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Publication numberCA2403068 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2403068
PCT numberPCT/US2001/012549
Publication date25 Oct 2001
Filing date17 Apr 2001
Priority date18 Apr 2000
Also published asCA2403068C, DE60130751D1, DE60130751T2, EP1274345A1, EP1274345A4, EP1274345B1, US6496705, US6987965, US7171166, US20030040305, US20060058017, WO2001078594A1
Publication numberCA 2403068, CA 2403068 A1, CA 2403068A1, CA-A1-2403068, CA2403068 A1, CA2403068A1, PCT/2001/12549, PCT/US/1/012549, PCT/US/1/12549, PCT/US/2001/012549, PCT/US/2001/12549, PCT/US1/012549, PCT/US1/12549, PCT/US1012549, PCT/US112549, PCT/US2001/012549, PCT/US2001/12549, PCT/US2001012549, PCT/US200112549
InventorsMohammad Khair, Richard Ng, Salvador Lopez, Sanjar Ghaem, William L. Olson
ApplicantMotorola, Inc., Mohammad Khair, Richard Ng, Salvador Lopez, Sanjar Ghaem, William L. Olson
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Programmable wireless electrode system for medical monitoring
CA 2403068 A1
A wireless, programmable system (10) for bio-potential signal acquisition (e.g., electrocardiogram (ECG) data) includes a base unit (18) and a plurality of individual wireless, remotely programmable transceivers (20) that connect to patch electrodes (22). The base unit (18) manages the transceivers (20) by issuing registration, configuration, data acquisition, and transmission commands using wireless techniques. Bio-potential signals from the wireless transceivers (20) are demultiplexed and supplied via a standard interface to a conventional monitor (14) for display.
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International ClassificationA61B5/044, A61N1/05, A61B5/04, H04B7/24, A61B5/0488, A61B5/0476, A61N1/08, A61B5/00, H04W28/14, H04W72/02, H04W60/00, H04W88/02
Cooperative ClassificationH04L67/125, H04W60/00, H04W72/02, A61N1/08, A61B5/6833, H04W28/14, A61N1/05, A61B2560/0412, A61B5/0006, A61B5/04085, H04W88/02
European ClassificationA61B5/68B3D1, A61B5/00B3B, H04L29/08N11M, A61N1/08, A61N1/05
Legal Events
12 Sep 2002EEERExamination request
18 Apr 2011MKLALapsed