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Publication numberCN103036935 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 201210362517
Publication date10 Apr 2013
Filing date25 Sep 2012
Priority date8 Oct 2011
Also published asEP2582117A1, US20130091212
Publication number201210362517.6, CN 103036935 A, CN 103036935A, CN 201210362517, CN-A-103036935, CN103036935 A, CN103036935A, CN201210362517, CN201210362517.6
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Social network device communication resource allocation
CN 103036935 A
The disclosure provides social network device communication resource allocation. A method for providing data communications in a social network circle having an associated membership that includes nodes or social devices with allocable communication resources. The method includes determining various communication pathways capable of supporting data communications with a node of a social network circle, at least one of the communication pathways utilizing a communication resource of another node or nodes of the social network circle. Selection of communication pathways may be based on an evaluation of cost metrics associated with particular data communications. Such cost metrics may include, for example, content consumption costs, user service subscription levels, communication channel state information, proximity of communication resources, number of hops in a communication pathway, quality of service requirements, power consumption data and the like. In various embodiments, parallel and bonded communication pathways may be utilized for shared or proxied delivery of data such as media content.
Claims(10)  translated from Chinese
1. 一种用于提供社交网络圈中的数据通信的方法,所述社交网络圈具有包括至少ー个带有可分配的通信资源的节点的关联成员资格,所述方法包括: 确定第一通信路径,所述第一通信路径能够支持与所述社交网络圈的第一节点的数据通信;以及确定至少ー个第二通信路径,所述至少ー个第二通信路径能够支持与所述社交网络圈的第一节点的数据通信,所述第二通信路径利用所述社交网络圈的至少ー个第二节点的通信资源,该通信资源在所述第一通信路径中未被相应地利用。 1. A method for providing data communication social network circle, said circle having a social network including at least ー associated with membership in a communication resource can be allocated a node, the method comprising: determining a first communication path, said first communication path capable of supporting data communications with the first node in the social network ring; and determining at least ー a second communication path, said at least one second communication path ー capable of supporting the social network data communication circle first node, said second communication path by using the social network at least one ring ー communication resource of the second node, the communication resource is not utilized in the corresponding first communication path.
2.根据权利要求1所述的方法,进ー步包括: 评估与所述第一通信路径和所述第二通信路径相关的消耗度量;以及基于所述评估,分配所述第一通信路径和所述第二通信路径中的至少ー个,以提供与所述第一节点的数据通信。 2. The method of claim 1, further comprising intake ー: assessment and the consumption of the first communication path and said second communication path metric associated; and based on the evaluation, the allocation of the first communication path and said second communication path ー a least, to provide a data communication with the first node.
3.根据权利要求2所述的方法,进ー步包括: 识别对数据通信的请求,所述请求由所述社交网络圈的第一节点发起并经由所述第一通信路径传输,以及所述消耗度量包括与对数据通信的请求相关的至少ー个消耗度量。 Transmission via said first communication path, and the identification of data communication, the request by the first node in the social network to initiate and circles: 3. The method according to claim 2, further comprising intake ーConsumption Measurements include a request for data communication at least one associated ー consumption metric.
4.根据权利要求2所述的方法,所述消耗度量包括数据消费消耗,其中,评估所述消耗度量包括: 确定所述第一通信路径和所述第二通信路径中的哪ー个实现具有最少量相关数据消费消耗的数据通信。 4. The method of claim 2, including the consumption metric includes data consumer consumption, wherein evaluating the consumption metric: determining said first communication path and said second communication path which has ー realizations a minimum amount of consumption related data communications data consumed.
5. ー种在通信网关中使用的方法,所述通信网关支持社交网络圈的多个节点,所述方法包括: 接收与所述社交网络圈的节点相关的通信资源信息; 根据所述通信资源信息,识别能够支持节点间特定数据通信的多个通信路径;以及选择至少ー个通信路径用于所述数据通信。ー species used in the communication gateway 5. The method, the plurality of communication nodes social network gateway support ring, the method comprising: receiving a ring associated with the social network node communication resource information; according to said communication resource information, identification can support a plurality of communication paths between certain nodes data communication; and selecting at least ー communication path for the data communication.
6.根据权利要求5所述的方法,其中,选择至少ー个通信路径至少部分地基于:与所述多个通信路径相关的消耗度量的相对比较。 6. The method of claim 5, wherein selecting at least ー communication path based at least in part: a relative comparison of the number of communication paths associated consumption metric.
7.根据权利要求6所述的方法,所述消耗度量包括数据消费消耗,其中,选择至少ー个通信路径用于所述数据通信包括: 确定所述多个通信路径中的哪ー个实现具有最少量相关数据消费消耗的数据通信。 7. The method according to claim 6, wherein said metric includes data consumer consumption consumed, wherein selecting at least ー communication path for said data communication comprises: determining the plurality of communication paths which ー realizations having a minimum amount of consumption related data communications data consumed.
8. ー种装置电路,用干与社交网络系统交互,所述社交网络系统支持多个社交装置,所述装置电路包括: 接ロ电路,能够经由所述社交网络系统与所述多个社交装置耦接;以及处理电路,与所述接ロ电路耦接以: 识别所述多个社交装置的可分配的通信资源;以及确定多个通信路径,所述多个通信路径能够支持与所述多个社交装置中的一个的通信,所述多个通信路径利用所述可分配的通信资源的不同組合。 8. ー species apparatus circuit, with a dry system interaction with the social networking, the social network system supports multiple social means, said circuit means comprising: a pick ro circuit, capable of communicating via the social network system and the plurality of social means coupled; and a processing circuit, connected with the ro circuit is coupled to: identify a plurality of communication resources can be allocated social apparatus; and determining a plurality of communication paths, the plurality of communication paths capable of supporting the multi- a social communication apparatus of one of the plurality of communication paths can use different combinations of the allocated communication resources.
9.根据权利要求8所述的装置电路,所述处理电路还能够执行与所述多个通信路径中的第一已确定通信路径和第二已确定通信路径相关的消耗度量的相对比较。 Circuit apparatus according to claim 8, wherein said processing circuit is further capable of executing a communication path of the second metric is determined consumed relatively communication path associated with the first plurality of communication paths have been identified and.
10.根据权利要求9所述的装置电路,所述处理电路还能够:基于消耗度量的`所述相对比较,选择所述多个通信路径中的至少一个。 10. The circuit device according to claim 9, wherein the processing circuit is further capable of: `based on the consumption of relatively metric, selecting at least one of said plurality of communication paths.
Description  translated from Chinese

社交网络装置通信资源分配 Social network communication resource allocation means

[0001] 相关专利/专利申请的交叉引用 [0001] Related Patents / Patent 0001

[0002] 本申请要求于2011年10月8日提交的美国临时专利申请第61/545,147号以及于2012年4月5日提交的美国专利申请第13/440,834号的优先权,其全部内容通过引用结合于此。 [0002] This application claims priority to US Provisional Patent October 8, 2011 filed No. 61 / 545,147 and US patent application on April 5, 2012 to submit the No. 13 / 440,834 priority in its entirety by reference herein.

技术领域 FIELD

[0003] 本发明总体涉及社交联网;并且,更具体地,其涉及社交网络装置成员资格、通信资源分配以及相关服务。 [0003] The present invention generally relates to a social networking; and, more particularly, it relates to membership in a social network apparatus, a communication resource allocation and related services.


[0004] 近年来,社交网络站点和服务的流行与增长急剧地上升。 In recent years, rapidly rising popularity and growth of social networking sites and services, [0004]. 目前的社交网络站点包括Facebook、Google+、Twitter、MySpace、YouTube、LinkedIn、Flicker、Jaiku、MYUB0、Bebo等。 The current social networking sites, including Facebook, Google +, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flicker, Jaiku, MYUB0, Bebo etc. 这样的社交联网(SNET)站点一般是基于网页的,并围绕可被网络成员访问的用户档案(profile,简介)和/或内容集合来组织。 Such social networking (SNET) is generally based web site and can be accessed around the members of the network user profile (profile, Introduction) collection and / or content to the organization. 这样的社交网络中的成员资格(membership,成员构成)由个体或个体的分组构成,所述个体或个体分组通常由档案页面表示,并按照社交联网服务的判定被允许互动。 Such social network membership (membership, membership) by an individual or group of individuals constituted the individual or the individual packets are typically represented by a profile page, and in accordance with the determined social networking services are allowed to interact.

`[0005] 在很多的流行社交网络中,特别是关注于档案的社交网络,活动集中在网页或社交空间上,该网页或社交空间使成员可以通过联系网络查看档案、交流和分享活动、兴趣、观点、状况更新、音频/视频内容等。 `[0005] In many of the popular social network, particularly focused on the archives of social networking, activities focused on a web page or social space, social space of the page or so members can view files, exchange and sharing activities through networking, interest , view status updates, audio / video content. 社交联网服务还可允许成员追踪该社交网络中其他成员的某些活动;与现有的朋友、故人和同事协作、定位和连接;并与其他成员建立新的连接。 Social networking service also allows members of the social network to track certain activities of other members; with existing friends, old friends and colleagues collaborate, positioning and connection; and to establish new connections with other members.

[0006] 个体成员一般通过现存的基于网页的平台经由计算装置、平板装置或智能手机连接至社交联网服务。 [0006] the individual members of the general existing web-based social networking platform to connect to the service via a computing device, tablet device or smartphone through. 成员经常分享共同纽带、社交状态、或与其各自的联系人的地理或文化的联系。 Members often share a common bond, social status, or contact their respective geographical or cultural ties. 智能手机和基于游戏的移动社交联网服务正是快速发展的领域的例子。 Field of game-based smart phones and mobile social networking service is the rapid development of the examples.

[0007] 在被称为“云”的计算中,计算任务在一般经由互联网连接访问的远程计算机/服务器上被进行。 [0007] In the calculation is called "cloud" in general computing tasks on remote computers via the Internet connection to access the / server is performed. 云计算的一个好处是可以减少用户装置所要求的相应的处理和存储的性能(例如云计算机可加载平板装置所访问的网页并仅将要求的信息通信回该平板电脑)。 One of the benefits of cloud computing is that it can reduce the corresponding processing and storage of performance required by the user device (such as cloud computer tablet device loaded pages visited, and only the information and communication requirements of the back of the tablet). 因此,近年来已目睹到由本地或站点上的存储被转移至基于云的数据存储和管理的内容和应用软件的数量持续地增加。 Therefore, in recent years have witnessed to be stored locally or transferred from the site to continue to increase the number of cloud data storage and management software-based content and applications. 这样的软件机能/服务和内容一般经由(虚拟化的)网络基础设施按需可用。 Such software functions / services and content in general through the (virtual) network infrastructure available on demand.


[0008] (I) 一种用于提供社交网络圈中的数据通信的方法,所述社交网络圈具有包括至少一个带有可分配的通信资源的节点的关联成员资格,所述方法包括:确定第一通信路径,所述第一通信路径能够支持与所述社交网络圈的第一节点的数据通信;以及,确定至少一个第二通信路径,所述至少一个第二通信路径能够支持与所述社交网络圈的第一节点的数据通信,所述第二通信路径利用所述社交网络圈的至少一个第二节点的通信资源,该通信资源在所述第一通信路径中未被相应地利用。 [0008] (I) A method for providing a social network circle method of communicating data, the social network has an associated ring membership comprises communication resources can be allocated with at least one node, the method comprising: determining a first communication path, said first communication path capable of supporting data communications with the social network circle first node; and, determining at least one second communication path, said at least one second communication path capable of supporting the the social network data communication circle first node, said second communication path with said at least one social network circle communication resource of the second node, the communication resource is not utilized in the corresponding first communication path.

[0009](2)根据(I)所述的方法,进一步包括:评估与所述第一通信路径和所述第二通信路径相关的消耗度量;以及,基于所述评估,分配所述第一通信路径和所述第二通信路径中的至少一个,以提供与所述第一节点的数据通信。 [0009] (2) The method according to (I), further comprising: evaluating the first communication path and the consumption of the second communication path metric associated with; and, based on the evaluation, the first distribution a communication path and the second communication path at least one of, with the first node to provide data communication.

[0010] (3)根据(2)所述的方法,进一步包括:识别对数据通信的请求,所述请求由所述社交网络圈的第一节点发起并经由所述第一通信路径传输,以及,所述消耗度量包括与对数据通信的请求相关的至少一个消耗度量。 [0010] (3) The method according to (2), further comprising: identification of the data communication, the request by the first node in the social network circle initiated and transmitted via said first communication path, and , measure the consumption of the data communication includes at least one request related to the consumption metric.

[0011] (4)根据(3)所述的方法,进一步包括:经由已分配的通信路径向所述第一节点提供响应性数据通信。 [0011] (4) The method of (3) above, further comprising: providing data communications in response to the first node via a communication path allocated.

[0012] (5)根据(2)所述的方法,所述消耗度量包括数据消费消耗,其中,评估所述消耗度量包括:确定所述第一通信路径和所述第二通信路径中的哪一个实现具有最少量相关数据消费消耗的数据通信。 [0012] (5) The method according to (2), the consumption metric includes data consumer consumption, wherein evaluating the consumption metric comprises: determining said first communication path and said second communication path in which An implementation with a minimum amount of data communications related data consumer consumption.

[0013] (6)根据(2)所述的方法,所述消耗度量包括选自由以下各项组成的组的至少一个度量:通信资源的接近度、通信路径中的跳数、服务要求的质量以及电力消费数据。 [0013] (6) The method according to (2), the consumption metric selected from the group consisting of comprising at least one metric: proximity communication resources, quality of the communication path hops, service requirements and power consumption data.

[0014] (7)根据(I)所述的方法,所述社交网络圈成员资格包括第三节点,所述第三节点执行所述方法的步骤。 [0014] (7) The method of (I), wherein the social network circle membership includes a third node, the third node performing the method step.

[0015] (8)根据(I)所述的方法,其中,所述第二节点能够提供代表所述第一节点的代理功能。 [0015] (8) The method of (I), wherein, the second node representing said first node capable of providing the agent function.

[0016] (9)根据(I)所述的方法,其中,所述第一节点是成员用户装置。 [0016] (9) according to (I) according to the method, wherein the first node is a member of the user equipment.

[0017] (10) —种在通信网关中使用的方法,所述通信网关支持社交网络圈的多个节点,所述方法包括:接收与所述社交网络圈的节点相关的通信资源信息;根据所述通信资源信息,识别能够支持节点间特定数据通信的多个通信路径;以及,选择至少一个通信路径用于所述数据通信。 [0017] (10) - a method used in the communication gateway species, the plurality of communication nodes social network gateway support ring, the method comprising: receiving a ring associated with the social network node communication resource information; according to said communication resource information, identifying the node can support a plurality of communication paths between specific data communication; and selecting at least one communication path for the data communication.

[0018] ( 11)根据(10)所述的方法,其中,选择至少一个通信路径包括:选择并行通信路径用于所述数据通信的共享传送。 [0018] (11) The method according to (10), wherein selecting at least one communication path comprises: selecting a parallel communication path for transmitting the shared data communication.

[0019] (12)根据(10)所述的方法,其中,选择至少一个通信路径至少部分地基于:与所述多个通信路径相关的消耗度量的相对比较。 [0019] (12) The method according to (10), wherein selecting at least one communication path at least partially based on: a relative comparison of the number of communication paths associated consumption metric.

[0020] ( 13)根据(12)所述的方法,所述消耗度量包括数据消费消耗,其中,选择至少一个通信路径用于所述数据通信包括:确定所述多个通信路径中的哪一个实现具有最少量相关数据消费消耗的数据通信。 [0020] (13) The method according to (12), the consumption metric includes data consumer consumption, wherein selecting at least one communication path for the data communication comprises: determining the number of communication paths which one realize a minimum amount of data communications related data consumption consumed.

[0021] ( 14)根据(12)所述的方法,所述消耗度量包括选自由以下各项组成的组的至少一个度量:通信路径中的跳数、服务要求的质量、以及电力消费数据。 [0021] (14) according to the method (12), wherein the consumption measure includes selected from the group consisting of at least one measure: quality of the communication path hops, service requirements, and power consumption data.

[0022] (15)根据(10)所述的方法,进一步包括:执行地址代理功能以支持所述数据通f目。 [0022] (15) The method according to (10), further comprising: performing address of the proxy to support the data communication functions f mesh.

[0023] (16) 一种装置电路,用于与社交网络系统交互,所述社交网络系统支持多个社交装置,所述装置电路包括:接口电路,能够经由所述社交网络系统与所述多个社交装置耦接;以及,处理电路,与所述接口电路耦接以:识别所述多个社交装置的可分配的通信资源;以及,确定多个通信路径,所述多个通信路径能够支持与所述多个社交装置中的一个的通信,所述多个通信路径利用所述可分配的通信资源的不同组合。 [0023] (16) A device circuit for interaction with the social networking system, the social network system supports multiple social means, said circuit means comprising: an interface circuit, via said system and said plurality of social network social networking device is coupled; and a processing circuit, said interface circuit is coupled to: identify a plurality of communication means of social resources allocation; and, determining a plurality of communication paths, the plurality of communication paths capable of supporting said communication means in a plurality of social and, said plurality of communication paths using the communication resource can be allocated in different combinations.

[0024] ( 17)根据(16)所述的装置电路,所述处理电路还能够执行与所述多个通信路径中的第一已确定通信路径和第二已确定通信路径相关的消耗度量的相对比较。 [0024] (17) The apparatus of circuit (16), wherein the processing circuit is further capable of executing the plurality of communication paths have been determined in the first and second communication path associated with the determined communication path metric consumption relatively.

[0025] (18)根据(17)所述的装置电路,所述处理电路还能够:基于消耗度量的所述相对比较,选择所述多个通信路径中的至少一个。 [0025] (18) The apparatus of circuit (17), wherein the processing circuit is further capable of: based on the consumption of relatively metric, selecting at least one of said plurality of communication paths.

