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Publication numberCN102443809 A
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCN 201110401734
Publication date9 May 2012
Filing date7 Dec 2011
Priority date7 Dec 2011
Publication number201110401734.7, CN 102443809 A, CN 102443809A, CN 201110401734, CN-A-102443809, CN102443809 A, CN102443809A, CN201110401734, CN201110401734.7
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Preparation technology of Zn-infiltrated alloy
CN 102443809 A
The invention discloses a preparation technology of a Zn-infiltrated alloy. The preparation technology is characterized in that the preparation technology concretely comprises the following steps: 1, taking workpieces, sandblasting to remove oil and rust; 2, applying Zn powder; 3, filling the workpieces into a furnace, sealing the furnace, heating, and penetrating and curing; 4, discharging the obtained substance from the furnace; 5, washing with high pressure water; 6, carrying out anode electrolysis polishing; 7, passivating and sealing; and 8, drying to obtain the Zn-infiltrated alloy. The workpieces processed with the technology of the invention have the advantages of simple processing process, no use of chemical raw materials in the production, no pollution to environment, no damage to the physical and mental health of operators, less kind of multicomponent alloys, and energy saving.
Claims(6)  translated from Chinese
1. 一种渗锌合金的制备工艺,特征在于具体制备工艺,其具体制备工艺如下:方法为: 取工件喷砂除油除锈一敷金属锌粉一装炉密闭加温渗透固化一出炉一高压水洗一阳极电解抛光一钝化封闭一烘干一成品。 An infiltration of zinc alloy preparation process, characterized by a specific preparation, specific preparation process is as follows: method: Take a piece blasting rust removal of deposited metal zinc a heating furnace installed closed a penetrative curing a baked a high-pressure water electrolysis anode passivation closed a dry polishing a finished product.
2.根据权利要求1所述的一种渗锌合金的制备工艺,其特征在于:所述的金属锌粉比例为工件的千分之十五到二十五且只需一种金属锌粉。 2. An infiltration alloy of zinc preparation process according to claim 1, characterized in that: the ratio of the metal of the zinc powder is 千分之十 five to twenty-five workpiece and only one metal zinc powder.
3.根据权利要求1所述的一种渗锌合金的制备工艺,其特征在于:所述的阳极电解抛光和电镀所用的溶液一样,电镀锌时的工件为阴极现在换成了阳极,电镀锌时的锌板为阳极现在换成了阴极铁板,电解出多余的锌离子置换到了阴极铁板上。 3. According to an infiltration of zinc alloy preparation process as claimed in claim 1, characterized in that: an anode electrolytic polishing and plating solution used according to the same piece of galvanized cathode when the anode is now replaced, galvanized When the zinc plate as the anode cathode now replaced by iron, electrolytic out the excess zinc ions to the cathode iron replacement.
4.根据权利要求3所述的一种渗锌合金的制备工艺,其特征在于:所述的置换出铁板上多余的锌离子,通过转换阴阳极可再次被电镀锌利用。 4. A process for the preparation according to claim 3, wherein the infiltration of zinc alloy, characterized in that: the replacement of the iron excess zinc ions, by converting the anode and cathode can be galvanized for reuse.
5.根据权利要求1所述的一种渗锌合金的制备工艺,其特征在于:所述的装入炉内密闭后加温值范围为:340C至380C时,加温保温时间为1 一1. 5小时。 5. An infiltration alloy of zinc preparation process according to claim 1, wherein: the heating value of the load range of closed furnace: 340 C to 380 C, the heating holding time 1 a 1.5 hours.
6.根据权利要求1所述的一种渗锌合金的制备工艺,其特征在于:所述的钝化时间为10到30秒。 6. An infiltration alloy of zinc preparation process according to claim 1, wherein: said passivation time is 10 to 30 seconds.
Description  translated from Chinese

一种渗锌合金的制备工艺 Preparation of a zinc alloy infiltration

技术领域 Technical Field

[0001] 本发明属于金属热处理与冶金结合技术领域,具体是与金属表面防腐层有关的一种渗锌合金的制备工艺。 [0001] The present invention belongs to the metal heat treatment and metallurgical bonding technology, in particular the preparation process and the metal surface coating of a relevant infiltration of zinc alloy.

