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Publication numberCN103249344 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 201180059293
PCT numberPCT/EP2011/005200
Publication date14 Aug 2013
Filing date17 Oct 2011
Priority date9 Dec 2010
Also published asCA2820111A1, DE102010054009A1, DE102010054009B4, EP2648591A1, US20130283557, WO2012076076A1
Publication number201180059293.5, CN 103249344 A, CN 103249344A, CN 201180059293, CN-A-103249344, CN103249344 A, CN103249344A, CN201180059293, CN201180059293.5, PCT/2011/5200, PCT/EP/11/005200, PCT/EP/11/05200, PCT/EP/2011/005200, PCT/EP/2011/05200, PCT/EP11/005200, PCT/EP11/05200, PCT/EP11005200, PCT/EP1105200, PCT/EP2011/005200, PCT/EP2011/05200, PCT/EP2011005200, PCT/EP201105200
Inventors卡尔路德维格吉布斯, 诺贝特魏斯
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Cleaning cloth comprising cleaning islands
CN 103249344 A
Cleaning device comprising a support (1) with at least one cleaning surface (2) on which raised cleaning islands (3) are arranged at certain distances (4, A, B, C, D, E, 9) from each other such that the cleaning islands (3) are surrounded on all sides by storage spaces (5) for holding dirt. The size of the storage spaces (5) decreases steadily from at least one edge (6) of the cleaning surface at least to the middle of the cleaning surface (2) in the cleaning direction (7).
Claims(21)  translated from Chinese
1.一种清洁装置,包括具有至少一个清洁面(2)的载体(I),在所述载体上设置有相互间分别相对具有一定间隔(4、A、B、C、D、E、9)的隆起的清洁岛(3),其中所述清洁岛(3)周围均被用于容纳污物的贮存空间(5)所包围,其特征在于,所述贮存空间(5)从所述清洁面(2)的至少一个边缘(6)开始沿擦拭方向(7)至少直到所述清洁面(2)的中央持续减小。 A cleaning apparatus comprising at least one cleaning surface (2) of the carrier (I), there are provided on the support, respectively having mutually opposing spaced (4, A, B, C, D, E, 9 ) raised the cleaning island (3), wherein (3) around the island are clean storage space for receiving dirt (5) is surrounded, characterized in that the storage space (5) from the cleaning at least one edge surface (2) (6) at least until the start of the cleaning surface (2) is continuously reduced along the central wiping direction (7).
2.如权利要求1所述的清洁装置,其特征在于,垂直于擦拭方向(7)彼此相邻的贮存空间(5)具有相同的大小。 2. The cleaning apparatus according to claim 1, characterized in that, perpendicular to the wiping direction (7) adjacent to each other in the storage space (5) have the same size.
3.如权利要求1或2所述的清洁装置,其特征在于,所述清洁岛(3)从所述清洁面(2)的至少一个边缘(6)开始沿擦拭方向(7)至少直到所述清洁面(2)的中央持续变大。 3. The cleaning apparatus according to claim 1 or claim 2, characterized in that, (6) starts along the wiping direction (3) at least one edge from the cleaning surface (2) of the cleaning island (7) at least until the Central said cleaning surface (2) sustained increases.
4.如权利要求1至3之一所述的清洁装置,其特征在于,只有垂直于擦拭方向(7)彼此相邻的清洁岛(3)具有相同的大小。 The cleaning device according to one of claim 3, characterized in that only the direction perpendicular to the wiper (7) adjacent to each other clean island (3) have the same size.
5.如权利要求1至4之一所述的清洁装置,其特征在于,所述清洁面(2)只具有一个基本上设置在中央的中央清洁岛(8),该中央清洁岛被其它清洁岛(3)同心地包围。 5. The cleaning device according to one of the four preceding claims, characterized in that said cleaning surface (2) has only one substantially centrally disposed central cleaning island (8), which is the central island other cleaning cleaning Island (3) concentrically surrounds.
6.如权利要求1至5之一所述的清洁装置,其特征在于,在彼此相邻的清洁岛(3)之间的径向间隔(9)从所述中央清洁岛(8)开始径向地沿所述清洁面(2)的每个边缘(6)的方向持续变大。 6. A cleaning device according to one of claim 5, characterized in that, in the radially adjacent to each other clean island interval (3) between the (9) from the central cleaning island (8) starts diameter radially along the cleaning surface (2) for each edge (6) continuously increases in the direction.