[0026] ( 19)根据(16)所述的装置电路,所述处理电路还能够保持用于所述多个通信路径的路由表。 [0026] (19) The apparatus of circuit (16), wherein the processing circuit is further capable of maintaining the routing tables for the plurality of communication paths.

[0027] ( 20 )根据(16 )所述的装置电路,所述处理电路还能够提供用于所述多个通信路径的地址代理功能。 [0027] (20) The apparatus of circuit (16), wherein the processing circuit is further capable of providing the address of the proxy functionality for a plurality of communication paths.

附图说明 Brief Description

[0028] 图1示出根据本发明的包括社交装置的社交网络组的实施方式。 [0028] Figure 1 shows an embodiment of the apparatus of the social network, including social group of the present invention.

[0029] 图2示出根据本发明的包括多个成员的社交组的实施方式。 [0029] Figure 2 illustrates an embodiment comprising a plurality of members of the social group according to the present invention.

[0030] 图3是示出根据本发明实施方式的社交网络基础设施和社交装置的功能框图。 [0030] FIG. 3 is a functional block diagram showing an embodiment of the present invention is a social networking infrastructure and social apparatus according to the.

[0031] 图4是根据本发明的社交机顶盒(STP) /网关的实施方式的示意框图。 [0031] FIG. 4 is a schematic block diagram of a set-top box according to an embodiment of the present invention, social (STP) / gateway.

[0032] 图5是根据本发明实施方式的用于支持其他社交装置和社交系统间多种交互的社交装置的示意框图。 [0032] FIG. 5 is a schematic block diagram illustrating the interaction of a variety of means among other social and social systems social apparatus according to an embodiment of the present invention for supporting.

[0033] 图6示出根据本发明的社交网络圈/子圈中的社交装置成员资格和访问的各个实施方式。 [0033] Figure 6 illustrates a social network in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention circle / sub circle social apparatus membership and accessed.

[0034] 图7是根据本发明的包括用于支持社交网络圈/子圈成员资格和通信的整体机能的社交装置的实施方式的示意框图。 [0034] FIG. 7 is included to support the overall function of the embodiment of the social means of social networking circle / ring membership and communications sub-schematic block diagram of the present invention.

[0035] 图8是根据本发明的与社交网络圈/子圈对接的社交装置的实施方式的示意框图。 [0035] FIG. 8 is a schematic block diagram of a social network according to an embodiment of circle / ring sub social docking apparatus of the present invention.

[0036] 图9是示出根据本发明的实施方式的对参与社交网络圈/子圈的社交装置的访问的示意框图。 [0036] FIG. 9 is a schematic block diagram of an embodiment of the present invention to access for participation in social networking circle / ring sub-social apparatus.

[0037] 图10是示出根据本发明实施方式的社交装置的对接和远程访问的状态图。 [0037] FIG. 10 is a diagram illustrating an embodiment of the present invention, the state of the social and remote access device docking FIG.

[0038] 图11是根据本发明实施方式的支持通告和组供应的基于社交装置的归档(profiling)的示意框图。 [0038] FIG. 11 is a schematic block diagram of an embodiment of the circular support of the present invention and the supply of the group based on the archive (profiling) social apparatus.

[0039] 图12是根据本发明实施方式的支持通告和组供应的基于社交装置的归档和自推的方法的逻辑图。 [0039] Figure 12 is an embodiment of the present invention is based on social filing apparatus and method for self-propelled support announcements is a logic diagram and group supply.

[0040] 图13是根据本发明实施方式的基于归档数据与SNET圈的基于相互关系的交互的方法的逻辑图。 [0040] FIG. 13 is an embodiment of the present invention interact with each other based on the relationship between the method of archiving data SNET ring logic diagram.

[0041] 图14示出了根据本发明的交通工具社交网络圈/子圈的各个实施方式。 [0041] Figure 14 illustrates various embodiments of the vehicle of the present invention, a social network circle / sub ring to.

[0042] 图15是示出根据本发明实施方式的自适应通信资源集合的示意框图。 [0042] FIG. 15 is a schematic block diagram of a communication resource according to an adaptive embodiment of the present invention is set.

[0043] 图16是根据本发明实施方式的本地或基于云的社交网络网关/接入点的功能框图。 [0043] FIG. 16 is a functional block diagram of a local embodiment of the present invention or a cloud-based social network gateway / access point.

[0044] 图17是根据本发明实施方式的分配社交网络圈/子圈的通信资源的方法的逻辑图。 [0044] Figure 17 is a method according to an embodiment of the present invention the social network of distribution circle / ring sub communication resources of the logic diagram. 具体实施方式 DETAILED DESCRIPTION

[0045] 如本文所用,术语“社交网络”和“SNET”包括装置和/或个体的分组或社交结构,以及这样的装置和/或个体间的连接、链路和相依性。 [0045] As used herein, the term "social networking" and "SNET" comprises means and / or the individual packets or social structures, and such devices and / or connections, links and dependencies between individuals. SNET中的或附属的成员和活动者(包括装置)在本文中可被称为“节点”、“社交装置”、“SNET成员”、“SNET装置”、“用户装置”和/或“模块”。 SNET of or affiliated members and activists (including equipment) may be referred to herein as "nodes", "social system", "SNET members", "SNET device", "user device" and / or "modules" . 此外,术语“ SNET圈”、“ SNET子圈”、“ SNET组”、“ SNET子组” 一般表示包括社交装置、并且根据上下文适当地包括SNET人类成员和个人区域网络(“PAN”)的社交网络。 In addition, the term & "SNET circle", "SNET child ring", "SNET group", "SNET subgroup" refers generally to include social means and suitably comprises a SNET human members and personal area network ("PAN") based on a social context network.

[0046] 现参照图1,示出了包括社交装置102的社交网络圈/组100 (下文中称为“SNET圈”或“SNET组”)。 [0046] Referring now to Figure 1, there is shown means including social social network circles 102 / group 100 (hereinafter referred to as "SNET circle" or "SNET group"). 超越传统社交联网的特征和服务之上,如下面综合参考示图更全面地描述的那样,根据本发明的各个实施方式的SNET圈100和相关的社交装置102包括多个新颖的特征和属性。 Above beyond the traditional social networking features and services, such as more fully described below with reference to synthesis diagram, according to various embodiments of the present invention SNET coil 100 and related social apparatus 102 includes a plurality of novel features and attributes.

[0047] 简言之,SNET组100中的成员资格可包括对接的社交装置102 (其实施方式结合图7被描述)和SNET组人类成员104,以及其代理。 [0047] Briefly, SNET membership in the group 100 may include social docking device 102 (which is the embodiment described in conjunction with FIG. 7) and a group of human SNET member 104, and its agent. 进一步地,SNET组100节点可包括参与作为成员的各种类型的装置服务和软件(例如,应用)。 Further, SNET pack 100 may include a node as a member to participate in various types of devices and software services (e.g., application). 通过示例,SNET组成员可包括人工智能代理/社交机器人106、SNET安全装置108、电器、交通工具和服务提供者110、外部社交装置资源112、其他SNET组的公共或授权成员/机能等。 By way of example, SNET team members may include artificial intelligence agent / social robot 106, SNET security device 108, electrical, transport and service providers 110, 112 external social system resources, public or authorize other members of the group SNET / function and so on. 进一步地,对SNET组100的具体内容和资源的访问可以与其他SNET 114中的成员共享,包括远程或基于网页的应用。 Furthermore, access to specific content and resources SNET group 100 can be shared with other SNET 114 members, including remote or web-based applications. 这样的访问可被制约在可接受的归档和联系数据上。 Such access may be restricted on acceptable archiving and contact data. 相似地,社交装置或个体可被许可带有或不带有受限访问的临时或特设的成员资格。 Similarly, the social unit or individual may be licensed for temporary or ad hoc membership with or without restricted access.

[0048] 在所示实施方式中,SNET组100的形成、保持和操作由单独的或分布式的SNET处理电路和软件116执行。 In the illustrated embodiment, is formed [0048] SNET pack 100, to maintain and operations performed by a separate or distributed SNET processing circuitry and software 116. 注意,“SNET处理电路”可包括硬件、软件、应用、或其各种组合,并可被配置为支持本文所公开的各种机能。 Note that, "SNET processing circuitry" may include hardware, software, applications, or various combinations thereof, and may be configured to support various functions disclosed herein. 进一步地,SNET处理电路116可被包括于独立的服务器、服务器机群、基于云的资源、和/或下面描述的各类型的装置,并且结合有认证和安全机能118。 Further, SNET processing circuit 116 may be included on a separate server, server clusters, cloud-based resources, and / or the following description of the various types of devices, and combined with authentication and security function 118. 此外,根据本发明的SNET还可利用专用的中间件(middleware),包括标准化的中间件和/或具有相关鉴定流程的标准化的通信协议。 Further, according to the present invention may also utilize SNET dedicated middleware (middleware), including standardized middleware and / or standardized communication protocol associated with the identification process. SNET组100中的交互和相依性可包括自适应资源管理、分配和仲裁模块120、社交装置关联/控制模块122以及SNET组成员归档模块124中的一个或多个。 Interactive 120, 100 associated with SNET group and dependencies can include adaptive resource management, allocation and arbitration module social unit / control module 122 and SNET archive module 124 group members in one or more.

[0049] 如下面更全面地描述,可根据本发明的各个实施方式以多种方式完成内部和外部SNET数据和内容126的分发。 [0049] As described more fully below, may be accomplished in a variety of internal and external SNET data and content in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention the distribution 126. 例如,数据分发可涉及包括很多种通信协议及有线和/或无线通信信道的自适应或并行网络通信/路由基础设施。 For example, data distribution may involve a variety of communication protocols and include wired and / or adaptive or parallel network communication / routing infrastructure wireless communication channel. SNET数据内容126例如可包括多种用户驱动(通告)信道、图片、视频、音频通信、链接、在线文本等。 SNET data content 126 may include, for example, a variety of user driven (circular) channel, pictures, video, audio communication, links, text, etc. online. 通过互联网主干128、蜂窝通信系统、WAN、LAN等,可进行对这样的内容的访问,以及与SNET组100的社交装置102进行通信或对其进行远程访问。 Via the Internet backbone 128, cellular communication systems, WAN, LAN, etc., can be accessed for such content, as well as social and SNET group communication apparatus 102 or 100 for remote access.

[0050] 根据本发明的多种实施方式(诸如本文所公开的那些)的SNET中的成员可建立控制和限制访问该成员档案信息、通信资源、连接和组的人或物的许可和/或私人设定,以及定义期望的访问程度。 [0050] According to various embodiments of the present invention (such as those disclosed herein) SNET members may be established in the access control and limitation of the person or thing the member profile information, communication resources, and groups of connection licenses and / or private settings, and define the desired degree of access. 许可可使用户能够保持某些资源或信息为私人的或只基于许可规则可用。 License allows the user to maintain certain resources or information for private or only available on licensing rules. 例如,对可用通信资源或社交内容的可访问性可被限制于特定SNET或SNET组中的用户或装置。 For example, the available communication resources or social content accessibility may be limited to the specific SNET SNET group or users or devices. 可选地,这样的资源可公开可用。 Alternatively, the resources may be publicly available. 同样,SNET成员可选择性地决定准许其他成员访问诸如名字、性别、联系信息/电子邮件地址等个人信息。 Similarly, SNET member selectively decided to allow other members to access personal information such as name, gender, contact information / email address.

[0051] 图2示出根据本发明的包括多种成员的社交组202的实施方式。 [0051] Figure 2 shows an embodiment of a social group include a variety of members 202 according to the present invention. 在该实施方式中,社交组202中的成员资格可包括运行社交组202中多种功能的多个新颖的社交系统成员204。 In this embodiment, the social group membership 202 can include a plurality of novel members of a social system running multiple functions in a social group 202 204. 正如将被理解的那样,社交系统成员204中的一些可支持社交组202与人类成员/非成员和用户200之间的直接或间接联系。 As will be appreciated, the members of the social system 204 may support some of the social group members 202 and human / non-members and the user 200 directly or indirectly contact between.

[0052] 在所示实施方式中,社交系统成员(或节点)204包括为社交组机能和成员操作(路由、数据存储、服务等)提供支持基础设施的一个或多个本地或远程服务器和服务器集群。 [0052] In the illustrated embodiment, the members of a social system (or node) 204 includes providing an infrastructure to support one or more local or remote servers and server groups for social functions and member operations (routing, data storage, services, etc.) cluster. 经由专用的或多功能的通信路径装置可进行社交组内的通信和与非成员的通信。 Via a dedicated or multi-purpose communication path and the communication device can communicate with the non-members of a social group.

[0053] 社交系统成员204进一步包括被配置为用作社交组202内节点的装置。 [0053] The social networking system 204 further comprises a member configured to be used as a social group 202 within the node apparatus. 这样的装置中的社交机能和其他社交系统成员204可通过多种手段实现。 Such a device in a social function and 204 members of other social systems can be realized through a variety of means. 例如,装置可具有完整的硬件/固件/软件以支持社交组访问和成员操作。 For example, the device may have a complete hardware / firmware / software to support the members of a social group access and operations. 可选地,通用装置204a可包括实现对社交组202的参与的社交代码。 Alternatively, the generic device 204a may include social group achieve social participation code 202. 在进一步的实施方式中,被设计为包括社交机能的装置204b可通过非社交代码与社交中介层(social shim layer)或驱动封包(driver wrapper)的结合来参与社交组202。 In a further embodiment, is designed to include social functioning device 204b via a non-social and social code interposer (social shim layer) or a combination of packet driver (driver wrapper) to participate in a social group 202. 在另外再一种实施方式中,具有社交设计的成员装置204c可利用额外的社交代码,包括对社交组202特定的代码。 In further still another embodiment, the device has a member of a social design 204c available extra social code, social group 202 including specific code.

[0054] 参与社交组202是通过包括自动化的和成员触发的成员资格邀请和处理(成员资格管理)206的机能被支持的。 [0054] 202 is through participation in social groups, including automated and membership invitations and processing (Membership Management) function triggered 206 members supported. 更具体地,成员资格管理206可通过自动的、自动化的和成员触发的进程邀请预期的成员参与社交组202。 More specifically, membership management 206 through automatic, automation and process triggered invite members of the expected 202 members to participate in a social group. 例如,成员资格管理206可被用户人200配置为通过自动地邀请/接受具有一定特性的社交系统成员(诸如用户或用户的熟人所拥有或控制的装置)来建立社交组202。 For example, membership management 206 can be configured by the user 200 who automatically invitation / accept social system members with certain properties (such as a user or user's acquaintances are owned or controlled by means) 202 to create a social group.

[0055] 可根据来自现有社交系统成员204或用户人200的输入或授权来定制被接受的加入社交组202的邀请和主动提出的加入社交组202的请求的处理(例如通过用户接口)。 [0055] can be used to customize the invitation to join social groups and 202 were accepted to join a social group 202 processing (for example, through the user interface) initiative requests made under the existing social system members from 204 or 200 user input or authorized person. 相似地,成员资格管理206可被配置为生成关于哪一位预期成员接收邀请的自动化的建议。 Similarly, membership management 206 may be configured to generate recommendations on which one is expected to receive an invitation automated members. 根据本发明,诸如本文描述的多种其他方法可被用于建立成员资格。 According to the present invention, a variety of other methods such as described herein can be used to establish membership.

[0056] 对社交组202的包括服务和数据的资源的访问和该资源的可见性可通过总体和成员分级访问配置208来管理。 [0056] access to the resources of social groups, including 202 services and data and visibility can be accessed by the general and members of the hierarchical configuration 208 to manage the resource. 例如,如果社交组202的成员资格包括家庭成员和相关装置,那么可以以自动的或自动化的方式跨级别应用统一的访问配置(或独立的装置和人的配置)。 For example, if a social group membership includes 202 family members and related devices, it can be automatic or automated way to apply a uniform cross-level access configuration (or a stand-alone device and human configuration). 在其他的实施方式中,基于每个成员施加访问控制和约束210。 In other embodiments, the access control is applied on a per-member 210 and constraint.

[0057] 社交组202可提供很多种的成员服务212,包括可被社交系统成员204访问的内部和外部服务。 [0057] 202 social groups can provide a variety of services 212 members, including internal and external services that can be accessed 204 members of the social system. 通过示例,社交组202可在完全成员和/或被授权的客人成员和访客间提供电子邮件或其他通信服务。 By way of example in the social group 202 full members and / or guests of members and visitors authorized to provide e-mail or other communication between services. 对于社交组202的其他资源,对成员服务212的访问控制和约束可被应用至个体成员或各级成员。 Other resources for the social group 202, 212 members of the service access control and constraints can be applied to individual members or members at all levels.

[0058] 图3是示出根据本发明实施方式的社交网络(SNET)基础设施和(成员)社交装置300的功能框图。 [0058] FIG. 3 is a functional block diagram showing an embodiment of the present invention according to the social network (SNET) and infrastructure (members) social device 300. 社交网络基础设施301与社交装置300及其他SNET成员之间的通信可在一个或多个有线和无线通信网络303上进行。 Social network infrastructure 301 communicates with the device 300 and other social SNET between members can be performed on one or more wired and wireless communication network 303. SNET基础设施301和社交装置300分别通过通信接口331和311被耦接至通信网络303,通信接口331和311均可支持与个体SNET成员或SNET成员组/级的通信。 SNET social infrastructure devices 301 and 300 are respectively coupled to communication network 303, the communication interface 331 and 311 may support communication with individual SNET SNET member or member of a group / class 331 and 311 through the communication interface.

