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Publication numberCN103953834 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 201410187643
Publication date30 Jul 2014
Filing date6 May 2014
Priority date6 May 2014
Publication number201410187643.1, CN 103953834 A, CN 103953834A, CN 201410187643, CN-A-103953834, CN103953834 A, CN103953834A, CN201410187643, CN201410187643.1
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Quick switching structure for tripod stabilizer
CN 103953834 A
The invention provides a quick switching structure for a tripod stabilizer. The quick switching structure comprises a tripod, a stabilizer adjusting head, a stabilizer rotating handle and a counterweight assembly, wherein the tripod comprises a base and three supporting legs; the supporting legs are fixedly connected with the foot joint threads on the base through the connecting pieces at the upper ends of the supporting legs; the supporting legs are fixedly connected with the foot pad threads through foot pad joints at the lower ends; a stabilizer joint below the stabilizer adjusting head is fixedly connected with the connecting piece threads; the stabilizer rotating handle is detachably connected with the supporting legs; a counterweight joint on the counterweight assembly is fixedly connected with the foot pad joint threads. According to the invention, the quick switching structure can realize the quick switch between the tripod and the stabilizer, and is firm in structure, convenient and quick to mount, and convenient to carry.
Claims(1)  translated from Chinese
1.一种三脚架稳定器快速转换结构,其包括三角架、稳定器调节头(4)、稳定器旋转把手(5 )以及配重组合(6 ),所述三脚架包括基座以及三个支撑脚(2 ),其特征在于,所述支撑脚通过上端的连接件(21)与基座上的脚接头(I)螺纹固定连接,支撑脚通过下端脚垫接头(22)与脚垫(3)螺纹固定连接;所述稳定器调节头(4)下方的稳定器接头(41)可与上述连接件螺纹固定连接,所述稳定器旋转把手(5)可与支撑脚可拆卸连接;所述配重组合上的配重接头(61)可与上述脚垫接头螺纹固定连接。 A tripod stabilizer rapid conversion structure comprising a tripod, stabilizer adjustment head (4), stabilizers rotation of the handle (5) and a counterweight composition (6), the base and the tripod comprises three support feet (2), characterized in that the support leg through the upper end of the connecting member (21) and pin connector on the base (I) screwed connections through the lower end of the support leg pads connector (22) and pads (3) screwed connections; the stabilizer adjustment head (4) below the stabilizer joint (41) can be fixedly connected to said threaded connecting member, said stabilizer rotary knob (5) can be detachably connected to the support leg; the distribution counterweight connector (61) can be fixed on the re-combination connected to the Ottomans joint thread.
Description  translated from Chinese

一种三脚架稳定器快速转换结构 A three tripod stabilizer rapid conversion structure

[0001] [0001]

技术领域 Technical Field

[0002] 本发明涉及摄影辅助设备,特别涉及一种三脚架稳定器快速转换结构。 [0002] The present invention relates to a photographic auxiliary equipment, in particular to a tripod stabilizer rapid conversion structure.

[0003] [0003]

背景技术 Background

[0004] 三脚架作为一种便携支架,广泛应用于摄影摄像领域。 [0004] As a portable tripod stand, widely used in the field of photography. 稳定器作为一种摄像器材,广泛应用于摄像摄影领域。 As a stabilizer camera equipment, widely used in the imaging field of photography. 传统的三角胶和稳定器之间没有关联,也是没有办法实现相互转换的,只能分别单独使用,为两个单独的产品,携带比较麻烦。 Not between tradition and stability is associated apex, there is no way to achieve mutual conversion, can only be used individually, as two separate products, carrying more trouble.

[0005] [0005]


[0006] 为了克服现有技术的缺陷,本发明一种能够将三脚架与稳定器进行快速转换,从而达到携带方便,使用便捷的目的。 [0006] In order to overcome the deficiencies of the prior art, the present invention can be a stabilizer tripod for quick conversion, so as to achieve easy to carry, easy to use purposes.

[0007] 为了实现上述目的,本发明提供以下技术方案: [0007] To achieve the above objects, the present invention provides the following technical solutions:

一种三脚架稳定器快速转换结构,其包括三角架、稳定器调节头、稳定器旋转把手以及配重组合,所述三脚架包括基座以及三个支撑脚,所述支撑脚通过上端的连接件与基座上的脚接头螺纹固定连接,支撑脚通过下端脚垫接头与脚垫螺纹固定连接;所述稳定器调节头下方的稳定器接头可与上述连接件螺纹固定连接,所述稳定器旋转把手可与支撑脚可拆卸连接;所述配重组合上的配重接头可与上述脚垫接头螺纹固定连接。 A tripod stabilizer rapid conversion structure, which includes a connecting member via a tripod foot, head stabilizer adjustment, rotation of the handle and the stabilizer in combination with the weight, the base and the tripod comprises three support legs, the upper end of the support and pin connector connected to the threaded base is fixed on the lower end of the supporting leg foot pad connector by screwing and connecting pads; said stabilizer beneath regulator stabilizer joint head can be screwed to the connecting member is connected, the rotation knob stabilizer may be removably connected to the support leg; the combination with heavy counterweight connector can be fixed on the pads connected to the threaded joint.

