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Publication numberCN102861369 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 201210280897
Publication date9 Jan 2013
Filing date26 Jun 2012
Priority date4 Jul 2011
Also published asCN102861369B
Publication number201210280897.9, CN 102861369 A, CN 102861369A, CN 201210280897, CN-A-102861369, CN102861369 A, CN102861369A, CN201210280897, CN201210280897.9
Inventors杰姆路易斯绍皮罗, 绍尔莫里诺, 莱昂纳多绍迈斯
Applicant莱昂纳多绍迈斯, 绍尔莫里诺, 杰姆路易斯绍皮罗
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Slidable elastic valve bank for prefilling disposable syringe
CN 102861369 A
A valve bank suitable for prefilling disposable syringes is provided with an inner cavity for storing products for injection, or two independent inner cavities (2) and (3) for storing products (9) and (10) which are separated from each other and are to be mixed before injection, wherein the valve bank is used as a temporary blocking mechanism for blocking the communication between the two inner cavities or between the inner cavities and a pipe communicated with a syringe needle, and the valve bank comprises two cooperated discoid elements (4) and (5) located in a main body (1) of the syringe. The discoid elements has an outer edge leaned against a cylindrical surface of the main body, wherein one of the elements is a slidable elastic discoid plug (4) acting on the second element, and the second element is a receiving slidable discoid seat (5). Edges (19) and (20) which are thicker and smaller in elasticity then other parts of the main body of each element are defined at the bottoms of the two discoid elements. The valve bank is characterized in that the slidable elastic discoid plug (4) comprises an elastic bottom with several holes (14). A hollow blocking plunger (13) with an open bottom extends through the inside of the elastic bottom; and the slidable discoid seat (5) comprises a middle channel pipe (15) relative to the blocking plunger (13); the blocking plunger (13) comprises an inside inlet surrounding an outer cavity to maintain communication with the pipe; The valve bank is also characterized in that the the blocking plunger (13) extending through elastic bottom of the valve plug (4) has a round part with an external diameter slightly larger than the diameter of the channel pipe (15) of the receiving discoid seat (5).
Claims(7)  translated from Chinese
1.用于预填充注射器的可滑动式弹性阀组,具有存储用于注射的制品的一个内腔,或具有两个单独的内腔(2)和(3),以存储在注射前混合的隔离的制品(9)和(10),其中该阀组用作暂时闭合机构,闭塞所述内腔之间或与延伸到注射针头的管之间的连通,包括位于注射器的主体(I)内的两个协配的盘状元件(4)和(5),而且其外缘靠在主体的圆筒形表面上,这些元件中的一个是作用在第二元件上的可滑动式弹性盘状塞(4),第二元件是可滑动式接收盘状座(5),所述盘状元件的底部边缘呈现为缘(19)和(20),所述缘比每个阀元件的主体的其余部分更厚和弹性更小,其特性在于,可滑动式弹性盘状塞(4)包括具有多个孔(14)的弹性底部,具有敞开底端的中空堵塞柱塞(13)从所述弹性底部的内部延伸,同时,可滑动式接收盘状座(5)的特征在于具有相对于所述堵塞柱塞(13)的中间通道管(15),所述堵塞柱塞(13)具有包围在外腔之间的内部入口,以保持与管内的连通。 1. Elastic slidable valve for pre-filled syringe having a lumen for injecting the stored articles, or with two separate lumen (2) and (3), to store a mixed prior to injection Isolation of the product (9) and (10), wherein the valve is used as a temporary closure means, or closing the communication with the tube extending into and between the needle lumen, includes a syringe body (I) within two co-like element (4) and (5), and on its outer edge against the cylindrical surface of the body, these elements one acts on the second member slidably resilient disc plug (4), the second member is slidably received disk holder (5), the bottom edge of the disc-shaped element exhibits a rim (19) and (20), the edge of the valve member than the body of each of the remaining and the elastic portion is thicker smaller, the characteristics that the slidable resilient disc stopper (4) comprises a base having (14) a plurality of apertures resilient, having an open bottom end of the hollow plugging plunger (13) from said elastic bottom internal extension, at the same time, disk holder slidably receives the formula (5) is characterized in that the plunger with respect to the blockage (13) of the intermediate channel tube (15), the clogging of the plunger (13) having an outer chamber surrounds between the internal entrance to keep up with the communication pipe.
2.根据权利要求I所述的用于预填充注射器的可滑动式弹性阀组,其特征在于,其堵塞柱塞(13)从阀塞(4)的弹性底部延伸,所述阀塞(4)具有圆形部分,该圆形部分具有比接收盘状座(5)的通道管(15)直径稍大的外直径。 The formula I according to elastically slidable valve for pre-filled syringe as claimed in claim, characterized in that it blocked the plunger (13) extending from the bottom of the valve plug (4) is an elastic, said valve plug (4 ) has a circular section, the circular disk portion than receiving seat (5) of the channel tube (15) an outer diameter slightly larger diameter.
3.根据权利要求I所述的用于预填充注射器的可滑动式弹性阀组,其特征在于,有两个外腔(21/22)邻近接收可滑动式盘状座(5)的中间通道管(15)出口的入口,这两个外腔在直径上彼此相对。 According to the formula I according to elastically slidable valve for pre-filled syringe as claimed in claim, wherein there are two outer cavities (21/22) adjacent the disk slidably receiving seat (5) of the intermediate passage pipe (15) inlet and outlet, the two outer chambers diametrically opposite to each other.
4.根据权利要求I所述的用于预填充注射器的可滑动式弹性阀组,其特征在于,接收可滑动式盘状座(5)的中间通道管(15)具有被多个腔包围的出口入口,所述多个腔与管的内部连通。 I according to the pre-filled syringe for slidably resilient valve, characterized in that the disk slidably receiving seat (5) of the intermediate channel tube (15) having a cavity surrounded by a plurality of the claims export inlet chamber and the interior of said plurality of tubes.
5.根据权利要求I所述的用于预填充注射器的可滑动式弹性阀组,其特征在于,从阀塞(4)延伸的堵塞柱塞(13)包括外部环状凸片,所述凸片临时地靠着接收可滑动式盘状座(5)的通道管(15)的圆筒形表面。 According to the formula I according to elastically slidable valve for pre-filled syringe as claimed in claim wherein the valve plug (4) extending in plugging of the plunger (13) comprises an outer annular tab, the projections sheets temporarily against the reception (5) slidably discoid base channel tube (15) is a cylindrical surface.
6.根据权利要求I所述的用于预填充注射器的可滑动式弹性阀组,其特征在于,协配的盘状元件定位在使主体与注射器的轴环连通的内部中,用作单腔预填充注射器的暂时闭合机构。 6. I can slide the resilient valve for pre-filled syringes of claim wherein the disc-shaped element is positioned for cooperation with the main body of the syringe in communication with the interior collar, as a single chamber pre-filled syringes temporarily closing mechanism.
7.根据权利要求I所述的用于预填充注射器的可滑动式弹性阀组,其特征在于,与阻塞注射器的轴环的阀塞相结合的协配的盘状元件,作为具有同轴地定位在针筒内的双腔室的预填充注射器的暂时闭合机构,以及作为各腔室间的分隔。 7. I said slidable resilient valve for pre-filled syringes of claim wherein the disc-shaped element co-operating with the blocking syringe collar combination valve plug, as having coaxially positioned within the barrel of a temporary closure mechanism of dual chamber pre-filled syringes, as well as a separator between each chamber.
Description  translated from Chinese