[0059] 所示实施方式的SNET基础设施301包括多个功能和资源以支持具有社交装置成员的SNET的形成和保持。 [0059] SNET illustrated embodiment 301 includes a plurality of functional infrastructure and resources to support the members of SNET has a social unit formed and maintained. 具体地,成员报告管理和处理333从相关的社交装置300中的SNET/组/成员报告功能313处接收信息。 Specifically, members of the management and processing of 333 reports from the relevant social device 300 SNET / group / reporting 313 members receive information. 这样的信息可包括:例如关于社交装置300和/或装置用户的位置、地址以及活动的状况数据315。 Such information may include: for example, on the social situation of device 300 and / or the device user's location, address and event data 315. [0060] 此外,社交装置300可提供装置信息316,该装置信息316指示例如装置功能和社交性能、装置型号、装置配置、软件版本、所附外围和下行(社交)装置、装置资源和使用率等。 [0060] In addition, social device 300 may provide device information 316, 316 indicating that the device information such as device features and social performance, device model, device configuration, software version, and the appended peripheral downlink (social) apparatus, device resources and utilization and so on. 为了SNET资源管理(包括动态资源分配和仲裁)的目的,SNET基础设施301可利用关于可用资源和当前资源的使用率的装置信息316。 To SNET resource management (including dynamic resource allocation and arbitration) purposes, SNET infrastructure device 301 may use information about available resources and current resource usage of 316.

[0061] 在多种实施方式中,社交装置300可具有在不同时间处收集、存储和/或报告装置状况/信息315/316的义务。 [0061] In various embodiments, the social networking device 300 at different times may have to collect, store and / or report device status / message 315/316 obligations. 例如,当周期性地附属或对接SNET时和/或在与其他SNET内和SNET间的资源和装置(包括上行和下行装置)操作衔接期间,会需要报告。 For example, when a subsidiary or docking SNET periodically and / or during the operation of convergence, will need to be reported within other SNET in resources and equipment (including upstream and downstream equipment) SNET between and.

[0062] 再次参照SNET基础设施301,另外的机能和资源包括,但不限于:SNET成员信息捕捉和存储管理334 ;使SNET相关软件组件可以彼此通信的SNET应用编程接口(API )335 ;用于保持SNET与附属数据/资源的完整性的安全和访问控制管理337 ;以及(网页)服务器服务338。 [0062] Referring again SNET infrastructure 301, additional functions and resources, including, but not limited to: SNET members capture and storage management information 334; make SNET related software components can communicate with each other SNET application programming interface (API) 335; for keep SNET and ancillary data / resource integrity security and access control management 337; and (web) server service 338. 社交网络基础设施300进一步包括对应前述的以及诸如本文所述的其他服务的其他组应用服务305。 Social network infrastructure 300 further includes a corresponding group of the foregoing and other applications such as other services 305 service described herein. 在一种示例实施方式中,SNET基础设施301 (例如通过装置信息316)可决定希望参与SNET的社交装置300的种类和性质。 In one exemplary embodiment, SNET infrastructure 301 (e.g., by means of information 316) may decide that you want to participate in the type and nature of SNET social device 300. 如需要,之后SNET基础设施301的机能可以指示或触发社交装置300中适当的应用软件和下层驱动的安装。 If desired, after SNET infrastructure function 301 may indicate or trigger social apparatus 300 in the appropriate application software and the lower driver installation. 可最少地涉及社交装置300固有功能地进行这样的操作。 May minimally involve social apparatus 300 inherently functions to conduct such operations.

[0063] 在所示实施方式中,社交装置300包括多个另外的功能和资源以支持参与社交网络。 [0063] In the embodiment shown, the apparatus 300 includes a plurality of additional social functions and resources to support the participation in social networks. 更具体地,SNET, SNET和/或成员控制功能317可包括从功能318、主功能319以及其各种组合。 More specifically, SNET, SNET and / or member 317 may include a control function 318, the main function 319 as well as various combinations from function. 从功能318包括例如装置(重)配置、已指示资源分配、已管理资源仲裁、桥接操作等。 From 318 includes features such as device (re) configuration, have been instructed to resource allocation, resource management arbitration has been bridging operation. 主功能319使社交装置300能够建立、管理、和终止社交网络中的节点或节点组之间的各个交互,包括涉及社交装置300本身的交互。 319 Main features make social device 300 can create, manage, and terminate the interaction between the various social network nodes or groups, including social interaction involving 300 itself.

[0064] 社交装置300进一步包括社交API 321和基于浏览器的交互能力327以支持例如相关的社交应用和服务323 (可包括从和主功能318和319)。 [0064] social apparatus 300 further includes social interactivity API 321 and 327 to the browser-based support such as social networking applications and services related to 323 (which may include the 318 and 319 and the main function). 安全和访问控制325层准许社交装置300与安全SNET组/圈接口或建立安全SNET组/圈,并控制对内部和外部SNET资源的访问。 Security and access control layers 325 and 300 permit social security SNET group / ring interface, or to establish a secure SNET group / circle, and control access to internal and external SNET resources.

[0065] 注意,图3所示的本发明的实施方式的多个功能框块可以整体或部分地被并入一个或多个(应用专用的)集成电路装置中。 [0065] Note that, a plurality of functional blocks of an embodiment of the block shown in Figure 3 of the present invention may be incorporated in whole or in part by one or more of (application specific) integrated circuit devices. 例如,集成电路装置可包括提供成员报告机能(包括装置状况和装置特性的通信)的成员报告模块、装置控制能力、主/从功能、安全和访问控制模块等。 For example, the integrated circuit device may include providing members reporting functions (including a communication device status and device characteristics) of the members of the reporting module, device control, master / slave functionality, security and access control module. 这样的集成电路装置还可包括板上处理能力和/或与处理器装置的接口。 Such an integrated circuit device may further include interface board processing power and / or processor means. 可选地,上面描述的功能中的一些可整体或部分地被并入操作系统和/或操作系统内核上加载的软件。 Alternatively, the function of some of the above described can be incorporated in whole or in part of the operating system to load and / or operating system kernel software.

[0066] 图4是根据本发明的社交机顶盒(STB)/网关401的实施方式的示意框图。 [0066] FIG. 4 is a schematic block diagram of a set-top box in accordance with the present invention, social (STB) / gateway 401 in the embodiment. STB/网关401提供多个功能,包括从上游资源到可被下游社交装置消费的内容的信号转换。 STB / Gateway 401 provides several functions, including signal can be converted from upstream resources to downstream social content consumption device. STB/网关401可进一步作为支持上游和下游装置之间的单向或双向通信和桥接的网关进行工作。 STB / gateway 401 may further be supported between the upstream and downstream unidirectional or bidirectional communication means and a gateway bridging work.

[0067] 如结合图5更全面地所描述的那样,所示社交装置可在社交装置“等级体系”中工作,该“等级体系”包括社交装置、社交“父”(SP)装置和社交“子”(SC)装置。 [0067] in conjunction with Figure 5 as more fully described above, the social apparatus shown may work in a social device "hierarchy", the "hierarchy" including social system, social "Father" (SP) devices and social networking. " child "(SC) devices. 简言之,SP装置可使相关的SC装置与社交网络直接地或间接地进行交互和/或连接。 Briefly, SP means can related SC means social network or indirectly interact with and / or connectable directly. SC装置的社交能力可经由SP装置被提供。 Social skills SC means may be provided via SP apparatus.

[0068] 进一步地,诸如STB/网关401和下游装置441-449的根据本发明的各个实施方式和应用的一些社交装置可同时地或选择性地作为社交装置、SP装置和/SC装置进行工作。 [0068] Further, such as a STB / gateway apparatus 401 and downstream of the various embodiments and applications of some social apparatus according to the invention may be simultaneously or selectively as the social means 441-449, SP means and / SC apparatus work . 可以以选择性的、自动的或自动化的方式建立SP和SC装置间的关联。 May be selective, automatic or automated way to associate devices between the SP and SC. 例如,将STB/网关401与SNET基础设施405对接可导致用户家用装置的自动对接。 For example, the STB / Gateway 401 and 405 docking SNET infrastructure can result in an automatic docking user home device.

[0069] 所示实施方式的STB/网关401与SNET基础设施405和(SNET)外部介质系统407经由一个或多个有线或无线的网络/链路403进行交互。 [0069] illustrated embodiment STB / SNET gateway 401 and infrastructure 405 and (SNET) external media system 407 via one or more wired or wireless network / link 403 interact. 有线和无线网络/链路403 (和409)可利用各种传输介质中的一种或多种,诸如同轴电缆、屏蔽双绞线、光纤线缆、电力线和无线介质(射频、微波、卫星、红外线等),并且根据各种通信和联网协议(TCP/IP、UPuP、IPv6等)进行工作。 Wired and wireless network / link 403 (and 409) can be used in a variety of transmission media, one or more, such as coaxial cable, shielded twisted pair, fiber optic cable, power cable and wireless media (radio, microwave, satellite , infrared, etc.), and operate according to various communication and networking protocols (TCP / IP, UPuP, IPv6, etc.). 此外,有线和无线网络/链路403可包括利用生成树协议、直接无线连接、对等链路等的多跳网络。 In addition, both wired and wireless network / link 403 may include the use of Spanning Tree Protocol, direct wireless connection, such as peer link multi-hop networks.

[0070] (SNET)外部介质系统407可包括例如一个或多个电缆、卫星和/或陆地电视系统。 [0070] (SNET) external media system 407 may comprise, for example one or more cable, satellite and / or terrestrial television system. 这些系统可使用多种头端设备和服务,如接收电视信号以进一步地处理和分发的电缆头端,且所述头端设备和服务还可以提供诸如互联网连接的多种其他服务。 These systems can use a variety of head-end equipment and services, such as receiving a television signal for further processing and distribution of cable head-end, and the head-end equipment and services can also provide a variety of other services such as Internet access.

[0071] 虽然所示STB/网关401作为社交父装置进行工作,但在可选的实施方式中其可具有与SNET基础设施405 (以及与其相关的SNET成员)或(SNET)外部介质系统407对等的或父的关系。 [0071] Although shown STB / gateway 401 operates as a social parent device, but in alternative embodiments it may have a SNET infrastructure 405 (and its associated SNET member) or (SNET) external media system 407 pairs and other relationships or Father. 例如,电缆头端本身可包括使其可以作为节点参与社交网络的社交能力。 For example, the cable headend itself so that it can be included as a node participating in social networks social skills.

[0072] 所示实施方式的STB/网关401包括广播/单播/多播前端413,该广播/单播/多播前端用于从(SNET)外部媒介系统407或SNET基础设施405接收压缩的数字视频、数字音频和其他数据信号以进一步地处理和分发。 [0072] illustrated embodiment STB / gateway 401 includes a broadcast / unicast / multicast front end 413, the broadcast / unicast / multicast from the distal end for (SNET) external medium SNET infrastructure system 407 or 405 receiving a compressed digital video, digital audio and other data signals to further processing and distribution. 前端413包括用于隔离特定的信道的调谐电路419a。 Front-end 413 includes a tuning circuit for isolating specific channel 419a. 之后来自调谐器电路419a的信号可被提供至模拟至数字(ADC)电路420a和解调电路421a以进行向二进制格式/流的转换。 After the signal from the tuner circuit 419a may be provided to an analog-to-digital (ADC) circuit 420a and the demodulation circuit 421a for the binary / stream conversion. 一旦处于二进制格式,前向纠错(FEC)电路422a检查接收到的二进制流的完整性。 Once in binary format, integrity before receiving the forward error correction (FEC) circuit 422a checks binary stream. 之后从二进制流提取的音频、视频和数据可被解码(例如,通过解码425)为适于下游社交装置消费的格式。 After extraction from the binary stream audio, video and data can be decoded (e.g., by decoding 425) is adapted to the format of the downstream social consumption apparatus. 注意,解调电路421a可支持诸如正交相移编码(QPSK)、正交幅度调制(QAM)、编码正交频分复用(COFDM)等的一种或多种调制技术。 Note that the demodulation circuit 421a may support such as a quadrature phase shift coding (QPSK), quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM), coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (COFDM) like one or more modulation techniques.

[0073] 前端413可被集成为一个或多个半导体装置,该半导体装置可进一步支持例如交互式数字电视、联网DVR机能、DOCSIS应用上的IP视频以及3D图像支持。 [0073] the distal end 413 may be integrated into one or more semiconductor devices, the semiconductor device may further support such as interactive digital TV, network DVR function, IP video and DOCSIS applications on the 3D image support. 此外,可为不同的电视标准(诸如PAL、NTSC、ATSC、SECAM、DVB-C, DVB-T (2)、DVB-H、ISDB、T-DMB、开放式有线)和调制方案提供多重调谐器电路419a (包括带内和带外调谐)、ADC电路420a和解调电路421a。 Furthermore, for different television standards (such as PAL, NTSC, ATSC, SECAM, DVB-C, DVB-T (2), DVB-H, ISDB, T-DMB, an open cable) and modulation schemes to provide multiple tuners circuit 419a (including in-band and out of band tuning), ADC circuit and demodulation circuit 420a 421a. 进一步地,在一些实施方式中,由前端413提供的信道和相关节目信息的分享可被认为是社交功能。 Further, in some embodiments, the shared channel and related program information provided by the front end 413 may be considered a social function.

[0074] 在本发明的一种可选实施方式中,STB/网关401机能的功能可由智能手机或移动计算装置执行。 [0074] In an alternative embodiment of the present invention, the functional features 401 STB / gateway may be a smart phone or mobile computing device to perform. 在这种实施方式中,“前端”413包括一个或多个无线接口(包括PHY和基带功能),如蜂窝(3G、4G、IMT-高级等)或广域网络(WiMax等)接口。 In this embodiment, the "front end" 413 includes one or more wireless interfaces (including PHY and baseband functions), such as cellular (3G, 4G, IMT- Advanced, etc.) or a wide area network (WiMax, etc.) interfaces. 接口可支持一个或多个调制和复用技术,如0FDM、0FDMA、SC-FDMA、QPSK、QAM、64QAM、CSMA、MM0等。 Interface can support one or more modulation and multiplexing, as 0FDM, 0FDMA, SC-FDMA, QPSK, QAM, 64QAM, CSMA, MM0 so on. 在所示实施方式中,无线接口包括收发器419b、模拟至数字(ADC)和数字至模拟(DAC)电路、解调和调制电路421b以及FEC (如turbo码或LDPC码)电路422b。 In the illustrated embodiment, the wireless interface includes a transceiver 419b, analog to digital (ADC) and digital-to-analog (DAC) circuit, the demodulation and modulation circuit 421b and FEC (e.g. a turbo code or LDPC code) circuit 422b. 处理电路411可提供编码、解码和转码425功能。 The processing circuit 411 may provide encoding, decoding and transcoding function 425.

[0075]STB/网关401还可包括上行社交通信接口电路415,以与SNET基础设施405和/或(SNET)外部介质系统407通信。 [0075] STB / gateway 401 may also include up social communications interface circuits 415 to 405 and the infrastructure and SNET / 407 communications or (SNET) external media systems. 通过社交通信接口电路415,STB/网关401可直接与上游资源通信,或提供耦接至STB/网关401的装置(例如,社交装置441-449)和这样的资源间的(双向)桥接通信。 (Two-way) communication bridge through social communication interface circuit 415, STB / gateway 401 may direct means (e.g., social means 441-449) to communicate with the upstream resources, or provide coupled to STB / gateway 401 and between such resources.

[0076] 在图4的实施方式中,STB/网关401经由耦接至一个或多个有线和无线通信网络403/409的上行社交通信接口电路415和下行社交“子”通信接口电路417与多个社交装置441-449和上游资源进行交互。 [0076] In the embodiment of FIG. 4, STB / gateway 401 is connected to one or more wired and wireless communication networks in a social communication interface circuit 415 uplink and downlink social 403/409 "child" is coupled via the communication interface circuit 417 and multi- 441-449 and social networking device to interact with upstream resources. 例如,电视接口模块431与(数字)电视441或其他介质显示装置通信,以转发电视节目并实现可用的交互服务。 For example, the TV interface module 431 (digital) TV display device 441, or other media of communication, to forward the TV program and implement interactive services available. 相似地,音频接口433向音频系统443提供音频节目或音频库访问。 Similarly, the audio interface 433 audio programs or audio libraries provide access to the audio system 443.

[0077] 通信接口电路417进一步包括用于从远程控制445接收控制信号的远程控制接口435。 [0077] The communication interface circuit 417 from the remote control further comprises means for receiving a control signal 445 of the remote control interface 435. 除传统远程控制操作外,远程控制445可进一步提供被转发或映射至相关消费装置的声音和/或动作控制信号。 In addition to the conventional remote control operations, the remote control 445 may further be forwarded to the associated consumer device, or mapped voice and / or action control signals. 用户接口437还可为通信提供一个或多个用户接口装置447。 The user interface 437 may also provide for communication with one or more user interface devices 447. 游戏接口439用于提供与游戏系统449的交互式通信。 Game interface 439 for providing interactive communication with the game system 449. 这样的通信例如可涉及游戏平台上的社交网络成员和/或外部游戏者间的线上、多人游戏。 Such communications may involve e.g., online, multiplayer gaming social network members and / or external player gaming platform between.

[0078] 下游装置441-449之间的各种通信可经由社交桥接接口440没有实质改变地被桥接至社交网络中的各个节点。 [0078] 441-449 downstream devices between various communication interfaces via social bridge 440 may no substantive change to be bridged to the social network each node. 这样的桥接可独立于STB/网关401的机顶机能进行操作。 Such bridging can function independently of the set-top STB / gateway 401 to operate. 例如,社交子装置可直接与SNET基础设施405通信,以从社交组或IPTV服务处接收“社交” For example, the social infrastructure sub-system 405 may communicate with SNET to receive the "social" directly from a social group or IPTV Service

信道广播。 Channel broadcasts.

[0079] 所示实施方式的STB/网关401包括处理电路411(可由硬件、软件或其组合组成)、社交上行/下行机能支持432以及解码机能425,以支持诸如上述的社交交互。 [0079] The embodiment shown in STB / gateway 401 includes a processing circuit 411 (which may be hardware, software, or a combination thereof), social up / down function and a decoding function 425 supports 432 to support social interactions such as described above. 本实施方式中的社交上行/下行机能支持423包括诸如社交桥接427、父子服务429的多种功能,以及诸如图3中的功能313-327的其他机能。 The present embodiment social uplink / downlink 423 includes support functions 427, such as social bridging, son service functions 429, and 3 other functions such as a function 313-327 in FIG. 注意,处理电路411可完整或部分地作为SNET资源被使用。 Note that, the processing circuit 411 may be used as a complete or partial SNET resources are used.

