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Publication numberCN1033558 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 88107021
Publication date5 Jul 1989
Filing date12 Oct 1988
Priority date13 Oct 1987
Also published asDE3827966A1, US4854873
Publication number88107021.1, CN 1033558 A, CN 1033558A, CN 88107021, CN-A-1033558, CN1033558 A, CN1033558A, CN88107021, CN88107021.1
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口腔植入物 Oral implants translated from Chinese
CN 1033558 A
Abstract  translated from Chinese
圆柱形的口腔植入物带有一个平的近端及一个球形的远端。 Oral proximal cylindrical implant having a flat and a spherical distal end. 圆柱形表面设有凸块,从圆柱形主体的近端往远端渐渐变细。 Cylindrical surface has a bump from the proximal to the distal end of the cylindrical body gradually thinning. 凸块径向分布,其锥形表面可带有波纹。 Bumps radial distribution, which may have a tapered surface corrugations. 在主体部分的近端设有一侧向通孔。 Is provided at the proximal end side of the main body portion to the through hole. 近端上有一个六角形的凹槽以容纳拧转的工具及假牙。 There is a hexagonal recess to accommodate the tool and twisted the proximal dentures. 植入物也可以设置沿周向延伸的螺脊跟圆柱形表面上凸块排成一行。 The implant may be provided on the bumps are aligned circumferentially extending ridges with the cylindrical surface. 植入物的安装包括先压配入孔内,然后拧转一个预定的角度使凸块及螺脊切入颌骨中形成沟槽使得将植入物牢固地锁定在骨中。 Installation of implants include first press-fitted into the hole, then tighten the turn of a predetermined angle so that the bumps and ridges cut into the jawbone forming a trench so that the implant is firmly locked in the bone.
Claims(24)  translated from Chinese
1.一种口腔植入物,其特征在于其包含:a.一个主体部分,它具有一个一般是圆柱形的表面和由该圆柱形表面所围绕的一个纵向轴,上述的圆柱形表面不带外螺纹;b.凸块组合件,设在上述的圆柱形表面上,突出一定量,该凸块组合件具有与上述的纵向轴相对而言小于360度的一个予定的径向范围和一个予定的纵向范围;和c.固定假牙的装置。 1. An oral implant, characterized in that it comprises: a body portion having a generally cylindrical surface and surrounded by the cylindrical surface of a longitudinal axis of said cylindrical surface without. external thread;. b bump assembly, provided on said cylindrical surface, projecting a certain amount, the projection assembly having a longitudinal axis of said relatively less than 360 degrees of a predetermined range and a predetermined radial longitudinal extent; and c fixed dentures device.
2.根据权利要求1的口腔植入物,其特征为:上述的凸块组合件包含有至少一块凸块元件,它有相对于上述的纵向轴而言的近端部分和远端部分,上述的凸块元件具有一个锥形表面,它从上述的近端部分到上述的远端部分逐渐变细并向纵轴收敛。 2. The oral implant according to claim 1, characterized in that: said projection assembly includes at least one projection member, which has a longitudinal axis with respect to the terms proximal and distal portions, said The projection member having a tapered surface, which from said proximal portion to said distal end portion is tapered to the longitudinal axis of the convergence.
3.根据权利要求2的口腔植入物,其特征为:上述凸块元件的予定的径向范围小于90度。 3. The oral implant according to claim 2, characterized in that: a predetermined range of the radial projection element is less than 90 degrees.
4.根据权利要求2的口腔植入物,其特征为:上述的凸块组合件包含一些上述的凸块元件,在上述的圆柱形表面上成纵向排列。 4. The oral implant according to claim 2, characterized in that: said projection assembly includes some of said projections member, on said cylindrical surface into a vertical arrangement.
5.根据权利要求4的口腔植入物,其特征为:上述的纵向排列的凸块元件上包含有一个在最远端设置的凸块元件,它具有一个远端部分及有一个通孔,通孔对着纵向轴,从侧面穿过最远端设置的凸块元件的远端部分。 5. The oral implant according to claim 4, characterized in that: the projection device described above comprises a longitudinally aligned in the distal-most projection element provided having a distal end portion and having a through hole, a through hole facing the longitudinal axis, from the side through the distal end portion of the most distal set of bumps element.
6.根据权利要求2的口腔植入物,其特征为:上述的凸块组合件包含有一些凸块元件,径向隔90度间隔设置在上述的圆柱形表面上。 6. The oral implant according to claim 2, characterized in that: said projection assembly comprises a number of projection elements, disposed radially separated at 90 degree intervals on the cylindrical surface.
7.根据权利要求6的口腔植入物,其特征为:凸块元件的径向范围小于45度。 7. The oral implant according to claim 6, characterized in that: the radial extent of the projection element is less than 45 degrees.
8.根据权利要求2的口腔植入物,其特征为:在上述的锥形表面上有大体上是纵向的波纹。 8. The oral implant according to claim 2, characterized in that: on said tapered surface is substantially vertical corrugations.
9.根据权利要求2的口腔植入物,其特征为:上述的锥形表面的锥度大于5度及小于12度。 9. The oral implant according to claim 2, wherein: said tapered surface of the taper is greater than 5 degrees and less than 12 degrees.
10.根据权利要求1的口腔植入物,其特征为:上述的主体部分有一个近端及一个远端,并且上述的远端是半球形的。 10. The oral implant according to claim 1, wherein: said body portion having a proximal end and a distal end, and said distal end is hemispherical.
11.根据权利要求2的口腔植入物,其特征为:上述的凸块组合件还包含有至少一个螺脊,它有一个予定的周向尺寸及一个予定的纵向尺寸,周向尺寸的大小大于纵向尺寸大小。 11. The oral implant according to claim 2, characterized in that: said projection assembly further comprises at least one ridge, which has a predetermined dimension and a predetermined longitudinal dimension of the circumferential, circumferential dimension of size larger than the longitudinal size.