背景技术 Background

[0002] 渗锌合金的本体为钢铁制件产品,涉及到电力,铁路,公路汽车及军工设备等多个行业的必用配件。 [0002] The body infiltration of zinc alloy for steel in products related to multiple industries electricity, railways, road cars and military equipment and other necessary accessories. 如常用户外标准件、螺钉、螺母、汽车外露部分使用的螺钉螺母。 As usual outdoor standard parts, screws, nuts, automotive exposed parts of the use of bolts and nuts. 铁路及公路户外使用的标准件等,不仅要求工件的内在质量好,还要求工件15年不能生锈,并且对螺纹间拉力也有很高要求。 Standard rail and road for outdoor use, etc., requires not only the intrinsic quality of the work is good, but also requires the work 15 years does not rust, and the inter-thread tension too high demands. 为了防止标准件生锈以便以后维修方便。 To prevent rusting standard for future easy maintenance. 原始的方法是在工件表面热镀锌或热渗锌来解决此问题。 The original method is to heat the surface of the workpiece or hot dip galvanized zinc infiltration to resolve this problem. 公知的对工件热镀锌热渗锌的方法是:工件(如标准件)一碱性除油一酸性除锈磷化一敷多种合金粉一装炉加温渗透固化一出炉一硝酸出光一铬酸钝化一成品。 Known workpiece heat infiltration of zinc galvanizing method is: artifacts (such as standard parts) a descaling acidic alkaline degreasing a variety of phosphate a cladding alloy powder a heating furnace installed a baked a nitrate penetration curing light a chromated a finished product. 上述方法处理的钢铁制件虽然防锈能力有所提高,但是盐雾试验也只能达到两百小时(即实际防腐五年左右)远达不到15年的防腐要求。 The above-described method for processing steel parts rust resistance, although improved, but the salt spray test can only reach two hundred hours (ie about actual preservative five years) far less than the 15-year anti-corrosion requirements. 其缺点主要有二: 一、除油除锈工序中需要化工产品,在后面的硝酸出光铬酸钝化工序中也用化工重金属产品,不仅污染环境还损害操作者身心健康;二、更重要的是在热镀过程中液体金属和金属粉涂覆在工件(螺纹)表层,影响了螺纹间的公差尺寸,使施工当中拧不上螺母,必须把螺母加大,但螺母加大后使螺纹间松动、拉力不够安全上大大没有保证。 Its main drawback is twofold: First, the rust removal process requires chemical products, in the back of nitric light chromating process also used chemical metal products, not only pollute the environment but also damage the operator health; second, more important Redu process in liquid metal and the metal powder coated workpiece (thread) surface, the impact of the tolerances between the threads, so that the construction of which does not tighten the nut, the nut must be increased, but the increase of the threaded nut between loose, much tension is not enough there is no guarantee of security.

[0003] 因此,提供一种处理工艺简单,且在生产过程中不用化工原料,不污染环境、不损害操作者身心健康,而且使用多元合金种类少,节省能源的渗锌合金的制备工艺,已经是一个急需解决的问题。 [0003] Accordingly, a treatment process is simple, and no chemical raw materials in the production process, do not pollute the environment, without prejudice to the operator health, and the use of less complex alloy types, preparation of energy saving infiltration of zinc alloy, it has been is an urgent problem.


[0004] 为了克服上述现有技术中的不足,本发明提供一种渗锌合金的制备工艺,利用该工艺处理的工件不仅处理工艺简单、生产中不用化工原料、不污染环境、不损害操作者身心健康,而且使用多元合金种类少,节省能源。 [0004] In order to overcome the deficiencies of the prior art, the present invention provides an infiltration of zinc alloy preparation process, use the Process of artifacts not only deal with simple process without the production of chemical raw materials, do not pollute the environment, without prejudice to the operator physical and mental health, and the use of multiple types of alloys less, saving energy.

[0005] 本发明的目的是这样实现的: [0005] The object of the present invention is implemented as follows:

一种渗锌合金的制备工艺,该工艺为:取工件喷砂除油除锈一敷金属锌粉一装炉密闭加温渗透固化一出炉一高压水洗一阳极电解抛光一钝化封闭一烘干一成品。 One kind of infiltration of zinc alloy preparation process, the process is: Take a piece blasting rust removal of deposited metal zinc a heating furnace installed closed a penetrative curing a high-pressure washing a baked anode electrolytic polishing passivation closed a drying a finished product.