7.如权利要求1至6之一所述的清洁装置,其特征在于,所述清洁岛(3)和/或所述中央清洁岛(8)分别被构造为大体上呈圆形。 7. A cleaning device according to one of claim 6, wherein said cleaning island (3) and / or cleaning the central island (8) are configured as substantially circular.
8.如权利要求1至7之一所述的清洁装置,其特征在于,所述相互垂直于擦拭方向(7)彼此相邻设置的清洁岛(3)形成一排岛系列(10),并且该岛系列(10)中的清洁岛(3)错列地对应于沿擦拭方向(7)相邻的岛系列(10)中的清洁岛(3)。 8. A cleaning device according to one of claim 7, wherein said mutually perpendicular to the wiping direction (7) disposed adjacent to each other clean island (3) forming a row of islands series (10), and The island series (10) Clean Island (3) staggered along the wiping direction corresponds to (7) of adjacent island series (10) Clean Island (3).
9.如权利要求1至8之一所述的清洁装置,其特征在于,彼此相邻的清洁岛(3)的间隔(4)和/或径向间隔(9)为0.1mm至50mm。 9. A cleaning device according to one of claim 8, wherein (3) spaced adjacent to each other clean island (4) and / or radial spacing (9) of 0.1mm to 50mm.
10.如权利要求1至9之一所述的清洁装置,其特征在于,所述清洁岛(3)覆盖所述清洁面⑵的1%至80%。 10. A cleaning device according to one of claim 9, wherein said cleaning island (3) cover 1-80% of the cleaning surface ⑵.
11.如权利要求10所述的清洁装置,其特征在于,所述清洁岛(3)覆盖所述清洁面(2)的5%至50%。 11. A cleaning apparatus according to claim 10, wherein said cleaning island (3) covering the cleaning surface (2) is from 5 to 50%.
12.如权利要求1至11之一所述的清洁装置,其特征在于,所述清洁岛(3)由絮状纤维构成。 12. The cleaning device according to one of claims 11, wherein said cleaning island (3) from the fluff fibers.
13.如权利要求12所述的清洁装置,其特征在于,每一个清洁岛(3)的絮状纤维具有相互不同的长度,并且基本上垂直地对应于所述清洁面(2)。 13. The cleaning apparatus according to claim 12, characterized in that each cleaning island (3) of the batt fibers have mutually different lengths, and substantially perpendicular to the cleaning surface corresponding to (2).
14.如权利要求1至13之一所述的清洁装置,其特征在于,一个清洁岛(3)具有只有两种不同长度的絮状纤维,并且所述长度为Imm和3mm。 14. A cleaning device according to one of claim 13, characterized in that a clean island (3) having only two different lengths of floc fibers, and the length of Imm and 3mm.
15.如权利要求13或14所述的清洁装置,其特征在于,为了形成清洁岛(3),不同长度的絮状纤维基本上均匀分布地排列。 15. A cleaning apparatus according to claim 13 or claim 14, characterized in that, in order to form clean island (3), the batt fibers of different lengths are arranged substantially evenly distributed.
16.如权利要求12至15之一所述的清洁装置,其特征在于,清洁岛(3)的絮状纤维由粘胶纤维和/或聚酰胺纤维形成。 16. The cleaning apparatus 15, 12 to one of the preceding claims, characterized in that the cleaning island (3) of the batt fibers formed from viscose fibers and / or polyamide fibers.
17.如权利要求16所述的清洁装置,其特征在于,每个清洁岛(3)的混合比例为80比20 到20 比80。 17. The cleaning apparatus according to claim 16, characterized in that each cleaning island (3) a mixing ratio of 80 to 80 20 to 20 ratio.
18.如权利要求1至17之一所述的清洁装置,其特征在于,所述载体(I)用絮状纤维簇集植绒而成。 18. The cleaning device according to one of claim 17, characterized in that the carrier (I) with a batt fiber flocking clustered together.
19.如权利要求1至18之一所述的清洁装置,其特征在于,所述载体(I)由无纺布构成。 19. The cleaning device according to one of claim 18, characterized in that the carrier (I) by the nonwoven fabric.
20.如权利要求1至19之一所述的清洁装置,其特征在于,所述载体(I)被构造为布料。 1 to 19, the cleaning device according to claim 20., characterized in that the carrier (I) is configured as a fabric.
21.如权利要求1至19之一所述的清洁装置,其特征在于,所述载体(I)被构造为海绵。 1 to 19, the cleaning device according to claim 21, characterized in that the carrier (I) is configured as a sponge.
Description  translated from Chinese

