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Publication numberCA2258049 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2258049
PCT numberPCT/US1997/009970
Publication date18 Dec 1997
Filing date9 Jun 1997
Priority date13 Jun 1996
Also published asCA2258049C, EP0917734A1, US5803579, US6132072, US6523976, US7524097, US20030156425, WO1997048134A1
Publication numberCA 2258049, CA 2258049 A1, CA 2258049A1, CA-A1-2258049, CA2258049 A1, CA2258049A1, PCT/1997/9970, PCT/US/1997/009970, PCT/US/1997/09970, PCT/US/97/009970, PCT/US/97/09970, PCT/US1997/009970, PCT/US1997/09970, PCT/US1997009970, PCT/US199709970, PCT/US97/009970, PCT/US97/09970, PCT/US97009970, PCT/US9709970
InventorsRobert R. Turnbull, Robert C. Knapp, John K. Roberts
ApplicantGentex Corporation, Robert R. Turnbull, Robert C. Knapp, John K. Roberts
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Illuminator assembly incorporating light emitting diodes
CA 2258049 A1
An illuminator assembly, having a plurality of LEDs on a vehicular support member in a manner such that, when all of the LEDs are energized, illumination exhibiting a first perceived hue, e.g. blue-green, and projected from at least one of the LEDs overlaps and mixes with illumination exhibiting a second perceived hue, e.g., amber, which is distinct from said first perceived hue and which is projected from at least one of the remaining LEDs in such a manner that this overlapped and mixed illumination forms a metameric white color and has sufficient intensity and color rendering qualities to be an effective illuminator.
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8 Aug 2000EEERExamination request
13 Aug 2017MKEXExpiry
Effective date: 20170609