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Publication numberCA2235844 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberCA 2235844
PCT numberPCT/US1996/017126
Publication date1 May 1997
Filing date24 Oct 1996
Priority date25 Oct 1995
Also published asCA2235844C, CN1121790C, CN1200860A, DE69633246D1, DE69633246T2, EP0857396A1, EP0857396A4, EP0857396B1, US5719561, US6326901, WO1997016035A1
Publication numberCA 2235844, CA 2235844 A1, CA 2235844A1, CA-A1-2235844, CA2235844 A1, CA2235844A1, PCT/1996/17126, PCT/US/1996/017126, PCT/US/1996/17126, PCT/US/96/017126, PCT/US/96/17126, PCT/US1996/017126, PCT/US1996/17126, PCT/US1996017126, PCT/US199617126, PCT/US96/017126, PCT/US96/17126, PCT/US96017126, PCT/US9617126
InventorsGilbert Rene Gonzales
ApplicantGilbert Rene Gonzales
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Tactile communication device and method
CA 2235844 A1
The present invention discloses a device and method for use in tactile communications adaptable for use by anyone able to recognize messages written in a language known to them. The present invention uses a series of sequentially firing vibromechanical stimulators (46) vibrating against the skin or other suitably tactile sensitive area of the wearer. The vibromechanical stimulators (46) are arranged in a substantially two dimensional array (34) over the skin and are then triggered individually and in sequence, following a set of patterns representative of the symbols in the language recognizable to the wearer to tactually convey the message. The wearer cognitively perceives the tactual stimulation as a line or lines drawn on the skin or suitably tactile sensitive area that resemble the symbols used to communicate between the message sender and the wearer.
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International ClassificationG06F13/00, H04M1/02, H04M11/00, G06F3/00, G08B6/00, G09B21/00, G06F3/01
Cooperative ClassificationG09B21/003, G08B6/00
European ClassificationG09B21/00B3, G08B6/00
Legal Events
23 Apr 1998EEERExamination request
24 Oct 2011MKLALapsed