具有清洁岛的清洁布 Island has a clean cleaning cloth

技术领域 Technical Field

[0001] 本申请涉及一种清洁装置,包括具有至少一个清洁面的载体,在所述载体上设置有相互间分别相对具有一定间隔的隆起的清洁岛,其中所述清洁岛的周围均被用于容纳污物的贮存空间所包围。 [0001] The present application relates to a cleaning apparatus comprising cleaning surface having at least one carrier, the carrier is provided with the opposing one another island with a cleaning spaced ridges respectively, wherein said cleaning islands are surrounded by to accommodate storage space surrounded by dirt.

背景技术 Background

[0002] 这类清洁装置是众所周知的,例如被构造为清洁布,在其清洁面上均匀分布地设置有构造一致的清洁岛。 [0002] Such cleaning devices are known, for example, is configured as the cleaning cloth, provided with a uniform structure in which the cleaning surface of the cleaning islands evenly distributed. 围绕这些清洁岛设置有用于容纳污物的构造一致的贮存空间。 Clean around these islands is provided with a consistent structure to accommodate the dirt storage space.

[0003] 然而在此必须注意的是,从待清洁的表面吸纳的污物具有相互不同的大小,其中这样不同大小的污物通过构造一致的清洁岛和构造一致的贮存空间只能以很低的效率被吸纳。 [0003] However, this must be noted that having different size from the surface to be cleaned to absorb dirt, where such contaminants of different sizes can only be a very low island through a consistent and coherent structure clean construction storage space The efficiency has been absorbed. 较大的污物、例如长头发不能被吸纳在小的贮存空间中,而细小的灰尘则不能被保持在大的贮存空间中。 Larger dirt, such as long hair can not be absorbed in the small storage space, while fine dust can not be kept in a large storage space. 在所提到的这些情况下清洁效果都不那么令人满意。 In these cases you mentioned cleaning effect is not so satisfactory.


[0004] 本发明的任务在于,改进已知类型的清洁装置,使得可以将不同大小的污物有效地从待清洁的表面去除,并吸纳和保持在贮存空间中。 [0004] The object of the present invention is to improve the known type of cleaning device, so that the dirt can be of different sizes effectively removed from the surface to be cleaned, and absorbed and held in the storage space.

[0005] 该任务根据本发明通过权利要求1的技术特征来解决。 [0005] This task requires technical features according to the present invention by the right to resolve. 从属权利要求涉及有利的实施方式。 It relates to an advantageous embodiment of the dependent claims.

