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Publication numberCN106010013 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 201610590847
Publication date12 Oct 2016
Filing date26 Jul 2016
Priority date26 Jul 2016
Publication number201610590847.9, CN 106010013 A, CN 106010013A, CN 201610590847, CN-A-106010013, CN106010013 A, CN106010013A, CN201610590847, CN201610590847.9
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Special anti-corrosion coating
CN 106010013 A
The invention discloses a special anti-corrosion coating. The special anti-corrosion coating is prepared from the following components according to the following content ratio: 12 to 23 parts of a vulcanized siloxane elastomer, 6 to 12 parts of diisobutyl phthalate, 20 to 26 parts of acrylic acid type emulsion, 5 to 8 parts of trimethylsilane, 2 to 6 parts of manganese oxide, 1 to 4 parts of titanium dioxide, 2 to 8 parts of sodium hexametaphosphate and 12 to 15 parts of foam polystyrene. With the adoption of the manner, the special anti-corrosion coating disclosed by the invention has the advantages that a coating film is stable in performance after being dried, and particularly, oil-proof, waterproof, oil-water mixed solution resisting performances and the like are more excellent; the special anti-corrosion coating is good in adhesive force and good in flexibility, wearing resistance and anti-impacting performance, is not easily solidified into blocks and is suitable for long-period construction work.
Claims(1)  translated from Chinese
1.一种防腐特种涂料,其特征在于:包括如下含量比例的成分:硫化硅氧烷弹性体 12〜23份邻苯酸二丁酯 6〜12份丙烯酸系乳液 20〜26份甲基三硅烷 5〜8份氧化锰 2〜6份二氧化钛 1~4份六磷偏酸钠 2〜8份泡沫聚苯乙烯 12〜15份。 A special anti-corrosion coating, characterized in that: a content of the component ratio as follows: 12~23 parts of dibutyl phthalic vulcanizable silicone elastomers 6~12 20~26 parts Acrylic emulsion silane parts methyltris 5 ~ 8 2 ~ 6 parts of manganese oxide parts of titanium dioxide 1-4 parts by six partial sodium phosphate 2~8 12~15 parts by polystyrene foam parts.
Description  translated from Chinese
一种防腐特种涂料 One kind of special anti-corrosion coating

技术领域 FIELD

[0001 ]本发明涉及建筑涂料领域,特别是一种防腐特种涂料。 [0001] The present invention relates to the field of architectural coatings, in particular a special anti-corrosion coating.

背景技术 Background technique

[0002]耐油防腐涂料性能稳定、可靠,防腐期效达十年以上,是一种性能优异的新型工业涂料,同时符合环保涂料的特性要求,环保无毒。 [0002] stable oil anti-corrosion coating performance, reliable, anti-corrosion effect of over 10 years, is an excellent new industrial coatings, while meeting the requirements of the characteristics of green paint, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. 配套性能良好,由于采用了新型固化剂,不仅毒性小,而且对施工温度适应性宽,即可在高温下施工,也可在低温下固化。 Good supporting properties, the use of novel curing agent, not only low toxicity, and wide temperature adaptability of the construction, the construction can be at a high temperature, it can be cured at low temperatures. 但是,由于长期存放,或者暴露空气重中,则容易固化成块,难以使用。 However, due to long-term storage, or re-exposed to the air, it is easy to cure into blocks, difficult to use.


[0003]本发明主要解决的技术问题是提供一种防腐特种涂料,解决了防腐耐油涂料容易固化成块造成使用不便的问题。 [0003] The present invention solves the technical problem of providing a special anti-corrosion coatings, anti-corrosion oil coating solved easily solidified into a block inconvenient to use.

[0004]为解决上述技术问题,本发明采用的一个技术方案是:提供一种防腐特种涂料,包括如下含量比例的成分: [0004] To solve the above problems, an aspect of the present invention is that: provide a special anti-corrosion coating, comprising the following component ratio content:

硫化硅氧烷弹性体 12〜23份 Vulcanized silicone elastomer 12~23 parts

邻苯酸二丁酯 6〜12份 Dibutyl phthalic 6~12 parts

丙烯酸系乳液 20〜26份 Acrylic emulsion 20~26 parts

甲基三硅烷 5〜8份氧化锰 2〜6份 Methyl triethoxy silane 5 ~ 8 2 ~ 6 parts by parts of manganese oxide

二氧化钛 1~4份 1 to 4 parts of titanium dioxide

六磷偏酸钠 2〜8份 2~8 parts by six partial sodium phosphate

泡沫聚苯乙烯 12〜15份。 Styrofoam 12~15 parts.