用于预填充一次性注射器的可滑动式弹性阀组 Disposable pre-filled syringes for slidably elastic valve

技术领域 Technical Field

[0001] 本发明涉及为了保持各组件完全分离和消毒,防止它们在注射前接触针头的用于预填充一次性注射器的弹性可滑动式阀组。 [0001] The present invention relates to various components in order to maintain complete separation and sterilization, to prevent their resilient contact with the needle prior to injection pre-filled disposable syringe for slidably valve.

[0002] 该阀组由于在采用相同部件组成的弹性机构集成了新颖的结构改型而脱颖而出,其明显地提高了内部组分的混合和所获溶液的有效且完全的释放。 [0002] The valve member due to the elasticity of the same institutions of the new structure integrates modifications and stand out, which significantly increases the effective and complete release of the internal components and the resultant mixed solution.

[0003] 更具体地,本发明涉及新的阀组类型,其由两个协配的盘状元件组成,盘状元件之一是用作接收盘状阀座的可滑动式弹性盘状阀塞,该盘状阀座也是可滑动的。 [0003] More particularly, the present invention relates to a new type of valve, which consists of two co-disk-like element composition, one of the disc-shaped element is used as a disc-shaped valve seat slidably receiving resilient disc plug The disk-shaped sliding seat is also available.

[0004] 已经考虑到组合的修改以确保由组分的内部混合所获得的溶液能够由注射器的单独注射完全排出。 [0004] The modified compositions have been taken into account to ensure that the internal components of the obtained mixed solution was injected alone can be completely discharged from the syringe. [0005] 为了获得以上段落中描述的结果,提到的合并在两个协配的阀中的结构改型消除了不期望的移位的所有可能性,所述不期望的移位可以完全地或部分地阻塞在腔室之间的内部连通,并由此影响流体朝向注射针头的流动。 [0005] In order to obtain the results described in the paragraph above, structural modifications mentioned merger of the two co-operating valves eliminates all possibility of undesirable shift, the undesirable shift can be completely or partially blocked in the interior of the chamber between the communication, and thereby affect the flow of the fluid toward the needle.

[0006] 本发明是改进型机构的新颖组合以获得预料不到的并且甚至对专家来说都惊讶的更好结果。 [0006] The present invention is a novel combination of an improved mechanism for the unexpected and even specialists are surprised to better results. 因此,除了其新颖的特性外,为了被认为是发明专利,其结构和功能的构想以遵照法律确定的要求的方式表明了清晰的发明功能。 Therefore, in addition to its innovative features, in order to be considered a patent, its structure and functions conceived to comply with the requirements established by law clearly indicates, the invention features.