[0006] 为了解决该任务,建议所述贮存空间从所述清洁面的至少一个边缘开始沿擦拭方向至少直到所述清洁面的中央持续减小。 [0006] In order to solve this task, the proposed start of the storage space along the wiping direction from at least one edge of the cleaning surface, at least until the middle of the cleaning surface continues to decrease. 其中有利的是,在擦拭时首先将较大的污物、例如长头发吸纳到在擦拭方向上位于前面的大的贮存空间中。 Wherein Advantageously, when the larger first wipe dirt, such as long hair to absorb in the wiping direction in front of a large storage space. 较小的污物、例如灰尘在很大程度上无阻碍地经过较大的贮存空间,然后到达在擦拭方向上位于其后面的较小的贮存空间中。 Small dirt, such as dust, largely through a large storage space unhindered, then arrive at the wipe direction located behind a small storage space. 随后这些较小的污物积聚在这些较小的贮存空间中。 Then these smaller contaminants accumulate in these smaller storage space. 最小的污物、例如细小的灰尘也经过这些贮存空间,并且积聚在最小的贮存空间中或者清洁岛自身中。 The smallest dirt, such as fine dust has also been the storage space, and accumulate in the smallest storage space or clean the island itself. 这样用一个清洁装置就适合于从待清洁的表面去除并吸纳不同大小的污物,从而实现了特别好的清洁效果。 Thus with a cleaning device suitable for removing it from the surface to be cleaned and absorb contaminants of different sizes, in order to achieve a particularly good cleaning effect.

[0007] 垂直擦拭方向彼此相邻的贮存空间可具有相同的大小。 [0007] direction perpendicular to the wiping storage space may be adjacent to each other have the same size. 这样,清洁装置的制造在加工工艺方面就很简单,并且从经济角度讲成本低廉。 Thus, the manufacture of cleaning device in processing technology is very simple and low cost from an economic point of view.

[0008] 为了实现贮存空间在擦拭方向上至少直至清洁面中央持续减小,可以令所述清洁岛从清洁面的至少一个边缘开始沿擦拭方向至少直至所述清洁面的中央持续变大。 [0008] In order to achieve a storage space in the direction of the wipe clean surface until at least the center continues to decrease, you can make a clean wipe direction along the island until at least the beginning of the cleaning surface of the central sustained increases from at least one edge of the clean surface. 在此有利的是,为了吸纳最小的污物,例如为了吸纳细小的灰尘,除了围绕大的清洁岛的小贮存空间之外,还设置有把细小灰尘粘附到其中的大的清洁岛。 This is advantageous in order to attract the smallest contaminants, e.g., in order to absorb fine dust, in addition to a small storage space around the large island clean, there is also provided wherein the fine dust adhering to the cleaning of a large island.

[0009] 为了可以沿擦拭方向以均匀的清洁效果很好地擦拭大的均匀弄脏的表面,可以令只有垂直于擦拭方向彼此相邻的清洁岛具有相同的大小。 [0009] In order to uniformly along the wiping direction to effect good cleaning wipe dirty large uniform surface, can make only a direction perpendicular to the wiping cleaning islands adjacent to each other have the same size. 这样实际上同样实现了前述在垂直于擦拭方向彼此相邻的清洁岛具有相同大小的实施方式中那样的效果。 Thus also actually realized in the aforementioned direction perpendicular to the wiping cleaning islands adjacent to each other embodiments having the same size as in the results.

