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Publication numberCA2338742 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2338742
PCT numberPCT/US1999/016302
Publication date17 Feb 2000
Filing date19 Jul 1999
Priority date5 Aug 1998
Also published asCA2338742C, DE69939831D1, EP1103057A1, EP1103057A4, EP1103057B1, US6259996, WO2000008663A1
Publication numberCA 2338742, CA 2338742 A1, CA 2338742A1, CA-A1-2338742, CA2338742 A1, CA2338742A1, PCT/1999/16302, PCT/US/1999/016302, PCT/US/1999/16302, PCT/US/99/016302, PCT/US/99/16302, PCT/US1999/016302, PCT/US1999/16302, PCT/US1999016302, PCT/US199916302, PCT/US99/016302, PCT/US99/16302, PCT/US99016302, PCT/US9916302
InventorsAndy A. Haun, Alan G. Coats, Kon B. Wong, Robert F. Dvorak, Gary W. Scott
ApplicantSquare D Company, Andy A. Haun, Alan G. Coats, Kon B. Wong, Robert F. Dvorak, Gary W. Scott
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Arc fault detection system
CA 2338742 A1
An arc fault detector system (10) detects arcing faults in an electrical distribution system by monitoring one or more conductors (14) and producing an input signal representing one or more electrical signal conditions in the circuit (12) to be monitored. This input signal is processed to develop signals representing the electrical current flow through the monitored circuit (12) and broadband noise signal components. The system (10) analyzes these signals to determine whether an arcing fault is present, and if so, outputs a trip signal which may be used directly or indirectly to trip a circuit breaker or other circuit interruption device (44).
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International ClassificationH02H3/10, H02H1/00, H02H3/44, H01H71/12, H02H1/06
Cooperative ClassificationY02B70/3241, Y04S20/227, H02H3/105, H01H71/125, H02H1/06, H02H3/44, Y02B90/224, Y04S20/14, H01H2083/201, H01H2300/03, H02H1/0015
European ClassificationH01H71/12D2, H02H1/00C2
Legal Events
23 Jan 2001EEERExamination request