34,即将到来的传送。 In each transmission, a user can think of a 26 by means of telephone or radio remote control apparatus 34 described herein, the upcoming transmission. 另外,在任一种上述对话情况下,可利用说明性的小册子,作为进一步增强客户50引向特定目标的方法。 Further, in either case the above dialogue, the brochures available illustrative, as a further enhance the customer 50 towards a specific target method. 在当今技术和管理基础结构情况下,对回答式电视的程序设计仍会保持其目前的模拟形式和一特殊装置,通常是在电视机顶上加上远程定位的控制器盒,可使看电视者浏览数据流和操作在电视屏幕上出现的内容。 In today's technology and management infrastructure situation, the answer to television programming will remain in its current form and a special device simulation, usually on top of the TV remote location plus controller box, can watch TV to browse content stream and that appear on the TV screen. 藉助于数码和压缩技术(压缩六个或以上数码通道在相同带宽成一个模拟通道),机顶上盒子可用于实时视频和音频信号解码和解压缩。 And by means of digital compression technology (compressed six or more digital channels in the same bandwidth as one analog channel), machine top box that can be used in real-time video and audio signal decoding and decompression.

另一个优选的实施例是利用基于计算机的信息计量系统,其利用光盘56作为传输和储存介质,译成密码来保护数据和计量使客户在按每个图象或每二进制位信息支付基础上来使用。 Another preferred embodiment is the use of computer-based information metering system, which utilizes the disc 56 as the transport and storage of media, translated into a password to protect data and metering allows customers to pay per-image basis or every bit of information up to use . 编码-计量装置可利用数字技术和通过蜂窝电话,无线电缆传输,交互式电视和CD-ROM来实现。 Encoding - metering device can utilize digital technology and through cellular phones, wireless cable transmission, interactive TV and CD-ROM to achieve. 信息将以编成密码形式分配给用户。 Information will be encrypted form assigned to the user. 在用户免费浏览菜单或目录之后,选出所需的项目,编码-计量装置将译出所要求的信息,记录那些数据被利用,被谁和对什么问题或主题,和将允许用户仅对所用的数据付帐。 Users free access to the menu or directory after the election required for the project, encoding - metering device will decode the information requested, those data records to be used, by whom and for what issues or topics, and will allow users to only be used data check. 在解码之前,这信息将是不可读或不可听的,且用户会被基于所选的信息位数来收费。 Before decoding, this information will be unreadable or can not hear, and the user will be selected based on the number of bits of information to charge. 计量集成电路块或计算机板将用于计量数据,正如电表跟踪功率所要求的。 Metering integrated circuit board or a computer will be used for metering data, as required by the power meter track. 信息可以全文字声音的或图象形式来检索。 Information can be sound or image form to retrieve the full text. 译码程序留有多少个数据被译码,和可从预付的信用卡中扣除它的费用的踪迹,这信用卡储存在集成电路块上,作为支付的一种形式。 How many left decoding program data is decoded, and may be deducted from the prepaid credit card trail in its cost, which is stored on the integrated circuit credit cards as a form of payment. 编码-计量技术可利用基于Microsoft Windows的应用,以熟悉的图形界面和用户习惯的菜单系统,且可应用于各种计算机平台。 Coding - measurement technology available applications based on Microsoft Windows to familiar graphical user interface and menu system habits, and can be applied to a variety of computer platforms.

