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Publication numberCA2367050 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2367050
PCT numberPCT/US2000/007838
Publication date28 Sep 2000
Filing date24 Mar 2000
Priority date25 Mar 1999
Also published asCA2367050C, DE60012157D1, DE60012157T2, EP1163546A1, EP1163546B1, US6146713, US6238485, US6238729, US6327406, US6702897, US20020018623, WO2000057225A1
Publication numberCA 2367050, CA 2367050 A1, CA 2367050A1, CA-A1-2367050, CA2367050 A1, CA2367050A1, PCT/2000/7838, PCT/US/0/007838, PCT/US/0/07838, PCT/US/2000/007838, PCT/US/2000/07838, PCT/US0/007838, PCT/US0/07838, PCT/US0007838, PCT/US007838, PCT/US2000/007838, PCT/US2000/07838, PCT/US2000007838, PCT/US200007838
InventorsThomas J. Cullen, Timothy E. Hammon, John M. Stockhausen
ApplicantAcme Grating Ventures, Llc, Thomas J. Cullen, Timothy E. Hammon, John M. Stockhausen
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Optical systems and apparatuses including bragg gratings and methods of making
CA 2367050 A1
Apparatuses, systems, and methods are disclosed that incorporate Bragg gratings. Optical components and systems of the present invention include Bragg gratings produced by selectively hydrogenating one or more selected sections of an optical waveguide in general, and particularly optical fiber. Selective hydrogenation can be performed by selectively establishing local conditions in a first environment conducive to introducing greater quantities of hydrogen into selected sections than into non-selected sections, which are maintained in a second environment. The extent of selective hydrogenation and the hydrogen concentration difference between selected and non-selected section of the waveguide is a function of the temperature, pressure, and time of exposure established in the first and second environments.
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International ClassificationG02B6/34, C03C23/00
Cooperative ClassificationG02B6/02085, C03C23/0095, G02B6/2932, G02B6/021
European ClassificationC03C23/00S
Legal Events
19 Sep 2001EEERExamination request
5 May 2016MKLALapsed
Effective date: 20160324