现有技术 Art

[0007] 预填充的注射器通常包括具有外部和内部的中空圆筒形主体,该外部限定与注射针头连通的轴环,该内部包括轴向定位和可手动滑动的柱塞,其相对于轴环从敞开的基端部向外延伸。 [0007] The pre-filled syringe generally comprises an external and internal hollow cylindrical body, the outer collar defining communicating with the injection needle, and the inner axial positioning comprises manually slidable plunger with respect to the collar extending outwardly from the base end portion open. 在上述情况下,限定可变容量的内部腔室,作为用于待注射制品的中转站。 In the above case, defining an interior chamber of variable capacity, as used to be a transit point injection products. 所述腔室包括主体的圆筒形壁、配合注射针头的所述外轴环,以及可手动滑动并紧密配合在主体的圆筒形壁中的柱塞头部。 The chamber includes a cylindrical shaped wall body, with the needles of the outer collar, and a manually slidable and tight fit in the cylindrical wall of the body of the plunger head.

[0008] 盖子围绕并接合到针头,保持其密封和分离,并且其还接合到注射器导致短暂的密封闭合。 [0008] The lid around and bonded to the needle, maintaining its sealing and isolation, and it also engages the syringe resulting in momentary seal closed.

[0009] 基于先前提到的基部结构,可以有许多产品,其中所述主体的内部还分隔成两个相邻且共轴的可变容量的腔室。 [0009] Based on the previously mentioned base structure, there can be many products, wherein the interior of said body, and further divided into two coaxial adjacent variable volume chamber. 所述腔室由内部的横断隔板分隔,内部横断隔板包括用于腔室间连通的阀机构。 The chambers are separated by an internal transverse bulkhead, internal transverse bulkhead includes a valve mechanism for communicating between the chamber.

[0010] 这些注射器已知为双腔室预填充注射器,用于存储两种不同的液体组分或一种液体组分和另一种粉末组分,这些组分必须完全分离并在注射前保持分离。 [0010] The dual chamber syringe known as a pre-filled syringe, for storing two different liquid component or a liquid component and a powder component of another, these components must be completely separated and kept before injection separation. 实际上,在这类双腔室预填充注射器的情况中,构成腔室间的隔板的所述内阀机构设计为使用者在注射前可以混合制品而不会被外来杂质污染,也就是说,保持最初的分离。 In fact, in the case of such a dual chamber pre-filled syringe, the valve mechanism constituting the inner chamber of the separator between the design of the user may be mixed prior to injection products without contamination by foreign impurities, i.e. , to maintain the initial separation. 只有在混合后,针头的盖子可以揭开且获得的混合物可以流入注射用的针头。 Only after mixing, the needle cover may be opened and the obtained mixture flows into the injection needle.

[0011] 为了在所述分离中获得混合物,一般使用柱塞以相反于注射的方向进行移动。 [0011] In order to obtain a mixture in the separation, is generally used for injection plunger in the opposite direction to move. 由于这种移动,在相邻的腔室内产生了正压和低压,并且所述的内阀机构被打开以建立允许两种制品的混合的连通,并且同时储存在单个腔室中的混合物准备注射。 Because of this movement, in a chamber adjacent the positive pressure and the low pressure produced, and said valve means is opened to allow the establishment of communication with the mixing of two products, and simultaneously stored in a single chamber injection was prepared .

[0012] 一旦获得所述混合,使用者将只能不得不进行注射使得混合物流向针头。 [0012] Once the mixing, the user would only have to be injected so that the mixture flows to the needle. [0013] 限定了相邻腔室的所述内部阀隔板的各种构造的产品是已知的,其中相邻腔室容纳分离的制品。 [0013] defines the various configurations adjacent the inner valve chamber separator products are known, wherein the separation of adjacent chambers receiving articles. 所述已知的产品由合并在它们的每一个中的阀机构精确区分。 The known product accurately distinguished by their merger in each of the valve mechanism.

[0014] 然而,从这些内阀的分析中产生不便,即阀机构总是特别设计用于每个特定场合,也就是说,所述机构只能施加到以结构和功能方式适配于机构的一个注射器主体。 [0014] However, generated from the analysis of these valve inconvenience that the valve mechanism always specifically designed for each particular situation, that is, the institutions can only be applied to the structural and functional manner adapted to the agency a syringe body.

[0015] 在其它情况下,存在调整为传统注射器主体的阀元件,但是同样要求一些主体的配件或结构变型,所有的这些增加了注射器的最终成本以及使其结构和填充变得复杂。 [0015] In other cases, the presence of the valve member to adjust a conventional syringe body, but also requires a number of body parts or structural variations, all of which increase the final cost of the syringe and complicates its structure and filling.

[0016] 本发明的阀组属于适应任意传统的注射器主体的那些组的集合,包括具有一个腔室的那些组和具有两个腔室的那些组。 [0016] The present invention belongs to the collection manifold of those groups to adapt to any conventional syringe body, including those groups, and those groups having one chamber has two chambers.