另一个优选实施例是利用CD-ROM56(具有只读存储器的CD盘)类似于数字音频CD盘的高密度储存和递送介质,其以数字形式储存大量数据。 Another preferred embodiment is the use of CD-ROM56 (a CD disc having a read-only memory) is similar to the CD digital audio storage and delivery of high-density media, which store large amounts of data in digital form. 每个CD-ROM56将保存约600兆字节数据,等效于约100英尺长的书架,其带有全文索引.CD-ROM56提供最快和最方便途径来从大数据库里访问材料。 Each CD-ROM56 will save about 600 megabytes of data, equivalent to approximately 100 feet long bookshelf, with its full-text index .CD-ROM56 provide the fastest and most convenient way to access material from the large database. 然而,最新的CD-ROM系统要求用户购买CD-ROM上整个数据库。 However, the latest CD-ROM system requires the user to purchase the entire database on CD-ROM. 相反,利用编码技术和计量允许申请人以很少费用或免费分发每个CD-ROM,然后用户仅需对实际所用的信息付费。 On the contrary, the use of coding techniques and metering allows applicants with little cost or free distribution of each CD-ROM, and then only for the actual user information used to pay. CD-ROM56可利用标准的以及移动式CDROM播放机,允许用户在任何地方即时访问材料。 CD-ROM56 available standard CDROM player and portable, allowing users instant access to the material in any place.

还有另一个列在图1上的优选的实施例是利用专论或“书籍治疗法”52作为声音、图象和亲自反馈的助手。 Another preferred embodiment also listed in Figure 1 is the use of a monograph or "books therapy" 52 as a sound, image and personal feedback assistant. 在研究妇女体重减轻计划中,发现可以利用书面广告传单改进自尊心、肯定性,对身材的看法,和关于体重控制的自我功效。 Weight loss program for women in the study, it was found written flyers can use to improve self-esteem, positive, on the body's views on weight control and self-efficacy. (AJBlair,VJLewis,and DABooth,“Response to leaflets about eating and shapeby women concerned about their weight,”Behavioural Psycho-therapy,Vol.20,279-296,1992)。 (AJBlair, VJLewis, and DABooth, "Response to leaflets about eating and shapeby women concerned about their weight," Behavioural Psycho-therapy, Vol.20,279-296,1992).

另一个优选实施例是利用交互式视频系统54来加速学习过程。 Another preferred embodiment is the use of an interactive video system 54 to speed up the learning process. 交互式视盘54系统指的是视盘播放机和监视器结合微机,从而允许控制程序14的进展。 Interactive video disk system 54 refers to a video disk player and computer monitors binding, allowing the progress of the control program 14. 先有技术系统能力较低,主要上是由于计算机记忆能力差。 Prior art systems have lower capacity, mainly due to a computer on a poor memory. 这些早先的技能系统按比例地减少用户控制和对话性。 These skills earlier system reduces user control and dialogic proportionally. 研究表明,在交互式视频系统54情况下,有效的学习会在以较传统装置进行同样内容所要求时间的1/3到1/2内实现。 Studies have shown that, in the case of interactive video system 54, effective learning to be implemented in a more traditional means the time required for the same content within 1/3 to 1/2. (G.Kearsleyand J.Frost,March,1985,“Design factors for successfulvideodisc-based instruction,”Educational Technology,7-13)。 (G.Kearsleyand J.Frost, March, 1985, "Design factors for successfulvideodisc-based instruction," Educational Technology, 7-13). 对利用交互式视频技术(IVT)的积极性的学生反映报导在文献:(L.Jones and SGSmith,March,1989,“Lights,camera,reac-tion!The interactive videodisc:A tool for teaching Chem-istry,”THEJournal,16(7),78-85),IVT特别适合于学习和行为改进:学习实现在没有监视和鉴定的环境中,用户有自由犯错误,且有自由观察他们的决定的后果,并有自由利用解决问题策略进行正确的行动。 On the use of interactive video technology (IVT) reflects the enthusiasm of the students reported in the literature: (L.Jones and SGSmith, March, 1989, "Lights, camera, reac-tion The interactive videodisc:! A tool for teaching Chem-istry, "THEJournal, 16 (7), 78-85), IVT is particularly suitable for learning and behavioral improvements: learning to achieve in the absence of monitoring and identification of environment, users have the freedom to make mistakes and have the freedom to observe the consequences of their decisions, and have the freedom to use problem-solving strategies for proper action. 加利福尼亚大学伯克利分校的Marion Diamond博士曾报导,基于对鼠的广泛实验,大脑皮层的结构和能力通过丰富知觉的环境,在一生中可予改变,她得出结论,如果对我们的大脑提供正确的鼓励和环境,随着年龄增大我们可实际上变得更聪明。 Dr. Marion Diamond of the University of California, Berkeley, has been reported, based on extensive experiments on mice, the structure and the ability of the cerebral cortex through the rich perception of the environment in their lives can be changed, she concluded that, if we provide the right brain encouragement and environment, increases with age we can actually become smarter. 实际上,更新的学习理论和最近的脑研究强调在他或她的自己学习创造中,主动的、准许学习者完全参与和对话的重要性。 In fact, learning theory and recent brain research updates stressed in his or her own learning creation, active, learner permit importance of full participation and dialogue.