12.根据权利要求11的口腔植入物,其特征为:上述的凸块组合件包含有一些上述的螺脊,周向间隔地分布在上述的圆柱形表面上。 12. The oral implant according to claim 11, characterized in that: said projection assembly comprising some of the above ridges, distributed circumferentially spaced on said cylindrical surface.
13.根据权利要求6的口腔植入物,其特征为:其中上述的凸块组合件包含有一些螺脊,周向间隔地分布在上述的圆柱形表面上,在纵向与上述的凸块元件对成一行,上述的螺脊相互间在纵向隔开一个予定的距离。 13. The oral implant according to claim 6, characterized in that: wherein said projection assembly comprises a number of ridges, distributed circumferentially spaced on said cylindrical surface, in the longitudinal direction with said projection member on a row above the ridges spaced from each other in the longitudinal direction a predetermined distance.
14.根据权利要求13的口腔植入物,其特征为:上述的螺脊在周向具有相对的两端,从一端到另一端渐渐变薄。 14. The oral implant according to claim 13, wherein: said ridges in the circumferential direction with opposite ends, from one end to the other end of the gradually thinned.
15.根据权利要求11的口腔植入物,其特征为:其中上述的螺脊在纵向剖面上的形状是“V”形的。 15. The oral implant according to claim 11, characterized in that: wherein said ridges in the longitudinal cross-sectional shape of the "V" shaped.
16.根据权利要求11的口腔植入物,其特征为:上述的螺脊在纵向剖面上的形状是圆形的。 16. The oral implant according to claim 11, wherein: said ridges in the longitudinal direction of the cross-sectional shape is circular.
17.一种口腔植入物,其特征在于其具有:a.一个主体部分,它具有一个近端部分及一个远端部分,一个大体上是圆柱形的表面和由该圆柱形表面所围绕的一个纵向轴;b.凸块组合件,包括一些凸块元件,周向分布在上述的圆柱形表面的一定部位,并突起一定的量,上述的凸块元件具有锥形表面,从近端部分到远端部分逐渐变细并向纵轴收敛,和 17. An oral implant, characterized in that it has:. A a body portion having a proximal portion and a distal portion, a substantially cylindrical surface and the cylindrical surface surrounded by the a longitudinal axis;. b bump assembly, including some bumps elements, circumferentially distributed in said certain parts of the cylindrical surface, and a certain amount of projection, said projection member having a tapered surface, from the proximal portion to the distal end portion is tapered to the longitudinal axis of the convergence, and
c.固定假牙的装置。 c. Fixed dentures devices.
18.根据权利要求17的口腔植入物,其特征为:上述的凸块元件隔90度分布在上述的圆柱形表面上。 18. The oral implant according to claim 17, characterized in that: said spacer element projections 90 distributed on said cylindrical surface.
19.根据权利要求17的口腔植入物,其特征为:上述的凸块元件的锥形表面是波纹形的。 19. The oral implant according to claim 17, wherein: the tapered surface of said projection member is corrugated.
20.根据权利要求17的口腔植入物,其特征为:其中上述的凸块组合件还包括在纵向与上述凸块元件排成一行并且相应地在周向分布的螺脊。 20. The oral implant according to claim 17, characterized in that: wherein said projection assembly further comprises a longitudinal member with said projection and correspondingly aligned to the ridges in the circumferential distribution.
21.一种把一个带有近端及远端部分的一般是圆柱形的口腔植入物固定到颌骨上的方法,其特征在于包括:a.在颌骨上钻一个直径大体上相应于口腔植入物的直径的孔,允许将植入物压配到颌骨中,孔的深度大体上相应于植入物的长度范围,b.在植入物表面形成凸块,其长度比植入物短,并且从它的近端到它的远端逐渐变细并向圆柱体的纵轴收敛,在表面上突起的量要允许在植入物压配入孔中时凸块能切入颌骨中,c.沿周向在植入物的表面上设置凸块,d.将植入物压配入孔内,使它的整个长度范围都能包埋在孔中,和e.在压配后拧转在孔中的植入物,使凸块切入到孔的颌骨的表面内将植入物锁定在孔中。 21. A one General having a proximal end and a distal end portion of the cylindrical implant oral method of fixing to the maxilla, comprising:. A drilled in the maxilla a diameter substantially corresponding to hole diameter oral implant, allowing the implant is press-fitted into the jaw bone, the depth of the hole substantially corresponds to the length of the implant, b. In the bump formation surface of the implant, the length ratio of explants the material is short, and from its proximal end to its distal end is tapered to the longitudinal axis of the cylinder convergence, the amount of protrusion on the surface of the implant to allow the press fitting into a hole cut into the jaw when the bumps can bone, c. circumferentially disposed on the surface of the implant bumps, d. the implant is press-fitted into the hole, so that its entire length can be embedded in the pores, and e. in press After twisted in the hole with the implant, lugs cut into the inner surface of the maxillary implant hole was locked in the hole.
22.根据权利要求21的方法,其特征为该方法包括在凸块的锥形表面形成波纹。 22. The method according to claim 21, wherein said method includes forming a tapered surface bumps corrugations.
23.根据权利要求21的方法,其特征为该方法包括在圆柱形表面上形成予定数目的周向分布的,沿周向延伸的螺脊,并且如此分布螺脊使得当植入物被拧转时,螺脊能够切入孔中的颌骨的表面。 23. The method according to claim 21, wherein said method comprises forming on the cylindrical surface of a predetermined number of circumferentially distributed, circumferentially extending ridges, and the distribution of the ridges so that when the implant is twisted , the ridges can be cut into the surface of the hole in the maxilla.
Description  translated from Chinese