[0017] 阀组的结构和功能的设计已经考虑了适应于任何类型的传统注射器的条件;其没有改变填充制品到注射器的自动过程的事实,特别是在双腔室预填充注射器的情况下;以及混合过程和稍后的注射不需要特别任务的事实。 [0017] The valve design of the structure and function has been considered suitable for any type of conventional syringes conditions; it does not alter the fact that the automatic filling process products to the syringe, particularly in the case of pre-filled dual chamber syringe; and mixing process and does not require special task later injection facts. [0018] 还需要注意到为了实现阀组在预填充双腔室注射器中起到有效的作用,配合注射针头和其盖子的所述注射器轴环被塞子或替代地被保持流体与针头内部分离直到注射的合适元件阻塞是重要的,以确保接合和去接合不会产生任何不期望的泄露和溢出。 [0018] also need to be aware in order to achieve valve play an effective role in the pre-filled dual chamber syringe with the needle and its cover of the syringe collar is plug or alternatively be maintained until the fluid with a needle inside isolated Suitable injection blocking element is important to ensure the engagement and to engage without any undesired leakage and spillage.

[0019]这类阀组包括名称为 “C0NJUNT0 VALVULAR EL人STICO Y DESLIZANTE APTO PARAACTUAR EL INTERIOR DE JERINGAS PRLLENADAS”(适合应用于内部预填充的注射器的可滑动式弹性阀组),阿根廷发明专利AR026823B, I (其所有人,Jaime Luis Szapiro, SaiilMoreno y Leonardo Szames,与本发明的申请人相同)的情况,其具有容纳注射用的制品的一个内腔,或容纳注射前必须混合的各自分离的制品的两个单独的内腔的类型,并且其中该阀组作为短暂密封的机构实施,该短暂密封的机构阻塞所述内腔之间或与延伸到注射针头的管之间的连通。 [0019] Such valve includes the name of "C0NJUNT0 VALVULAR EL person STICO Y DESLIZANTE APTO PARAACTUAR EL INTERIOR DE JERINGAS PRLLENADAS" (suitable for internal pre-filled syringes may be sliding elastic valve), Argentina patents AR026823B, I two (the owner, Jaime Luis Szapiro, SaiilMoreno y Leonardo Szames, and the same applicant of the present invention), the cavity having a receiving parenteral products, or to accommodate must be mixed prior to injection of the respective products separated Types separate lumen, and wherein the valve sealing mechanism embodiment as short, the temporary sealing means blocking or communicating with the tube extending into and between the needle lumen.

[0020] 该阀组包括两个协配的盘状元件,位于注射器的主体内,外缘靠在主体的圆筒形表面上;其中一个元件是可滑动式弹性盘状阀,同时另一元件是所述盘状阀作用于其上的可滑动式盘状座。 [0020] The valve comprises two co-operating disc member, located within the syringe body, the outer edge of the body against the cylindrical surface; wherein one member is slidable resilient valve disc, while the other element said disc acting on the valve slidably disc holder. 该盘状阀具有包括多个孔的弹性底部,短柱从所述孔相对于限定在所述可滑动式盘状座的底部上的对应通道延伸。 The disc-like valve having an elastic base comprises a plurality of holes, from short columns defined with respect to the hole on the bottom of the disk holder slidably extending the corresponding channel.

[0021] 两个协配的盘状元件的底部的外部边缘称作缘,这些缘比每个阀元件的主体的其余部分更厚和弹性更小。 [0021] The outer edge of the disc-shaped element of two co-called bottom edge, these edges thicker and less elastic than the rest of the body of each valve member.

[0022] 按照该说明,定位在与注射器的轴环连通的主体内部的所述协配的盘状元件,将能够用作具有一个预填充腔室的注射器用的短暂闭合机构轴环。 [0022] According to the legend, the pan member positioned within the body of the syringe collar communication with the co-operating, will have a brief closing mechanism can be used as a pre-filled syringe chamber collar. 一旦所述盘状元件与阻塞轴环的阀塞结合,同样能够在作为所述腔室之间的隔板的双腔预填充注射器中作为短暂闭合机构。 Once the disc-shaped blocking element and the valve plug collar combination, also capable of the chamber as the separator between the dual-chamber pre-filled syringe as temporary closure mechanism.

[0023] 已经证明一旦用于注射的混合物产生并且柱塞向前移动,那么对限定在可滑动的盘状座上的通道的堵塞柱进行支承的所述可滑动式弹性盘状阀位于允许通道释放的位置,但仍然趋向于其堵塞位置。 [0023] Once the mixture has been demonstrated for producing and injection plunger moves forward, then the disc is defined in slidable seat passage blockage column is slidably supported by the resilient disc valve is allowed passage release position, but still tends to its blocking position.

[0024] 实际上,有时候当使用者进行注射时,他可以发现所述堵塞柱不正确地进入盘状座的通道孔中,作为不期望的塞子并带来重复最初的运动将塞拉回以释放通道的需要。 [0024] In fact, sometimes when the user performs the injection, he can find the blocked column incorrectly passage holes into the disc holder, as the undesirable plug and repeat the initial campaign will bring back Sierra to release the required channel.

[0025] 这是因为所述堵塞柱对准通道孔,以及虽然杆的直径稍大于孔的直径、但是杆的末端不是杯状的事实。 [0025] This is because the blocked passage holes aligned column, and although the rod diameter is slightly larger in diameter of the hole, but not the end of the rod of the fact that the cup-shaped. 因此,杆通过柱塞的压力装配就位,产生不期望的堵塞。 Accordingly, the pressure of the plunger rod assembly in place, resulting in undesirable clogging.