[0010] 所述清洁面可以只有一个基本上在中央设置的中央清洁岛,它被其它清洁岛同心地围绕。 [0010] The cleaning surface may be provided only at the center of a substantially clean central island, which is surrounded concentrically other cleaning island. 在彼此相邻的清洁岛之间的径向间隔可以从中央清洁岛开始径向地沿清洁面的每个边缘的方向持续变大。 Radially adjacent to each other clean island interval between cleaning the island from a central starting radial direction along each edge of the cleaning surface of continued increases. 擦拭方向沿相对于所述中央清洁岛的径向方向走向。 Wipe direction with respect to the radial direction of the center island to clean. 在实践中与擦拭方向无关地实现,即围绕中央清洁岛的贮存空间比径向上进一步沿边缘方向设置的贮存空间更小。 In practice, irrespective of the implementation and wipe direction, namely around the central island of clean storage space less storage space than the radial direction is further provided along the edges. [0011] 所述清洁岛和/或中央清洁岛可以分别大体上构造为圆形。 [0011] The clean island and / or central clean island may be generally circular structure, respectively. 这样污物可以简单地经过清洁岛,而不会附着在其上,并且由此阻碍了污物朝较小的贮存空间的方向穿过。 Such contaminants can be easily cleaned island, and not attached thereto, and thereby hinders dirt storage space toward a smaller direction therethrough. [0012] 相互垂直于擦拭方向彼此相邻设置的清洁岛可以形成一排岛系列,其中该岛系列中的清洁岛错列地对应于沿擦拭方向相邻的岛系列。 [0012] direction perpendicular to wipe clean the island adjacent to each other and form a row of island series, in which the island series clean island staggered along the wiping direction corresponds to the neighboring island series. 通过使沿擦拭方向相邻的清洁岛错列地排列可以在清洁岛的大小相应匹配的情况下确保在待清洁的表面上不会留下未擦拭的条痕。 Arranged by wiping the wrong direction along an adjacent island clean and columns can ensure that the surface to be cleaned without leaving streaks are not wiped clean in case the size of the corresponding match of the island. [0013] 彼此相邻的清洁岛的间隔和/或径向间隔可以为0.1mm至50mm。 [0013] interval and / or radially adjacent to each other may be cleaned island interval of 0.1mm to 50mm. 这样的间隔是有利的,以便形成非常好地适合于吸纳家庭常见污物的贮存空间。 Such a gap is advantageous to form very well suited to absorb the common household contaminants storage space. [0014] 所述清洁岛可以覆盖清洁面的1%至80%。 [0014] The cleaning islands can cover 1-80% clean surface. 另外,优选的是,所述清洁岛可以覆盖所述清洁面的5%至50%。 Further, it is preferable that the cleaning may cover the island from 5 to 50% of the cleaning surface. 直至50%的覆盖对于大多数应用来说都足够了。 Up to 50% coverage for most applications are sufficient. 由于构成清洁岛的材料往往比较贵,这样的实施方式是有利的。 Cleaning material constituting the island often more expensive, such embodiments are advantageous. 清洁装置由此可低成本地制造。 Cleaning means thereby be manufactured at low cost. [0015] 所述清洁岛可以由絮状纤维构成。 [0015] The cleaning may be constituted by islands flocculent fiber. 通过絮状纤维一方面可以实现良好的清洁效率,另一方面带有絮状纤维的载体材料的植绒与载体材料本身相比更为昂贵。 Batt fibers on the one hand by a good cleaning efficiency can be achieved, on the other hand with a flocked carrier material with the fluff fibers is more expensive compared to the support material itself. 植绒成本的大部分都在于材料,即絮状纤维和粘合剂,粘合剂是必需的,以便将絮状纤维固定在载体材料上。 Most of the cost of the flocking material lies, i.e., flocculent fiber and a binder, the binder is required, so that the batt fibers immobilized on a carrier material. 为了实现这种良好的清洁效率,与设置贮存空间和清洁岛相关地只需要相对较少量的絮状纤维,从而可以低成本地制造清洁装置。 In order to achieve such a good cleaning efficiency, associated with storage space and provided to clean the island only a relatively small amount of flocculent fiber, which can be manufactured at low cost cleaning means. [0016] 每个清洁岛的絮状纤维可具有不同的长度,并且基本上垂直地对应于清洁面。 [0016] Each fiber batt clean islands may have different lengths, and substantially perpendicular to the corresponding cleaning surface. 例如,一个清洁岛可具有只有两种不同长度的絮状纤维。 For example, a clean island may have only two different lengths of floc fibers. 所述长度例如可以为Imm和3_。 