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Publication numberCA2367209 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2367209
PCT numberPCT/US2000/003295
Publication date5 Oct 2000
Filing date9 Feb 2000
Priority date31 Mar 1999
Also published asCA2367209C, DE60032121D1, DE60032121T2, EP1164969A1, EP1164969B1, US6258099, US6676667, US7056323, US20010039395, US20030114915, WO2000057815A1
Publication numberCA 2367209, CA 2367209 A1, CA 2367209A1, CA-A1-2367209, CA2367209 A1, CA2367209A1, PCT/2000/3295, PCT/US/0/003295, PCT/US/0/03295, PCT/US/2000/003295, PCT/US/2000/03295, PCT/US0/003295, PCT/US0/03295, PCT/US0003295, PCT/US003295, PCT/US2000/003295, PCT/US2000/03295, PCT/US2000003295, PCT/US200003295
InventorsWayne Mareiro, Robert Estes, Ralph J. Barry, Jr.
ApplicantScimed Life Systems, Inc., Wayne Mareiro, Robert Estes, Ralph J. Barry, Jr., Boston Scientific Limited
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Stent security balloon/balloon cathether
CA 2367209 A1
A medical balloon is constructed with protrusions thereon to prevent unwanted movement of an expandable, implantable medical device such as a stent during delivery and deployment. At least some of the protrusions are underlying the expandable, implantable medical device to grip the expandable, implantable medical device.
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
US71277891 Mar 200431 Oct 2006Scimed Life Systems, Inc.Method of manufacturing a stent delivery system
International ClassificationA61M25/10, A61F2/82, A61M25/00, A61F2/06, A61F2/84
Cooperative ClassificationA61M25/1002, A61F2002/9583, A61F2/958, A61M2025/1086
European ClassificationA61F2/958, A61M25/10A
Legal Events
13 Jan 2005EEERExamination request
9 Feb 2012MKLALapsed