[0026] 在该情况下,它足以重复填充、将柱塞拉回的运动,以使杆去耦合。 [0026] In this case, it is sufficient to repeat the filling, the movement of the plunger back to the lever decoupling. 发明内容 DISCLOSURE

[0027] 优点 [0027] The advantages

[0028] 本文所指的用于一次性预填充注射器的可滑动式弹性阀座还包括两个协配的盘状元件,位于注射器的主体内,其外缘靠在主体的圆筒形表面上;其中一个元件是作用在另一元件上的可滑动式弹性盘状阀塞,,所述另一元件是接收可滑动式盘状阀座。 [0028] referred to herein may be sliding resilient seat for disposable pre-filled syringes also includes two co-plate-like element, located within the syringe body on its outer edge against the body of the cylindrical surface ; One element is acting on another element slidably resilient disc valve plug ,, said another element is slidably received disc seat.

[0029] 盘状元件都具有靠着注射器主体的圆筒形表面的外缘。 [0029] against the disc-shaped member having a cylindrical outer periphery surface of the syringe body. 所述缘比每个盘状元件的主体的其余部分更厚和弹性更小。 The rest of the edge of each plate-like element than the body of thicker and less elastic.

[0030] 本发明的阀组的阀塞包括具有多个孔的弹性底部。 [0030] The valve of the valve of the present invention includes an elastic bottom plug having a plurality of apertures. 共轴的堵塞弹性筒体从所述底部的内侧延伸,并由于其中空结构而具有敞开底端。 Blockage elastic cylinder coaxially extending from the inside of the bottom, and because of the hollow structure and having an open bottom end.

[0031] 该弹性筒体正好相与相应的中间通道管相对并定位在所述可滑动式接收盘状座的底部。 [0031] The elastic cylinder is just an intermediate phase corresponding channel tube and positioned at the bottom of the relatively slidably receiving disc holder. 管部分的直径稍小于所述筒体的直径。 Diameter pipe portion of a diameter slightly smaller than the barrel.

[0032] 同样地,所述接收盘状座的特点是有两个直径相对的腔,所述腔邻近中间通道管的出口;即使在所述堵塞筒体位于其阻塞通路的所述出口的位置时也允许流体流动。 [0032] Similarly, the receiving disc seat is characterized by two diametrically opposite chamber, the outlet of the chamber adjacent the intermediate channel tube; cylinder position even when the blockage is in its blocking passage of the outlet while also allowing fluid flow.

[0033] 由于具有其敞开端底部的圆筒形堵塞机构的结构,其特点是在注射期间流体压力自身防止接收盘状座阻塞通道。 [0033] Because of the structure of its bottom open end of the cylindrical blockage mechanism, which is characterized by the injection pressure of the fluid itself during the disc receiving seat to prevent obstruction.

[0034] 然而,一旦所述堵塞筒体阻塞所述通道的释放出口,那么直径的不同将防止其在通道的中间管内配合,引起闭合作用。 [0034] However, once the jam releasing said blocking cylinder outlet channel, then different diameters which fit to prevent the passage of the intermediate tube, causing the closing effect. 在该情况下,邻近所述通道管出口的入口的所述外腔在注射期间确保流体的持续循环到排出出口。 In this case, the outer tube outlet chamber adjacent the inlet channel during injection to ensure continuous circulating fluid discharge outlet.

[0035] 一旦认为这是必须的,那么本发明考虑可以表现为邻近通道的所述中间管的入口具有多个外腔。 [0035] Once that this is necessary, consider the present invention can be expressed in adjacent channels of the intermediate tube having a plurality of external cavity entrance.

[0036] 发明作用 [0036] invention effect

[0037] 当前,没有用于遮蔽作用的已知的绝缘膜,从先前的段落中甚至没有暗示结构解决方案的提出。 [0037] Currently, there is an insulating film for the shielding effect of the known, from the previous paragraph does not even hint of a proposal to solve the structure. 因此,本申请不仅是新颖的,而且还呈现出清楚的创新行为。 Accordingly, the application is not only novel, but also showing a clear innovative behavior.

附图说明 Brief Description

[0038] 除了使用者或专家可以加入本发明中的优点之外,为了详细说明简要描述的优点并帮助理解发明的弹性阀组的结构、构成和功能性的特性,以下描述并示出优选实施例,其以示意性的方式给出并不具有在附加页上的特定范围,由于是优选实施例的事实,短语的解释不限于或排除本发明专利的保护范围。 [0038] In addition to the user or an expert may be added in addition to the advantage of the present invention, a brief description of the advantages for a detailed description and to help understand the structure of the elastic valve invention, the composition and functional characteristics are described below and illustrated in the preferred embodiment examples of which are given in a schematic way does not have a specific range on an additional page, as is the fact that the preferred embodiment, the phrase is not limited to the interpretation or scope of the exclusion of this invention patent protection. 该优选实施例旨在解释和示出本发明所基于的基本概念。 The preferred embodiments are intended to explain and show the basic concept of the invention is based.

[0039] 图I是单独示出构成本发明的弹性阀组的两个元件的横截面视图。 [0039] Figure I is a cross-sectional view showing separately the two elements constituting the elastic valve of the present invention.

