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Publication numberCA2287220 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2287220
PCT numberPCT/US1998/013736
Publication date2 Sep 1999
Filing date2 Jul 1998
Priority date25 Feb 1998
Also published asCA2287220C, EP0977510A1, EP0977510A4, US6580938, WO1999043253A1
Publication numberCA 2287220, CA 2287220 A1, CA 2287220A1, CA-A1-2287220, CA2287220 A1, CA2287220A1, PCT/1998/13736, PCT/US/1998/013736, PCT/US/1998/13736, PCT/US/98/013736, PCT/US/98/13736, PCT/US1998/013736, PCT/US1998/13736, PCT/US1998013736, PCT/US199813736, PCT/US98/013736, PCT/US98/13736, PCT/US98013736, PCT/US9813736
InventorsDavid E. Acker
ApplicantBiosense, Inc., David E. Acker
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Image-guided thoracic therapy and apparatus therefor
CA 2287220 A1
A probe (20) such as an endoscope equipped with a biopsy needle is guided to a target in or adjacent to the respiratory system. The position of the probe is monitored and a representation (26') of the probe is superposed on a previously acquired image of the respiratory system and adjacent tissues. Artifacts caused by motion due to respiration are suppressed by monitoring the respiratory state of the patient and acquiring the probe position when the respiratory state of the patient is equal to the respiratory state of the patient during image capture.
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International ClassificationA61B1/00, A61B10/02, A61B6/00, A61B5/08, A61B5/06, A61B1/273, A61B19/00, A61B1/267, A61B10/00
Cooperative ClassificationA61B5/062, A61B1/2676, A61B6/541, A61B10/0233, A61B5/418, A61B5/415, A61B6/508
European ClassificationA61B6/54B, A61B5/41J2, A61B5/41J8, A61B1/00
Legal Events
21 Mar 2002EEERExamination request