[0080] 现参照图5,示意框图示出了根据本发明实施方式的、可用于支持其他社交装置和社交系统间多种交互的社交装置501。 [0080] Referring now to Figure 5, a schematic block diagram showing an embodiment according to the present invention, can be used to support other social networking between devices and social systems social apparatus 501 multiple interactions. 社交装置501被配置为带有使其可以工作于社交装置等级体系中的多个功能,该社交装置等级体系包括社交(S)装置、社交“父”(SP)装置以及社交“子”(SC)装置。 Social device 501 is configured so that it can work with more than one function in a social system hierarchy, which means social hierarchy, including social (S) devices, social "father" (SP) devices, and social "child" (SC ) means. 例如,社交父装置可使对接的社交子装置可以访问父装置的资源和/或与社交网络(直接或间接地)连接和交互。 For example, the parent device may enable social social sub docking device may access resources and / or social network parent device (directly or indirectly) connected to and interaction. 社交子装置可被配置带有固有的社交能力,或者,从相关的父装置或通过相关的父装置获得对这样的能力的访问。 Social sub-assembly may be configured with the inherent social skills, or, from the relevant parent device or to gain access to such capabilities through an associated parent device. 进一步地,SNET人类成员可具有相关的社交子装置,或经由用户I/O接口(523)被社交父装置服务。 Further, SNET human members may have a sub-assembly associated social, or (523) is the parent apparatus social services via a user I / O interface.

[0081] 根据本发明的各个实施方式和应用的社交装置501还可以同时地或选择性地作为社交装置、SP装置、SC装置或者甚至是支持(例如在多跳环境中)SNET组中父装置的“祖父”装置进行工作。 [0081] According to various embodiments and applications of the present invention is a social device 501 may also be simultaneously or selectively as a social unit, SP means, SC device or even a support (e.g., in a multi-hop environment) SNET group parent apparatus "Grandfather" device to work. 可以以选择性的、自动的、自动化的方式建立SP和SC装置间的动态和静态的等级关联。 Can be selective, automatic, automated way to build dynamic and hierarchical association between SP and SC means static. 进一步地,社交装置501可以有多种形式,包括但不限于:智能手机、个人电脑、服务器、平板装置、接入点、网关、网络交换机/集线器、桥接装置、机顶盒、或其他具备社交能力的装置。 Further, the social device 501 can take many forms, including but not limited to: smart phones, personal computers, servers, tablet devices, access points, gateways, network switches / hubs, bridge device, set-top boxes, or other social skills have devices.

[0082] 在所示实施方式中,社交装置501经由上行社交通信接口电路507被通信耦接至SNET基础设施509和/或社交父系统511。 [0082] In the embodiment shown, the apparatus 501 is connected via a social uplink social communication interface circuit 507 coupled to communication infrastructure 509 SNET and / or social parent system 511. 同样地,下行社交对等和/或子通信接口电路513实现与社交子装置515、社交对等装置517和/或社交父系统(装置)519的耦接。 Likewise, the downlink social peer and / or sub-communication interface circuit 513 to achieve sub-assembly 515 and Interaction, social a peer device 517 and / or social parent system (apparatus) 519 is coupled. 上游和下游装置的社交资源经由社交装置501可彼此可访问。 Social resources upstream and downstream device via social networking device 501 may be accessible to each other.

[0083] 根据实施方式的社交装置501包括社交资源503,该社交资源503与外部SNET资源一起由社交资源管理模块505管理,并可被至少一个其他SNET组成员访问。 [0083] According to an embodiment of the apparatus 501 includes a social social resource 503, the social resource 503 together with the external resources by SNET social management resource management module 505, and may be at least one other group members SNET access. 具体的社交资源503可包括用户I/O接口523、通用和专用硬件处理电力系统524、外围电路和组件525(可具有或不具有社交能力)、通信带宽和信用决定机能526、交换/桥接功能527、应用软件528、SNET组的远程社交资源529、被社交装置501控制的外部社交资源531等。 Specific social resources 503 may include a user I / O interface 523, general and special purpose hardware processing power system 524, the peripheral circuits and components 525 (which may or may not have social skills), communication bandwidth, and the credit decision function 526, switching / bridging function 527, application software 528, 529 SNET remote social resource group is a social control device 501 531 and other external social resources. 外部社交资源531例如可包括外部数据/数字化库、或来自一个或多个电缆、卫星和/或陆地电视系统的内容。 531 external social resources may include, for example, external data / digital library, or content from one or more cable, satellite and / or terrestrial television system.

[0084] 除了其他功能,社交资源管理模块505还包括访问、分配、仲裁和调度机能521,以及用于建立、重新获得和放弃控制处理操作的机能522,该机能521和机能522包括涉及访问社交资源503的操作。 [0084] In addition to other functions, social resource management module 505 also includes access, distribution, arbitration and scheduling function 521, as well as for the establishment, and to relinquish control to regain function processing operations 522, 521 and function 522 machine can including those involving access to social Resources 503 operation. 注意在SNET基础设施509和/或SNET节点中可存在对应的社交资源管理机能。 Note that there may be a social resource management functions corresponding infrastructure in SNET 509 and / or SNET node.

[0085] 在其中社交装置501包括交换桥的一种实施方式中,带宽容量可由访问、分配、仲裁和调度机能521动态地分配。 [0085] in which the social networking device 501 comprises one embodiment of the swap bridge, the bandwidth capacity may access, distribution, arbitration and scheduling function 521 is dynamically allocated. 对社交装置501的带宽容量和其他资源的访问仅对每个访问意图或每个分配和仲裁功能的请求可用,而当超出的带宽/资源被消费或要求时该访问被选择性地终止。 Access to bandwidth capacity social device 501 and other resources for each request to access only intent or each distribution and arbitration function is available, and when the bandwidth / excess resources are consumed or the access request is selectively terminated.

[0086] 图6示出根据本发明的社交网络圈/子圈中的社交装置成员资格和可访问性的各个实施方式。 [0086] Figure 6 illustrates a ring according to the present invention, a social network / sub circle social apparatus membership and accessibility of the various embodiments. 在所示实施方式中,SNET圈610的成员资格可被扩展为包括公共和私人社交装置和设备。 In the illustrated embodiment, the membership SNET ring 610 may be extended to include public and private social devices and equipment. 例如,在包括人类成员606/608的SNET圈610中,每个人类成员可具有能够独立地或集体地参与SNET圈610的相关的或对接的社交装置606/608的各自的个人SNET子圈600 (a)/600 (b)。 Social devices such as including human members of SNET 606/608 610 laps, each member of the human race may have associated or docking independently or collectively participate SNET 610 laps each individual sub-loop 606/608 600 SNET (a) / 600 (b). SNET子圈可通过诸如点击与人类成员或个人子圈相关的图标或标签的多种手段被人类成员606/608和/或其他SNET圈/子圈成员本地或远程访问。 SNET child circle by humans, such as clicking on the relevant member or individual sub-circle icon or label a variety of means to be human members of the 606/608 and / or other SNET circle / ring member sub-local or remote access.

[0087] 尽管SNET子圈600 (a)和600 (b)被示出为独立的子圈,这样的子圈可换为包括单个SNET圈或子圈,或任意数量的其他SNET圈和/或子圈,其中的每一个可包括社交装置602/604的多种组合。 [0087] Although SNET child circle 600 (a) and 600 (b) is shown as a separate sub-loop, so that the child can be changed to include a single ring ring or sub-SNET circle, or any number of other SNET rings and / or sub-rings, each of which may consist of various combinations of social device 602/604. 进一步地,所示实施方式的SNET处理电路和软件612管理SNET圈610的形成和操作。 Further, SNET process for forming the embodiment illustrated circuitry and software management SNET rings 612 and 610 of the operation. SNET处理电路和软件612可被并入单独的服务器、社交装置、和/或基于云的资源中。 SNET processing circuitry and software 612 may be incorporated into a separate server, the social system, and / or resources in cloud-based. SNET圈610可以是持久的或具有有限的持续时间,并且包括自组织的和/或静态的关联。 SNET ring 610 can be persistent or have a limited duration, and includes self-organization and / or static association.

[0088] 示例性的社交装置602/604可被宽泛地被分为:(i)包括足以向SNET交互提供有意义的输入的用户或SNET圈接口的社交装置602和(ii)支持与SNET交互相关的最小化或无用户的输入的社交装置604。 [0088] Exemplary social device 602/604 may be broadly divided into: (i) comprises a sufficient interaction to provide meaningful input SNET social device user interface 602 or SNET ring and (ii) to support the interaction with SNET Related minimized or no user input device 604 social. 更具体地且并不限于,第一种可包括电脑、平板装置、IPTV、IPTV机顶盒、智能手机、服务器、笔记本电脑、云书籍、依附网络的存储装置、游戏控制台、媒体播放器/资源、通信节点(接入点、路由器、交换机、网关等)、用户接口装置、电力线通信(PLC)装置等。 More specifically, and is not limited to, the first may include computers, tablet devices, IPTV, IPTV set-top boxes, smart phones, servers, laptops, books cloud, network attached storage devices, game consoles, media players / resources communication node (access points, routers, switches, gateways, etc.), user interface means, power line communication (PLC) devices. 这样的社交装置可接收用于SNET设置和管理的用户输入。 Such devices can receive for SNET social setting up and managing user input. 第二种可包括但也不限于打印机、放映机、照相机和便携摄像机、扫描仪、扬声器、耳麦、烟雾探测器、报警系统、视频照相机、鼠标等。 The second may include, but are not limited to printers, projectors, cameras and camcorders, scanners, speakers, headsets, smoke detectors, alarm systems, video cameras, mouse and so on. 总体来说,可对接社交装置包括可以经由有线或无线路径可操作地耦接或对接至SNET圈/子圈以作为SNET成员参与的任何电子装置。 Overall, social means comprises docking can be operatively coupled to SNET or docking ring / ring sub SNET as any electronic device involving members via wired or wireless path.

[0089] 如将被理解的那样,通过对接社交装置,SNET圈610的成员可经由授权成员SNET账户获得对这样的设备的全面的或部分的远程控制和交互。 [0089] As will be appreciated, by docking social means, SNET ring member 610 can obtain full or part of such a remote control device and the interaction member SNET account via authorization. 例如,被授权参与“家庭”SNET圈的家庭成员可经由一个或多个相关的SNET账户远程地访问对接的社交装置。 For example, a family member is authorized to participate in "family" SNET docking ring accessible via one or more remotely related SNET account social means. 稍后结合图8-10更全面地描述对接和访问社交装置的示例性的方法。 More fully described later docking and exemplary method of accessing social networking device in conjunction with Figure 8-10. [0090] 图7是根据本发明的包括可用于支持社交网络圈/子圈成员资格和通信的整体机能的社交装置的实施方式的示意框图。 [0090] FIG. 7 is a schematic block diagram of an embodiment may be used to support the overall function of the social network circle / ring sub membership and social communication apparatus according to the present invention comprises. 在所示实施方式中,通信接口和收发器电路702可用于在一个或多个通信信道上进行社交装置700和SNET组/子组724间的有线或无线通信。 In the illustrated embodiment, the communication interface and the transceiver circuit 702 may be used in one or more of the social communication channel means 700 and SNET groups / subgroups wired or wireless communication 724 of. 根据社交装置700的能力和配置,与SNET的通信可以是单边或双向的/交互式的,并利用专有的或标准的通信协议。 Social apparatus 700 according to the capacity and configuration, SNET communication and can be unilateral or two-way / interactive, using proprietary or standard communication protocols. 通信可包括例如装置档案信息、用户和SNET圈档案信息、控制信号、音频/视频内容、与主服务数据的交互、用户数据、转发的信息等。 Communications may include information such as device files, users, and SNET circle archival information, interactive control signals, audio / video content, with the main service data, user data, forwarding information.

[0091] 社交装置700进一步包括处理电路704,所述处理电路704可用于处理和管理装置与包括SNET组/子组724的成员、第三方、软件代理等的其他实体之间的通信、服务和关联。 [0091] Social apparatus 700 further includes a processing circuit 704, the processing circuitry 704 for handling and managing a communication device and includes other entities SNET group / subgroup of members 724, third-party, software agents such as between service and association. 更具体地,处理电路704可包括例如软件管理应用712,该软件管理应用712包括一个或多个对接逻辑714 (包括支持如下所述的装置发现和配置协议)、通信协议控制716、资源管理718、以及安全/认证720机能。 More specifically, the processing circuit 704 may include, for example, software management application 712, the management application software 712 includes one or more docking logic 714 (including support means as described below and found Configuration Protocol), the communication protocol control 716, resource management 718 and security / authentication function 720.

[0092] 社交装置700进一步可利用具有多种形式并被保持在静态或动态存储器724中的档案信息。 [0092] social apparatus 700 further archival information available in a variety of forms and is held static or dynamic memory 724. 这样的档案信息使社交装置和/或用户可以向其他SNET成员显示其本身的形象及其能力。 Such information enables the social system files and / or user can display its own image and its ability to other members of SNET. 具体地,可以以根据本发明的多种方式利用装置/组档案信息和其他资源706以及用户档案信息708,以进行多种社交交互。 Specifically, in accordance with the present invention utilizes a variety of device / group files and other resources, and user profile information 706 708, for a variety of social interaction. 根据具体装置(以及SNET的其他成员)的能力和要求,装置或用户的档案可以是静态的或动态的。 Depending on the device (as well as other members of SNET) capabilities and requirements, devices or the user's profile may be static or dynamic.

[0093] 在某种实施方式中,社交装置700可经由用户接口电路710与用户交互。 [0093] In certain embodiments, the social apparatus 700 via the user interface circuit 710 may interact with the user. 向社交装置700的用户输入可包括例如通过键盘、触摸屏、远程控制装置、游戏控制器、装置控制按钮、声音或动作命令、存储装置等输入的数据。 User input means to social 700 may include data such as input via a keyboard, touch screen, remote control devices, game controllers, device control buttons, voice commands, or actions, the storage device and the like. 对社交装置700的授权访问或控制可通过唯一的生物标识码、密码、基于令牌的识别、诸如驾驶证或护照的信任凭据或文件,以及其他相似的认证手段进行。 Social authorized access or control device 700 may be identified by a unique biological identification code, password, identification token-based, trusted credentials or documents such as driver's license or passport, authentication, and other similar means.

[0094] 社交装置700可进行核心或下层机能720 (例如社交机器、安全装置、交通工具通信节点等)。 [0094] a social device 700 may be a core or underlying function 720 (such as social machinery, safety devices, transport communications nodes, etc.). 可选地,社交装置可主要用作社交网络接口或通信装置。 Alternatively, the device can be used primarily as a social social network interface or communication device. 或可以被编程以在SNET组/子组中进行特定的功能。 Or may be programmed to perform a specific function in SNET group / subgroup.

[0095] 图8是根据本发明的与社交网络圈/子圈对接的社交装置的示意框图。 [0095] FIG. 8 is a schematic block diagram of a social network ring / ring sub social docking apparatus according to the present invention. 在所示实施方式中,社交装置800可指示与(安全)SNET圈/子圈802的关联、对接或通信的意愿。 In the illustrated embodiment, the social networking device 800 may indicate associated with (security) SNET circle / sub-loop 802, butt or willingness to communicate. 社交装置800装置可以是自治并独立的,或者可选地,是第二SNET圈804或被SNET网关806服务的其他网络的参与者。 Social device 800 device can be autonomous and independent, or alternatively, other network participants SNET second ring 804 or 806 SNET gateway services.

[0096] 在一种实施方式中,SNET网关806或SNET圈网关808作为社交装置800的代理运行。 [0096] In one embodiment, SNET SNET Gateway 806 or Gateway 808 laps run as a proxy of social apparatus 800. SNET网关806中的代理机能可由软件应用或计算机系统(服务器)提供,所述软件应用或计算机系统(服务器)作为中介,为来自客户端(包括已连接的社交装置)的请求从其他服务器或诸如SNET网关808的网关处寻找资源。 SNET gateway proxy function 806 may be a software application or computer system (server) provides a software application or computer system (server) as an intermediary for requests from clients (including social device connected) or from other servers, such as SNET gateway 808 gateway find resources. 这样的资源可包括可分配的通信能力、文件、服务、网页、连接、归档信息、以及与社交装置和其他可用SNET圈资源818的交互。 Such resources may include the assigned communication capability, file services, web pages, connected, interactive archived information, as well as other social means and resources available SNET ring 818.

[0097] SNET网关806可根据多种过滤规则来评估来自社交装置的请求。 [0097] SNET Gateway 806 can be assessed in accordance with a request from a variety of social networking device filtering rules. 例如,SNET网关806可通过IP地址或协议过滤流量。 For example, SNET gateway 806 may filter traffic by IP address or protocol. 一旦来自社交装置800的请求生效(如果需要的话),SNET网关806通过WLAN/LAN或其他通信路径连接至SNET圈网关808并代表社交装置800请求访问SNET圈/子圈802的资源。 Once the request from social device 800 is active (if desired), SNET SNET gateway 806 is connected to the ring 808 by the gateway WLAN / LAN or other communication paths and access SNET ring / sub-ring 802 on behalf of the social resource device 800 requests. SNET网关806可选择性地适当改变来自社交装置800的请求或来自SNET圈网关808的响应。 SNET gateway 806 may selectively request from a social appropriately changing device 800 or the gateway 808 from SNET circle response.