[0040] 图2是与先前附图类似、但在所述元件被配合的情况下的横截面视图。 [0040] FIG. 2 is similar to the previous figures, but in the case of a cross-sectional view of the element to be fitted in.

[0041] 图3也是与先前两幅附图类似、示出位于能使流体流向注射出口的中间位置的本发明阀组的两个元件的横截面视图。 [0041] FIG. 3 is similar to the previous two drawings showing located two elements make the cross-sectional view of the injection fluid to the middle of the outlet valve of the present invention.

[0042] 图4是示出从其外侧观察、构成本发明阀座的两个元件之一的弹性可滑动式盘状阀塞的立体图。 [0042] FIG. 4 is a diagram showing observation from the outside, elastically sliding disc valve seat of the present invention, the two elements of a perspective view of one of the plug.

[0043] 图5是示出从其内侧观察、构成本发明阀座的两个元件之一的弹性可滑动式盘状阀塞的立体图。 [0043] FIG. 5 is a diagram showing the inside from the observation, elastically sliding disc valve seat of the present invention, the two elements of a perspective view of one of the plug. [0044] 图6是示出从其外侧观察、构成本发明阀座的另一元件的接收可滑动式盘状座的立体图。 [0044] FIG. 6 shows from the outside observation, perspective view of the disc holder slidably received another element constituting the seat of the present invention.

[0045] 图7是代表从其内侧观察、构成本发明阀座的另一元件的接收可滑动式盘状座的立体图。 [0045] FIG. 7 is the representative from the inside of the observation, perspective view of the disc holder slidably received another element constituting the seat of the present invention.

[0046] 图8是示出可变容量的双腔室预填充注射器的垂直纵向视图,当其在商业上提供时,本发明的阀组在其中处于备用位置。 [0046] FIG. 8 is a diagram showing a variable-capacity dual chamber pre-filled syringe vertical longitudinal view, when it is provided in the commercial, the valve of the present invention in which the standby position.

[0047] 图9也是与先前附图类似、示出在注射器内进行混合过程期间本发明阀座所处位置的纵向视图。 [0047] FIG. 9 is similar to the previous figures, during the mixing process is shown in a longitudinal view of the syringe of the present invention, the location of the valve seat.

[0048] 图10也是与先前附图类似、示出在注射器内完成混合过程后本发明阀座所处的位置的纵向视图。 [0048] FIG. 10 is similar to the previous figures, which shows a longitudinal view of the present invention, the seat position after the completion of the mixing process in the syringe. [0049] 图11、12、13是与先前附图类似、示出当传送获得的混合物将用于注射时属于本发明阀组的阀元件位置的纵向视图。 [0049] FIG. 12, 13 is similar to the previous figures showing the transmission when the mixture obtained in longitudinal view of the present invention will belong valve position of the valve element when used for injection.

[0050] 图14和15是与先前附图类似、示出在注射时本发明阀组的阀元件位置的纵向视图。 [0050] FIG. 14 and 15 is similar to the previous figures, is shown in the injection valve of the present invention, the position of the valve element longitudinal view.

[0051] 图16是示出具有可变容量的传统双腔室注射器的纵向视图,其中还包括本发明的阀组,但在该情况下以翻转方式定位阀元件。 [0051] FIG. 16 is a longitudinal view of a conventional dual chamber syringe having a variable capacity, wherein the valve of the present invention further includes, but in this case the valve member positioned to flip.

[0052] 图17是与先前附图类似的纵向图,其示出当混合的制品流动以注射时阀元件的操作。 [0052] FIG. 17 is a longitudinal view similar to previous figures, showing the product flow when operating in a mixed injection valve element.

[0053] 值得一提的是,根据被选择以描述的本发明阀座的优选实施例,在所有附图中阀组的相同的或等价的部件或构成元件采用相同的附图标记。 [0053] It is worth mentioning that, according to the present invention is selected to the valve seat described preferred embodiments, the drawings the same valve or equivalent parts or constituting elements by the same reference numerals.


[0054] 如在图I和3中所能看到的,本发明中所指的用于预填充注射器的可滑动式弹性阀座包括两个协配的元件,由附图标记4和5指代。 [0054] As shown in Figure I and 3 can be seen in the present invention referred to slidably resilient seat for pre-filled syringes, including two co-operating elements, the reference numeral 4 and 5 finger generations.

[0055] 由附图标记4指代的协配的元件是可滑动式弹性盘状阀塞,其包括具有略呈杯状的形态、圆形尺寸的弹性盘状底部,在其上限定有多个孔14。 [0055] by reference numeral 4 refers to a co-operating member is slidably resilient disc valve plug, which includes having a slightly cupped shape, size of the disc-shaped elastic bottom circular defining how thereon holes 14. 所述盘状底部由更厚和更坚硬的周缘环19包围。 The bottom disc made thicker and more rigid ring 19 surrounds the periphery.

[0056] 所述塞的特别之处是同轴定位的中空阻塞筒体13从其具有完全敞开底端的内侧延伸。 [0056] The special plug is coaxially aligned hollow blocking cylinder 13 has an inner completely open bottom end of its extension.

