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Publication numberCN102610475 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 201110029978
Publication date25 Jul 2012
Filing date25 Jan 2011
Priority date25 Jan 2011
Publication number201110029978.7, CN 102610475 A, CN 102610475A, CN 201110029978, CN-A-102610475, CN102610475 A, CN102610475A, CN201110029978, CN201110029978.7
Inventors徐达, 李劲生
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Internal heat radiator used for high-pressure generator of X-ray machine
CN 102610475 A
The invention discloses an internal heat radiator used for a high-pressure generator of an X-ray machine and belongs to the technical field of medical appliances. The internal heat radiator comprises an oil pump and a detection circuit, wherein the oil pump controls the temperature of an electric appliance. The internal heat radiator is characterized in that high-temperature region forced oil cooling is adopted inside the high-pressure generator. Compared with the prior art, the internal heat radiator has the following advantages that: 1, the digital temperature measurement is adopted; 2, the singlechip control management is adopted; and 3, the problem of local high-temperature failure inside the high-pressure generator is solved through the adoption of the high-temperature region forced oil cooling, and the service life is prolonged. The internal heat radiator has the advantages that the control method is simple and reliable, the operation is convenient, and the efficiency is high.
Claims(1)  translated from Chinese
1.一种用于射线机高压发生器的内部散热装置,包括油泵(2),温度传感器18b20(3), 单片机控制单元(4),其特征在于单片机控制单元(4)检测温度传感器(3),检测局部温度, 由软件来判断射线管的阳极柄的温度,控制油泵油泵(2)启动,使高压发生器内的油对旋转阳极管(I)阳极柄冷却。 1. An apparatus for internal heat ray high-voltage generator, including the oil pump (2), a temperature sensor 18b20 (3), MCU control unit (4), characterized in that the single-chip control unit (4) detects a temperature sensor (3 ), detecting local temperature, is determined by the software to handle ray tube anode temperature, the control oil pump (2) starts, the oil within the high voltage generator to the rotating anode tube (I) cooling the anode stem.
Description  translated from Chinese

一种用于射线机高压发生器的内部散热装置 Internal heat sink for a ray high voltage generator

技术领域 Technical Field

[0001] 本发明属于医疗器械技术领域。 [0001] The present invention belongs to the field of medical technology equipment.

背景技术 Background

[0002] 2010年以前,我国的自产高频机一体化组合射线发生器靠表面自然冷却和风冷两种方法,导致散热能力比较低,高压发生器热容小,持续工作时间短。 [0002] by 2010, China's production of high-frequency machine integration groupings ray generator and air-cooled by natural cooling surfaces two methods, resulting in relatively low thermal capacity, high voltage generator, small heat capacity, continuous working time is short. 而做介入手术时间可达3-5小时,对射线机散热要求较高。 And do invasive surgery time up to 3-5 hours, cooling requirements of high-ray machine.


[0003] 本发明要解决的技术问题是提供一种用于射线机的高压发生器的冷却方法,以达到提高高压发生器的热容,提高高压发生器的持续工作时间。 [0003] The technical problem to be solved by the present invention is to provide a method of cooling-ray machine for high voltage generator, high voltage generator in order to improve the heat capacity, increase the period of operation of the high voltage generator. 为解决上述技术问题,本发明的技术方案是高压发生起内部高温区直接冷却,由冷却介质快速的将阳极耙面热量,均匀分布到发生器各处,由六个表面将高压发生器的热量散发到环境中去。 In order to solve the above problems, the technical aspect of the present invention is a high temperature zone occurs directly from the internal cooling of the anode rake surface fast heat from the cooling medium, evenly distributed throughout the generator, made up of six surface heat voltage generator dissemination into the environment.

[0004] 一种用于射线机高压发生器的内部散热装置,包括油泵、温度传感器18b20、单片机控制单元,由单片机控制单元和检测温度传感器检测局部温度,由软件来判断射线管的阳极柄的温度,控制油泵油泵启动,使高压发生器内的油对旋转阳极管阳极柄冷却。 [0004] A cooling apparatus for internal-ray high-voltage generator, including pumps, temperature sensors 18b20, MCU control unit, unit and local temperature sensor detects a temperature controlled by the MCU by software to determine the anode stem ray tube temperature controlled oil pump starts, the oil within the high voltage generator to handle rotating anode tube anode cooling.