虽然没有列出,但可予想象的另一个优选的实施例是在多面行为改进程序中应用变化的螺旋形或分级模式。 Although not listed, but other preferred embodiments may be imagined that in the multi-faceted behavior change to improve the application program or classification mode helical. 研究者James Proch-aska,Carlo DiClemente和John Norcross曾建立变化的螺旋形模型,其把在非线性结构中的变化过程概念化。 Researchers James Proch-aska, Carlo DiClemente and John Norcross has established a spiral model change, the process of change in the conceptualization of the nonlinear structure. 他们的研究显示,在具有嗜好行为的个体中故态复萌是规律而不是例外。 Their study showed that relapse in individuals with addiction behavior is the rule rather than the exception. 所以,由把故态复萌认为是上述过程中一正常阶段,他们的模型认为故态复萌不过是一暂时挫折和大多数故态复萌者没有全部倒退回他们开始的地方。 Therefore, by the above process relapse considered a normal stage, their model suggests that relapse is just a temporary setback, and most relapses were not all a throwback to where they began. 而是他们利用故态复萌作为学习经验,在螺旋形过程变化中,达到更新高度和向前运动。 Instead they use the relapse as a learning experience, the process of change in the spiral, to update the height and forward movement. 变化的螺旋形模型描述变化的循环由5个或更多的不同阶段组成,Prochaska等人曾发现,每个这些阶段由一组特定行为典型来表征。 Changes spiral model describes changing cycle from five or more different phases, Prochaska et al have found that each of these stages by a specific set of typical behavior characterized. 成功变化的可能似乎直接与在螺旋形上个体的位置有关(即在这模型中特定的阶段)。 Successful change may seem directly related to the position of the spiral on the individual concerned (that particular stage in this model). 诚然,由于专业性干预,病人所作的进展往往与他们处在治疗的开始阶段有关。 Indeed, as a result of professional intervention, the progress made by the patient and they are often at the beginning of treatment related.

如由Prochaska等人概述的,结合变化的过程和阶段建立多面和多维治疗系统,这系统结合本发明的论据及其实施例对客户定制特定的行为干预,其符合于他们在上述螺旋形过程中所处的每个循环和阶段的位置。 As outlined by Prochaska et al., Combined with changes in the stages of the process and the establishment of multi-faceted and multi-dimensional treatment systems, this system combines argument present invention and its embodiments to the particular customized behavioral intervention, conforming to them in the course of the above-described spiral position in which each cycle and phase. 例如,在规划阶段,个体最与培养知觉技术相通和较可能利用书藉疗法和其它反馈和增强教育伯方法。 For example, in the planning stage, the individual perception of the most technical and training in communication and therapy are more likely to use books and other feedback and enhance primary education methods. 在“行动阶段”,客户需要行为过程的帮助,诸如反向调节和激励控制,以防止故态复萌。 In the "action stage", the customer needs help behavioral processes, such as reverse incentive regulation and control, in order to prevent relapse. 在“维持阶段”,存在对应付技能的持续强调以及改进自我效能水平的焦点。 In the "maintenance phase", and stressed that there is a continuous improvement of the level of self-efficacy to cope with the focus on skills. 在某些情况下,在几个不同的变化阶段中可利用同样的干预或方法,但以不同的强度和/或频率。 In some cases, changes in several different stages of the intervention can be utilized in the same or method, but with different intensity and / or frequency. 有很多研究支持这样的观点,即治疗程序和过程与客户的变化阶段相匹配将更好地为大多数客户服务。 Many studies support the view that the treatment procedures and processes and stages of change to match the customer will be better for the majority of customer service.