[0057] 第二元件由附图标记5指代,已经设想为使得所述盘状塞4可以产生阀的关闭或打开,用作协配的接收盘状座。 [0057] The second element refers to by reference numeral 5, has been conceived to make the disc valve plug 4 can produce closed or open, receiving the disc-shaped base with CWA allocated. 该元件优选是圆的,具有中心通道管15和各自的周缘环20,该周缘环比主体的其它部分更厚。 The elements are preferably circular, with a central channel tube 15 and the respective peripheral edge of the ring 20, the peripheral edge of the ring is thicker than the other parts of the body.

[0058] 根据本发明,接收盘状座5的特点在于相对于阀塞的阻塞筒体13的管15的入口包括至少两个外邻近腔21和22,这些腔具有短的高度,每个腔都与所述通道管15连通。 [0058] According to the present invention, the characteristics of the receiving seat 5 is disc-shaped with respect to the inlet tube 15 of the valve plug 13 blocking the barrel comprises at least two adjacent outer chambers 21 and 22, the chamber has a short height, each cavity We are in fluid communication with the passage tube 15.

[0059] 这些协配的元件根据所述阀关闭和打开动作必要地一起操作。 [0059] These co-operating element to close and open the action necessary to operate together in accordance with the valve. 为了这样做(如图2中所示),协配的元件中的一个必须放置在第二个协配的元件的顶部且两者必须对准,使得所述阻塞筒体13可以紧紧地配合在管15内,给防止制品流过管的密封闭合提供途径。 In order to do so (as shown in Figure 2), co-operating elements must be placed on top of a second co-operating element and both must be aligned, so that the blocking cylinder 13 can tightly fit in the tube 15, to prevent flow through the pipe sealing products provide a way closure.

[0060] 依照本发明,一旦塞4靠着盘状座5,所述外腔21和22确保流体可以毫无困难地流向排放出口。 [0060] According to the present invention, once the plug 4 against the disc-shaped base 5, the outer chamber 21 and 22 to ensure that the fluid can flow without difficulty discharge outlet. [0061] 根据附图8至15,可以理解当本发明的阀应用于双腔室预填充注射器时的操作。 [0061] According to figures 8-15, the valve will be appreciated that when the present invention is applied to a dual chamber pre-filled syringe operation.

[0062] 这些附图的纵向视图有效地示出了其在注射前提供的传统注射器,也就是说,相应的制品9和10在它们之间适当地分离和隔离并与外界适当地分离和隔离,并存储在注射器主体I内的可变容量2和3的相应腔室内。 [0062] The accompanying drawings shows a longitudinal view of effectively its conventional syringe prior to injection provided, i.e., the corresponding products 9 and 10 suitably separated and isolated between them and appropriately separated and isolated from the outside world , and stored in the variable capacity syringe body I of the respective chambers 2 and 3.

[0063] 已知注射器具有包围在盖子12中的对应注射针头11。 [0063] Known syringe cover 12 has surrounded the corresponding needle 11. 该盖子接合到轴环18,该轴环位于注射器的上部中,在包括建立密封封闭和由此适当隔离的上部封闭塞16的位置建立内部连通。 The cap is joined to the collar 18, the collar is located in the upper portion of the syringe, including the establishment of an upper seal in the closed and thereby isolated from the appropriate position of the closing plug 16 to establish communication with the interior.

[0064] 这些附图清楚地示出了前腔室2由本发明的阀座4或5在其底部界定,由主体I的圆筒形壁的内侧在其侧部界定,并且由包含处于分离方式的制品9的所述阀塞6在其外侧界定。 [0064] These figures clearly shows a front chamber 2 by the seat of the present invention is defined in 4 or 5 at the bottom, from the inside of the cylindrical wall of the body I defined at its sides, and by the way contained in separate article 9 of the valve plug 6 defined on its outside.

[0065] 同样地,存储适当分离的制品10的后腔室3由阀座4或5在其上部界定,由主体I的圆筒形壁的内侧和柱塞8的头7界定。 [0065] Similarly, proper separation of the products after the storage chamber 10 in its upper part 3 is defined by a valve seat 4 or 5, by the body I of the inner cylindrical wall of the plunger head 7 and 8 define.

[0066] 依照上面所述的条件,如图8、9和16中所不,在所述腔室2和3中存储制品9和10是可行的,制品9和10可以是两种液体组分,或一种液体和一种粉末组分,在两种情况下存储在两个腔室的任一个中。 [0066] In accordance with the conditions described above, as shown in Figure 8, 9 and 16 are not in the chambers 2 and 3 are stored articles 9 and 10 is possible, article 9 and 10 can be of two liquid components , or a liquid and a powder component, in both cases stored in either one of the two chambers.

[0067] 依照图8、9和10,可以看到在注射前开始制品9和10的混合时本发明阀组的操作。 [0067] In accordance with FIG. 8, 9 and 10, can be seen at the start of product mixing prior to injection 9 and 10 of the present invention valve operation. 为了这样做,使用者沿方向F(相对于注射的方向)向后拉柱塞8,引起腔3内的低压以产生盘状座5的位移,释放腔2和3之间的连通,由于分离,制品9流过阀塞4的孔14和盘状元件5的中央管15。 To do so, the user in the direction F (with respect to the direction of injection) of the plunger 8 is pulled back, causing the low-pressure chamber 3 to the disk holder 5 is displaced, freeing the communication between the chambers 2 and 3, since the separation , products flow through the valve plug hole 9 4 14 and 5 central tube pan member 15.