[0005]本发明的有益效果是:提供一种防腐特种涂料,漆膜干固后性能稳定,尤其耐油、耐水、耐油水混合液等性能更为优异;而且附着力好,柔韧性、耐磨性、耐冲击性优良,不容易固化成块,适合长期施工作业。 [0005] Advantageous effects of the present invention are: to provide a special anti-corrosion coating film after dryness stability, in particular oil, water, oil and so more excellent water mixture; and good adhesion, flexibility, wear-resistant resistance, excellent impact resistance, is not easily solidified into blocks, construction work for long-term.

具体实施方式 detailed description

[0006]下面对本发明的较佳实施例进行详细阐述,以使本发明的优点和特征能更易于被本领域技术人员理解,从而对本发明的保护范围做出更为清楚明确的界定。 [0006] The following preferred embodiments of the present invention will be described in detail, so that the advantages and features of the present invention can be more readily understood by those skilled in the art, in order to make more clearly the scope of clearly defined in the present invention.

[0007]本发明实施例1包括:一种防腐特种涂料,包括如下含量比例的成分: [0007] Example 1 of the present invention comprising: ??? a special anti-corrosion coating, containing ingredients comprising the following proportions:

硫化硅氧烷弹性体 12份 12 parts of vulcanized silicone elastomer

邻苯酸二丁酯 6份 6 parts of dibutyl phthalic

丙烯酸系乳液 20份甲基三硅烷 5份氧化锰 2份二氧化钛 I份六磷偏酸钠 2份 Acrylic emulsion 20 parts 5 parts of methyltriethoxysilane silane 2 parts of titanium dioxide, manganese oxide I parts by six partial sodium phosphate 2 parts

泡沫聚苯乙烯 12份。 12 parts of polystyrene foam.

[0008]本发明实施例2包括:一种防腐特种涂料,包括如下含量比例的成分: [0008] Example 2 of the present invention comprising: ??? a special anti-corrosion coating, comprising the following component ratio of content:

硫化硅氧烷弹性体 18份 18 parts of vulcanized silicone elastomer

邻苯酸二丁酯 10份 O dibutyl benzene 10 parts

丙烯酸系乳液 23份甲基三硅烷 6份氧化锰 4份二氧化钛 3份六磷偏酸钠 5份 Acrylic emulsion 23 parts of silane 6 parts of methyltriethoxysilane manganese oxide of titanium dioxide 4 parts 3 parts 5 parts by six partial sodium phosphate

泡沫聚苯乙烯 13份。 13 parts of polystyrene foam.

[0009]本发明实施例3包括:一种防腐特种涂料,包括如下含量比例的成分: [0009] Example 3 of the present invention comprising: ??? a special anti-corrosion coating, comprising the following component ratio of content:

硫化硅氧烷弹性体 23份 23 parts of vulcanized silicone elastomer

邻苯酸二丁酯 12份 12 parts of phthalic acid ester

丙烯酸系乳液 26份甲基三硅烷 8份氧化锰 6份二氧化钛 4份六磷偏酸钠 8份 Acrylic emulsion 26 parts of methyl trisilane manganese oxide 8 parts 6 parts of titanium dioxide 4 parts by six partial sodium phosphate 8 parts

泡沫聚苯乙烯 15份。 15 parts of polystyrene foam.

上述实施例只为说明本发明的技术构思及特点,其目的在于让熟悉此项技术的人士能够了解本发明的内容并加以实施,并不能以此限制本发明的保护范围,凡根据本发明精神实质所作的等效变化或修饰,都应涵盖在本发明的保护范围内。 To illustrate the above embodiments technical concept and features of the invention, the purpose is to just let the person skilled in the art to understand the content of the invention and implemented, and thus can not limit the scope of the present invention, where the spirit of this invention equivalent variations or modifications made by the substantive, should fall within the scope of the present invention.

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