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Publication numberCA2378873 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2378873
Publication date23 Jan 1997
Filing date27 Jun 1996
Priority date30 Jun 1995
Also published asCA2224706A1, CA2224706C, CA2365087A1, CA2365087C, CA2376313A1, CA2376313C, CA2376319A1, CA2376319C, CA2376321A1, CA2376321C, CA2378873C, CA2378885A1, CA2378885C, CA2645140A1, CA2645140C, CA2848679A1, CN1095257C, CN1192304A, CN1254933C, CN1492609A, CN1790932A, CN1790932B, CN1905387A, CN1905388A, CN1905388B, CN1905389A, CN1905390A, CN1905391A, CN1909387A, DE835593T1, DE984577T1, DE986186T1, DE986187T1, DE986188T1, DE991205T1, DE996239T1, DE1156593T1, DE1213845T1, DE1213846T1, DE1213854T1, DE02005245T1, DE69617429D1, DE69617429T2, DE69620884D1, DE69620884T2, DE69624242D1, DE69624242T2, DE69633351D1, DE69633351T2, DE69634098D1, DE69634098T2, DE69634275D1, DE69634275T2, DE69634346D1, DE69634346T2, DE69634389D1, DE69634389T2, DE69634390D1, DE69634390T2, DE69635140D1, DE69635140T2, DE69635287D1, DE69635287T2, DE69635315D1, DE69635315T2, DE69638368D1, EP0835568A2, EP0835568B1, EP0835593A2, EP0835593B1, EP0836770A2, EP0836770B1, EP0984577A2, EP0984577A3, EP0984577B1, EP0986186A2, EP0986186A3, EP0986186B1, EP0986187A2, EP0986187A3, EP0986187B1, EP0986188A2, EP0986188A3, EP0986188B1, EP0991205A2, EP0991205A3, EP0996239A2, EP0996239A3, EP1156593A2, EP1156593A3, EP1156593B1, EP1158702A2, EP1158702A3, EP1158702B1, EP1213845A2, EP1213845A3, EP1213845B1, EP1213846A2, EP1213846A3, EP1213846B1, EP1213846B9, EP1213854A2, EP1213854A3, EP1213854B1, EP1237293A2, EP1237293A3, EP1237293B1, EP1603248A2, EP1603248A3, EP1615350A2, EP1615350A3, EP1933470A2, EP1933470A3, EP2164184A1, EP2164184B1, EP2259450A2, EP2259450A3, EP2259634A2, EP2259634A3, EP2273689A2, EP2273689A3, EP2273689B1, EP2285168A2, EP2285168A3, EP2285169A2, EP2285169A3, EP2285170A2, EP2285170A3, US5748687, US5796776, US5799010, US5912919, US5991329, US5991332, US6212174, US6215778, US6229843, US6272168, US6381264, US6456608, US6633600, US6674788, US6674791, US6707805, US6721301, US6744809, US6873645, US6983009, US6985467, US7502406, US7593453, US7756190, US8737363, US9564963, US20010015998, US20010030973, US20020044539, US20020051482, US20020061050, US20020106007, US20020118653, US20020118722, US20020118729, US20030193914, US20040071198, US20040165654, US20050243897, US20090103508, US20100002752, US20100272155, US20110158202, US20110194571, US20140348135, WO1997002665A2, WO1997002665A3, WO1997002675A2, WO1997002675A3, WO1997002714A2, WO1997002714A3
Publication numberCA 2378873, CA 2378873 A1, CA 2378873A1, CA-A1-2378873, CA2378873 A1, CA2378873A1
InventorsGary Lomp, Fatih Ozluturk, John Kowalski
ApplicantInterdigital Technology Corporation, Gary Lomp, Fatih Ozluturk, John Kowalski
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Self blocking for a subscriber unit
CA 2378873 A1
A subscriber unit (SU) transmitter transmits signals over global and assigned channels to a base station which are initialized at an initial power level and adjusted to a controlled power level in advance of transmitting a communication data signal on an assigned channel to the base station. The power level of the SU transmitter is controlled to adjust the SU
transmitter power level in response to power control signals received from the based station.
The SU transmitter power level is monitored in advance of transmitting a communication data signal on an assigned channel to the base station. The transmitter is controlled such that transmission of a communication data signal on an assigned channel is blocked if a predetermined power limit is reached before commencing transmission of the communication data signal on the assigned channel.
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International ClassificationH04B1/707, H04J13/16, H04B1/7077, H04N1/333, H04L5/14, G06F13/374, H04K1/00, H03H17/02, H04L27/30, H03H17/06, H04B15/00, H04J13/00, H04W52/04, H04J13/10, H04L27/00, H04B1/709, H04B1/7075, H04B1/712, H04B1/7115, H04B1/7085, H04B1/711, H04B1/708, H04J13/12, H04B1/7093, H04B17/00, H04B7/216, H04W52/14, H04L1/00, H04L25/02, H04J11/00, H03K3/84, H04W52/24, H04B7/26, H04B7/005, H04L27/233, H04L7/033, H04L7/00, H04L27/20
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European ClassificationH04W52/04, H04W52/26M, H04J13/10, H04B1/708, H04B1/7085, H04B1/7093, H04B1/7075C, H04B1/7075A3, H04B1/711, H04B1/7075E, H04B1/7075, H04L1/00B7C, H04B1/7075L, H04L1/00B3E, H04J13/10A2, H04B1/709, H04W52/14D, H04W52/52, H04L25/02C3, H04L27/233C, H04W52/32B, H04J13/00, H04W52/24R, H04W52/08, H04B7/26S8, H04L1/00B, H04L27/20D2B, H04W52/34N, H04W52/50, H04W52/24, H04W52/24G, H04W52/32C, H04W52/34L, H04B1/707
Legal Events
19 Apr 2002EEERExamination request
29 Aug 2016MKEXExpiry
Effective date: 20160627