[0068] 图10示出所述元件4和5的位置和从存储在腔3中的与外界隔离并与注射针头的内连通隔离的所述制品9和10的混合所获溶液16的获得。 [0068] FIG. 10 illustrates gain positions 4 and 5, and the article in seclusion from the storage chamber 3 and communicating with the injection needle isolated mixing the resultant solution elements 9 and 10 of 16. 其特点是盘状阀5相对于阀塞4位移并由此保持两个腔室2和3之间的连通。 It features disc valve 5 with respect to the displacement of the valve plug 4 and thereby maintain connectivity between 2 and 3 both chambers.

[0069] 图11、12和13示出当使用者沿Fl方向位移柱塞8时由建立的连通所引起的结果,所述溶液16从腔3流向腔2,准备以与任何单腔预填充注射器相同的方式进行注射。 [0069] FIG. 11, 12, 13 is shown when the user along the direction of displacement of the plunger Fl result 8:00 established by the communication caused by the solution flow chamber 16 from the chamber (3) 2, prepared to any single-chamber pre-filled and injection syringe in the same manner.

[0070] 来自柱塞8的压力引起阀塞4的阻塞筒体13靠着通道管15的入口是可行的,在该情况下流体流动不会受到影响,因为其优选地流过外侧邻近腔21和22。 [0070] The pressure from the plunger 8 causes the valve plug 13 against the cylinder 4 blocking the inlet channel tube 15 is feasible, in which case the fluid flow is not affected, since it preferably flows through the outer chamber 21 adjacent and 22.

[0071] 在这种意义上,结合在本发明中的新颖结构的解决方案包括具有敞开底端的阻塞筒体,其不能配合在管15中以阻塞连通。 Solutions [0071] In this sense, incorporated in the present invention includes a novel structure having an open bottom end of the blocking cylinder, it can not fit in the tube 15 to block the communication. 流向排放出口的流体压力趋于膨胀圆筒形壁,以确保其圆形部分比所述管15的圆形部分更大。 Fluid flow pressure discharge outlet of the cylindrical wall tends to expand, to ensure that its circular portion 15 is larger than the circular portion of the tube.

[0072] 然而,如图13、14和15中所示,结合的新颖结构的解决方案包括邻近所述通道15管的连通入口的所述外腔21和22,使得一旦所述阻塞筒体保持靠在通道管15的入口上,流体就可以正常地流过所述腔。 [0072] However, as shown, the binding solution comprises novel structure in FIG. 13, 14 and 15 in the outer chamber adjacent the inlet 15 of the passage 21 and 22, such that when said blocking cylinder holding leaning against the passage of the inlet tube 15, the fluid can flow normally through the cavity.

[0073] 图13至15示出当使用者沿Fl方向移动柱塞8使得由流体16产生的压力移置阀6且所述流体流过注射针头11,其中盖子12已事先移除。 [0073] Figure 13-15 shows a user when the plunger moves in the direction Fl 8 so that the pressure generated by the fluid 16 and the valve 6 is displaced fluid to flow through the injection needle 11, in which the cover 12 has been previously removed.

[0074] 图16和17示出当阀元件4和5处于对换位置时所获得的阀操作。 [0074] FIG. 16 and 17 shows a 4 and 5 when the valve element in the valve operation obtained when changing position. 在此情况下,当使用者沿F方向移动柱塞时,阀塞4将移置以改变其弹性底部,引起阻塞筒体13从其封闭座移置并在内腔之间建立连通,使得储存在腔2中的制品可以流过管15和孔14朝向腔3流动,以组成制品9和10的混合物。 In this case, when the user move the plunger along the F direction, the spool 4 is displaced to change its bottom elasticity, causing obstruction and the inner cylinder 13 is displaced from the closed base to establish communication between the chambers, so that the reservoir The article in the chamber 2 may flow through the tube 15 and the hole 14 toward the flow chamber 3, consisting of a mixture of products 9 and 10.

[0075] 显然结合在此阀座中的新颖结构的解决方案使其应用于任何传统的预填充注射器。 Solutions [0075] apparently incorporated in the new structure of the seat so that it applies to any conventional pre-filled syringe.

[0076] 事实上,在这些情况下,阀组4和5以这样一种方式定位,S卩,其阻塞与内轴环18的连通,使得单独腔由阀组4或5在其前底部界定,并且由主体I的圆筒形壁和塞头7在其端底部界定。 [0076] In fact, in these cases, the valve 4, and 5 positioned in such a manner, S Jie, which communicates with the blocking ring 18 of the inner shaft, so that a separate chamber defined by the valve 4 or 5 at its front bottom and the cylindrical wall of the body and plug 7 I defined at the bottom of its end. [0077] 在该情况下,使用者还向后拉产生内部低气压的柱塞,产生元件4的弹性改变,并由此阻塞筒体13的位移打开连通,使得存储的制品朝注射针头排出。 [0077] In this case, the user is also pulling back the plunger to generate the internal low pressure, elastically changing element 4 and thus blocking displacement cylinder 13 open communication, so that the storage of products towards the discharge needle.

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