本发明涉及假牙,特别是涉及安装在颌骨内用来固定假牙的一种口腔植入物。 The present invention relates to dentures, particularly relates to an oral implant installed in the jaw bone for securing dentures.

口腔植入物用作假牙的基底,因此它们必须具有足够的强度和稳定性以承受通常的下颌骨的压力。 Oral implant used as denture base, so they must have sufficient strength and stability to withstand the pressure of a normal mandible. 植入物的结构和把它安装在颌骨中的适当的位置的固定方式对于能否长期的将它保持在它的安装位置上有决定性的影响。 Implant structure and the way it is fixed mounted in the proper position for the long-term viability of the jaw bone will have a decisive impact holding it in its mounting position.

现有的安装植入物的方法通常包括将植入物压配到颌骨中的一个钻孔内的方法,将植入物的螺纹拧入到颌骨中的一个螺孔内的方法以及将植入物拧入到一个用环钻钻出的孔内的方法来安装一个篮形的植入物的方法。 Existing implant installation implant method generally comprises press-fit into a bore in the jaw bone of a method, the implant is screwed into the threaded object method in a threaded bore within the jaw bone and the screwed into the implant bore by way of a trephine drill to install method of a basket-shaped implant.

例如,美国专利4,531,916公开了一种用压配法装到孔中的口腔植入物。 For example, U.S. Patent No. 4,531,916 discloses a method of press-fitting attached to the hole with oral implant. 由于压配不能起到牢固的固定作用,使它有易松动的缺点。 Can not play due to a strong press-fit fixation, there is the disadvantage that it is easy to loose. 因此要在植入物上设置一些小孔以使骨组织往里长,这样来保证牢固地固定。 So to set up some holes in the implant to the bone tissue inside long, so to ensure firmly. 尽管如此,这种植入物还是很容易松动,并且,假牙不易愈合。 Nevertheless, this is still very easy to loose implants, and dentures difficult to heal.

美国专利4,259,072公开了一种带螺纹的植入物,它要求在颌骨上钻一个精确的孔长并且还要加一个攻丝纹的操作来安装它。 US Patent 4,259,072 discloses a threaded implant, it requires a precise upper jaw drill hole length and also add a pattern tapping operation to install it. 虽然把有螺纹的植入物拧入颌骨中比用压配方法固定得更稳定,但是植入物还是易于松动。 Although the threaded implants screwed into the jaw bone ratio fixed by press-fitting method more stable, but still easy to implant loosening. 因此通常必须依赖生长出新的颌骨组织,靠新的连结组织使值入物能更稳定地固定在位置上。 So often must rely on the growth of new jaw bone tissue by connective tissue so that the new value into the matter more stably fixed in position.

美国专利4,431,416公开了一种篮形的植入物,它设有一个倒放的圆柱形的罩或篮,它罩在圆柱形的骨芯上,并且放在由环钻钻出来的一个环形凹槽内。 U.S. Patent No. 4,431,416 discloses a basket-shaped implant which is provided with an upturned cylindrical hood or basket, which cover in a cylindrical bone core, and placed by the trephine drill out an annular groove. 篮形植入物要求钻多个孔并且在继续钻之前要粉碎掉骨塞部分。 Basket-shaped implants require more holes drilled and drilled before continuing to smash out the bone plug portion. 有时还需要在孔内攻螺纹以跟篮形植入物的螺纹表面相配。 Sometimes need to follow in the hole tapping basket implant thread surfaces match. 使用这种管形植入物时,整个安装程序比较复杂,因而使它不能被广泛地使用。 When using such tubular implant, the entire installation procedure is relatively complex, and therefore it can not be widely used.