在线的和/或CD-ROM多媒体或图象游戏,带有向上螺旋形的对话或剧本原稿会被用作为程序14的一部分。 Online and / or CD-ROM multimedia or video games, or screenplay dialogue with the upward spiral of the document will be used as part of the program 14. 客户50在每次玩这游戏时会自觉或不自觉地把螺旋形图象印在头脑中,实施或观察规划、行动、保持和故态复萌的过程,然后再开始这同一循环,由此对他们自己提供惊人胜利的强烈感受,没有自身或物质危险。 50 customers each time playing this game will consciously or unconsciously, the spiral image in the minds of India, or to observe the implementation of the planning, operation, maintenance and relapse of the process, and then start it again the same cycle, thus providing for themselves strong feelings amazing victory, there is no danger to itself or substance. 所学到的经验,诸如问题解决、图象识别、快速思维、对策运用和推理判断,于是可逐渐被客户的生活所接受。 Lessons learned, such as problem solving, image recognition, fast thinking, judgment and reasoning apply countermeasures, so you can gradually be accepted by customers' lives. 对在线的用户,可想象装置顶上的盒子会被用来再现交互式实时三维图形。 For online users, can imagine the device on top of the box will be used to reproduce the interactive real-time three-dimensional graphics.

此外,分开或结合使用多种装置,诸如声频的,动画,静止图象,图表,动画片和课本可用于增强用户吸收和学习新信息的能力和使相应的行为改进。 In addition, separate or combined using a variety of devices, such as audio and animation, still images, graphics, animation and textbooks can be used to enhance the user's ability to absorb and learn new information and the corresponding behavior improvement.

也可想象上述设备可结合个性化专论52利用,由一对一的探询来发展客户数据库以改进和增强上述声频、视频的和亲自的行为改进方法。 Also conceivable combination of the above-described apparatus may utilize personalized Monograph 52, by one of the interrogation to develop and enhance the customer database to improve the above-described audio, video, and personal behavior improved method.

虽然本发明很详细描述和用图说明,但并不限于这样的细节,因为很多变化和修改在本发明中可予进行而没有违反其精神和范围。 Although the invention is described in great detail and with a map, but is not limited to such details, since many changes and modifications can be carried out in the present invention without departing from the spirit and scope. 例如一些新出现的通讯技术提供不同的平台来传输行为促动和增强。 For example, some emerging communications technology platform to provide different transmission behavior of actuators and enhancements. 某些这种装置包括:含有为列出数据和图表的LCD显示屏幕的增强型电话;利用低功率数字无线电话的个人通讯网络;容纳卫星传输为全国性网络部分的掌上计算器;在国家基础上交换数据的无线电传送网络;数字蜂窝电话,其连续通告它们的行踪,为使其主人通过与卫星网络联络可位于世界的任何地方;和个人数码助理(PDA),其可接收数据,对它进行编制,监视客户的行动,给出提示和然后经内部调制解调器,按照客户的应允,与中央主计算机通讯。 Some of these devices include: Contains data for lists and charts enhanced LCD display screen phone; the use of low-power digital wireless telephone personal communications network; satellite transmission to accommodate part of a national network of handheld calculators; national basis the switched radio data transmission network; digital cellular phone, continuously advertise their whereabouts, anywhere in the world to make the owner of contact with the satellite network may be located; and personal digital assistants (PDA), which can receive data, it for the preparation, monitoring the customer's action, give tips, and then by the internal modem, according to the customer's answers, with the central host computer communications. 还有,应用变化的螺旋形或阶段模型可适用于所有以前讨论过的行为改进程序。 Also, the application changes or spiral-stage model to improve the procedures applicable to all actions previously discussed. 因此,所述的发明覆盖可包括在附后的申请专利范围内的任何修改。 Thus, according to the invention may comprise any cover modifications within the scope of the appended patent's.

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