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Publication numberCA2318022 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2318022
Publication date15 Apr 2001
Filing date11 Sep 2000
Priority date8 Oct 1999
Also published asCA2318022C, CN1244475C, CN1291576A, US6318048
Publication numberCA 2318022, CA 2318022 A1, CA 2318022A1, CA-A1-2318022, CA2318022 A1, CA2318022A1
InventorsAnthony J. Sambuca, Jr.
ApplicantIllinois Tool Works Inc., Anthony J. Sambuca, Jr.
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Case sealer mast and trolley assembly
CA 2318022 A1
A mast and trolley assembly for a case sealer machine includes a set of fixed bearing members mounted upon the trolley assembly, and a set of movably adjustable bearing members mounted upon the trolley assembly such that opposite sides of the trolley assembly will engage the mast member with the proper degree of tension whereby adjustable vertical movements of the trolley assembly along the mast member are smoothly accomplished without any play or chatter. The machine head assembly is also bolted to the trolley assembly such that replacement or exchange of different sized head assemblies are readily, easily, and quickly achieved. A coiled spring mechanism is mounted upon the mast member and operatively attached to the trolley assembly so as to counterbalance the weight of the trolley and head assemblies thereby rendering the vertical adjustments of the head and trolley assemblies along the mast member easy to achieve in a counterbalanced manner. A mast guard, a mast cap, a spring guard, and a trolley guard enclose the various operative components of the machine so as to eliminate safety hazards for operator personnel.
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International ClassificationB65B7/20
Cooperative ClassificationB65B7/20
European ClassificationB65B7/20
Legal Events
11 Sep 2000EEERExamination request
13 Sep 2010MKLALapsed