附图说明 Brief Description

[0005] 如图I为本发明射线机高压发生器冷却装置的原理结构框图 [0005] The present invention as shown in Figure I high voltage generator cooling system schematic block diagram ray machine

[0006] 如图2为本发明射线机高压发生器冷却装置的控制流程图 [0006] The invention as shown in Figure 2 is a control-ray high-voltage generator cooling system flowchart

[0007] 如图3为本发明射线机高压发生器冷却装置的原理图 [0007] FIG. 3 of the present invention ray high-voltage generator cooling system schematic

[0008] 具体实现方式 [0008] Specific implementations

[0009] 一种用于射线机的高压发生器的内部散热装置,包括油泵(2),温度传感器18b20(3),单片机控制单元(4),其特征在于单片机控制单元(4)检测温度传感器(3),检测局部温度,由软件来判断射线管的阳极柄的温度,控制油泵油泵(2)启动,使高压发生器内的油对旋转阳极管(I)阳极柄冷却。 [0009] an internal heat sink for the high voltage generator ray machine, including the pump (2), a temperature sensor 18b20 (3), MCU control unit (4), characterized in that the single-chip control unit (4) detects the temperature sensor (3), the local temperature is detected by the software to determine the handle-ray tube anode temperature control oil pump (2) is started, the oil within the high voltage generator rotating anode tube (I) anode handle cool.

[0010] 如图I所示,为本发明射线机高压发生器冷却装置的原理结构框图单片机系统, 集成了管理高压发生器内部和表面温度,由内部温度采集传感器将内部温度送到单片机, 由内部温度开关将内部温度报警信号送到单片机,由高压发生器表面传感器将表面温度信号传送到单片机,由高压发生器表面温度开关传送到单片机,由单片机控制油泵运行,由单片机控制风扇运行。 [0010] As shown in Figure I, the present invention ray high-voltage generator cooling system schematic block diagram of the SCM system, integrated management of internal and surface temperatures high voltage generator, the internal temperature acquisition sensor and the internal temperature to the microcontroller by Internal temperature switch the internal temperature alarm signal to the microcontroller, the high voltage generator surface of the sensor surface temperature signal to the microcontroller, transferred by the surface temperature of the high voltage generator switch to the microcontroller, the microcontroller control pump operation, by the SCM fan.

[0011] 系统工作步骤如下 [0011] system works as follows

[0012] 当射线机高压发生器工作时,当单片机得电后既运行后温度管理出现,系统图如图3温度管理出现运行后,判断高压发生器内部温度,是否超过了油泵启动阀值,如果高于阀值,则启动油泵。 [0012] When the ray high-voltage generator work, when the microcontroller is energized both appear after running temperature management, temperature management system shown in Figure 3 after a run, determine the high voltage generator internal temperature exceeds a threshold pump start, if it exceeds the threshold, the pump is started.

[0013] 如果低于阀数值,则关闭油泵再判断,表面温度是否超过风扇启运阀值。 [0013] If the value is below the valve, turn off the pump and then determine the surface temperature exceeds the threshold value fan departure. 高于阀值启动风扇,低于阀值关闭风扇,然后判断内部温度是否超过报警阀值,超过阀值,值内部温度报警,判断外部温度是否超过报警阀警,超过外部温度报警,判断内部温度开关是否报警,温度开关斗争则内部温度开关报警,判断表面温度开关是否报警,如报警则外部温度报警,然后再循环检测内部温度。 Start the fan above the threshold, below the threshold off the fans, and then determine whether the internal temperature exceeds the alarm threshold, the threshold is exceeded, the internal temperature alarm value, it is determined whether the outside temperature exceeds the alarm valve alarm over external temperature alarm, determine the internal temperature switch is alarm, temperature switches fight the internal temperature switch alarm, determine whether the surface temperature switch alarm, such as an alarm, the external temperature alarm, and then recycled to detect internal temperature.

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International ClassificationH01J35/10
Legal Events
25 Jul 2012C06Publication
26 Sep 2012C10Entry into substantive examination
29 Apr 2015C02Deemed withdrawal of patent application after publication (patent law 2001)