[0008] 本发明所带来的有益效果是:实现了三脚架与稳定器之间的快速转换,结构牢固、安装方便快捷,携带方便。 [0008] The present invention is the beneficial effect: to achieve a rapid conversion tripod and stability between the solid structure, convenient to install, easy to carry.

[0009] [0009]

附图说明 Brief Description

[0010] 图1是三脚架结构示意图。 [0010] FIG. 1 is a schematic structural view of a tripod.

[0011] 图2是支撑脚与稳定器、旋转把手以及配重组合的连接结构(即稳定器)示意图。 [0011] FIG. 2 is a support pin and stability, rotary knob and a connection structure counterweight combination (ie Stabilizer) Fig.

[0012] 图中标号为: [0012] FIG designated:

1、脚接头;2、支撑脚;3、脚塾;4、稳定器调节头; 1, pin connector; 2, support legs; 3 feet Sook; 4, stable adjustment head;

5、稳定器旋转把手;6、配重组合;21、连接件;22、脚塾接头41、稳定器连接头;61、配重接头。 5, stable rotation handle; 6, the counterweight combination; 21, the connecting member; 22, 41 feet Sook joints, stabilizer connector; 61, with heavy joints.

[0013] [0013]


[0014] 下面结合附图对本发明的较佳实施例进行详细阐述,以使本发明的优点和特征能更易于被本领域技术人员理解,从而对本发明的保护范围做出更为清楚明确的界定。 [0014] below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings of the preferred embodiment of the present invention will be described in detail in order to make the advantages and features of the present invention can be more readily understood by those skilled in the art, and thus the scope of the present invention to make a more clear and unambiguous definition .

[0015] 如图1、图2所示,一种三脚架稳定器快速转换结构,其包括三角架、稳定器调节头 [0015] 1, as shown in a tripod stabilizer rapid conversion structure as shown in Figure 2, which includes a tripod, a stabilizer adjusting heads

4、稳定器旋转把手5以及配重组合6,所述三脚架包括基座以及三个支撑脚2,所述支撑脚通过上端的连接件21与基座上的脚接头I螺纹固定连接,支撑脚通过下端脚垫接头22与脚垫3螺纹固定连接;所述稳定器调节头4下方的稳定器接头41可与上述连接件21螺纹固定连接,所述稳定器旋转把手5可与支撑脚2可拆卸连接;所述配重组合6上的配重接头61可与上述脚垫接头22螺纹固定连接。 4, rotation of the handle 5 and a stabilizer composition counterweight 6, the tripod comprising a base 2 and three support legs, said support legs by a threaded pin I linker connecting member fixedly connected with the upper end of the base 21 on the support legs Connector 22 is fixedly connected with the mat 3 through the lower end of the threaded foot pad; adjusting the head 4 below stabilizer stabilizer joint 41 with the connecting member 21 is screwed connection, the stabilizer 5 with rotation of the handle 2 can support leg Removing the connection; the counterweight combination counterweight 61 connector 6 can be screwed joint 22 connected to the pads.

[0016] 将其中一只支撑脚2从三脚架上拆卸下来,将连接件21与稳定器接头41螺纹固定连接,将稳定器旋转把手套设于支撑脚2上并且固定,将脚垫接头22与配重接头61螺纹固定连接,即完成了三脚架到稳定器的转换。 [0016] in which a support pin 2 detached from the tripod, the connecting member 21 is screwed stabilizer joint 41 is connected to the stable rotation of the gloves provided in the supporting foot 2 and the fixed contacts 22 and the Ottomans counterweight fitting 61 screwed connections, to complete the tripod to steady the conversion.

[0017] 本发明所述实施例实现了三脚架与稳定器之间的快速转换,结构牢固、安装方便快捷,携带方便。 The implementation of the [0017] The present invention enables fast conversion tripod and stability between the solid structure, convenient to install, easy to carry.

[0018] 以上所述,仅为本发明的具体实施方式,但本发明的保护范围并不局限于此,任何熟悉本领域的技术人员在本发明所揭露的技术范围内,可不经过创造性劳动想到的变化或替换,都应涵盖在本发明的保护范围之内。 [0018] The above description is only the embodiments of the present invention, but the scope of the present invention is not limited to this, any skilled in the art within the technical scope of the invention disclosed, do not think through creative labor changes or replacement shall fall within the scope of the present invention. 因此,本发明的保护范围应该以权利要求书所限定的保护范围为准。 Accordingly, the scope of the invention should claim the scope of protection as defined prevail.

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30 Jul 2014C06Publication
8 Apr 2015C10Entry into substantive examination
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