[0098] 通过SNET处理电路和软件812中的、可支持一个或多个装置发现和配置协议的对接模块810,建立SNET圈/子圈802的成员资格。 [0098] By SNET processing circuitry and software 812, may support one or more of the docking module 810 and device discovery protocol is configured to establish membership SNET ring / sub-ring 802. 当圈成员资格被限制时,本地或基于云的注册器814可被用于提供认证。 When the circle is limited membership, local or cloud-based registered 814 can be used to provide authentication. 所示实施方式的注册器814可利用管理者或诸如存储属性数据的基于轻量级目录访问协议(LDAP)的目录服务器的目录服务816。 The embodiment shown in registered 814 available to store managers or attribute data such as Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directory server directory service 816. LDAP是广为人知的用于查询和修改目录服务中项目的应用协议。 LDAP is known for querying and modifying directory services project application protocol. 当与基于IP的SNET圈对接时,社交装置可使用诸如可扩展标记语言(XML)的文本数据格式向本地域广播档案数据。 When docking ring SNET IP-based, social apparatus may be used, such as extensible Markup Language (XML) data format text file data to the local broadcast.

[0099] 图9是示出根据本发明实施方式参与社交网络圈/子圈的社交装置的访问的示意框图。 [0099] FIG. 9 is a schematic block diagram illustrating an embodiment according to the present invention, access to the social network to participate in ring / ring sub-social apparatus. 更具体地,SNET圈/PAN 900中的成员资格或资源访问与第二、安全SNET圈904相关的社交装置/服务器902 (或诸如通过URL引用来标识的基于互联网的资源的圈资源)。 More specifically, SNET lap / PAN 900 in membership or access to resources and second, security-related social SNET ring 904 device / server 902 (or Internet-based resources lap resources identified by a URL, such as references).

[0100] SNET圈/PAN 900中的成员可包括例如经由用户接口(UI) 912访问SNET圈904的人类成员910。 [0100] SNET lap / PAN 900 members may include, for example (UI) 912 904 human access SNET ring member 910 via the user interface. 在本文所述的本发明的各个实施方式中,n 912可包括图形化用户接口(GUI)、声音控制、动作命令等。 In various embodiments described herein the present invention, n 912 may include a graphical user interface (GUI), voice control, movement commands. UI 912可具有例如图形地指示可用资源的浏览器的形式。 UI 912 may have, for example a graphical indication of the resources available in the form of a browser. 对SNET圈904的访问还可由代理服务器914提供。 Access to SNET ring 904 may also be provided by the proxy server 914. 代理服务器914作为中介运行,为来自代理客户916 (包括经由互联网或其他基于IP的网络连接至代理服务器914的社交装置)的访问请求寻求与SNET圈/子圈904中的社交装置和/或圈资源918通信。 Proxy server 914 running as an intermediary, for the client from the proxy 916 (including via the Internet or other IP-based network connected to the proxy server 914 social means) seeking access request SNET ring / ring sub social apparatus 904 and / or ring 918 communications resources. 这样的资源可包括文件、服务、网页、连接、归档信息和其他可用SNET圈资源。 Such resources may include files, services, web, connectivity, archiving information and other available resources SNET circle. 注意,人类成员910和代理服务器914可独立于SNET圈或PAN进行工作。 Note that the 910 members of the human race and the proxy server 914 can work independently or in SNET circle PAN. 进一步地,代理服务器914可以是分布式的或基于云的实体,或SNET圈/子圈904的成员(或并入SNET圈/子圈成员的成员)。 Furthermore, the proxy server 914 may be distributed or cloud-based entity, or SNET circle / child circle 904 members (or incorporated into ring member SNET / child circle members).

[0101] 在所示实施方式中,与SNET圈/子圈904的通信通过WLAN/LAN通信信道在防火墙906和/或SNET网关/防火墙908之间流动。 [0101] In the embodiment shown, the communication SNET ring / sub-ring 904 and through the WLAN / LAN communication channel 906 in the firewall and / or SNET gateway / firewall 908 between the flow. 防火墙可以是基于软件的(例如作为操作系统的一部分),或包括软件和/或硬件组件的各种组合。 Firewalls can be based (for example, as part of the operating system), or various combinations including software and / or hardware components of the software. 此外,防火墙可被并入诸如SNET网关/防火墙908的网关/路由器。 In addition, the firewall can be incorporated such as SNET gateway / firewall 908 gateway / router. 在某种情况下,防火墙可用于进行基础路由功能。 In some cases, the firewall can be used for basic routing function.

[0102] 图10是示出了根据本发明的社交装置的对接和远程访问的状态图1000。 [0102] FIG. 10 is a diagram showing apparatus according to the present invention the social status of the docking and Remote Access 1000 FIG. 图1000示出了用于(I)社交装置与SNET圈的对接和(2)许可非成员实体访问SNET圈的各个资源的方法的一种实施方式。 Figure 1000 illustrates one embodiment for (I) Social Circle SNET docking device and (2) permit non-members of the respective entities to access resources SNET circle method. 在不背离本发明范围的前提下可使用多种其他的方法和协议以实现前述的操作。 Without departing from the scope of the present invention may be provided using a variety of other methods and protocols in order to achieve the foregoing operation.

[0103] 先参照网络获知社交装置1002,示例性的步骤被示出用于与SNET圈1004的对接或关联。 [0103] Referring initially to learn social network device 1002, the exemplary steps are shown for 1004 and SNET docking ring or association. 在本实施方式中,社交装置1002广播注册或访问SNET圈的请求。 In this embodiment, the social networking device 1002 broadcast registration or access request SNET Circle. 基于接近度的或自组织的原则,请求可作为社交装置1002的初始化或启动,或其他触发事件的一部分发生。 Based on the principles of proximity or self-organization, the request can be used as a social device initialization or start 1002, or the occurrence of some other triggering event.

[0104] 注册请求可被至少一个网关装置接收到。 [0104] registration requests can be received at least one gateway device. 网关运行以配置社交装置1002以使其可与其他主机通信。 Gateway 1002 run to configure social device so that it can communicate with other hosts. 在基于IP的网络中,典型的配置信息可包括IP地址及默认路由和路由前缀。 In IP-based network, a typical configuration information may include IP address and default route and routing prefix. 网关可以是单独的装置、多功能的计算装置等,并可以以自组织的方式运行,或是固定持续的。 The gateway can be a separate device, multi-functional computing devices, and can be run in a self-organized manner, or fixed sustained.

[0105] 在一种示例性实施方式中,网关所利用的网络配置协议可以是互联网工程任务组(IETF)公布并持有的动态主机配置协议(DHCP)和相关标准,或将向网络获知社交装置1002的网络参数分配自动化的类似协议。 [0105] In an exemplary embodiment, the use of the gateway network configuration protocol can be dynamic host configuration protocol of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) published and held (DHCP) and related standards, or will be informed of the social network 1002 network devices similar protocol parameter assignment automation. 除了免去了手动配置装置的需要,DHCP还提供连接至网络的装置的中央数据库并免去了重复的资源分配。 In addition to eliminating the need to manually configure the device, DHCP also provides a device connected to the network and eliminates the need for a central database duplicate resource allocation.

[0106] 当触发事件发生时(例如,启动、注册SNET圈等),社交装置1002可向一个或多个其他装置传输配置/能力信息。 [0106] When the trigger event occurs (for example, start, registration SNET ring, etc.), social networking device 1002 may apply to one or more other devices transport configuration / capability information. 这样的信息可被通告至社交装置1002识别的特定装置。 Such information may be advertised to the particular device social recognition apparatus 1002. 配置/能力信息还可以被传输至SNET圈中的任何装置、或任何能够接受传输的装置。 Configuration / capability information can also be transferred to any device SNET circle, or any device capable of accepting transfer. 在一些实施方式中,装置可以通过个体地或成组地查询其他装置来确定它们的配置/能力信息。 In some embodiments, the device can query other devices by individuals or in groups to determine their configuration / capability information.

[0107] 还可经由零配置、多路广播发现协议访问SNET圈资源,该协议使用多路发现协议和相关服务记录或归档信息定位本地网络上诸如打印机的装置和这些装置所提供的服务。 [0107] also via zero-configuration, multicast discovery protocol to access resources SNET circle, the agreement on the use of multiple discovery protocols and related services recorded or archived information services such as locating local network devices and printers these devices offer. 这样的协议可在应用层工作,例如可使用配置/能力信息的传输以在两个或更多装置之间识别和利用公共编程接口、协议、包格式等。 Such a protocol in the application layer may be, for example, using the configuration / capability information is transmitted in between two or more devices recognize and utilize common programming interface, protocol, packet format. 此外,通信地耦接两个或更多装置的桥或代理节点可使用多路广播型发现和访问协议。 Furthermore, communicatively coupled two or more bridges or the proxy node device may be used multiple broadcast discovery and access protocols. 在某些实施方式中,桥或代理节点可通信或转发关于配置/能力信息的查询和通告,并可以进一步地操作以对关于装置配置/能力信息的传输进行处理、转码或修改。 In certain embodiments, the bridge or the proxy node may communicate or forward queries and notices concerning configuration / capability information, and may be further operable to configure the means for transmitting / processing capability information regarding transcoding or modified.

[0108] 可通过适当配置的域名服务(DNS)服务器等或进行类似DNS操作的多路广播型协议来实现SNET圈资源(诸如通信资源)的广域服务发现。 [0108] can be appropriately configured Domain Name Service (DNS) servers, or DNS operations similar type multicast protocol to achieve SNET circle resources (such as communication resources) wide-area service discovery. 进一步地,SNET圈资源可被配置为支持诸如通用即插即用(UPnP)的共用方针和网络协议,该共用方针和网络协议为网络上访问资源和数据提供统一的机制和限制。 Further, SNET circle resources that can be configured to support a common policy and network protocols such as Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), which is a common policy and network protocols on the network to access resources and data to provide a unified mechanism and restrictions.

[0109] 根据具体实施方式,网关(DHCP服务器)可利用各种方法指派和分配IP地址。 [0109] According to particular embodiments, the gateway (DHCP server) may use various methods to assign and distribute IP addresses. 简单来说,网络/SNET圈管理者可指派一系列的可用IP地址。 In simple terms, the network / SNET ring managers can assign a range of available IP addresses. 每个社交装置可被配置为当加A SNET圈时或在SNET圈初始化期间请求IP地址。 Each social networking device may be configured such that when added to A SNET lap or request an IP address during initialization SNET circle. 下面,可使用具有可配置的时间周期的“租用”方式来许可IP地址,从而使网关可以动态地收回并在收回之后重新分配未被续订的IP地址(例如社交装置断电或中断与SNET圈的通信)。 The following can be used with a configurable period of time, "rent" approach to licensing IP address, so that the gateway can be dynamically reallocated to recover and not renew the IP address after recovery (such as a social unit with a power outage or interruption SNET communication circle).

[0110] 可选地,DHCP服务器可向社交装置永久地分配可用IP地址。 [0110] Alternatively, DHCP server can assign IP addresses available to the social system permanently. 在这种方式(和“租用”方式)下,DHCP服务器保持之前IP地址分配表,以便其可优先地分配之前分配给进行请求的社交装置的IP地址。 In this way (and "leased" mode) under, IP address of the DHCP server IP address allocation table maintained before, so that it can be preferentially assigned is assigned to the requesting prior social apparatus. 在又一种实施方式中,DHCP服务器可将IP地址分配限制于已包含于MAC地址与IP地址配对表中的装置。 In yet another embodiment, DHCP server can assign IP addresses have been included in the limit on MAC address and IP address pairing table device.

[0111] 一旦社交装置1002被配置,网关与防火墙通信以开放通信端口,从而准许到/来自社交装置1002的网络传输。 [0111] Once a social networking device 1002 is configured to communicate with the gateway firewall to open communication ports, permitting to / from the social network transmission device 1002. 注册的端口一般被已联网的应用使用为联系服务器时的暂时源端口,但它们还可以识别已被第三方注册的已命名服务。 Registered Ports are typically used to temporarily networked application server to contact the source port, but they can also identify the third party has been registered named service.

[0112] 除了为装置打开端口,防火墙可用于在例如WAN/ (W) LAN通信信道上将社交装置1002通告给本地和远程用户/装置和服务。 [0112] In addition to the device to open the port, the firewall can be used, for example WAN / (W) LAN communication channel will social apparatus 1002 notifies the local and remote users / devices and services. 在一种实施方式中,社交装置1002IP地址和档案被通信至SNET圈成员和远程用户/装置。 In one embodiment, the device 1002IP address social and archives are communicated to SNET ring members and remote users / devices. 在其他实施方式中,网关可用作社交装置的代理(像上面结合图8所述那样),包括可能另外要求人参与的遗留装置(legacy device).防火墙可以基于软件(例如作为操作系统的一部分)或包括软件、固件和/或硬件组件的各种组合。 In other embodiments, the gateway device can be used as a social agent (as described above in connection with Fig. 8 above), including the possibility of additional requirements for the people involved legacy device (legacy device). Firewall based software (e.g., as part of the operating system ), or various combinations including software, firmware and / or hardware components. 此外,网关可包括分别用于到SNET圈/子圈和远程装置的连接的分支防火墙机能。 In addition, the gateway can include firewall functions are used to connect branch circle SNET / sub-rings and a remote device.

[0113] 可通过SNET圈中的对接模块或相似机能建立社交装置1002对SNET圈/子圈的参与。 [0113] 1002 to establish a social unit circle participation SNET / child circle circle by SNET docking module or similar function. 当SNET圈成员资格被限制时,可使用本地或基于云的注册器提供认证服务(例如使用目录服务)。 When SNET Circle membership is limited, you can use a local or provide authentication services (such as using a directory service) cloud-based registry. 注册器可以位于网关中或网关的任一边上,包括之后的防火墙,或其可独立于网关工作。 Register may be located on either side of a gateway or gateways, firewalls including after, or independently of a gateway. 进一步地,注册器可为社交装置1002和/或远程用户/装置1006均提供注册功能。 Further, the registrar may be a social networking device 1002 and / or remote user / device registration function 1006 are provided.

[0114] 当对接基于IP的SNET圈时,社交装置1002可使用诸如扩展标记语言(XML)的文本数据格式向本地域广播档案数据。 [0114] When the docking ring IP-based SNET, social device 1002 may be used, such as Extensible Markup Language (XML) data format text file to the local broadcast data. 当新社交装置1002成功对接时,SNET圈节点(例如对接模块)提供对SNET圈的授权访问。 When a new device 1002 Social successful docking, SNET ring node (eg docking module) to provide authorized access to SNET Circle. 可预期, 社交装置1002可同时参与一个以上SNET圈。 Can be expected to participate in a social unit 1002 SNET simultaneously more than one lap. [0115] 参照远程用户/装置1006,示出用于访问SNET圈中诸如社交装置1008的资源的处理。 [0115] Referring to remote users / devices 1006, shows the processing resources such as social devices used to access the 1008 SNET circle. 在一种实施方式中,远程用户/装置1006使用嵌入式SNET圈客户端以建立与社交装置1008的通信。 In one embodiment, the remote user / device using the embedded SNET ring 1006 to establish communication with the client apparatus 1008 social. 在工作中,客户端通过WAN/ (W) LAN等通信信道查询云以得到可访问SNET装置和API。 In operation, the client through a communication channel WAN / (W) LAN, etc. in order to obtain access to the query cloud SNET means and API. 其他SNET圈装置/资源的可见性可选择性地由SNET圈拥有者或管理者决定。 Visibility selectively coil device other SNET / resources are determined by the owner or manager SNET circle.

[0116] 当探测到社交装置1008和所附属的SNET圈时,用户/装置1006的访问可请求如上所述的注册处理。 [0116] When the probe into the social system in 1008 and affiliated SNET circle, user / device 1006 may request access to the registration process described above. 如果访问被准许,用户/装置1006接收认证信息,该认证信息可以被加密并包括与SNET圈或注册器的加密密钥的交换。 If access is permitted, the user / device 1006 receives the authentication information, the authentication information may be encrypted and comprises a ring or exchange with SNET register the encryption key. 对SNET社交装置1008的访问也可以要求用户名/密码。 On the 1008 visit to SNET social apparatus may require a username / password. 先于或后于用户/装置1006的认证,SNET圈客户端可被配置为广播关于社交装置1008的档案信息。 Prior to or after the user / 1006 of the authentication device, SNET circle client may be configured to broadcast information about the social apparatus Item 1008.

[0117] 在一种实施方式中,在对社交装置1008的访问建立之后,用户/装置1006向社交装置1008传输数据以进行进一步的处理。 [0117] In one embodiment, after the access device 1008 to establish a social, user / device 1006 to transmit data to the 1008 social apparatus for further processing. 这样的数据可由与社交装置1008的通告的能力相匹配的驱动器或装置产生。 Such data may be drive or device with the ability to notice social 1008 matches generated.

[0118] 通过示例,如果社交装置1008是联网的打印机,用户/装置1006可以向打印机或相关SNET圈URL传输文档以进行打印。 [0118] By way of example, if 1008 is a social networked printer apparatus, the user / device 1006 may be related to the printer or URL SNET ring transmission document to be printed. 在另一种实施方式中,其中社交装置1008是数字相框,用户/装置1006提供图像以自动或通过远程激活(诸如声音命令)地进行显示。 In another embodiment, wherein the social apparatus 1008 is a digital photo frame, user / device 1006 to provide an image to automatically or by remote activation (such as voice command) to be displayed. 在又一种示例性实施方式中,社交装置1008包括例如可被教室SNET圈中的学生访问的共享文件夹。 In yet another exemplary embodiment, the apparatus 1008 includes a Social e.g. shared file can be sandwiched SNET circle classroom students access. 可利用确认协议来确定用户/装置1006和社交装置1008之间的成功的通信。 Can be used to confirm the agreement to determine the success of the user / device between 1006 and 1008 of social communication.

[0119] 像注意的那样,诸如社交装置1008的SNET圈资源可经由零配置、多路广播发现协议被访问,该协议使用多路发现协议和相关服务记录或归档信息定位本地网络上的装置和这些装置所提供的服务。 [0119] like to note that, as a social unit SNET 1008 Circle resources via zero-configuration, multicast discovery protocol is accessed, the agreement on the use of the device protocols and related services recorded or archived information locate multiple local network discovery and These services are provided by the unit. 这样的协议可在应用层工作。 Such an agreement can work in the application layer. 可通过适当配置的域名服务(DNS)服务器来实现以这种方式配置的SNET圈资源的广域服务发现。 By appropriately configured Domain Name Service (DNS) server to achieve SNET circle resources in this manner configured WAN service discovery. 进一步地,SNET圈资源可被配置为支持共用方针和网络协议(诸如UPnP),该共用方针和网络协议对访问网络上的资源和数据提供了统一的机制和限制。 Further, SNET circle resources that can be configured to support a common policy and network protocols (such as UPnP), the common guidelines and protocols for network resources and data on the access network provides a unified mechanism and restrictions.