这样就提出了要求能提供一种口腔植入物,它能被很方便地安装在钻孔中,并不依赖于用压配,车螺纹或用环钻钻孔的方法,而能够把植入物牢固的植到颌骨中。 This request can be made to provide an oral implant, it can be easily installed in the borehole, is not dependent on use press fitting, threading or trephine drill method, and able to implant matter firmly implanted into the jaw bone.

本发明的目的是提供一种新的口腔植入物,它可以不用攻螺纹或环钻而可以被牢固地固定住,可以很方便地安装并且牢固地锁定在一个稳定的位置上,在安装后有抗松动能力并且带有锁在颌骨中并在颌骨中形成一条沟槽的新的凸块以及提供一种把口腔植入物固定到颌骨上的新方法。 Object of the present invention is to provide a novel oral implant, it can not threaded, or trephine which can be firmly fixed, it is easy to install and is securely locked in a stable position, after installation and the ability to have anti-loosening with a lock in a jaw bone and forming new grooves and projections of the oral cavity to provide a new method for securing the implant to the maxilla in maxilla.

本发明还有一些目的及特征,它们或者是显而易见的或者将在下面部分再提及。 The invention also has a number of objects and features that are either obvious or will be mentioned again in the following sections.

根据本发明的一个实施例,口腔植入物包含有一个一般是圆柱形的主体部分,并在圆柱形表面的一定部位设有凸块组合件,其包括在表面上突起一定量的一些凸块元件,它们的周向宽度是一定的,并且沿着圆柱形表面的,周向成四等分均布成几个纵向凸块行。 According to one embodiment of the present invention, an oral implant comprises a generally cylindrical body portion, and a projection assembly in certain parts of the cylindrical surface, which comprises a certain amount of surface protrusions on some bumps elements, their circumferential width is constant, and along the cylindrical surface, uniformly distributed circumferentially quartered into several longitudinal projections row.

在本发明的最佳实施例中,凸块元件有锥形的表面,从主体部分的近端部分到远端部分逐渐变细并向纵轴收敛。 In the preferred embodiment of the present invention, the projection member has a tapered surface, from the proximal portion to the distal end portion of the main body portion is tapered to the longitudinal axis of the convergence. 锥形表面设有波纹,限定了纵向的沟槽。 A tapered surface provided with corrugations defining a longitudinal groove. 在需要的情况下,沟槽可以跟圆柱形主体部分的纵向轴偏一个角度。 In case of need, with the longitudinal axis of the cylindrical trenches may bias the main body portion at an angle.

在主体部分的远端设有侧孔,最好穿过设在相对方向上的主体部分的两个四等分部分上最远位置的凸块元件。 In the distal end main body portion provided with a side hole, preferably on the portion of the projection member passing through the remotest position provided on the body portion opposite directions two quarters. 在圆柱形主体部分的近端设有四槽,四槽最好是六角形的,可用来放固紧的工具及假牙。 In the proximal part of the cylindrical body has four slots, four slots best hexagonal, can be used to put the fastening tools and dentures.

口腔植入物被安装在直径基本上跟圆柱形主体部分的直径相一致的孔内,这样产生压力配合对着圆柱形表面。 Oral implant is installed in diameter with the diameter of the cylindrical body portion is substantially coincident with the hole, so that a pressure fit against the cylindrical surface. 在把圆柱形主体部分安装到孔内后,在六角形孔内插入套筒板手把主体部分拧过一定的角度。 After the hole is mounted to the cylindrical body portion, a hexagonal hole in the handle body portion of the plate inserted into the sleeve is screwed over a certain angle. 在拧动植入物时,凸块元件刮进颌骨的表面,就像一个缺口锁紧机构一样,在颌骨中形成一条沟槽。 When screwing the implant, bumps element Guajin jaw surface, like a gap like locking mechanism, forming a groove in the jawbone. 由于凸块的波纹表面被埋在颌骨中,植入物可以抵抗下颌骨可能引起它们往外的移动及扭动。 Because corrugated surface bump is buried in the jawbone, the implant can resist the mandible may cause their outward movement and twisting.

本发明的另一个实施例包括凸块组合件,它们具有如前所述的凸块元件,但是表面不带波纹。 Another embodiment of the present invention includes a projection assembly, which has a convex block member as described above, but without surface corrugations. 另外,在四个等分的圆柱形表面上的凸块组合件有沿周向分布的螺脊,它们跟锥形的凸块元件排成一行。 Further, bumps on the cylindrical surface of the assembly of the four aliquots are circumferentially distributed ridges, their elements with tapered projections arranged in a row. 在螺脊上沿周向有相对的两端,从一头到另一头有坡度,在纵向剖面上螺脊呈“V”形或圆形。 In spiral ridge circumferentially opposed ends, from one end to the other end with a slope, in a longitudinal cross-sectional ridges form "V" shaped or round.

植入物用上面一样的方法装入孔内并拧动一个角度,使锥形凸块元件及周向螺脊切入骨中。 Implants are loaded with the same above the hole and twist an angle, so that the conical bumps components and circumferential ridges cut into the bone.