The length can for example be Imm and 3_. 这样,提供了用于去除污物和吸纳污物的另一种可能的三维结构。 This offers another possible three-dimensional structure for removing dirt and absorb dirt. 由此,每个清洁岛具有更为牢固的结构化表面。 Thus, each island has a more solid cleaning structured surface. [0017] 已经表明,在使用上述长度时,与具有带有相同长度的絮状纤维的清洁岛的清洁装置相比,吸纳标准化的家庭污物的效果平均提高了23%。 [0017] have shown that when using the above-mentioned length, compared with the cleaning device for cleaning the island has a batt fibers with the same length, and to absorb the effect of standardized household dirt by an average of 23%. [0018] 为了形成清洁岛,不同长度的絮状纤维可以基本上均匀分布排列。 [0018] In order to form clean island, fluff fibers of different lengths can be arranged in a substantially uniform distribution. [0019] 清洁岛的絮状纤维可由粘胶纤维和/或聚酰胺纤维形成。 [0019] fluff fiber cleaning the island by viscose fibers and / or polyamide fibers. 在此有利的是,清洁岛在湿清洁时也保持其三维的植绒结构。 In this Advantageously, in the wet cleaning clean island retains its three-dimensional structure of the flocking. 由粘胶纤维和聚酰胺构成的絮状纤维混合物具有良好的吸水特征。 It has a good absorbent characteristics of the viscose and polyamide fiber mixture floc formed. 在没有附带采用具备支撑作用的纤维、如聚酰胺纤维的情况下,具有良好吸水性的粘胶纤维在湿润状态下将摊到载体材料上,从而会失去植绒的压印成型的三维结构。 In the absence of a supportive role incidental use with fiber, such as the case of polyamide fibers, has good water absorption three-dimensional structure of viscose fibers in a wet state Tandao on the support material, which will lose flocking embossed molding . 由聚酰胺、如由聚丙烯或聚乙烯构成的絮状纤维只能吸收少量的水,因此在湿润状态下也能保持在其竖立的、从载体上表面伸出的位置。 A polyamide, such as polypropylene or polyethylene fluff fibers can absorb only a small amount of water, so in a wet state can be maintained in its upright from the upper surface of the support extended position. 这种类型的纤维因而具有对粘胶纤维的支撑作用,其中为了实现这样的支撑作用,支撑纤维相对于粘胶纤维的成分需要> 20 %。 This type of fiber which has a supporting role of viscose fibers which, in order to achieve such a supporting role, supporting fiber with respect to the composition of viscose fiber needs of> 20%. [0020] 根据应用情况,特别是根据待清洁的表面是如何提供并由哪种材料构成,且与涉及何种类型的要通过清洁装置去除和吸纳的污物有关,已经证明有利的是,每个清洁岛的粘胶纤维与聚酰胺纤维的混合比例可以为80: 20到20: 80。 [0020] Depending on the application, especially in light of how the surface to be cleaned is provided by the kind of material, and with what type involved to remove and absorb dirt by cleaning device concerned, it has proved advantageous to every The mixing ratio of viscose fibers and polyamide fibers may be cleaner islands 80: 20-20: 80 [0021] 所述载体可以用絮状纤维簇集植绒而成。 [0021] The carrier may be made of fluff fibers clustered flocking. 优选地,所述载体由无纺布制成,并且可以构造为布料或海绵。 Preferably, the carrier is made of a nonwoven fabric, and may be configured as a cloth or sponge. 用絮状纤维对所述载体的簇集植绒例如可以以静电方式实现,其中这里将絮状纤维或多或少地垂直固定在载体材料上,使纤维的一端处于粘合剂层中。 The clustering of the carrier in the electrostatic flocking may be achieved for example using fiber batt, wherein the batt fibers where more or less vertically fixed to the support material, so that one end of the fiber in the adhesive layer. 这样,具有植绒的纤维的载体具有三维结构,且增大了表面积,其中通过这种表面积的增大不仅在干清洁中、而且在湿清洁中均可以特别好地将污物从待清洁的表面去除并吸纳在贮存空间中。 Thus, the carrier having flocked fibers having a three-dimensional structure, and increases the surface area, which not only increases the surface area of this dry cleaning, but also in the wet clean can be particularly well from the soil to be cleaned surface removal and absorption in the storage space. 静电植绒具有的优点在于实现了高的植绒厚度。 Flocking has the advantage that achieve high flocking thickness. 清洁岛对载体的覆盖率应该不超过80%,以实现表面结构的足够的三维特性,并且使清洁装置的制造成本尽可能低。 Cleaning island coverage of the carrier should not exceed 80% in order to achieve adequate dimensional characteristics of the surface structure and the manufacturing cost of the cleaning device as low as possible.