[0120] 根据本发明的SNET圈通信可使用多种传输协议、通过示例,互联网上的大多数通信现在根据传输控制协议(TCP)和用户数据报协议(UDP)进行工作。 [0120] According to the present invention is a communication SNET circle multiple transport protocols may be used, by way of example, most communication on the Internet now (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP) operate in accordance with the Transmission Control Protocol. 众所周知,TCP—般提供例如应用程序和互联网协议(IP)之间的、中间级的通信服务。 As we all know, TCP- like to provide, for example, an intermediate level of communication service applications, and Internet Protocol (IP) between. 端口号被用于标识用于发送和接收主机上应用的端点(经常标识为“互联网插口(socket)”或“网络插口”)。 The port number is used to identify the endpoint application for sending and receiving host (often identified as "Internet socket (socket)" or "network socket"). 互联网插口像由本地和远程(例如SNET圈)IP地址和端口号的组合所定义的那样向适当的应用进程或线程进行进入数据包的发送。 Internet socket as by local and remote (e.g., SNET circles) a combination of IP address and port number as defined as to the appropriate application process or thread to transmit incoming data packets. 在一些实施方式中,对于视频流应用、实时多人游戏、互联网协议电话(VoIP)以及相似的、可忍受某程度的丢包并不要求专用的端对端连接的应用,可使用在M)P上运行的实时传输协议(RTP )。 In some embodiments, for video streaming applications, real-time multi-player games, Internet protocol telephony (VoIP) and the like, can tolerate a degree of packet loss does not require end-connected application-specific, can be used in M) P running on the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP).

[0121] 图11是根据本发明的基于社交装置的归档以支持通告和组供应的实施方式的示意性框图。 [0121] FIG. 11 is based on a social system based on the archives of the present invention to support the embodiment of notices and group supply schematic block diagram. 具体地,圈归档和数据相关模块1100在SNET圈1102 (或所附属的网络)中工作以汇编关于圈成员的档案和档案相关数据。 Specifically, the ring archiving and data related modules in SNET ring 1100 1102 (or the attached network) to compile the relevant files and archives data on ring members. 在所示的实施方式中,SNET圈1102的成员包括社交装置1104、圈应用1106、以及包括人类成员1106和所附属的社交装置的SNET子圈1104。 In the embodiment shown, the ring member 1102 includes a social SNET means 1104, Wires 1106 and 1106 including the human members of the social and affiliated devices SNET sub ring 1104.

[0122] 由圈归档和数据相关模块1100汇编的数据可被SNET圈1102的成员使用以进行多种操作。 [0122] by lap archiving and data related to 1100 data compiled modules can be used SNET ring member 1102 for a variety of operations. 数据可进一步被单独的或相交的SNET圈/子圈1118访问。 Data can be further separate or intersecting circles SNET / child circle 1118 visit. SNET圈/子圈1118中的成员资格包括例如基于云的应用1112、人类成员1114 (经由API)以及多种社交装置1116。 Membership SNET lap / sub-loop 1118 include cloud-based applications such as 1112, 1114 members of the human race (via API) and a variety of social networking device 1116. 在可选的实施方式中,这样的实体独立于SNET圈/子圈工作。 In an alternative embodiment, such entities are independent of SNET ring / ring sub-work.

[0123] 如下面结合图12和图13更全面地描述,多种信息包括(源自)SNET成员/圈档案的信息、来自SNET圈1102的反馈和回复、查询和其他数据挖掘操作、剪辑的多媒体内容、目标的通告、介绍等。 [0123] is more fully described in Figures 12 and 13 as described below in a variety of information including (from) Information SNET members / circle archives from 1102 SNET circle feedback and response, queries and other data mining operations, clips multimedia content, circular targets introductions.

[0124] 图12是根据本发明的、用于基于社交装置的归档和自推以支持通告和组供应的方法1200的实施方式的逻辑图。 [0124] Figure 12 is according to the present invention for filing based on social and self-propelled apparatus and method to support announcements group serves embodiment 1200 of a logic diagram. 在步骤1202中,SNET圈成员归档模块或相似机能汇编与相关的SNET圈装置有关的使用信息和其他档案信息。 In step 1202, SNET ring members or similar archiving module assembler function associated with SNET coil device-related information using information and other archives. 这样的信息可包括例如媒体消费历史、被装置访问的网址列表、安装的应用、装置位置、父控制限制和/或足以将特定浏览或追踪活动与特定SNET圈成员/装置相关联的装置识别信息。 Such information may include, for example media consumption history, a list of URLs apparatus is accessed, installed applications, device location, parent control limits and / or sufficient to identify a particular device with a particular browser or tracking activity SNET ring members / means information associated . 可汇编的其他信息包括但不限于相关的社交装置和装置能力的列表。 Additional information may include, but are not limited to compiled social means and associated device capabilities list.

[0125] 在可选的步骤1204中,归档模块或对接的社交装置向SNET圈提供汇编的关于社交装置或社交装置组的归档信息。 [0125] In an optional step 1204, the archive module or docking social means provides information about the social means archived or social group assembly device to SNET circle. 归档信息的通信可经由访问归档信息的社交装置的自推(self-promotion)、或响应于(组)查询、数据请求和/或数据挖掘动作而完成。 Communication archived information can access archived information via social networking device self-propelled (self-promotion), or in response to a (group) query, data requests and / or data mining operation is completed. 此外,可自动地或选择性地向相关SNET圈的非成员提供归档信息。 In addition, or alternatively may be automatically provided archived information related to non-members SNET circle.

[0126] 下面,在步骤1206中,归档信息被用于产生、过滤、分配和/或修改SNET圈内容。 [0126] Next, in step 1206, the archive information is used to generate, filtering, distribution and / or modify the contents of SNET ring. 在各个示例性实施方式中,应用或小部件(widget)(例如购物应用)使用归档信息来生成目标内容。 In various exemplary embodiments, the application or widget (widget) (e.g. shopping application) using the archived information to generate the target content. 对归档信息的使用可包括:向内容流中加入个人化的通告;基于之前查看的内容交互特征/通告;生成或嵌入用于特定SNET圈(带有或不带有点通临时内容(click-through contingent)访问)的通告信道;时间同步的或时间优先的通告;以及生成对不同SNET圈成员不同地被显示的通告内容流。 Use of archived information may include: adding to the content stream personalized announcements; based interactive features before you can view the contents of / notice; or embedded generation for specific SNET ring (with or without a point through temporary content (click-through contingent) access) Notice channel; time synchronization or time priority of notice; and notice content generation for different members of different circles SNET be displayed stream.

[0127] 同样,内容可被基于消费者的SNET圈成员资格被动态地修改。 [0127] Similarly, content may be modified by dynamically based SNET ring membership consumers. 例如,如果消费者是戒酒匿名SNET圈的成员,那么电影银幕中的啤酒瓶可被苏打瓶所取代。 For example, if the consumer is a member of Alcoholics Anonymous SNET circle, then the movie screen in the beer bottle soda bottle can be replaced. 基于相近的数据、孩子的SNET圈成员资格等,通告还可被过滤或发送至SNET圈中的各种成员附属装置(诸如成员的手机)。 Based on similar data, the child's SNET circle membership, etc., can also be filtered or send notices to the various members of the circle SNET subsidiary devices (such as mobile phones member). 可以以连续或周期的原则按需更新(步骤1208) SNET圈和圈成员的归档信息以支持期望的机能。 Can be based on the principle of continuous or periodic on-demand update (step 1208) archived information SNET ring and ring members to support the desired function.

[0128] 图13是根据本发明的、用于基于归档数据与SNET圈的基于相关的交互的方法1300的逻辑图。 [0128] FIG. 13 is according to the present invention, based on cross-correlation for the method of archiving data and logic diagram SNET ring 1300. 更具体地,在步骤1302中归档和数据相关模块(900)在SNET圈、附属的网络、或云中工作,以汇编关于圈成员的档案和档案相关数据。 More specifically, in step 1302 data archiving and related modules (900), a subsidiary of the network, or cloud SNET circle in order to compile the relevant files and archives data on ring members.

[0129] 在步骤1304中,汇编的归档信息被访问归档信息的归档模块或对接社交装置选择地提供给SNET圈成员。 [0129] In step 1304, the archive is a collection of information accessed social archiving module or docking device selectively providing information to SNET ring members. 归档信息的通信可经由社交装置的自推、或响应于(组)查询、数据请求和/或数据挖掘动作完成。 Archived information can be received via the communication means of social self-propelled, or in response to a (group) query, data requests and / or data mining operation is completed. 此外,可自动地或选择性地向相关SNET圈的非成员提供归档信息。 In addition, or alternatively may be automatically provided archived information related to non-members SNET circle.

[0130]下面,在步骤1306中,所示实施方式的归档模块和数据相关模块以相关的方式直接使用这样的信息来找到与SNET圈活动、查询和请求的匹配(alignment)。 [0130] Next, in step 1306, the embodiment shown in the data archive module and related modules directly related to the use of such information to find and circle activities SNET, queries and requests matching (alignment). 如步骤1308所示,之后SNET圈可使用归档数据和相关性提供对查询、推荐、反馈、服务、目标通告和媒体内容等的响应。 As shown in step 1308, after SNET ring can be used in response to archive data and provide relevance to the query, recommendation, feedback, services, goals and other announcements and media content. 可以以连续的或周期性的原则按需更新(步骤1310) SNET圈和圈成员的归档信息以支持期望的操作。 May be continuous or periodic on-demand principle updated (step 1310) and archived information SNET ring ring members to support the desired operation. 此外,与社交装置相关的装置档案可基于相关信息并使装置可以向SNET圈中的其他成员呈现自身的形象和其能力。 In addition, associated with the social system device file may be able to render its image and its ability to SNET circle of other members based on the relevant information and devices. 取决于具体装置(和SNET中的其他成员)的现有能力和要求,这样的装置档案可以是静态的或动态的。 Depending on the particular device (and SNET other members) of the existing capabilities and requirements, such devices may be static file or dynamic.

[0131] 为了努力更好地理解各种人类差异和行为,根据本发明的示例性相关操作可收集不同(disparate)的数据。 [0131] In an effort to better understand the differences and variety of human behavior, according to an exemplary operation of the present invention can be collected related to different (disparate) data. 通过示例,希望购买礼物的人可使用SNET圈成员的过去内容消费来指导礼物选择进程。 By way of example, want to buy a gift can be used over the content consumption SNET circle members to guide the gift selection process. 为了提供委托、信用、折扣等目的,可以追踪基于推荐的购买。 In order to provide the commission, credit, discounts and other purposes, can be tracked based on the recommendation of purchase. 为了征求来自其他SNET圈节点或远程装置和服务的推荐和建议,可使数据挖掘信息可用。 In order to solicit recommendations and suggestions from other SNET ring nodes or remote devices and services, enables data mining information is available. 此夕卜,归档和数据相关模块可用于集合匿名数据以标识SNET圈的兴趣。 Bu this evening, archiving and data related to anonymous data collection module can be used to identify the interest SNET Circle. 这样的数据可包括,例如,优选的成员装置、购买历史、网站交互、旅行爱好等。 Such data may include, for example, the preferred member device, purchase history, site interaction, travel hobbies. 在一种实施方式中,可利用选择成员归档信息和/或诸如“Cookies”的追踪软件的许可使用来进行数据的相关和聚集活动。 In one embodiment, can be used to select members of the archived information, and / or as permission to use "Cookies" tracking software to carry out relevant and gathering data.

[0132] 归档和相关信息还可被用于生成对具有相似兴趣的人的引荐(约会、朋友和联系、兴趣和体育、利用相同平台/软件Ě的游戏行为、职业、装置所有权等)。 [0132] archive and related information can also be used for people with similar interests to generate a referral (dating, friends and contacts, interests and sports, using the same platform / software Ě game behavior, occupation, device ownership, etc.). 如果被期望地,参与特定SNET圈的提议可基于匿名原则被生成或接收。 If desired, a proposal to participate in a particular SNET circle can be generated or received based on the principle of anonymity.

[0133] 成员归档信息可进一步标明擅长的领域、受尊敬程度和来自其他成员的反馈等。 [0133] a member of archived information may further indicate areas of expertise, respectfulness and feedback from other members, etc. subject. 例如,如果一个社交网络人类成员是被尊重的,并且在圈中购买并对接社交装置,那么不愿意花时间购买竞争性的相似物件的其他成员可以简单地购买相同的装置。 For example, if a member of a social network is to respect the human and social buying and docking devices in the circle, then the other members do not want to take the time to buy competing similar objects can simply buy the same device. 这样的销售可以经由重定向的与外部销售网站的通信。 Such sales can communicate with external sales site redirected through.

[0134] 通过自动的自推或对组询问的响应,根据本发明的对接的社交装置还可以传送通告信息,包括为执行对另一个社交网络成员的命令提供支持。 [0134] The automatic self-propelled or group inquiry response, social docking apparatus according to the present invention may also be transmitted advertisement message, including a command to implement support for another member of the social network. 装置还可以利用远程成员的可识别社交装置来提供演示。 You can also use the remote device can identify the members of a social system to provide demonstrations. 进一步地,装置还可以进行与其他装置的竞争性测试。 Further, the device can also be used with other devices in the competitive tests.

[0135] 诸如本文公开的那些根据本发明的各个实施方式的SNET成员可建立许可和/或私人设定,该设定控制并限制可以访问成员档案信息、连接、圈的人或物,并定义访问的期望程度。 [0135], such as those disclosed herein may be established in accordance with various embodiments of SNET members of the present invention permits and / or private setting, which can be set to control and restrict access to member profile information, connection, circle or things, and define desired degree of access. 许可可以使用户能够保持某些信息为私人的或仅基于许可原则可用。 License allows the user to keep certain information private, available only permission-based or principles. 例如,可以对SNET中的用户/装置限制特定的用户信息的可见。 For example, you can SNET user / device limit visible specific user information. 可选地,特定用户信息可公开获得。 Alternatively, user-specific information publicly available. 同样,SNET成员可以选择性地决定允许他人访问诸如名字、性别、联系信息/电子邮件地址等的个人信息。 Similarly, SNET members can selectively decide to allow others to access, such as name, gender, contact information / e-mail address personal information.

[0136] 如上结合图1和其他方面所述,根据本发明的SNET圈的各种实施方式可包括作为SNET圈成员参与的广泛地多种社交装置、装置服务、代理、和各类软件应用。 [0136] Other aspects described above in connection with FIG. 1 and, in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention SNET ring may include a wide variety of SNET ring members in social means, means services, agents, and various software applications. 进一步地,具有相关或特定特性和相依性的社交装置和其他类型的SNET圈成员可以形成诸如下面结合图14所述的那些具有特定目的的SNET圈。 Further, the particular characteristics and having a correlation or dependency social means and other types of SNET ring member may be formed such as described below in conjunction with FIG. 14, those having a specific purpose SNET ring. 各种实施方式可包括:例如诸如装置制造者、车主、医院和医疗提供者、修理店、保险公司和可能有兴趣与人类成员和/或相关SNET装置通信的其他第三方的SNET/圈成员。 Various embodiments may include: for example, such as device manufacturers, owners, hospitals and health care providers, repair shops, insurance companies, and may have SNET / Circle members and other third parties interested in the human members and / or related SNET device communications. 这样的SNET/圈可以是单独的或其他SNET/圈的扩展。 Such SNET / ring can be expanded, alone or in other SNET / circle.

[0137] 参照图14,示出根据本发明的交通工具SNET圈/子圈1406的各个实施方式。 [0137] Referring to Figure 14, there is shown various embodiments 1406. The vehicle of the present invention SNET circle / child ring. SNET圈/子圈1406包括交通工具1402,并可进一步包括一个或多个其他交通工具1404,如共同拥有或家庭交通工具。 SNET circle / ring 1406 includes transport sub-1402, and may further include one or more other vehicles 1404, as co-owners or family transport. 各种其他装置,SNET子圈、服务和内容提供者、提供者、实体可以参与交通工具SNET圈/子圈1406。 A variety of other devices, SNET child circle, service and content providers, providers, entities may participate in transport SNET circle / sub-loop 1406. 在另一种实施方式中,交通工具SNET子圈1400本身可加入另一SNET圈(如拥有者或乘客SNET圈)。 In another embodiment, the transport sub-loop SNET 1400 SNET ring itself can be added to another (such as the owner or the passenger SNET circle).

[0138] 更具体地,交通工具SNET圈/子圈1406的成员资格可包括乘客SNET子圈1406,该子圈1406包括人类成员和相关娱乐装置1408、通信装置1410、计算装置1412和其他社交装置1414。 [0138] More specifically, the vehicle SNET ring / ring sub membership 1406 may include passenger SNET sub ring 1406, the ring 1406 includes a sub-human members and associated entertainment device 1408, the communication device 1410, computing device 1412, and other social means 1414. 其他参与者可以包括例如支付进程服务(用于自动化地支付汽油、通行费、交通工具服务/检查、路旁餐厅(drive - through restaurant)等的报酬)、保险公司1418、紧急服务/装置1420、交通工具制造者1422以及(基于本地的)内容提供者1424。 Other participants may include services such as payment process (for automated payment of gasoline, tolls, vehicle service / inspection, roadside restaurants (drive - through restaurant) and other compensation), insurance companies 1418, emergency services / devices 1420 vehicle manufacturers and 1422 (based on local) content provider 1424. 交通工具SNET圈/子圈1406的各个节点可包括用于通过蜂窝网络、WAN或移动热点1426等的通信的接口。 Transport SNET ring / ring each child node 1406 may include an interface via a cellular network, WAN or hotspot 1426 and other mobile communication. 各种使用模型包括例如SNET圈节点的基于接近的激活,如车库开门器、环境控制等。 Use a variety of models including, for example based on the proximity of activation, such as garage door openers, environmental control and other SNET ring node. 另外,保险公司可参与以查看并检验驾驶行为历史/数据并可能地提供相关的折扣。 In addition, the insurance company can participate to view and test drive the behavior history / data and may provide relevant discount.