由于凸块元件及螺脊不带螺纹,并且螺脊是沿周向安放的,在拧紧操作中,不用在纵向给植入物加上偏压。 Because the bumps and ridges components without thread, and the ridges along the Circumferential put in tightening operation, without adding to the implant in the longitudinal bias. 因此植入物保持在拧动及锁住它的位置这一深度上。 Therefore implants remain on the twist and lock its position that depth. 这样,植入物可以埋到一个深度大于植入物纵向长度的钻孔内,且不跟孔的底部接触,于是保证了植入物将不会再移动到像窦腔那样的区域去。 Thus, the implant can be buried to a depth greater than the longitudinal length of the drilled hole of the implant, and does not contact with the bottom of the hole, thus ensuring the implant will not be moved to the image region as to sinus.

本发明相应地包括下述的结构及方法,发明的范围如权利要求书所述。 The present invention accordingly comprises the structure and method described below, the scope of the invention as stated in claims.

下面结合附图对本发明作更详细的说明。 OF THE DRAWINGS The present invention will be described in more detail.

在附图中,图1是本发明的一个实施例的口腔植入物的立体图; In the drawings, FIG. 1 is a perspective view of an oral implant embodiment of the present invention;

图2是在安装到颌骨内以前的一个口腔植入物的简化剖面图; Figure 2 is a simplified cross-sectional view in the mounted within an oral cavity before maxillary implant;

图3是类似于图2的剖面图,口腔植入物正被安装到颌骨内; Figure 3 is a cross-sectional view similar to Figure 2, the oral implant being mounted to the jaw;

图4是已经安装在颌骨内的口腔植入物的立体图; FIG 4 is already installed in the jaw bone of a perspective view of the mouth of the implant;

图5是正被安装到颌骨内的口腔植入物的剖面图; Figure 5 is a cross-sectional view is being mounted to the oral cavity of the implant within the jawbone;

图6是在图5中的线6-6上截取的剖面图; Figure 6 is a sectional view taken on the line 6-6 in FIG. 5 FIG;

图7是被拧入安装位置的口腔植入物的立体图; Figure 7 is a perspective view of the mounting position is screwed into the mouth of the implant;

图8是类似图6的一个剖面图,示出了将口腔植入物拧入安装位置时的情形; Figure 8 is a sectional view similar to Figure 6 showing the case of oral implant is screwed into the mounting position of;

图9是类似图7的一个剖面图,示出了口腔植入物正被拧入安装位置; Figure 9 is a sectional view similar to Figure 7, showing the oral implant is being screwed into the mounting position;

图10是假牙安装到植入物内以前的立体图; FIG 10 is mounted to the dentures before a perspective view of the implant;

图11是一个纵剖面图,示出了已装入植入物内的假牙的一部分; Figure 11 is a longitudinal sectional view showing a part of a prosthesis was loaded within the implant;

图12是本发明另一个实施例的立体图; Figure 12 is a perspective view of another embodiment of the present invention; and

图13是植入物安装到颌骨内以前的一个剖面图; Figure 13 is an implant attached to a cross sectional view of the jaw before;

图14是类似于图13的一个剖面图,示出了已全部装入颌骨内的植入物; FIG 14 is a cross-sectional view similar to FIG. 13, showing the implant has been fully loaded within the jaw bone;

图15是在图14的线15-15上截取的一个剖面图;和图16是类似于图15的一个剖面图,示出了正被拧入安装位置的口腔植入物。 Figure 15 is taken on line 15-15 of Figure 14 a sectional view taken; and FIG. 16 is a sectional view similar to FIG. 15, is shown being screwed into the mounting position of oral implant.

相应的参改符号标明了附图中相应的部件。 Corresponding reference symbols indicate the change corresponding parts throughout the drawings.

本发明的一个实施例的一个典型的口腔植入物如图1中标号10。 A typical oral implant an embodiment of the present invention, reference numeral 10 in FIG. 1.

口腔植入物10包括有一个主体部分12,它具有一个一般是圆柱形的表面14及一根纵向轴15(图2)。 Oral implant 10 includes a body portion 12 having a generally cylindrical surface 14 and a longitudinal axis 15 (FIG. 2). 主体部分12由适当的生物相容材料如钛制成,其形状是子弹形的,并且有一个平的近端部分16和一个半球形的远端部分18。 As the main body portion 12 made of a suitable titanium biocompatible material, its shape is a bullet-shaped and has a flat proximal portion 16 and a hemispherical distal end portion 18.

