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Publication numberCA2431384 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2431384
Publication date10 Dec 2003
Filing date6 Jun 2003
Priority date10 Jun 2002
Also published asCA2431384C, CA2431387A1, CA2431387C, DE60314050D1, DE60314050T2, DE60316352D1, DE60316352T2, EP1372321A2, EP1372321A3, EP1372321B1, EP1379061A2, EP1379061A3, US8005461, US8285255, US8798597, US20030228863, US20040023643, US20130053001
Publication numberCA 2431384, CA 2431384 A1, CA 2431384A1, CA-A1-2431384, CA2431384 A1, CA2431384A1
InventorsVeen Raymond P. Vander, Mihal Lazaridis
ApplicantResearch In Motion Limited, Veen Raymond P. Vander, Mihal Lazaridis
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Voicemail user interface methods and apparatus for mobile communication devices
CA 2431384 A1
Voicemail user interface methods and apparatus for mobile communication devices are disclosed. Voicemail notification messages corresponding to voicemail messages are received through a wireless receiver of the mobile device and voicemail message header lines corresponding to them are displayed in a message list. In one illustrative example, the mobile device provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for the end-user with visual objects corresponding to PLAY, REWIND, FAST FORWARD, SKIP BACK, SKIP FORWARD, as examples, which provides for transparency of voicemail system-specific commands. Preferably, the mobile device receives the voicemail notification messages from several different voicemail systems for consolidating such processing using this single common user interface. Each voicemail notification message preferably includes voicemail message summary information, such as a calling party identifier, a message time stamp, and message length, for use in providing the voicemail message header information in the message list. In addition, each voicemail notification message preferably includes voicemail retrieval/processing information, such as a voicemail access telephone number, a voicemail message identification number, and voicemail message processing commands, for use in providing the system interface transparency.
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International ClassificationH04M3/537, H04M3/533, H04M1/725, H04W88/02, H04W4/12, H04W88/18
Cooperative ClassificationH04W88/02, H04M2203/4536, H04M3/53358, H04W4/12, H04M2203/256, H04W88/184, H04M2203/4509, H04M1/7255, H04M3/537, H04M3/53333, H04M2201/42, H04M2250/02
European ClassificationH04W4/12, H04M1/725F1M2, H04M3/537, H04M3/533R
Legal Events
6 Jun 2003EEERExamination request