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Publication numberCA2346118 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2346118
PCT numberPCT/EP1999/005282
Publication date13 Apr 2000
Filing date23 Jul 1999
Priority date5 Oct 1998
Also published asCA2346118C, DE19845626A1, EP1118152A1, EP1118152B1, US7230400, WO2000021189A1
Publication numberCA 2346118, CA 2346118 A1, CA 2346118A1, CA-A1-2346118, CA2346118 A1, CA2346118A1, PCT/1999/5282, PCT/EP/1999/005282, PCT/EP/1999/05282, PCT/EP/99/005282, PCT/EP/99/05282, PCT/EP1999/005282, PCT/EP1999/05282, PCT/EP1999005282, PCT/EP199905282, PCT/EP99/005282, PCT/EP99/05282, PCT/EP99005282, PCT/EP9905282
InventorsThomas Dufner, Jorg Hornberger, Frank Jeske, Hermann Rappenecker, Arno Karwath
ApplicantPapst-Motoren Gmbh & Co. Kg, Thomas Dufner, Jorg Hornberger, Frank Jeske, Hermann Rappenecker, Arno Karwath, Ebm-Papst St. Georgen Gmbh & Co. Kg
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Electronically commutated motor
CA 2346118 A1
In an electronically commutated motor (M), rotor position signals are generated by means of a galvanomagnetic rotor position sensor (40).
A timer (CNT_HL) brings about an advanced commutation which occurs only once the motor has reached a specific rotation speed, and whose magnitude is a function of the rotation speed.
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Referenced by
Citing PatentFiling datePublication dateApplicantTitle
US69563405 Dec 200218 Oct 2005Ebm-Papst St. Georgen Gmbh & Co. KgMethod for processing data for an electronically commutated motor and motor for carrying out said method
International ClassificationH02P6/18, H02P6/15, H02K29/08
Cooperative ClassificationH02K29/08, H02P6/15, H02P6/18
European ClassificationH02P6/14B, H02P6/18, H02K29/08
Legal Events
13 Jul 2004EEERExamination request