主体部分12的圆柱形表面设有凸块组合件20,其包括瓦片形的凸块元件22,每个凸块元件20都有一个近端部分24,一个远端部分26和一个锥面28,锥面从近端部分24到远端部分26逐渐变细并向纵向轴15收敛。 The cylindrical surface of the body portion 12 is provided with lugs assembly 20, which comprises the tile-shaped projection member 22, each of the bumps element 20 has a proximal portion 24, a distal end portion 26 and a tapered surface 28 , tapered portion 24 from the proximal end to the distal end portion 26 is tapered to the longitudinal axis 15 converge. 锥面28上开有沟槽30,它具有一个纵向的取向,在需要时,也可以跟纵向轴15偏离一个角度。 Groove 28 is opened on the tapered surface 30, having a longitudinal orientation, when needed, with the longitudinal axis 15 may be deviated from an angle. 凸块元件22最好安排成四个纵向凸块行32,34,36和38,每一行有三块在纵向相邻的凸块元件22。 Projection element 22 is preferably arranged in four rows 32, 34 and longitudinal projections 38, each row has three projections in the adjacent longitudinal element 22. 四个纵向凸块行32,34,36和38相应于纵向轴15呈径向隔90度分布。 Four longitudinal rows bumps 32,34,36 and 38 corresponding to the longitudinal axis 15 radially distributed across 90 degrees.

在主体部分12上开有侧孔40,穿过凸块行32和36中的最远的凸块元件22上的远端部分26(图7)。 On the body portion 12 has a side hole 40 opened through the bump rows 32 and 36 on the distal end portion 22 of the element 26 farthest bumps (Fig. 7). 主体部分12上的近端部分16有一个凹槽41,它具有一个六角形的部分42和一个扩大的内环形的槽44,其作用是作为退刀槽,便于六角孔42的加工(拉削)。 The proximal end portion 12 of body portion 16 has a recess 41 having a hexagonal portion 42 and an enlarged inner annular groove 44 which functions as an undercut, to facilitate processing of the hexagonal hole 42 (broaching ). 在需要时,在凹槽41的底部可加工一个圆形横截面的底部46。 When needed, at the bottom of the recess 41 of the processability of a bottom 46 of circular cross-section.

由于植入物10要跟每个人的颌骨的尺寸特征相配合,因此它们的精确尺寸是可以改变的。 Since the implant 10 to keep the size of each feature cooperating jaw, so their exact dimensions can be changed. 不过,这些尺寸在一定的范围内,例如主体部分12的总长度,从近端部分16到远端部分26,可以在7毫米到16毫米的范围内。 However, these dimensions within a certain range, for example, the total length of the body portion 12, from proximal portion 16 to distal portion 26, may be in the range of 7 mm to 16 mm. 圆柱形表面14的直径在3.5到5毫米的范围内。 Diameter cylindrical surface 14 is in the range of 3.5 to 5 mm. 凸块元件22的径向范围小于45度,最好近似于36度。 Radial extent of the projection member 22 is smaller than 45 degrees, preferably approximately 36 degrees. 凸块元件22的锥度角为5度到12度,最好为约等于8度,并且在凸块元件22的近端部分和远端部分26之间的距离约为1.8毫米。 Projection member 22 of the taper angle of 5 degrees to 12 degrees, preferably equal to about 8 degrees, and the distance between the convex portion 26 proximal portion 22 of the block member and the distal end is about 1.8 mm. 侧孔40的直径约为1.2毫米。 Side hole 40 of a diameter of about 1.2 mm.

注意当主体部分12的总长度为7毫米时,在每个凸块行32,34,36和38最好设置两个凸块元件22。 Note that when the total length of the main body portion 12 is 7 mm, each of the bumps in the rows 32, 34 and 38 are preferably provided two projections 22 elements. 在主体部分的总长度度超过10毫米时,在每个凸块行32,34,36和38最好设置三个凸块元件22。 The total length of the body portion exceeds 10 mm, in each of the bumps 32, 34 and row 38 are preferably provided three lugs element 22.

相应于上述尺寸,凸块元件近端部分24在圆柱形表面上约突出0.25毫米。 Corresponding to the above size, the proximal portion of the projection member 24 projecting on the cylindrical surface at about 0.25 mm.

在使用口腔植入物10时,最好用羟基磷灰石来涂覆除近端表面16外的主体部分12的圆柱形表面14。 10 when using oral implant, preferably hydroxyapatite coated surface of the main body 16 in addition to the proximal surface 14 of the outer cylindrical portion 12. 在颌骨52内,穿过牙龈层54钻一个安装孔50。 52 in the jaw, gums layer 54 through a mounting hole 50 drilled. 孔50的直径使得圆柱形表面14能被压配对着限定孔50的颌骨表面56。 The diameter of the cylindrical bore 50 such that the surface 14 can be pressed mating surface 56 defining the maxillary hole 50. 因而,当主体部分12被顶入孔50时,凸块元件22将在颌骨表面56上划出沟槽58,60,62,和64。 Thus, when the main body portion 12 is a top into the hole 50, the bump element 22 will draw on the maxilla surface grooves 60, 62 56, and 64. 在颌骨52内的孔50的深度应使得主体部分12能够完全插入到如图4和7中所示的低于牙龈层54的部位中。 Depth in the jaw 52 of the hole 50 such that body portion 12 can be fully inserted into the gingival layer 4 and lower than shown in Figure 7 in 54 parts. 主体部分12可以用一个夹持及顶进工具66来顶入孔50中。 The main body portion 12 can use a clamp and into the top 66 to the top of the tool into the hole 50.