附图说明 Brief Description

[0022] 下面借助图1和图2详细描述本发明所述清洁装置的两个实施例。 [0022] 2 of the present invention, a detailed description of two embodiments of the cleaning device by means of Figures 1 and below.

[0023] 以示意图的方式分别示出了: [0023] in a schematic way illustrate:

[0024]图1清洁装置的第一实施例,其中垂直于擦拭方向彼此相邻设置的贮存空间具有相同的大小; [0024] Figure 1 a first embodiment of the cleaning device, wherein a direction perpendicular to the wiping storage space provided adjacent to each other have the same size;

[0025] 图2清洁装置的第二实施例,其中清洁面只具有基本上中央设置的中央清洁岛,其被其它清洁岛围绕。 [0025] The second embodiment of the cleaning apparatus of FIG. 2, wherein the cleaning surface having a substantially centrally disposed only clean the central island, which is surrounded by other cleaning island.


[0026] 在图1和图2中分别示出了清洁布的视图。 [0026] In Figures 1 and 2 show a view of the cleaning cloth. 清洁布的载体I由无纺布制成,其中在载体I的清洁面2上设置有隆起的清洁岛3。 I made cleaning cloth nonwoven fabric carrier, wherein the cleaning surface is provided in the carrier I have raised 3 2 clean island. 清洁岛3的周围均被贮存空间5包围,其中不仅清洁岛3自身而且贮存空间5都可以容纳污物。 3. Clean around the island are surrounded by the storage space 5, which not only clean island 3 itself and the storage space 5 can hold dirt.

[0027] 彼此相邻的清洁岛3之间的间隔4、A、B、C、D、E、9在这里示出的实施例中为0.1mm至50mm之间,其中清洁岛3覆盖清洁面2的大约50%。 [0027] adjacent to each other clean island interval 4, A, B, C, D, E 3 between 9 here shown embodiment is between 0.1mm to 50mm, wherein the cleaning surface cleaning coverage island 3 approximately 50% 2.

[0028] 清洁岛3由絮状纤维构成,其中每个清洁岛3的絮状纤维具有相互不同的长度,以便可以附带地提供用于容纳污物的多个表面。 [0028] Cleaning batt fibers made island 3, wherein each of the cleaning islands flocculent fiber 3 having mutually different lengths, so that it can provide a surface for receiving a plurality of incidental contaminants. 在这里示出的实施例中,每个清洁岛3的絮状纤维由粘胶纤维且由聚酰胺纤维构成,其中每个清洁岛3的混合比例为大约50: 50。 In the embodiment illustrated herein, each cleaning islands flocculent fiber 3 made from viscose fibers and polyamide fibers, wherein the mixing ratio of each cleaning island 3 is about 50: 50.

[0029] 在这里示出的实施例中,贮存空间5从清洁面2的至少一个边缘6开始沿擦拭方向7直到清洁面2的中央持续减小。 [0029] In this illustrated embodiment, the storage space 5 6 starting from at least one 2 along wipe clean the surface direction of the edge 7 continues to decrease until the cleaning surface 2 center. 并且清洁岛3从清洁面2的至少一个边缘6开始沿擦拭方向7直到清洁面2的中央持续变大。 And clean island 3 6 starting from at least one direction along a wipe clean surface edge until the cleaning surface 2 7 2 central sustained increases.

[0030] 在图1中示出了清洁布的第一实施例。 [0030] In Fig. 1 shows a first embodiment of the cleaning cloth. 包围在清洁岛3周边的贮存空间5从边缘6出发沿擦拭方向7持续变小。 3 neighboring island surrounded by clean storage space 5 6 starting from the edge 7 along the wiping direction continued smaller. 此外,清洁岛3从边缘6出发沿擦拭方向7持续变大。 In addition, cleaning the island from the edge 3 6 7 continue along the wiping direction becomes large.