[0006] 本发明所述的金属锌粉比例为工件的千分之十五到二十五且只需一种金属锌粉。 [0006] The proportion of the metal zinc powder according to the invention is 千分之十 five to twenty-five workpiece and only one metal zinc.

[0007] 本发明所述的阳极电解抛光和电镀锌所用的溶液一样,酸性或碱性的电镀溶液都可以。 [0007] Anode polished and galvanized according to the invention was used as the plating solution can be acidic or alkaline. 电镀锌时的工件为阴极现在换成了阳极,电镀锌时的锌板为阳极现在换成了阴极铁板,电解出多余的锌离子置换到了阴极铁板上。 Galvanized workpiece when the cathode is now replaced by an anode, electro-galvanized zinc plate as the anode when the cathode is now replaced by iron, electrolytic out the excess zinc ions to the cathode iron replacement.

[0008] 本发明所述的置换出铁板上多余的锌离子,通过转换阴阳极可再次被电镀锌利用。 [0008] The replacement of the iron excess zinc ions according to the invention, can be galvanized pole reused by converting the yin and yang.

[0009] 所述的装入炉内密闭后加温值范围为:340C至380C时,加温保温时间为1 一1. 5 小时。 Into the furnace [0009] After the closed heating value in the range: 340 C to 380 C, the heating holding time was 1 a 1.5 hours. [0010] 所述的钝化时间为10到30秒。 Passivation Time [0010] is the 10 to 30 seconds.

[0011] 积极有益效果:本发明加热渗透固化一出炉后不经过酸洗、铬酸钝化采用了阳极电解抛光工艺,①电解抛光去除了表层多余的金属锌和杂质,露出本体的锌铁合金层,使有螺纹的部分无需加大螺母内径尺寸,就能使有螺纹的部分上丝更加顺畅,绝对解决了热镀需加大或减小螺纹公差尺寸的问题更是拉力得到了大大的安全保证。 [0011] positive and beneficial effect: the present invention without post-curing heat penetration came out pickling, chromated adopted anode electrolytic polishing process, ① electrolytic polishing removes excess metal surface of zinc and impurities, zinc-iron alloy layer is exposed body so there is no need to increase the threaded portion of the nut bore size, we can make silk threaded portion more smoothly, absolutely solves the Redu need to increase or decrease the size of the thread tolerance issue is tension has been greatly security guarantees . ②电解抛光去除了表层的金属锌和杂质露出本体的锌铁合金层,使钝化更充分防腐效果得到很大的提高,盐雾试验可以从两百个小时提高到八百个小时以上(及二十年以上)。 ② electrolytic polishing removes surface impurities exposed metal zinc and zinc-iron alloy layer body, passivation fuller antiseptic effect has been greatly improved, the salt spray test can be increased from two hundred hours to more than eight hundred hours (and two more than a decade). 防腐效果可以和不锈钢媲美,③同时也解决了不锈钢在受力后容易咬死的问题,给安装造成很大的不便。 And stainless steel corrosion effects can be comparable, ③ while also addressing the stainless steel in the force easily killed after problems caused great inconvenience to the installation. ④电解出多余的金属锌可以利用阴极电镀的办法,重新利用多余的锌原子。 ④ electrolysis the excess zinc metal cathode plating methods can be used, re-use of excess zinc atoms. 使废物重新得到了利用,充分节省了能源。 So that the waste has been re-use, fully saves energy. 本发明用简单成熟的技术,进行巧妙的变更结合,能做出不可想象的高耐腐蚀的高端产品,是我们的一大亮点,希望能得到大力推广使用,为国家节省能源造福于社会。 The present invention is a simple mature technology, combined with clever changes can be made unthinkable highly corrosion resistant high-end products, we are a major attraction, hoping to get vigorously promote the use, for the country to save energy for the benefit of the community.


[0012] 下面结合具体实施方式对本发明作进一步的说明: [0012] In the following with reference to specific embodiments of the present invention is further illustrated by:

取工件(如标准件)若干,喷砂除油除锈,接着敷金属锌粉一同装入炉内密闭后加温至340C至380C时保温1小时到1. 5小时,渗透固化。 When taking insulation work (as standard) Some, sandblasting rust removal, then metallized with zinc powder was sealed into the furnace heated to 340 C to 380 C 1 h to 1.5 hours, the penetrative curing . 然后出炉,高压水洗,利用电镀原理进行阳极电解,把原来电镀工件时的阴极换成阳极,挂锌板的阳极换成阴极铁板,电解二十到五六十分钟(根据工件表面积而定时间)提出工件,在配置好的水溶性漆(市面上可随处买到)溶液里钝化10到30秒钟后,提出工件用离心机脱出多余的水溶性漆封闭剂,再经干燥即为成品。 Then baked, high-pressure washing, use electroplating principle anodic electrolysis, the cathode workpiece replaced the original plating anodes, zinc plate hanging iron anode into cathode, electrolysis twenty to five sixty minutes (depending on the workpiece surface and the given time ) proposed piece, water-soluble paint after configured (commercially available everywhere available) was in the passivation 10-30 seconds, the proposed piece centrifuge prolapse excess water-soluble paint sealant, after drying is finished .

[0013] 实施例1 [0013] Example 1

取电力铁塔螺栓、高速公路护栏丝一百公斤,常规喷砂除油除锈,敷1. 5公斤锌粉装入炉内加温至380度时保温1.5小时渗透固化,然后出炉经过高压水洗装入电镀用的滚筒内, 滚筒一方为阳极,挂锌板一方为阴极,电解20到60分钟提出滚筒倒出工件,水洗。 Take the power tower bolts, highway guardrail wire one hundred kilograms, conventional sandblasting rust removal, apply 1.5 kg of zinc powder into the furnace heated to 380 degrees heat 1.5 hours penetrative curing, then released through the high-pressure washing equipment plating inside the drum, the drum side of the anode, cathode one hanging zinc plate, electrolytic 20-60 minutes pour the proposed roll artifacts washed. 下一步把工件装入提篮内在配制好的水溶性漆封闭剂里钝化封闭,用离心机脱出多余的封闭剂再烘干即为成品。 Next the workpiece into the basket internal preparation of a good water-soluble paint sealant in passive closed centrifuge prolapse excess sealer then drying is finished.

[0014] 从上述处理工艺可以看出,该工艺工序少,工艺简单成熟,生产速度快,生产效率大大提高。 [0014] As can be seen from the above treatment process, the less process steps, the process is simple mature, production speed, production efficiency is greatly improved. 处理工序中无需化工重金属,不造成环境污染,不对操作工人造成身心伤害;而且使用金属粉种类少。 Chemical treatment process without heavy metals, does not cause environmental pollution, does not cause physical or mental harm workers to operate; and the use of less metal powder types. 该工艺电解过程简单、工艺成熟,电解出的锌离子右可被回收利用节省了能源。 The electrolysis process is simple, mature technology, electrolysis of zinc ion and right can be recycled saves energy. 同时用该方法处理的工件(螺丝)其表面光洁度亮度和耐腐蚀程度都远远超过了原来的热镀锌和热渗锌;同时内在的强度•韧性•表面尺寸都得到了非常好的保证,施工中的安全系数大大提高。 While the workpiece is treated by this method (screw) the surface finish and brightness level of corrosion resistance are far more than the original hot-dip galvanizing and heat infiltration of zinc; and inner strength • toughness • surface dimensions have been very good guarantee, Construction safety factor greatly increased. 合金层如保证在6 μ m以上时,耐腐蚀程度可通过600小时以上盐雾试验(15年以上),最高合金层可以做到15 μ m,盐雾试验1800小时30年以上。 Alloy layer, such as to ensure that at 6 μ m or more, the degree of resistance to corrosion by salt spray test more than 600 hours (over 15 years), the highest alloy layer can be done 15 μ m, 1800 hours salt spray test more than 30 years. 防锈能力绝不亚于不锈钢,成本远远低于不锈钢,此工艺能用到各行各业,能代替原来的各种防腐工艺,有广阔的发展前景。 No less rust resistance of stainless steel, cost far less than stainless steel, this process can be used to all walks of life, to replace the original variety of anti-corrosion technology, there are broad prospects for development.

[0015] 以上实施例仅用于说明本发明的优选实施方式,但本发明并不限于上述实施方式,在所述领域普通技术人员所具备的知识范围内,本发明的精神和原则之内所作的任何修改、等同替代和改进等,其均应涵盖在本发明请求保护的技术方案范围之内。 [0015] the above examples illustrate only a preferred embodiment of the present invention, but the present invention is not limited to the above embodiments, in the person of ordinary skill possess the knowledge, made within the spirit and principles of the present invention Any modification, equivalent substitution and improvement, which should fall within the scope of the technical solution of the claimed invention.

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