工具66包括一个扩大的头部67,一个底部69和一个从底部69延伸出的一个啮合杆71,它是跟六角形的凹槽部分42互补的六角形的杆。 Tool 66 includes an enlarged head portion 67, a bottom 69 and a bottom 69 extending from an engagement lever 71, which is hexagonal rod with a hexagonal recess portion 42 is complementary. 这样可以用这种工具来夹持植入物10并将其顶到安装孔50内。 This can use this tool holder and the top of the implant 10 into the mounting hole 50 inside.

在植入物10对准安装孔50后,用工具66将主体部分12顶进孔50中,在需要时,也可以用一个手锤(图中未示出)轻轻敲打扩大的头部67使底部69贴到口腔植入物10的近端部分16,并因而把主体部分12顶入安装孔50中,如图11所示。 After 10 mounting holes aligned implant 50, 66 with the tool body part 12 into the hole 50, when needed, can also use a hand hammer (not shown), tapping an enlarged head 67 so that the bottom 69 to the oral cavity 10 of a proximal end portion of the implant 16, and thus the portion 12 into the mounting hole in the main body 50, as shown in FIG.

当主体部分12被顶入颌骨中,侧孔40将容纳由于凸块元件22刮削骨组织刮下来的骨屑。 When the main part of the mandible into the top 12 is, the side hole 40 will accommodate scraping element 22 due to the bumps of bone tissue scraped the bone chips.

在口腔植入物10被完全嵌入颌骨52中后,移掉工具66,再用一个适当的工具,如六角板手73(图9)将主体部分12转动约10到45度,因而将植入物10牢牢地锁在位置上,这种锁住方式跟缺口锁住机构相类似。 After oral implant 10 is completely embedded in the jaw bone 52, removed to tool 66, and then an appropriate tool, such as a hex wrench 73 (FIG. 9) to the main body portion 12 is rotated about 10-45 degrees, and thus the explants the material 10 is firmly locked in position, this locking mechanism in the locked mode with the notch is similar.

将嵌入的主体部分12拧一个角度使在凸块元件22的锥面上的沟槽30从沟槽58,60,62和64中切入到颌骨表面56内形成切口68,70,72和74(图8),这样将主体部分12牢牢地锁定在位置上。 A twist angle of the part 12 embedded in the body so that the tapered surface of the projection member 22 from the groove 30 cut into the grooves 58,60,62 and 64 forming a cut surface of the jaw 56 68,70, 72 and 74 (FIG. 8), so that the body portion 12 firmly locked into position.

然后,准备给口腔植入物10盖上一个如图5虚线所示的愈合帽76,然后缝合齿龈层54。 Then, to prepare an oral implant 10 is covered with a broken line shown in FIG. 5 healing cap 76, then suture the gum layer 54. 愈合帽76是一种硅树脂的塞子,用它插入到凹槽42中去覆盖植入物10的近端部分16,防止颌骨长到植入物的上面。 Healing cap 76 is a silicone stopper, and it is inserted into the recess 42 with the proximal end of the implant 10 to cover portion 16, to prevent the upper jaw bone grows to the implant. 然后在愈合帽76的上方缝合齿龈层54,并保持一定的愈合期。 Then the healing cap 76 over the suture gum layer 54, and to maintain a certain healing period.

在愈合后,用已知的方法把假牙安装到凹槽41中。 After healing, in a known manner into the groove for the teeth 41.

口腔植入物的另一个实施例,如图12中标号80所示。 Another embodiment of the oral implant, reference numeral 80 shown in FIG. 12.

口腔植入物80包括一个主体部分82,它具有圆柱形的表面84并带有凸块组合件86。 Oral implant 80 includes a body portion 82 which has a cylindrical surface 84 with a projection assembly 86. 凸块组合件86设置在圆柱形表面的四个等分部分上,组成四个纵向凸块行88,90,92和94。 Projection assembly 86 is provided on the cylindrical surface of the four aliquots, four longitudinal composition lines 88, 90 and projections 94.

凸块组合件86包含有瓦片形的凸块元件96,它设在每个纵向行88,90,92和94的远端。 Projection assembly 86 includes a tile-shaped projection member 96, which is provided at the distal end of each longitudinal row 88, 90 and 94. 凸块元件96的结构类似于凸块元件22的结构,但是不带有锥面28上的波纹。 Structural element 96 of the projection member 22 similar to the structure of the bumps, but not on the bellows 28 with a tapered surface.

纵向凸块行88,90,92和94还包括沿纵向间隔排列的螺脊98,它的径向宽度跟凸元件96的径向宽度一样,但纵向的厚度要比径向宽度小得多。 Longitudinal projections 88, 90 and 94 further comprising rows longitudinally spaced ridges 98, its radial width of the element with the radial width of the projection 96 of the same, but the longitudinal direction of the thickness is much smaller than the radial width.