[0031] 在清洁布沿擦拭方向7的移动过程中,首先是大的污物、如毛发或碎屑沉积到大的贮存空间5中,其中细小的污物、如灰尘或花粉从小的清洁岛3旁边穿过并被吸纳到较小的贮存空间5中。 [0031] In the cleaning cloth to wipe the direction of movement along the 7, the first big dirt, such as hair or debris deposited large storage space 5, where fine dirt, such as dust or pollen from small island clean 3 and is absorbed into the next through a smaller storage space 5. 细小的灰尘不仅被吸纳在贮存空间5中,而且被吸纳在清洁岛3自身中。 Fine dust not only be absorbed in the storage space 5, and is absorbed in a clean island 3 itself.

[0032] 垂直于擦拭方向7,各清洁岛彼此相邻排列并形成一排岛系列。 [0032] direction perpendicular to wipe 7, each arranged adjacent to each other clean island and form a row island series. 多个彼此相邻的岛系列12垂直于擦拭方向7延伸,其中每个岛系列10中的清洁岛3错列地对应于分别沿擦拭方向7相邻的岛系列10中的清洁岛3。 Each of a plurality of adjacent island Series 12 7 extends perpendicular to the wiping direction, wherein each island Series 10 3 wrong island clean and columns correspond to the wiping direction along the adjacent islands are 7 series 10 3 clean island. 由此实现了在沿擦拭方向7擦拭时在待清洁的表面上不会留下未擦拭的条痕。 Thereby achieving the wiping direction along at 7 Wipe the surface to be cleaned without leaving streaks not wipe.

[0033] 图1中的清洁布具有两个擦拭方向7.1、7.2。 [0033] FIG. 1 Wipe clean cloth with two directions 7.1, 7.2. 擦拭方向7.1从边缘6.1延伸至清洁布的中央,而擦拭方向7.2从边缘6.2同样延伸直至清洁布的中央。 Wipe the direction extending from the central edge 6.1 to 7.1 cleaning cloth, and wipe direction until 7.2 also extends from the edge of the center of the cleaning cloth 6.2. 因而清洁布的功能与擦拭方向相关。 Thus cleaning cloth and wipe functionality directions.

[0034] 清洁布的在此未示出的背面同样可以用絮状纤维簇集植绒,像在这里示出的清洁面2那样,或者与之不同。 [0034] The cleaning cloth this is not shown on the back of the batt fibers can also be clustered with flocking, like the cleaning surface 2, as shown here, or contrast. [0035] 在图2中,清洁面2的构造与图1中所示的清洁面2不同。 [0035] In Figure 2, the cleaning surface structure shown in Figure 1 and Figure 2 2 different cleaning surface. 整个清洁面2仅仅由一种清洁岛3图案组成,其中清洁面2只具有一个设置在中央的中央清洁岛8,它被其它清洁岛3同心地围绕。 2 only by the whole cleaning surface 3 island pattern composed of a clean, wherein the cleaning surface 2 has a centrally disposed in the center of the island 8 clean, which is other cleaning 3 concentrically surrounds the island. [0036] 在这里示出的清洁布相对于图1中所示的清洁布不是具有两个擦拭方向7,而是有多个擦拭方向7.1,7.2,7.3,7.4,7.5,这些擦拭方向分别沿着径向方向延伸到中央清洁岛8。 [0036] In the here illustrated with the cleaning cloth for the cleaning cloth as shown in FIG. 1 has two wiping direction is not 7, but a plurality of wiping direction 7.1,7.2,7.3,7.4,7.5, respectively, along the wiping direction the radially extending to a central clean island 8. 在沿径向方向彼此相邻的清洁岛3之间的径向间隔9从中央清洁岛8出发,径向地沿清洁面2的每个边缘6.1,6.2,6.3, 6.4的方向持续变大。 3 in the radial direction between the radial direction adjacent to each other clean island interval 9 8 departure from the central island clean, radially along each edge of the cleaning surface 2 6.1,6.2,6.3, 6.4 direction of continued increases. 组成清洁岛3的植绒可对应于图1中的植绒,清洁岛3覆盖清洁面2的大小也是一样。 Cleaning island flocking composition 3 may correspond to Figure 1 flocking, clean island 3 covers cleaning surface 2 is the same size.

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