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Publication numberCA2614656 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2614656
Publication date17 Aug 2000
Filing date8 Feb 2000
Priority date9 Feb 1999
Also published asCA2360139A1, CA2360139C, CA2614656C, DE60013782D1, DE60013782T2, DE60045046D1, EP1156843A1, EP1156843B1, EP1457220A2, EP1457220A3, EP1457220B1, US6645177, US7338472, US7972306, US20040049161, US20080154203, WO2000047254A1
Publication numberCA 2614656, CA 2614656 A1, CA 2614656A1, CA-A1-2614656, CA2614656 A1, CA2614656A1
InventorsJames G.J. Shearn
ApplicantCardinal Health 303, Inc., James G.J. Shearn, Alaris Medical Systems, Inc., Carefusion 303, Inc.
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Directly engaged syringe driver system
CA 2614656 A1
A system for infusing fluid, the system including a rotatable threaded shaft, and a syringe having a syringe body and plunger which directly engages the threaded shaft such that rotation of the shaft drives the plunger into the syringe. The system also includes a guide system for securing the plunger in direct engagement with the threaded shaft, and a casing having a cover and a base for accommodating the threaded shaft, syringe, and guide system.
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International ClassificationA61M5/20, A61M5/315, A61M5/145
Cooperative ClassificationA61M2205/6063, A61M5/1458, A61M5/1684, A61M5/1456, A61M2205/14, A61M2005/14573, A61M2205/3389, A61M2205/3306
European ClassificationA61M5/145B10
Legal Events
10 Jan 2008EEERExamination request