在一个纵向凸块行譬如88上的螺脊98跟其它的纵向凸块行90,92和94上的相应螺脊98在径向上排成一条线。 In one example, the longitudinal projection line 88 on the ridges 98 with the other longitudinal rows 90, 92 and the corresponding projections 94 on the ridges 98 are arranged in a line in the radial direction. 因此,例如在纵向凸块行88上的最近端螺脊98与纵向凸块行90,92和94的最近端的螺脊98处在同样高的水平面上。 Thus, for example, on line 88 of the longitudinal projection-most end of the longitudinal ridges 98 and the projection lines 90, 92 and 94 of the proximal-most end of the ridge 98 at the same high level surface. 在纵向剖面上螺脊98的形状可以是任何选定的形状如“V”形或圆形。 In the longitudinal sectional shape of the ridges 98 may be of any selected shape, such as "V" shaped or round. 另外螺脊98沿周向从一端如图中的100到另一端102是有坡度的,沿着径向,所有螺脊98的坡度都是往一个方向的。 Further ridges 98 in the circumferential direction from one end as shown in 100 to the other end 102 is sloping, along the radial direction, all the ridges 98 are in one direction of the slope.

虽然在图中未表示出来,但是在纵向凸块行88和92上的凸块元件96上的远端,植入物80也设有跟口腔植入物10上的侧孔40一样的侧孔(图中未示出)。 Although it is not shown in the figure, but the projection on the longitudinal rows 88 and the bump of the element 96 on the distal end 92, the implant 80 is also provided with a side hole 10 on the oral side of the implant 40 as the hole (not shown).

可以用上述用于口腔植入物10的同样方法来安装口腔植入物80。 Described above can be used in oral implant 10 to install the same manner as the oral implant 80. 在植入物已被全部插入到安装孔104中后,可以用板手来拧它。 After the implant has been fully inserted into the mounting hole 104, can be used a wrench to tighten it.

由于在凸块元件96或螺脊98上没有波纹或沟槽,不需要在拧锁操作中给植入物80加入偏压来使它同时沿纵向移动。 Since the ridges 96 or 98 on the projection element is not corrugated or grooves, twist lock operation is not required in the implant 80 is added to the bias to make it simultaneously to move longitudinally. 因而在将植入物80插入颌骨52以后,在拧动它的时候,它并不产生上下的纵向移动。 Thus in the implant material 80 is inserted after the mandible 52, in twist it, it does not have a vertical movement up and down.

拧动植入物80使得凸块元件96在颌骨中形成沟槽,这样就把植入物80锁定在孔104内。 Screw the implant 80 so that the bump element 96 forming a trench in the jaw, and so put an implant 80 is locked in the hole 104. 由于带坡度的螺脊98也被锁在颌骨壁50内,形成了沟槽106,108,110和112(图16),在这个实施例中拧动的方向是一定的,就是从螺脊98的粗的端头102往细的端头100的方向。 Due to the sloping ridges 98 are also locked in the jaw bone wall 50, the formation of trenches 106, 108 and 112 (FIG. 16), in this embodiment, the direction of twist is constant, that is, from the ridges 98 thick end 102 toward the direction of the ends 100 of the fine.

植入物80能被拧转并锁定在孔104内,在把植入物80完全包埋起来的深度下面。 The implant 80 can be twisted and locked in the hole 104, below the depth of the implant 80 is completely embedded in up. 如果把植入物80放入比它的纵向长度更深的一个钻孔内,这样没有纵向移动的拧锁安装能保证植入物80不会再移动到像窦腔等的其它区域去。 If the implant is placed more than 80 in a longitudinal length of drilling it deeper, so that no vertical movement of the twist lock installation to ensure that the implant 80 will not be moved to other areas such as the sinuses, etc. go.

由上述可知,本发明的优点之一是能很方便地将植入物安装在颌骨内的钻孔内。 From the foregoing, one advantage of the present invention is that the implant can be easily installed in the borehole was jaw. 在拧转后,由于植入物上的凸块元件在颌骨内形成沟槽,植入物能被牢固地锁在位置上。 After the screw turn, due to bumps element on the implant in the jaw forming the trenches, the implant can be securely locked in position. 只需要在颌骨内钻有一定尺寸的一个孔,而不需要在颌骨的钻孔中攻螺丝,车螺纹或用环钻来钻孔。 Only in the jaw bone is drilled a hole of a certain size, without the need for tapping screws, threading in the maxilla or trephine borehole to borehole.

在植入物的远端的侧孔40除了可容纳骨屑外,也可以作为颌骨生长的一个进口,使颌骨可以更牢固地固定住植入物。 In the distal end side of the hole of the implant 40 except accommodates bone chips, but also can be used as an inlet mandible and maxilla can make more securely hold the implant.

这些就是本发明的目的和它们的优点。 These are the object of the present invention and their advantages. 在本发明的范围内,上述的结构及方法可以作一些改变,在上述说明书中所包含的及在附图中示出的全部材料只能被当作是一种举例说明而不是作为一种限制。 Within the scope of the present invention, the above-described structures and methods could make some changes, all of the material contained in the above description and shown in the accompanying drawings only be regarded as a way of illustration and not as a limitation .

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