[0139]根据本发明的交通工具1402可以是汽车、公交车、火车、工业或农业交通工具、船只或飞行器。 [0139] According to the invention of transport 1402 may be an automobile, bus, train, industrial or agricultural vehicle, vessel or aircraft. 根据本发明的交通工具节点/模块可控制关于对应机能的特定组件。 Can control the specific components on the corresponding function according to the present invention transport node / module. 这样的板上圈节点可包括例如照相机和传感器、娱乐系统、环境控制、计算资源、引导和定位功能、安全系统、刹车和暂停系统、电池系统/燃料电池监控、排放控制模块、性能/发动机控制模块等。 Such a node may include, for example ring-board cameras and sensors, entertainment systems, environmental control, computing resources, guiding and positioning function, security systems, brake and halt the system, the battery system / fuel cell monitoring, emissions control module, performance / engine control module. 各种这样的交通工具圈节点可被配置以彼此通信。 A variety of such transport ring node may be configured to communicate with each other.

[0140] 可通过在交通工具网络上使用诸如交通工具域网络(VAN)或控制器域网络(CAN)的标准协议来至少部分地指挥交通工具圈/子圈1400的成员和模块之间的通信。 [0140] through the use of such transport domain network (VAN) or Controller Area Network (CAN) standard protocol for communication between the at least partially directing transport circle / ring 1400 members and sub-module on the transport network . 多个专门的协议已被研发并且现在正被采用以用于交通工具通信,但预见这些协议中的许多最终将被更通用的诸如以太网和TCP/IP的联网技术取代。 A plurality of specialized protocols have been developed and are now being adopted for use in vehicle communications, but many of these protocols foreseen will eventually be replaced by more general, such as Ethernet and TCP / IP networking technologies. 交通工具SNET圈/子圈1400中的通信可采用无线通信技术和/或物理传输介质,如单线/双绞线电缆、光纤、电力线通信(例如经由用于电池动力交通工具的充电站的电网连接)等。 Transport SNET circle / sub ring 1400 may be employed in a communication of wireless communication technologies and / or physical transmission medium, such as a single-wire / twisted pair cables, optical fiber, power line communication (e.g., via the power grid for a battery powered vehicle charging stations ) and the like.

[0141] 在根据本发明各个实施方式的SNET圈中,相关社交装置和用户设备可具有带宽、电力和成本限制。 [0141] In accordance with various embodiments of the present invention SNET circle, social related apparatus and a user equipment may have a bandwidth, power, and cost constraints. 有时,经由单个社交装置或装置分组,成员可以以各种目的期待额外的带宽或通信资源的重分配,所述各种目的包括:例如最小化电池消费或成本、或联合参与下载。 Sometimes, apparatus or device via a single social group, members can expect to various purposes or additional bandwidth reallocation of communication resources, comprising the various purposes: for example, minimize battery consumption or costs, or joint involvement download.

[0142] 更具体地参照图15,示出了根据本发明的各个实施方式的自适应通信资源分配和聚集。 [0142] Referring more specifically to FIG. 15, there is shown in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention is an adaptive communication resource allocation and aggregation. 在该实施方式中,参与SNET圈/子圈1500的社交装置1504和1506的通信资源可被(在SNET圈/子圈1500中)预先配置以实现交替的或补充的通信路径流和/或信道绑定等技术以加强或实现与内部和/或外部资源的通信。 In this embodiment, participate SNET ring / sub ring social apparatus 1504 1500 and communication resources 1506 may be (in SNET circle / sub-ring 1500) pre-configured in order to achieve alternate or additional communication path flows and / or channel Binding technology to enhance or implement and / communication with the internal or external resources. 可通过多种手段建立和保持这样的社交圈,包括:自组织关联;云和SNET登陆进程和/或网站管理;基于相近的关联(例如使用GPS或经由无线LAN或近场通信的范围内检测);等。 Through a variety of means to establish and maintain such social circle, including: self-related organizations; cloud and SNET login process and / or site management; similar associations based (for example, using GPS or detected within range of a wireless LAN or via NFC ); and so on.

[0143] SNET圈/子圈1500的各个节点的通信资源例如可包括但不限于:集成和/或组合无线电技术,该无线电技术能够实现具有多样化的带宽、性能和流通量的服从标准的无线连接。 [0143] SNET ring / ring sub communication resources of each node 1500, for example, may include, but are not limited to: integration and / or combination of radio technology, the radio technology can be realized with a variety of standards compliant wireless bandwidth, performance and circulation of the connection. SNET圈/子圈1500中的数据通信可包括,但不限于:来自基于网络或云的资源主服务提供者的视频内容(包括所要求的视频)以及来自其他SNET圈/子圈的内容。 SNET circle / sub-loop data communications 1500 may include, but are not limited to: video content from the network or cloud-based resources to the primary service providers (including the required video) as well as content from other SNET lap / sub Circle.

[0144] 在所示实施方式中,嵌入的或分散的自适应路由控制机能1502用于建立并保持参与SNET圈/子圈1500的社交装置1504和1506之间的外部和/或内部有线和/或无线通信路径。 [0144] In the embodiment shown, the embedded or distributed adaptive routing control function 1502 is used to establish and maintain participation in external and / or internal cable SNET ring / sub-ring 1500 social means and between 1504 and 1506 / or wireless communication path. 如本文其他方面的所述,可采用SNET处理电路和软件1508(可包括自适应路由控制机能1502)以支持和监督SNET圈/子圈1500。 As described in this paper, other aspects can be SNET processing circuitry and software 1508 (which may include adaptive routing control function 1502) to support and supervise SNET ring / sub Circle 1500.

[0145] 建立并保持SNET装置关系的考虑事项可包括:成本、电池状态、当前或历史使用率、装置拥有者等。 [0145] means to establish and maintain the relationship SNET considerations may include: cost, battery status, current or historical usage, the device owner the like. 可以为所有未来的通信流或仅为特定的目的建立装置关联/绑定以及性能分配。 Can be associated equipment / bindings and performance allocation for the purpose of all future traffic or just specific. 此外,安全和子寻址方案可基于每个应用、单个源或代理传送等来允许装置关联。 In addition, safety and sub-addressing scheme can be based on each application, such as a single source or a transfer agent to allow the device association.

[0146] 根据所示实施方式的社交装置资源聚集可涉及多种技术,如信道绑定、信道抢占、信道监听、射束整形等。 [0146] According to a social gathering device resources embodiment shown may involve a variety of techniques such as channel bonding, to seize the channel, channel monitoring, beam shaping. 在一种实施方式中采用自适应/并行SNET路由基础设施,其中可使用调节通信链路状态信息的路由策略来优化与SNET组/子组1500的通信。 Adaptive / parallel SNET routing infrastructure in one embodiment, may be used in which mediates the communication link state information to optimize routing policy with SNET group / sub-group communication 1500. 进一步地,采用监听技术的装置可使用多种确认(ACK)服务进行与用户设备地址/代理的通信(例如WLAN通信)。 Further, the use of listening devices using a variety of techniques acknowledgment (ACK) service to communicate with the user device address / agent (e.g. WLAN communication). 正如将被理解的,某种被分配的实施方式可使用这样的通信拓扑和协议的各个组合。 As will be appreciated, some embodiments may be dispensed using such a combination of various topologies and communication protocols.

[0147] 根据本发明的某些实施方式,社交装置资源聚集/分配实现了多种成本共享技术。 [0147] According to some embodiments of the present invention, a social gathering device resource / cost allocation to achieve a variety of sharing technology. 例如,诸如所要求视频的已付费内容可经由社交装置1506从LTE eNodeB (eNB)传送到第一用户1510,该内容被该SNET中的一个或多个其他用户装置共享。 For example, as required by the video content may be transmitted via a paid social apparatus 1506 from the LTE eNodeB (eNB) to the first user 1510, the content is the SNET one or more other user devices share. 在这个例子中,共享装置可分担或独自承担内容的成本。 In this example, the shared device may share or bear the cost of its own content. 可选地,绑定的装置可每个都经由LTE基础设施支付下载价格,或使用基于WLAN流量交换的不平衡等所产生(credit)的自动价格。 Alternatively, the device can be bound to pay for each download price via LTE infrastructure, or based WLAN traffic generated by the exchange imbalance (credit) for automatic price. 形成具有这种属性的装置组所考虑的事项可包括:电池信息、成本、带宽限制和其他预先交换并在之后按需动态调整的息。 Forming matters having such a property means the group considered may include: battery information, cost, bandwidth limitations and other information exchanged in advance and after the on-demand dynamic adjustment.

[0148] 在一种预期的实施方式中,交通工具(例如交通工具SNET圈/子圈1406的成员)或相应限定区域内的平板装置和智能手机用户1510可期望消费同一视频。 [0148] In one embodiment, the expected, transport (such as vehicles SNET circle / sub-loop 1406 members) or the corresponding limited tablet devices and smart phone users in the region of 1510 can be expected to consume the same video. 装置可(i)形成涉及视频内容的WLAN传送或监听交换的绑定组;或(^)通过一个装置/信道进行无绑定下载,而其他装置则通过WLAN传送或监听接收视频内容。 Device may be (i) involves the formation of a WLAN transmission or video content monitor exchange bonding group; or (^) is not bound by a download device / channel, while other devices receiving video content transmitted via WLAN or monitor. 装置的这样的绑定组以及其他自组织关联可以采用自组织SNET圈的形式,该SNET圈在到达目的地时即被终止。 Binding group associated devices and other such self-organization can be used in the form of self-organization SNET circle, the circle SNET is terminated when it reaches the destination. 可选地,剩下的或新的乘客可继续具有修正后的成员分组的SNET圈。 Alternatively, the remaining passengers, or may continue with a new member of the corrected packet SNET circle. 进一步地,SNET圈1500或其中的个体节点可通过与其他SNET圈/子圈或代理的机会性关联访问内容。 Further, SNET ring 1500 or one of the individual nodes can be associated with other opportunistic SNET ring / sub-rings or proxy to access the content. 注意,上述概念可由严格意义上的社交装置/用户设备向外扩展到其他节点,如具有至少一个参与用户设备装置的任意一个或多个的节点、甚至其他SNET圈/子圈。 Note that the above concept can be social means in the strict sense / user equipment extend outwardly to other nodes, such as nodes having at least one participating user equipment device of any one or more of, or even other SNET ring / sub-ring.

[0149] 可经由服务器/客户端或对等基础设施进行SNET圈/子圈1500的节点间的通信。 [0149] may end or peer communications infrastructure node ring SNET / child circle between 1500 via the server / client. 对等实现方法允许自组织连接在没有接入点或网关的情况下被建立,并且例如当在其中对互联网的访问不可用或不理想的SNET圈中的社交装置间流送(streaming)视频或共享/备份文件时可以使用该对等实现方法。 Peer to achieve self-organizing approach allows the connection to be established in the absence of an access point or gateway situation, and for example, when the room in which access to the Internet is unavailable or undesirable social circle SNET device streaming (streaming) video or You can use this method to achieve peer sharing / backup file. 用于根据本发明的各个实施方式的SNET圈/子圈的通信的其他应用可包括合作的内容生成与共享、相似组交互等。 According to other applications for various embodiments of the present invention SNET ring / ring sub communication may include co-generation and sharing of content, a similar set of interactions and the like. 向/从SNET圈/子圈1500分发和在SNET圈/子圈1500中的内容可经受各种数字权利管理(DRM)和内容保护操作以便某数据仅对SNET圈/子圈1500的授权用户/装置可用。 To / from SNET lap / sub-distribution ring 1500 and ring in SNET / child circle 1500 content can withstand a variety of digital rights management (DRM) and content protection operations to a data ring only SNET / sub-loop 1500 authorized user / device available.

[0150] 此外,某些实施方式中的社交装置1504可被操作为通信地耦接两个或更多社交装置1504/1506 (利用例如多路广播型发现和访问协议)的桥或代理节点。 [0150] Further, certain embodiments social device 1504 may be operable to communicatively coupled to two or more social apparatus 1504/1506 (using, for example multiple broadcast discovery and access protocol) of the bridge or the proxy node. 在这种实施方式中,桥或代理节点可通信或转发关于配置/能力信息的查询和通告,并可进一步用于处理、转码或修改关于装置配置/能力信息的数据和传输。 In this embodiment, the bridge or the proxy node may communicate or forward queries and notices concerning configuration / capability information, and can be further used for processing, transcoding or modify data and transmission means Configuration / capability information about.

[0151] 社交装置1504/1506可使用支持标准化的和开放的源应用编程接口(API)和小部件的操作系统,所述编程接口和小部件跨各种蜂窝网络和服务提供者进行工作。 [0151] can be used to support social unit 1504/1506 standardized and open source operating system application programming interface (API) and a small part of the programming interface and widgets across various cellular networks and service providers to work. 这样的API可应对物理层控制、包的调度、网络监控等。 Such an API may respond to the physical layer control, packet scheduling, network monitoring. 例如LTE-Advanced,将关于不同网络和自组织的一些技术标准化,与这样的网络的通信可涉及小单元/标准化API,该API实现硬件和协议软件之间的协作。 Such as LTE-Advanced, the number of technical standardization on different networks and self-organization, and such communication networks may involve small unit / standardized API, which enable collaboration between hardware and protocol software.

[0152] 在图15的实施方式中,自适应路由控制机能1502等可经由一个服务提供者或服务提供者的组合(例如负责的本地交换载体和移动无线通信公司)以及外部网络1512访问并转发来自多个源的数据。 [0152] In the embodiment of Figure 15, the adaptive routing control function 1502 or the like may be provided by a combination of service providers (e.g., local exchange carriers and mobile wireless communication company in charge) and an external network via a service access and forwarding 1512 data from multiple sources. 外部网络1512可包括,例如一个或多个W1-Fi接入点/热点、城区蜂窝/微蜂窝、微微蜂窝、毫微微蜂窝(一般使用蜂窝和WLAN技术,并经由宽带连接和回程传输网络来连接至服务提供者的网络)、小蜂窝多访问网络、传统手机基础设施等。 External network 1512 may include, for example, one or more of the W1-Fi access point / hotspot, urban cellular / microcells, picocells, femtocells (general use cellular and WLAN technologies, and via a broadband connection and a backhaul network to connect to the service provider's network), small-cell multi-access networks, the traditional cell phone infrastructure. 外部网络1512可进一步包括无线异构网络(“HetNets”),该无线异构网络通过混合诸如小/大蜂窝、空中接口、访问技术和频谱带,提高了通信性能和覆盖并有效地使局域网(例如W1-Fi网络或热点)可以成为一个或多个移动网络的扩展。 External Network 1512 may further include a wireless heterogeneous networks ("HetNets"), by mixing the heterogeneous wireless networks, such as small / large cell, air interface, access technology and spectrum band, to improve the communication performance and to cover and effectively LAN ( For example W1-Fi network or hotspot) can become one or more extension of mobile networks.

[0153] 根据本发明的各个实施方式的通信资源聚集可使用多种已有或正在出现的外部网络发现和联接的方法,以提供网络和最佳通信链路的自动选择之间的无缝移动(包括认证),该最佳通信链路自动选择基于分类的度量和标准,如网络拥塞度、比较性的服务订阅度、数据消费成本、位置、SNET成员档案信息和装置能力等。 [0153] The communication resources gathered various embodiments of the present invention may use a variety of existing or emerging external network discovery and connection method to provide seamless mobile network and automatically select an optimal communication link between the (including certification), which automatically selects the optimal communication link based metrics and standard classifications, such as network congestion degree, comparative degree subscription services, data consumption costs, location, SNET members archival information and device capabilities. 这样的正在出现的和标准化的技术可包括:例如Hotspot2. O/Passpoint,由W1-Fi联盟制定的、实现无缝、蜂窝状的W1-Fi认证和漫游的一套标准和认证程序(使用IEEE 802. llu、WPA2-Enterprise和基于EAP的认证),以及无线宽带联盟的下一代热点(NGH)倡议(本身使用HotSpot2. 0以及用于网络发现、选择和联接的其他标准化技术)。 Such emerging and standardized techniques may include: for example Hotspot2 O / Passpoint, by W1-Fi Alliance to develop seamless, honeycomb W1-Fi authentication and roaming set of standards and certification procedures (using IEEE 802. llu, WPA2-Enterprise and EAP-based authentication), as well as the league's next-generation wireless broadband hotspots (NGH) initiative (itself uses HotSpot2. 0 as well as for network discovery, other standardized technology choices and joins). 这样的技术允许不同的认证方法,包括用网络操作器直接的认证(例如通过保存在社交装置1504的SM卡中的移动证书)和通过到网络操作者的服务器的第三方集线器或代理的认证。 Such technology allows different authentication methods, including the use of a network authentication operation directly (e.g., by storing it in a social means SM card 1504 in the mobile certificate) and to the network operator by a third party hub server or proxy authentication. 自适应路由控制机能1502可并入和/或支持各种这样的技术和能力。 1502 Adaptive routing control function can be incorporated and / or support a variety of such techniques and capabilities.

