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Publication numberCA2322356 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2322356
PCT numberPCT/IE1999/000016
Publication date30 Sep 1999
Filing date25 Mar 1999
Priority date25 Mar 1998
Also published asCA2322356C, CA2362033A1, CA2362033C, CN1292131A, DE1029311T1, DE69900169D1, DE69900169T2, DE69900169T3, EP1029311A1, EP1029311B1, EP1029311B2, EP1115095A2, EP1115095A3, EP1729267A2, EP1729267A3, US6636833, US7136835, US7567934, US7571142, US7593896, US8676707, US8756150, US20030028481, US20090037333, US20090070260, US20090134217, US20130204781, US20140122340, US20140236831, WO1999049424A1
Publication numberCA 2322356, CA 2322356 A1, CA 2322356A1, CA-A1-2322356, CA2322356 A1, CA2322356A1, PCT/1999/16, PCT/IE/1999/000016, PCT/IE/1999/00016, PCT/IE/99/000016, PCT/IE/99/00016, PCT/IE1999/000016, PCT/IE1999/00016, PCT/IE1999000016, PCT/IE199900016, PCT/IE99/000016, PCT/IE99/00016, PCT/IE99000016, PCT/IE9900016
InventorsDaniel Ian Flitcroft, Graham O'donnell
ApplicantOrbis Patents Limited, Daniel Ian Flitcroft, Graham O'donnell
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Credit card system and method
CA 2322356 A1
A credit card system (100) is provided which has the added feature of providing additional limited-use credit card numbers (126) and/or cards. These numbers and/or cards can be used for a single transaction, thereby reducing the potential for fraudulent reuse of these numbers and/or cards. The credit card system finds application to "card remote" transactions such as by phone or Internet (112). Additionally, when a single use credit card is used for "card present" transactions, so called "skimming" fraud is eliminated. Various other features enhance the credit card system which will allow secure trade with the use of elaborate encryption techniques.
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International ClassificationG06Q20/00, H04B7/26, G07F7/02, G07F7/08, G07F19/00, G06K19/067, G07F, G07F7/12, G07F7/10, H04L9/00
Cooperative ClassificationG06Q20/354, G06Q40/04, G07F7/122, G06Q40/00, G07F7/12, G07F7/08, G07F7/1008, G07F19/00, G07F19/2055, G06Q20/382, G06Q20/16, G06Q20/00, G07F7/025, G06Q20/28, G06Q20/357, G06Q20/3552, G06Q20/342, G06Q40/025, G06Q20/105, G06Q20/04, G06Q20/10, G06Q20/34, G06Q20/24, G06Q20/40, G06Q20/385, G06Q20/4016
European ClassificationG06Q20/24, G06Q20/04, G06Q20/28, G06Q20/16, G06Q20/342, G06Q20/385, G07F19/2055, G06Q20/3552, G06Q20/357, G06Q20/354, G07F7/12, G07F7/12A, G06Q40/00, G06Q20/10, G06Q40/04, G06Q20/40, G06Q20/382, G06Q40/025, G06Q20/105, G06Q20/00, G07F7/02E, G07F19/00, G07F7/10D, G07F7/08
Legal Events
4 Oct 2000EEERExamination request