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Publication numberCA2292660 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2292660
PCT numberPCT/US1998/011916
Publication date17 Dec 1998
Filing date10 Jun 1998
Priority date12 Jun 1997
Also published asCA2292660C, DE69828689D1, DE69828689T2, EP0988451A1, EP0988451B1, US6503221, US6869425, US20020147425, WO1998057064A1
Publication numberCA 2292660, CA 2292660 A1, CA 2292660A1, CA-A1-2292660, CA2292660 A1, CA2292660A1, PCT/1998/11916, PCT/US/1998/011916, PCT/US/1998/11916, PCT/US/98/011916, PCT/US/98/11916, PCT/US1998/011916, PCT/US1998/11916, PCT/US1998011916, PCT/US199811916, PCT/US98/011916, PCT/US98/11916, PCT/US98011916, PCT/US9811916
InventorsKenneth D. Briggs, Dean C. Pryce, Russell M. Sampson
ApplicantAbbott Laboratories, Kenneth D. Briggs, Dean C. Pryce, Russell M. Sampson, Hospira, Inc.
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Temperature compensation system for regulating flow through tubing in a pump
CA 2292660 A1
A peristaltic pump is provided with a housing, a pump head in the housing, and a receiving path defined along a housing and pump head for receiving tubing. Two spaced-apart temperature sensors are provided.
One temperature sensor is located adjacent the tubing in a heat conduction path along which heat flows between the sensor and the tubing. The other sensor is located outside of the heat conduction path for sensing ambient temperature. The pump operating speed is adjusted as a function of the sensed temperatures. This accommodates the temperature-dependent rate of recovery of the tubing from its peristaltically deformed configuration to its original configuration.
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International ClassificationA61M5/00, F04B43/12, F04B49/20, F04B43/08, G05D7/06, A61M1/36, F04C5/00
Cooperative ClassificationF04B43/08, F04B2205/09, G05D7/0676, F04B49/20
European ClassificationG05D7/06F4D, F04B49/20, F04B43/08
Legal Events
30 May 2003EEERExamination request
22 Jul 2015MKLALapsed
Effective date: 20150610