[0154] 图16是根据本发明的一种实施方式的本地或基于云的SNET网关/接入点1600的功能框图。 [0154] Figure 16 is a local or cloud-based SNET gateway to an embodiment of the present invention / functional block diagram of an access point 1600. 本实施方式的自适应路由控制1602包括通信资源配置和管理机能1604,该机能使用一个或多个路由算法分析与所给通信路径或链路相关的各个度量,以决定一条路径或链路是否表现得比另一条更好。 Adaptive routing control 1602 to the present embodiment includes a communication resource allocation and management functions 1604, the aircraft can use one or more routing algorithm analysis and metrics for each communication path or link relevant to determine whether the performance of a path or link better than the other one. 相关的成本度量可包括:例如链路使用、跳数、通路的带宽和速度、丢包/拥塞、时延、通量、负载以及通常如通信信道状态信息/描述表1606所示的其他信息。 The cost associated metrics may include: for example, link utilization, number of hops, bandwidth and speed path, packet loss / congestion, delay, throughput, load, and generally as a communication channel state information / additional information table 1606 as shown in the description. 描述表信息可用于例如恢复被临时聚集/分配的通信路径,以支持SNET圈数据通信。 Description information may be used for example to restore the communication path is temporarily aggregated / allocated to support SNET ring data communications. 在本实施方式中,可通过通信资源访问、分配、仲裁和调度功能1608建立并保持优选的SNET通信路径。 In the present embodiment, by the communication resource access, distribution, arbitration and scheduling functions 1608 to establish and maintain a preferred SNET communication path. 可采用路径表1610以存储关于这样的优选通信路径的信息。 Path table 1610 may be used to store about such preferred communication path information.

[0155] 所示SNET网关/接入点1600进一步包括访问控制功能1612,该功能例如用于基于成员归档信息和访问权1614实现对某些通信路径的全面的或限制的访问。 [0155] shown SNET gateway / access point 1600 1612 further includes access control features, such as the feature-based member of the archive for information and access to 1614 to achieve access to the full or limitation of certain communication path. 相似地,认证和安全功能1616和基于浏览器或基于(下载的或预先安装的)应用的资源访问服务1618实现通信路径的自动化的或用户指导的选择(在SNET圈/子圈的之内或外部)。 Similarly, authentication and security features and browser-based or 1616-based (downloaded or pre-installed) application access to resources and services for communication path 1618 automated user guide selection or (in SNET lap / child circle within or external).

[0156] 内容聚集、解聚集和转码操作1620用于定制(condition)在所选通信路径上的传输内容。 [0156] Content aggregation, de-aggregation and transcoding operations 1620 for customizing (condition) transfer content on the selected communication path. 这样的操作可先于、同时于或后于向SNET圈/子圈的内容的传送发生。 Such operation may prior to, simultaneously to or after transfer to the content SNET ring / ring sub occurrence. SNET网关/接入点1600进行或指导的其他操作例如可包括基于账户和服务提供者的供应1622,该供应使终端用户或(绑定的)社交装置可以以一种有效并公正的方式基于使用率数据、订阅(例如“家庭计划”)限制等分摊内容成本。 Other operating SNET gateway / access point 1600, for example, may be performed or supervised accounts including those based on the supply and service providers 1622, the supply of the end user or (binding) can be an effective means of social and equitable manner based on the use rate data, subscriptions (such as "family planning") restrictions on the content of cost-sharing. 在本实施方式中,基于账户和服务提供者的供应1622可利用汇编的或可用的SNET成员账户和使用率数据1624a-n。 In this embodiment, based on the accounts and service providers supply 1622 compilation available or available SNET member accounts and usage data 1624a-n.

[0157] 如将理解的那样,SNET网关/接入点1600的各个所示功能块(诸如自适应路由控制1602中的那些)可由SNET圈、服务提供者网络等中的其他装置或节点(包括桥接和代理节点)、或通过与其他SNET圈/子圈的机会关联,整体或部分地进行。 [0157] As will be appreciated, SNET gateway / AP of each function block shown in 1600 (such as adaptive routing control 1602 of those) can be SNET ring, service providers and other network devices or nodes (including bridging and proxy nodes), or through other opportunities associated with SNET lap / child circle, in whole or in part. 进一步地,根据某些实施方式的社交装置1504/1506可包括可由服务器提供者访问的机能,包括自动配置、安全、认证和条件访问功能。 Further, according to certain embodiments may include a social apparatus 1504/1506 provided by the server to access the functions, including automatic configuration, security, authentication and conditional access functions. 这样的功能块例如可在可编程的且安全的半导体装置中被实现。 Such functional blocks may be implemented for example in a programmable and safe semiconductor device. [0158] 图17是用于分配根据本发明实施方式的SNET圈的通信资源的方法1700的逻辑图。 [0158] FIG. 17 is a distribution method according to an embodiment of the present invention, a communication resource SNET ring logic diagram 1700. 在本实施方式的步骤1702中,SNET圈/子圈的路由控制功能识别SNET圈成员或节点对内部/外部媒体内容的请求。 In step 1702 of the present embodiment, the routing SNET ring / ring sub-control request function identification SNET ring members or nodes of internal / external media content. 接着,在步骤1704中,可分配的SNET通信资源被识别并被用于确定能够支持所请求的媒体内容的传送的通信路径。 Next, in step 1704, SNET communication resource can be allocated can be identified and used to determine a communication path to support the transfer of the requested media content.

[0159] 之后,在步骤1706中,评估与这样的通信路径相关的成本度量(如上所述)。 After [0159] In step 1706, a communication path such assessment and associated cost metric (as mentioned above). 例如,可向所给通信路径中的每个链路分配依赖于描述表的消耗,通信通路的总消耗是每个链路消耗的和。 For example, the communication path can be given to each link in the distribution depends on the description of the consumption, the total consumption of the communication path is consumed, and each link. 基于这样的消耗度量的评估,在步骤1708中,给所有或部分所请求的媒体内容的传送分配通信路径中的至少一个。 Based on this consumption metric evaluation, in step 1708, the communication path allocated to all transmission media content or parts of the requested at least one. 可重复该方法以应对新增/改变的对内容的请求、或可用性或网络连接和已分配的通信资源的改变(例如,参与的社交装置越过了通信蜂窝而经历覆盖的恶化或开始产生漫游收费)。 This method can be repeated in order to cope with the new / change requests to the content or availability or network connections and communication resources allocated to change (for example, social participation across the communications device while experiencing deterioration cellular coverage or roaming charges start generating ). 在这样的情况中,可从一个服务提供者处下载部分所请求内容,并从第二服务提供者、SNET数据库等处下载余下的部分。 In such a case, those portions may be provided at the download of the requested content from a service, and from the second service provider, SNET database downloads, etc. The remaining portion.

[0160] 如本文所用的那样,术语“大致”和“近似”为其对应的项目和/或项目间的相关性提供行业可接受的偏差。 Correlations available in industry [0160] As used herein, the term "substantially" and "approximately" as its corresponding program and / or project between the acceptable deviation. 这样的行业可接受的偏差范围是从少于百分之一到百分之五十,并且对应于但不限于,分量值、集成电路处理变量、温度变量、上升和下降时间、和/或热噪声。 This industry acceptable deviation range is from less than one percent to 50 percent, and corresponds to, but not limited to, component values, integrated circuit process variables, temperature variations, rise and fall times, and / or heat noise. 这样的项目间相关性的范围是从很少的百分数的差异到巨大的差异。 Such a correlation between items ranges from a difference of a few percent to a huge difference. 还是如本文可能被使用的那样,术语“可用耦接”、“耦接至”和/或“耦接”包括项目间的直接耦接和/或经由介于其间的项目(例如项目包括但不限于组件、元件、电路、和/或模块)的项目间间接耦接,其中,对于间接耦接,中间项目并不修改信号信息但可以调整其电流电平、电压电平和/或功率水平。 Or such as may be used herein the term "available coupled", "coupled to" and / or "coupling" includes direct coupling between items and / or via an intervening item (e.g., include, but are not between limited component, element, circuit, and / or modules) project indirect coupling, wherein, for indirect coupling, the intermediate item does not modify the information signal but may adjust its current level, voltage level, and / or power level. 如本文可进一步地所用,推导耦接(即其中一个元件通过推导(inference )被耦接至另一个元件)包括以与“耦接至”相同的方式进行的两个项目间的直接和间接的耦接。 As used herein may be further used to derive the coupling (i.e., where one element by deriving (inference) is coupled to another element) includes direct and indirect two items with the "coupled to" the same way between the coupled. 如本文更进一步地所用,术语“可用于”或“可用耦接”表示项目包括电力连接、输入、输出等中的一个或多个,以当被激活时进行一个或多个其对应的功能并可进一步包括推导耦接至一个或多个的其他项目。 As further used herein, the term "can be used" or "available coupled" indicates that an item includes electrical connections, input, output, etc. One or more, to perform one or more its corresponding functions when activated and may further comprise deriving coupled to one or more of the other items. 如本文再进一步所用,术语“相关”包括分开项目的直接和/或间接耦接和/或一个项目被嵌入另一项目内。 As further used herein, the term "associated" includes separate items of direct and / or indirect coupling and / or one item being embedded within another item. 如本文所用,术语“满意地(favorable)对比”表示两个或多个项目、信号等之间的对比提供了期望的关系。 As used herein, the term "satisfaction (favorable) comparison," said the comparison of two or more items, signals, etc., provides a desired relationship. 例如,当期望的关系是信号I具有大于信号2的幅度时,那么当信号I的幅度大于信号2的幅度或当信号2的幅度小于信号I的幅度时,可得到满意的对比。 For example, when the desired relationship is that signal I has a signal amplitude greater than 2, then when the signal amplitude is greater than the signal amplitude I 2 or when the magnitude of signal 2 is less than the amplitude of the signal I, a satisfactory contrast can be obtained.

[0161] 如本文所用,术语“处理模块”、“处理电路”、和/或“处理单元”可以是单个的处理装置或多个处理装置。 [0161] As used herein, the term "processing module", "processing circuit", and / or "processing unit" may be a single processing device or a plurality of processing devices. 这样的处理装置可以是微处理器、微控制器、数字信号处理器、微型计算机、中央处理单元、现场可编程门阵列、可编程逻辑装置、状态机、逻辑电路、模拟电路、数字电路和/或任何基于电路的硬编码和/或操作指令(模拟的和/或数字的)处理信号的装置。 Such a processing device may be a microprocessor, microcontroller, digital signal processor, microcomputer, central processing unit, field programmable gate array, programmable logic device, state machine, logic circuitry, analog circuitry, digital circuitry, and / or any apparatus for processing a signal based on hard coding circuit and / or operational instructions (analog and / or digital). 处理模块、模块、处理电路和/或处理单元可以是,或进一步包括存储器和/集成存储器元件,该集成存储器元件可以是单个的存储器装置、多个存储器装置、和/或其他处理模块、模块、处理电路、和/或处理单元的嵌入电路。 Processing module, module, processing circuitry and / or processing units may be, or further includes a memory and / integrated memory element, the integration of the memory element may be a single memory device, a plurality of memory devices, and / or other processing modules, module, processing circuitry, and / or embedded circuitry of the processing unit. 这样的存储器装置可以是只读存储器、随机存取存储器、易失性存储器、非易失性存储器、静态存储器、动态存储器、闪存、高速缓存存储器和/或任何存储数字信息的装置。 Such a memory device may be a read-only memory, random access memory, volatile memory devices, nonvolatile memory, static memory, dynamic memory, flash memory, cache memory, and / or any stores digital information. 注意如果处理模块、模块、处理电路和或处理单元包括一个以上处理装置,处理装置可被集中布置(例如经由有线和/或无线的总线结构直接耦接在一起)或可以被分散(例如经由通过局域网和/或广域网的非直接耦接的云计算)。 Note that if the processing module, module, or the processing circuit and the processing unit comprises one or more processing means, the processing means may be arranged to focus (e.g., directly coupled together via a wired and / or wireless bus structure) or may be dispersed (e.g., by passing through non-directly coupled LAN and / or WAN access cloud computing). 进一步注意,如果处理模块、模块、处理电路、和/处理单元经由状态机、模拟电路、数字电路和/或逻辑电路来实现一个或多个其功能,那么存储对应操作指令的存储器和/存储器元件可以被嵌入于包括状态机、模拟电路、数字电路和/逻辑电路的电路之内或之外。 It is further noted that if the processing module, module, processing circuitry, and / processing unit via a state machine, analog circuitry, digital circuitry, and / or logic circuitry to implement one or more of its functions, the memory storing the corresponding operational instructions and / or memory elements may be embedded in the circuitry comprising the state machine, analog circuitry, digital circuitry, and / or outside of the logic circuit. 再进一步注意,对应图中的一个或多个所示的至少一些步骤和/或功能的硬编码和/或操作指令可被存储器元件存储,并且被处理模块、模块、处理电路和/或处理单元执行。 Still further note that, the corresponding diagram shown in one or more of the at least some of the steps and / or hard-coded functions and / or operational instructions may be a memory element stores, and is a processing module, module, processing circuitry and / or processing units carried out. 这样的存储器装置或存储器元件可被包括在一件产品中。 Such a memory device or memory element may be included in a product.

[0162] 以上借助于示出其具体功能和关系的运行的方法步骤描述了本发明。 [0162] the above operation is shown by means of their specific functions and relationships of the method steps described in the present invention. 为了描述的方便,本文随意地定义了这些功能块和方法步骤的边界和顺序。 To facilitate the description, this paper defines the boundaries and arbitrary sequence of these functional blocks and method steps. 只要具体功能和关系被适当地进行,可以定义可选的边界和顺序。 As long as the specific functions and relationships are appropriately performed, can be defined and the optional border sequence. 因此任何这样的可选的边界或顺序是包括在要求权利的发明的范围和精神内的。 Therefore any such optional boundary or sequence is included within the scope and spirit of the claimed invention. 进一步地,为了描述的方便,可随意地定义这些功能块的边界。 Further, in order to facilitate the description, you can freely define the boundaries of these functional blocks. 只要特定重要的功能被适当地进行,可以定义可选的边界。 As long as certain significant functions are appropriately performed, can be defined optionally boundaries. 相似地,本文中流程图框块也可以被随意地定义来示出特定重要的机能。 Similarly, blocks of the flowchart block herein can also be defined to illustrate the importance of a particular function freely. 在所用的程度上,流程图框块边界和顺序可以被另外定义并仍然进行特定的重要机能。 The extent used, the flow diagram block boundaries and sequence of frames can be defined otherwise and still perform an important function specific. 因此对功能块和流程图框块与顺序的这样的可选的定义是包括在要求权利的发明的范围和精神内的。 Thus such optional definition of the functional blocks and flow diagram blocks and the block sequence is included within the scope and spirit of the claimed invention. 本领域技术人员将认识到,本文中功能块以及其他示例块、模块和组件可如所示地或被分散的组件、应用专用集成电路、执行适当软件的处理器等或其任意组合实现。 Skilled in the art will recognize that other functional blocks, and herein examples blocks, modules and components may be as shown or dispersed components, any combination of application specific integrated circuits, processors executing appropriate software or implementation.

[0163] 本发明还可依照一种或多种实施方式被至少部分地描述。 [0163] The present invention may also be described according to one or more embodiments, at least partially. 本文中本发明的实施方式被用于说明本发明及其方面、其特征、其概念和/或其示例。 Herein, embodiments of the present invention is used to illustrate the invention and aspects thereof, characterized in, the concepts and / or examples. 实施本发明的处理的设备、制品、机器和/或物理实施方式可包括参照本文讨论的实施方式中的一个或多个进行描述的一个或多个方面、特征、概念、示例等。 Processing apparatus embodying the present invention, products, machines and / or physical embodiments may include reference to the embodiments discussed herein in one or more of one or more aspects described, features, concepts, examples and the like. 进一步地,从图到图,实施方式可合并使用相同或不同参考标号的相同或相似命名的功能、步骤、模块等,而像这样,功能、步骤、模块等可以是相同或相似功能、步骤、模块等或不同的功能、步骤、模块等。 Further, from FIG. To FIG., The embodiment can be combined using the same or similar function named the same or different reference numerals, step, modules, etc. and the like, functions, steps, modules, etc. may be the same or similar functions, steps, module or different functions, steps, and other modules.

[0164] 除非相反地特殊地声明,否则本文中的任意图中的一幅中到元件的信号、来自元件的信号和/或在元件之间的信号可以是模拟或数字的,时间连续的或时间离散的,和单端的或差分的。 [0164] Unless contrary special stated otherwise herein, any of the figure to a signal element, signals and / or signals from the element between the elements may be analog or digital, continuous or time discrete time, and single-ended or differential. 例如,如果信号通路被示出为单端通路,其亦可代表差分信号通路。 For example, if the signal paths are shown as single-ended channel, which may also be representative of the differential signal path. 相似地,如果单个的通路被示出为差分通路,其亦代表单端信号通路。 Similarly, if a single channel is shown as the differential paths, which is also representative of a single-ended signal path. 虽然本文中描述了一个或多个特定的构架,但如本领域技术人员所认识地,同样也可使用一个或多个未明确示出的数据总线、元件之间的直接连通、和/或其他元件间间接耦接来实现其他构架。 Although described herein one or more specific framework, but as recognized by the skilled person, the same can also be used with one or more direct communication is not explicitly shown in the data bus, between the elements, and / or other indirect coupling between components to achieve other architecture.

[0165] 术语“模块”被用于对本发明各个实施方式的描述。 [0165] The term "module" is used to embodiments of the present invention will be described. 模块包括处理模块、功能块、硬件、和/或存储在存储器上的软件以进行本文所述的一个或多个功能。 Module includes a processing module, function block, hardware, and / or software stored on the memory to perform one or more of the functions described herein. 注意,如果模块经由硬件实现,该硬件可独立地和/或结合软件和/或固件地工作。 Note that, if the module via hardware, the hardware may be independently and / or in combination with software and / or firmware work. 如本文所用,模块可包括一个或多个子模块、其中的每个可以是一个或多个模块。 As used herein, a module may include one or more sub-modules, each of which may be one or more modules.

[0166] 虽然本文中本发明的各个功能和特征的特定组合已被明确地描述,但这些特征和功能的其他组合同样可行。 [0166] Specific combinations of various functions and features, although herein the present invention have been explicitly described, but other combinations of these features and functions equally feasible. 本发明并不被本文公开的具体的示例所局限并明确地并入这些其他的组合。 The present invention is not specifically limited by the examples disclosed herein are expressly incorporated these and other combinations.

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