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Publication numberCA2338663 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2338663
PCT numberPCT/US1999/015644
Publication date10 Feb 2000
Filing date12 Jul 1999
Priority date28 Jul 1998
Also published asCA2338663C, CN1391747A, CN100389573C, CN101242283A, CN101242283B, DE69923721D1, DE69923721T2, DE69938111D1, DE69938111T2, EP1221228A2, EP1221228A4, EP1221228B1, EP1519517A2, EP1519517A3, EP1519517A8, EP1519517B1, EP1976190A2, EP1976190A3, EP2214347A1, EP2334014A1, US6480510, US7006523, US7016368, US7035280, US7095756, US7187695, US7221679, US7292600, US7424031, US7653015, US7830858, US7852874, US7965735, US7969917, US7978726, US7986708, US8270430, US8325636, US8867523, US8885659, US8885660, US8908673, US20020159402, US20040170189, US20040174897, US20050013320, US20050163152, US20060018338, US20060018339, US20060056444, US20060062241, US20060077970, US20060092962, US20060251110, US20060291497, US20070147413, US20070183447, US20070195719, US20070263652, US20080219288, US20100154022, US20130215798, US20130215799, WO2000007322A2, WO2000007322A3
Publication numberCA 2338663, CA 2338663 A1, CA 2338663A1, CA-A1-2338663, CA2338663 A1, CA2338663A1, PCT/1999/15644, PCT/US/1999/015644, PCT/US/1999/15644, PCT/US/99/015644, PCT/US/99/15644, PCT/US1999/015644, PCT/US1999/15644, PCT/US1999015644, PCT/US199915644, PCT/US99/015644, PCT/US99/15644, PCT/US99015644, PCT/US9915644
InventorsYehuda Binder
ApplicantYehuda Binder, Serconet Ltd., Mosaid Technologies Incorporated, Conversant Intellectual Property Management Inc.
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Local area network of serial intelligent cells
CA 2338663 A1
A serial intelligent cell (SIC) and a connection topology for local area networks using Electrically-conducting media. A local area network can be configured from a plurality of SIC's interconnected so that all communications between two adjacent SIC's is both point-to-point and bidirectional. Each SIC can be connected to one or more other SIC's to allow redundant communication paths. Communications in different areas of a SIC network are independent of one another, so that, unlike current bus topology and star topology, there is no fundamental limit on the size or extent of a SIC
network. Each SIC
can optionally be connected to one or more data terminals, computers, telephones, sensors, actuators, etc., to facilitate interconnectivity among such devices.
Networks according to the present invention can be configured for a variety of applications, including a local telephone system, remote computer bus extender, multiplexers, PABX/PBX functionality, security systems, and local broadcasting services. The network can use dedicated wiring, as well as existing wiring as the in-house telephone or electrical wiring.
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International ClassificationH04B3/54, H04L29/06, H04L12/46, H04J99/00, H04L12/28
Cooperative ClassificationH04L43/00, H04L12/2801, H04L12/2838, H04B3/542, H04M19/02, H04L29/0602, H04B2203/545, H04B2203/5445, H04B2203/5437, H04L12/2803, H04L2012/2845, H04B3/54, H04B2203/5458, H04L2012/2843, Y10S370/908, H04L5/14
European ClassificationH04L29/06C, H04L12/28H6, H04L12/28B, H04M19/02, H04B3/54A, H04L12/28H, H04B3/54
Legal Events
27 Jul 2001EEERExamination request
23 Aug 2016MKLALapsed
Effective date: 20160712